2014 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

The NFL opener is right around the corner and drafting has begun everywhere! So today I will unleash my QB rankings for this model year, 2014. This is the chart where I have each QB ranked along with their ADP (from FantasyPros.com) in the final column. At the end I touch on a couple of players that I have ranked differently than the consensus.

2014 Fantasy Football QB Rankings (07/21/14)

Rank Player Team Bye ADP
1 Peyton Manning DEN 4 1
2 Andrew Luck IND 10 5
3 Aaron Rodgers GB 9 3
4 Drew Brees NO 6 2
5 Matthew Stafford DET 9 4
6 Cam Newton CAR 12 6
7 Colin Kaepernick SF 8 11
8 Matt Ryan ATL 9 10
9 Tom Brady NE 10 8
10 Tony Romo DAL 11 12
11 Nick Foles PHI 7 9
12 Jay Cutler CHI 9 14
13 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 12 16
14 Robert Griffin III WAS 10 7
15 Andy Dalton CIN 4 17
16 Russell Wilson SEA 4 13
17 Josh McCown TB 7 22
18 Philip Rivers SD 10 15
19 Johnny Manziel CLE 4 18
20 Carson Palmer ARI 4 24
21 Alex Smith KC 6 21
22 Joe Flacco BAL 11 23
23 Eli Manning NYG 8 19
24 Ryan Tannehill MIA 5 20
25 Jake Locker TEN 9 25
26 Sam Bradford STL 4 26
27 Teddy Bridgewater MIN 10 25
28 Geno Smith NYJ 11 27
29 E.J. Manuel BUF 9 28
30 Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU 10 30

Why I ranked this guy higher than his average ADP

Colin Kaepernick – my rank: 7th, average ADP: 11th

I have never been a big fan of Kaep but I have a real good feeling about him heading into 2014. The Niners added him another weapon in Steve Johnson, even at an older age he still can make some players and pairing him with Michael Crabtree (who when healthy makes Kaep a better QB), Boldin and Davis. I would take the over on 30 total TD in 2014 which would fit well into the top-tier of Fantasy QB.

Why I ranked this player lower than the consensus

Robert Griffin III – my rank: 14th, average ADP: 7th

I am just not sold on him being able to stay healthy one bit. He needs to make smarter plays on his feet and honestly in order for him to do so, I think his numbers are going to drop dramatically in the rushing category. He is being drafted as a #1 QB this year in Fantasy and he just isn’t that. He is far too inconsistent and more of a week to week matchup kind of starter for me.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Get at Ricky on Twitter @Rickygangster!

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