2014 TE Rankings (PPR)


Tight End Team Bye ADP
1. Jimmy Graham NO 6 1
2. Rob Gronkowski NE 10 2
3. Julius Thomas DEN 4 3
4. Jason Witten DAL 11 6
5. Greg Olsen CAR 12 8
6. Dennis Pitta BAL 11 9
7. Kyle Rudolph MIN 10 10
8. Jordan Cameron CLE 4 4
9. Vernon Davis SF 8 5
10. Jordan Reed WSH 10 7
11. Charles Clay MIA 5 15
12. Zach Ertz PHI 7 11
13. Martellus Bennett CHI 9 13
14. Heath Miller PIT 12 16
15. Delanie Walker TEN 9 18
16. Antonio Gates SD 10 17
17. Ladarius Green SD 10 14
18. Garrett Graham HOU 10 21
19. Dwayne Allen IND 10 19
20. Jared Cook STL 4 24
21. Tyler Eifert CIN 4 UR
22. Eric Ebron DET 9 12
23. Coby Fleener IND 10 UR
24. Owen Daniels BAL 11 20
25. Travis Kelce KC 6 UR

Why I ranked above ADP:

Jason Witten: Witten is often the TE that gets overlooked year in and year out because of more flashy stars like Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski and this year Julius Thomas. The Cowboys veteran has not missed a single game since 2003 and has caught at least 70 balls for 7 straight seasons. Also in that span, Witten has been targeted 100 times every season. He finished as the #6 ranked fantasy tight end a season ago and finished only 10 points shy of the #3 spot. This year, the pass-happy Scott Linehan is the new offensive coordinator in Dallas. He has never had the chance to work with a tight end as talented as Witten, but one can imagine this may be a perfect match. Witten could easily have 80 or 90 receptions this season and may very well be in line for double digit scores after finding pay dirt 8 times in 2013. Draft away, drafters, as Witten is a sure bet as any at the position to finish within the top 5 and is being taken on average outside of it as of this writing.

Dennis Pitta: I’d list Kyle Rudolph here as the other player to explain, but anyone who read my “Breakouts & Busts” column already knows how high I am on Rudolph this year. So I figured I’d use this slot for another TE who will benefit greatly from a coaching change. Last season, Pitta only played in 4 games due to a hip dislocation injury. Also, with the addition of Gary Kubiak, the TE will be utilized more this year as seen during his time in Houston. Kubiak is notorious for the use of his tight end (see Daniels, Owen), and a recent column  detailing and explaining why the Ravens will be using the TE more this season can be seen here. While Baltimore will use their fair share of two tight end sets, Dennis Pitta will be the lead pass-catcher, although former Texan Owen Daniels (signed during the off-season) will see plenty of snaps. Pitta has shown a connection with QB Joe Flacco in the past, and if the Raven run game suffers like it did a season ago, they will be throwing the rock a lot.

Why I ranked below ADP:

Jordan Reed: I had Reed on a fantasy team last year and thought I had a steal the first few weeks after I snagged him off the waiver wire. But then he suffered a concussion in week 11 that took him out for the rest of the season. Reed had a checkered in jury history in college, along with concussion complications. Health wise, it’s going to be tough to count on the Redskins’ big man. He has all the skills to be a top-flight fantasy tight end, but until he shows that he can maintain his health, I’m letting my league-mates take the plunge.

Vernon Davis: Last season, Vernon Davis was an absolute beast, hauling in over 50 balls for more than 850 yards and 13 TD. Unfortunately, U don’t see a repeat in my crystal ball. The Niners added former Bill Stevie Johnson to go along with their already solid wideout core of Anquan Boldin and Michael Crabtree. Don’t forget about rookie Bruce Ellington and sophomore Quinton Patton. More mouths to feed in the San Fransisco offense, eh? Couple that with the fact that Davis, now 30 years of age held out early on in camp. Although he has since reported, Davis does not come without risk and we already know that this team loves to run the football. No doubt, Davis will have his moments and put up his numbers, but given the amount of weapons Colin Kaepernick now has it his disposal, the veteran tight end may have a hard time fighting the others for looks. Don’t pay too much for him at your draft.

Statistical credit: Fantasyfootballcalculator.com, Russellstreetreport.com

Doug Moore is a fantasy football contributor at The Sports Script. Follow him on Twitter @DMM0822!


QB Rankings 2014 (PPR)


Quarterback Team Bye ADP
1. Peyton Manning DEN 4 1
2. Aaron Rodgers GB 6 2
3. Drew Brees NO 9 3
4. Matthew Stafford DET 9 4
5. Andrew Luck IND 10 5
6. Robert Griffin III WSH 10 7
7. Tony Romo DAL 11 11
8. Nick Foles PHI 7 6
9. Cam Newton CAR 12 10
10. Matt Ryan ATL 9 9
11. Tom Brady NE 10 8
12. Jay Cutler CHI 9 13
13. Colin Kaeparnick SF 8 12
14. Phillip Rivers SD 10 14
15. Russell Wilson SEA 4 15
16. Ben Roethlisberger PIT 12 16
17. Ryan Tannehill MIA 5 22
18. Alex Smith KC 6 23
19. Andy Dalton CIN 4 17
20. Carson Palmer ARZ 4 21
21. Johnny Manziel CLE 4 18
22. Eli Manning NYG 8 19
23. Josh McCown TB 7 20
24. Joe Flacco BAL 11 UR
25. Brian Hoyer CLE 4 UR

 Why I ranked above ADP:

Tony Romo: For some reason, like every other season, Tony Romo doesn’t get enough credit for what he provides fantasy owners. Sure, he is probably more valuable in fake football than in real life, but he is undervalued nevertheless. He is currently being drafted after the likes of Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, despite the poor seasons they both had in 2013. Romo has dark-horse candidate #1 PPR WR in Dez Bryant, a sophomore wideout who is poised to breakout this year in Terrance Williams, one of the top pass-catching TEs in Jason Witten and an RB with a good pair of hands in DeMarco Murray. Not to mention, Romo might have the best offensive line protecting him and Scott Linehan is his new offensive coordinator. Linehan helped Matthew Stafford throw for almost 5,000 yards last season. Despite having two back surgeries in the past two years, Romo has only missed one game in the past three seasons. Gamers are concerned about his health and age, but he has proven to be durable. Romo could wind up finishing the season as a top five option at the position.

Robert Griffin III: Griffin had what we call a “sophomore slump” last season after having a stellar rookie campaign. Part of that can be attributed to his rushing back from ACL reconstructive surgery too soon and clashing with his coaching staff. However, he has had a whole off-season to recover and with a new regime in place (Jay Gruden as HC and Sean McVay as OC) this year should be different. Gruden has come over from Cincinnati and fills the void at offensive coordinator He helped Andy Dalton (yes, THAT Andy Dalton) produce a top 5 QB season last year. Gruden will institute a more balanced offensive scheme, which should benefit RG3. The new game plan should help utilize RGIII’s cannon of an arm without forcing him to overuse his legs. Plus, he will have reliable receiver Pierre Garcon again (led NFL in receptions last season) and also a new deep threat DeSean Jackson who will stretch the field. Also Jordan Reed is on the mend and will be back early on after dealing with concussion issues at the end of last season. Considering the Redskins’ new coaching staff and Griffin’s health, there is a non-zero chance he finishes as one of the top four or five QB options in fantasy this season.

Why I ranked below ADP:

Tom Brady: Using standard metrics, Tom Brady finished as the 15th ranked QB in 2013. 15th! This year already, owners are drafting him to be a top 10 option, but I don’t buy it. Brady has been Mr. Reliable for a long time, but he just doesn’t put up the same gaudy numbers anymore. Many are banking on him to have a big time bounce-back season due to all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski being reportedly healthy, but one player isn’t going to completely save Brady’s fantasy value. Granted, the Patriots lost both Gronkowski and pass-catching back Shane Vereen for large chunks of the season. Brady has a shot to finish as a top 10 QB, but I’m not ready to gamble on him in drafts to find out. Brady will be 37 in just a couple of days, the New England run game will be prominent again and it is difficult to count on “Gronk” to maintain health for the long haul. My love for Brady is well documented, but for fantasy purposes he’s not who he was.

Andy Dalton: As I mentioned earlier, Dalton did have a top #5 QB year last year in fantasy. But that was with Jay Gruden manning the offensive coordination. Now with Gruden in Washington, his new OC is Hue Jackson. If you don’t know about Jackson, he loves to run the ball and rely on his running backs. Because of that, the player who is going to be affected the most by this is Andy Dalton. The Bengals gunslinger doesn’t do any one thing particularly well, but was put into a nice situation when installed as the starter on a pass-first team. Regression was going to be  big story in Dalton’s 2014 anyway, but with the new scheme likely to be installed, his upside becomes severely limited. Clock control may be a theme for the Bengals this season, as their stout defense will likely keep them in most of their games. Dalton still has the tools around him (AJ Green, breakout candidate Gio Bernard) to be a serviceable fantasy option, but expecting anything more may be a mistake.

Statistical credit: Fantasyfootballcalculator.com

Doug Moore is a fantasy football contributor at The Sports Script. Follow him on Twitter @DMM0822!

2014 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

The NFL opener is right around the corner and drafting has begun everywhere! So today I will unleash my QB rankings for this model year, 2014. This is the chart where I have each QB ranked along with their ADP (from FantasyPros.com) in the final column. At the end I touch on a couple of players that I have ranked differently than the consensus.

2014 Fantasy Football QB Rankings (07/21/14)

Rank Player Team Bye ADP
1 Peyton Manning DEN 4 1
2 Andrew Luck IND 10 5
3 Aaron Rodgers GB 9 3
4 Drew Brees NO 6 2
5 Matthew Stafford DET 9 4
6 Cam Newton CAR 12 6
7 Colin Kaepernick SF 8 11
8 Matt Ryan ATL 9 10
9 Tom Brady NE 10 8
10 Tony Romo DAL 11 12
11 Nick Foles PHI 7 9
12 Jay Cutler CHI 9 14
13 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 12 16
14 Robert Griffin III WAS 10 7
15 Andy Dalton CIN 4 17
16 Russell Wilson SEA 4 13
17 Josh McCown TB 7 22
18 Philip Rivers SD 10 15
19 Johnny Manziel CLE 4 18
20 Carson Palmer ARI 4 24
21 Alex Smith KC 6 21
22 Joe Flacco BAL 11 23
23 Eli Manning NYG 8 19
24 Ryan Tannehill MIA 5 20
25 Jake Locker TEN 9 25
26 Sam Bradford STL 4 26
27 Teddy Bridgewater MIN 10 25
28 Geno Smith NYJ 11 27
29 E.J. Manuel BUF 9 28
30 Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU 10 30

Why I ranked this guy higher than his average ADP

Colin Kaepernick – my rank: 7th, average ADP: 11th

I have never been a big fan of Kaep but I have a real good feeling about him heading into 2014. The Niners added him another weapon in Steve Johnson, even at an older age he still can make some players and pairing him with Michael Crabtree (who when healthy makes Kaep a better QB), Boldin and Davis. I would take the over on 30 total TD in 2014 which would fit well into the top-tier of Fantasy QB.

Why I ranked this player lower than the consensus

Robert Griffin III – my rank: 14th, average ADP: 7th

I am just not sold on him being able to stay healthy one bit. He needs to make smarter plays on his feet and honestly in order for him to do so, I think his numbers are going to drop dramatically in the rushing category. He is being drafted as a #1 QB this year in Fantasy and he just isn’t that. He is far too inconsistent and more of a week to week matchup kind of starter for me.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Get at Ricky on Twitter @Rickygangster!

2014 Ultra-Mega-Super Early Top 10 Fantasy Football Rankings

The 2013 Fantasy Football season has come and went again. Hopefully you guys ended up better than mine since I lost 3 title games by a combined margin of 8 points. But no need to live in 2013 let’s go ahead and burst onto the 2014 ridiculously early top 10 picks of the 1st round. I will be unleashing my awfully early rankings for each position as the month rolls but here is what my top 10 looks like right now.

2014 Top 10 ultra-mega-super Early Fantasy Football Rankings


1. LeSean McCoy – This is a tie between him and Charles and don’t think you can go wrong with either guy but McCoy would be my guy right now. As it sits (before offseason moves) McCoy has 9 matchups against teams that gave up the 10th or higher most fantasy points to opposing RBs.

2. Jamaal Charles – Like I stated can’t go wrong in either the 1st or 2nd spot this year. Charles is a beast and had an unbelievable Fantasy season.

3. Matt Forte – 2013 was good to Forte with a career high in Rushing Yards, TDs, Catches, Receiving yards and finally was the go to man in the redzone. The arrow is only pointing up for him in 2014.

4. Calvin Johnson – I have never been big on drafting anything other than RBs in the top half of the 1st round but when you produce as well as MegaTron does you have to make an exception.

5. Adrian Peterson – We all knew he wouldn’t duplicate his 2012 season but even with missing a couple of games Peterson was the 5th leading rusher. With a new coaching staff and more than likely a new QB, he really could be a steal on draft day.

6. Le’Veon Bell – Bell is my favorite of any of the young running backs heading into 2014. Bell totaled 1259 yards with 8 TDs in only 13 games and that’s why he will be a top-tier pick this coming year.

7. Marshawn Lynch – I was down on him going into 2013 and was wrong. I don’t like to be wrong twice, 1200+ yards and double-digit TDs in each of his last 3 seasons. Sign me up.

8. Eddie Lacy – He and Bell are going to be a lot of fun to watch over the next few years. I like Bell more but Lacy is going to have a very god season as well.

9. Doug Martin – Coming off the injury will be very risky drafting him but another top RB that could be a steal in round 1.

10. Josh Gordon – Did you see what this guy did with the QBs he had? Not only that he finished with 147 more yards than the 2nd place and that was with missing 2 games. Unreal.

Even though the season is over I will be giving you more rankings per position over the next couple weeks as well as dissecting where Free Agents land and what the Fantasy Impact will be for those players.

Think I missed something? Tell me who you would have in the top spot heading into 2014.

Make sure to hope on over to twitter and give me a follow and maybe even debate who I have ranked where. (@rickygangster)

Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Huge weekend for Wide-outs as we saw Josh Gordon become the 1st WR in NFL History to get back to back 200+ yard games, Eric Decker matched his total TDs in the season in one game (4) and Alshon Jeffery go crazy against the Vikings for the tune of 12 catches 249 yards and 2 TDs. The Fantasy Playoffs are here for most of you and it’s time to get the right guys in the lineup for this week and make sure you make it to the next round of the playoffs.

Speaking of Fantasy Playoffs, don’t forget to check out my Sextastic 10 where I take a look at 10 QBs and their playoff matchups. https://thesportsscript.com/2013/11/21/the-sextastic-10/

Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Josh McCown/Jay Cutler vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys give up the most Fantasy points to opposing QBs this year. The Bears QB combo are averaging 271 yards and almost 2 TDs a game. Love this matchup for whoever is playing the position.

Donald Brown vs. Cinncinatti Bengals

Brown struggled against the Titans in the 1st 3 quarters but added 49 total yards and a 4 yard TD run on the last drive to cement another good Fantasy game. Brown will get the nod for the 2nd straight game over Trent Richardson. He faces a tough Bengals run D but they have a trouble with pass-catching RBs and Brown can catch the ball. I like him as a solid sleeper for this week.

Montee Ball vs. Tennessee Titans

Ball had his 1st career 100 yard game last weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs while Moreno struggled to get going (18 yards on the ground). While Moreno is still the starter Ball is still getting some looks and is facing a Titans team that has given up 20+ fantasy points to opposing RBs in 6 of the last 7 games. Ball is a solid Flex play this week.

Michael Crabtree vs. Seattle Seahawks

This is a tough matchup for Crabtree but the Seahawks aren’t really healthy in the secondary right now. Crabtree played in over 60% of the snaps last week (only behind Boldin). He is going to have a huge impact on the Fantasy Playoffs and if he is available I would grab him now.

Roddy White vs. Green Bay Packers

Finally White had the game owners across the world have hoped for, sadly most of us had him on the bench this week. Well White is back and has another great matchup ahead of him. Solid play this week.

Jared Cook vs. Arizona Cardinals

Cook opened the season with 7 catches 121 yards and 2 TDs against the Cardinals and the Cardinals have yet to figure out the tight end since. They have given up 11 more TDs since that game and in 4 straight games as well. Cook has been inconsistent all year-long but this is the week you get him in there.

Oakland Raiders D vs. New York Jets

All I really have to say is this: Have you seen the Jets play football over the last few weeks? Yep Raiders are a great matchup to have for the 1st week of the Fantasy Playoffs

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Sleepers

What a week of Fantasy Football indeed. We saw Josh Gordon show that no matter who is throwing him the football that he will catch the ball, we saw Knowshon Moreno battered and bloodied torched the Patriots for 224 yards on the ground and Philip Rivers made his presences known again by throwing for 392 yards and 3 TDs against a tough Chiefs D. The Fantasy Playoffs are a week away for most of you and this week is a big week with all teams off their byes and 3 games on Thanksgiving, so let’s get right into my week 13 Fantasy Sleepers.

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Indianapolis Colts

Fitzpatrick finished 3rd (prior to MNF) in standard scoring for QBs this week with 22 points. He faces a Colts team fresh off another embarrassing loss and giving up another pair of TDs to an opposing QB. The Colts have given up 11 TDs in the last 5 games including 1 to Fitzpatrick 2 weeks ago on Thursday Night Football. I look for the Colts to try to stop Chris Johnson and the Titans run game and if that happens look for them to open it up a little with Fitzpatrick. Fitz is a great option for this week and a sleeper of all sorts.

Josh McCown vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings let a guy (Matt Flynn) cut by 30 teams (really 4) come off the bench and throw a TD and lead a come from behind tie (I hate ties). Even with his two late turnovers McCown still finished with a solid 352 yards and 2 TDs. He has a solid upside this week of a mid-tier QB1.

Ben Tate/Dennis Johnson vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots since losing Mayo and Wilfork have just not been very good against the run. They have given up 100+ yards on the ground in 5 out of the last 6 games plus a 224 yard performance from Knowshon Moreno last night. Johnson took advantage of Tate having a bad game rushing for 74 yards on 13 carries (caught 2 passes for 13 yards as well). Johnson is the bigger sleeper of the two but both should find some running room this week.

CJ Spiller/Fred Jackson vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons season is getting uglier as the weeks go by and this week they have a tough task of stopping the two-headed monster of Spiller/Jackson. Both of whom are fresh off their bye week and probably the healthiest they have been all season. The Falcons have given up a rushing TD in 4 out of their last 5 games. I like the matchup for either guy this week.

Chris Ogbonnaya vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Ogbonnaya (Say that 10 times fast) is getting more and more touches as each week passes. The downside has been he has fumbled back to back weeks but this team has to understand that McGahee isn’t the guy anymore. And he has a great chance to show what he has got this week against a terrible Jaguar run D.

Jarrett Boykin vs. Detroit Lions

Opposing WRs have a total of 1042 yards and 12 touchdowns against the Lions secondary over the past 5 weeks. Boykin is coming off his 5th double-digit Fantasy output in the last 6 games. Boykin should FEAST (see what I did?) this week.

Nate Burleson vs. Green Bay Packers

Welcome back Nate. In his 1st game since week 3 Burleson caught 7 balls (on 10 targets) for 77 yards and a touchdown. The Packers have given up 200+ receving yards in 3 straight games. Burleson should be added in just about every format right now and this week might be his only week as a sleeper as he may be a must start for the ROS.

Brian Hartline vs. New York Jets

Hartline has 5 catches in 3 straight games and while he hasn’t found the endzone a lot he has been great in PPR formats. The Jets will spend a lot of time focusing on Mike Wallace this week, which should leave Hartline inline for a big game.

Martellus Bennett vs. Minnesota Vikings

Bennett totaled over 60 yards for the 1st time since week 6 and found the endzone for the 1st time since week 7. He has been inconsistent all season long but was on the same page with McCown last week. The Vikings have given up 60 more yards to TEs in 3 out of the last 4 games. Good matchup for him this week.

Buffalo Bills D vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Bills have sacked the QB 4 or more times in 6 of their 11 games this season. Matt Ryan has been sacked 10 times over the last 3 games. This could go one of two ways, either really good for the Bills or really bad but with the way the Falcons are playing, I am leaning good for the Bills.

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The Sextastic 10

So the Fantasy Playoffs are right around the corner and not everyone in the Fantasy world have the opportunity to own the Peyton Manning or Drew Brees’s. Some owners like to stream QBs week to week or some play the wire and pick up guys like Philip Rivers or Nick Foles. But when it comes down this year has been tough on Fantasy QBs. We have had Tom Brady struggle all year-long, we have seen Matt McGloin/Case Keenum/Josh McCown top starters in certain weeks and a top Fantasy QB (Aaron Rodgers) go down and questions surrounding his availability come Fantasy playoff time.

I am going to break down matchups for my 10 Sextastic Fantasy QBs that are available in a lot of fantasy leagues across the board and steer you in the right direction of who should be starting for you come Fantasy playoff time. They may not be the sexiest of names but they sure will get the job done.

I took the owning percentage from ESPN, CBS, Fox and Yahoo leagues across the board. This was recorded on 11/19 and may have changed prior to this being published.

Nick Foles (932 yards and 11 total TDs over the last 3 games)he is owned in 66% in ESPN, 78% Fox, 81% Yahoo and 98% CBS.

Week 14 vs. Detroit Lions – The Lions give up the 13th (17 PPG) most Fantasy points including giving up an average of 3 TDs to opposing QBs per game over the past 4 games.
Week 15 @ Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings give up the 3rd(19 PPG) most Fantasy Points. This team isn’t what they were last year and he would be a top 10 option maybe top 5 option for week 15.
Week 16 vs. Chicago Bears (be cautious of weather) – The Bears give up the 9th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs but can be thrown on. This isn’t’t the ideal matchup for Foles considering this would be mostly everyone Fantasy Championship game but guys like Stafford, Brees and RGIII had success against the Bears, so I find no reason Foles couldn’t as well.
Week 17 @ Dallas Cowboys The Cowboys are giving up the most Fantasy points to opposing QBs this year. In the 1st matchup between these two Foles was off to a terrible game in which he threw for only 80 yards before being knocked by concussion since that game he has been on fire. This is the matchup you would want if you with a title on the line.

I was surprised to see that Foles is still available in so many leagues across the board. Foles is the upper tier of QBs to own down the stretch and if he is available I would definitely pick him.

Jay Cutler/Josh McCown (800 yards and 5 TDs combined over the last 3 games) they are owned in 53/2.3% in ESPN, 43/7% Fox, 36/16% Yahoo and 69/34% CBS.

Now I don’t think it really matters who is playing at QB for any of these games. They both have succeeded under Trestman’s offense and both can be trusted in match-ups. The big upside with McCown is hasn’t thrown an INT in any of the 3 games he has appeared and Cutler can be a bit erratic sometimes.

Week 14 vs. Dallas Cowboys – The Cowboys are giving up the most Fantasy points to opposing QBs this year. This Cowboy D haven’t been healthy all year-long and have been torched for 3 or more touchdowns on 4 different occasions.
Week 15 @ Cleveland Browns  (be cautious of weather) The Browns rank 16th against opposing QBs and is giving up an average of 15 PPG. Over the course of the 1st 5 weeks of the season the Browns D held opposing QBs to 2 TDs since than they have given up 14 TDs. The Browns can be thrown on and this gives the pair a 2nd straight top matchup in a row.
Week 16 @ Philadelphia Eagles  (be cautious of weather) The Eagles are giving up the 8th most points to opposing QBs this year. This seems to be a different Eagles team over their 5 game winning streak but let’s not forget that Scott Tolzein and Terrell Pryor passed for a total of 680 yards on them. Cutler/McCown are both better than those guys. Fantasy QBs have scored 15 or more Fantasy points 7 out of 11 games.
Week 17 vs. Green Bay Packers –The Packers have given up the 10th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. McCown threw for 272 yards and 2 TDs against the Packers in week 9 and there is no reason to think that whoever is starting at QB couldn’t do the same again.

The Bears combo has an impressive slate down the stretch and they aren’t owned in very many leagues. My only concern with the pair is that the weather conditions of the last 3 games. Cold weather and snow may affect the passing game. If you can handcuff one with the other that would be perfect as we don’t know who will be playing QB week to week. Along with Foles (maybe even better) are the best QBs of the group to own for the ROS.

Alex Smith (579 passing yards, 99 rushing yards and 4 total TDs over the last 3 games) he is owned in 63% in ESPN, 54% in Fox, 58% in Yahoo and 65% in CBS.

Week 14 @ Washington Redskins – The Redskins are giving up the 5th most Fantasy Points to opposing QBs. Smith has a chance to be in the top 6-7 in Fantasy points for this week. As we all know Andy Reid likes to throw the football (Jamaal Charles owners know this) and Smith is averaging 36 attempts a game and is completing 58% of his passes. Now we also have to factor in that the Redskins are also terrible against the run and could hurt his value for this game but the matchup is enticing none to less.
Week 15 @ Oakland Raiders – The Raiders are giving up the 9th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. While on paper this matchup looks good but outside the 7 TD game to Foles this defense has only given up 3 passing TDs in their last 4 gamesand this includes holding Smith to 128 yards passing in week 6. I wouldn’t consider Smith a good option for this week.
Week 16 vs. Indianapolis Colts The Colts give up the 15th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. This could be a high scoring affair between these two teams and I think could be an ideal matchup to start Smith. The Colts are giving up an average of 273 yards and 2 TDs over the last 3 weeks to QBs.
Week 17 @ San Diego Chargers – The Chargers are given up the 4th most Fantasy Points against opposing QBs. Now we will know more about this matchup after Sunday when they play their 1st game against them but this matchup is another top 10 potential for Smith. The Chargers have also given up the 2nd most rushing yards to opposing QBs which could play a factor with Smith’s fantasy total.

Outside the matchup with the Raiders, Smith would be a great stream for weeks 14, 15 and 17. His ability to run the football is key as well as he has amassed 317 rushing yards this year which is already double than any years past. Of course there can be a cause for concern since he has 3 single digit outputs this year but other than the guys mentioned above he has some great value come playoff time.

Andy Dalton (705 yards, 5 TDs but 9 turnovers in his last 3 games) he is owned in 55% in ESPN, 79% in Fox, 81% in Yahoo and 97% in CBS.

Week 14 vs. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts give up the 15th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. As I stated earlier the Colts secondary has been exposed over the past couple weeks (819 yards and 6 TDs). The weapons that Dalton has at his disposal could create a huge mismatch for the Colts of defense. Love this matchup for him this week.
Week 15 @ Pittsburgh Steelers (be cautious of weather) –The Steelers give up the 11th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Dalton threw for 280 yards and a TD in the 1st matchup between the two but has struggled against the Steelers in Pittsburgh (412 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs in two games). I don’t like this matchup for him especially with the Steelers and the way they have played as of late.
Week 16 vs. Minnesota Vikings (be cautious of weather) The Vikings give up the 3rd most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. This is what I like to call a “money matchup”. The only potential problem with this game is the weather but outside of that this is the “ideal” matchup to have heading into a Fantasy Championship.
Week 17 vs. Baltimore Ravens (be cautious of weather) – The Ravens give up the 14th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs.Dalton really shot himself in the foot this game by throwing 3 INTs and the team lost in OT to the Ravens. I am not a fan of this matchup at all.

While the #GingaNinja (coined on Twitter) hasn’t been the most consistent fantasy QBs this year he has been good at the right times. With a great matchup in week 14 and an even better matchup in championship week (16) if Dalton is available I would definitely try to stash him now.

Joe Flacco (552 yards, 5 TDs and 5 INTs over the last 3 games) he is owned in 54% in ESPN, 58% in Fox, 54% in Yahoo and 61 % in CBS.

Week 14 vs. Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings give up the 3rd most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. I understand it has been a rocky season for Joe Cool and he has been really annoying, unreliable and downright unstartable in leagues but this is the week that if you own him, he wins you a playoff game. The Vikings are terrible against the pass and Flacco will take advantage of that and you should too.
Week 15 @ Detroit Lions – The Lions give up the 13th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. It took until week 7 before the Lions gave up over 20 points to opposing QBs. They have done it now in 3 out of their last 4 games. This game will be a shootout and I really like Flacco to have a solid game.
Week 16 vs. New England Patriots (be cautious of weather) –The Patriots give up the 17th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. As much as it pains me to say it Flacco owns the Patriots over their last 3 meetings. He has thrown for 928 yards and 8 TDs against them. Flacco could slump all year and he always brings it to the Pats.
Week 17 vs. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals give up 8th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Flacco only threw for 140 yards while tossing 2 TDs but also had 2 INTs. Not a good matchup for him.

Joe Cool has been anything but cool this year (yeah I know weak joke) but he has the right matchups for the Fantasy playoff run to give an honest look at. You would probably trust some of the other guys on this list first but Joe has been clutch in the past and who knows if the Ravens are in the playoff hunt he might turn it on.

Case Keenum (750 yards and 7 TDs over the last 3 games) he is owned in 17% in ESPN, 38% in Fox, 49% in Yahoo and 86% in CBS.

Now of course we have to be concerned that Kubiak pulled the plug on Keenum in the 3rd quarter of the game against the Raiders. It is definitely something worth monitoring but as of right now Kubiak says Keenum is his guy.

Week 14 @ Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars are giving up the 2nd most Fantasy Points to opposing QBs and they are also tied for the least amount of INTs made by opposing teams against QBs. As we have seen over the past couple of games Keenum can sling the football and he has the weapons to do so. We will get to see what he does this Sunday against the Jaguars and be able to tell more what to expect in week 14 but they are coming a game which they let Carson Palmer man handle them by throwing for 419 yards and 2 TDs. Keenum is a top 5 option for available QBs for this week.
Week 15 @ Indianapolis Colts – The Colts are giving up the 15th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. If you haven’t seen highlights from the 1st matchup between Keenum and the Colts you might want to look that up. He threw for 350 yards and 3 TDs against the Colts in week 9 which could be a sign of things to come for him in week 15.
Week 16 vs. Denver Broncos – The Broncos are giving up the 11th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. The one thing I do like about this game is that Keenum is playing at home it would be a totally different story if this game was in Denver. Whether they are playing from behind or keeping pace, they are going to have to throw the football. You can find better options but if you want to ride with Keenum I see no problem with that.
Week 17 @ Tennessee Titans – The Titans ranks as one the best teams against the pass this year (29th). I would completely recommend against starting Keenum this week against Tennessee. Since week 5 they have only given up 1 TD pass. Look elsewhere for this game.

Keenum of course has to keep the job (which being 2-8 would make sense) in order for any of this to matter but if he does he has 2 ½ potentially awesome matchups. If you own good luck and expect big things, if not he is available in a TON of leagues.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (486 yards passing, 39 yards rushing and 4 total TDs over the last 2 games since taking over for Jake Locker) he is owned in 1% in ESPN, 3% in Fox, 6% in Yahoo and 17% in CBS.

Week 14 @ Denver Broncos – The Broncos rank as the 11th worst team against opposing Fantasy QBs this year. I am not a big fan of this matchup for Fitzpatrick at all even though the Broncos are giving up 17 PPG this year. The Broncos D has also created 13 INTs this year and Fitzpatrick has been known as a “gunslinger”. I would search other options for this week.
Week 15 vs. Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals are giving up the 13th fewest Fantasy points against opposing QBs. Even though the Cardinals have been so good this year they haven’t been that great on the road against the pass. Quarterbacks are averaging 268 yards and almost 2 TDs a game in their 5 road games. This doesn’t rank as a top option for Fitz but I don’t think you could go wrong starting him this week either.
Week 16 @ Jacksonville Jaguars – The Jaguars are giving up the 2nd most Fantasy Points against opposing QBs. Fitzpatrick had a great game filling in for an injured Jake Locker in week 10 against the Jaguars. He threw for 264 yards, 2 TDs and even added one on the ground as he almost came back and beat the Jaguars after being down early. If you have a choice between Fitz and any of the guys on the list this week Fitz will probably trump them. This the best possible matchup for you in a Championship week and having streamed QBs all season.
Week 17 vs. Houston Texans – The Texans are giving up the12th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Jake Locker threw for 148 yards and 2 TDs against the Texans in week 2 loss to the Texans and while the Texans have been good against the pass as of late the story has been different. Their past three games they have given up 8 TD pass (including 3 by rookie Matt McGloin) and aren’t the same team the Titans faced in week 2. If you rode Fitz last week, I would have no problem doing so this week as well.

Fitzpatrick isn’t the “stud” fantasy QB you have always dreamed of but he will get the job done. Other than the game at Denver, Fitzpatrick has a juicy schedule for Fantasy owners and if you look at those percentages he is owned, you may be able to pick him up the week of his week 16 matchup against the Jaguars and have him carry you to a title.

Ryan Tannehill (705 yards, 3 TDs and 2 INTs over the last 3 games) he is owned in 15% in ESPN, 27% in Fox, 26% in Yahoo and 42% in CBS.

Week 14 @ Pittsburgh Steelers (be cautious of weather) –The Steelers give up the 11th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. On the road Tannehill has 10 total turnovers and at Pittsburgh, no thanks.
Week 15 vs. New England Patriots – The Patriots give up the 17th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Late turnovers are what really cost Tannehill from having a good game. If he can duplicate success he had in the 1st half against New England at home, he could have a solid double-digit fantasy day.
Week 16 @ Buffalo Bills (be cautious of weather) – The Bills give up the 19th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Another turnover frenzy (3 total) cost him another solid performance. He did finish with 16 Fantasy points in the game and if many of the options above are gone he really isn’t a bad choice for this week.
Week 17 vs. New York Jets – The Jets give up the 12th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. We will get a better feel for this matchup after week 13 as he faces the Jets on the road but the Jets have been rocked by QBs over the past few weeks. I’d like to see the matchup 1st but this seems like his best matchup of the playoff season.

“Turnover Tanny” (coined by @bdtitup) has his problems but has scored 14 or more Fantasy points in all but 3 games this season. If he can limit the turnovers before playoff season, he could be a solid Fantasy playoff QB.

Terrelle Pryor/Matt McGloin (498 yards passing, 219 yards rushing, 2 rushing TDs but 6 turnover over his last 3 games. McGloin threw for 197 yards and 3 TDs in his only start of the season.) The pair is owned in 28%/1% in ESPN, 21%/1% in Fox, 30%/1% in Yahoo and 54%/1% in CBS.

Now Pryor has struggled as of late (with 6 turnovers in 3 games) and been dealing with an injured knee which may ultimately cost him his job after the performance by McGloin in week 11. Pryor of course makes up for some/not all his mistakes by making plays on his feet.

Week 14 @ New York Jets – The Jets give up the 12th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. While the Jets have played some great D (mostly against the run) they have been exposed by QBs over the last 3 weeks (gave up 9 TDs in last 3 games). I don’t think this ranks among my favorite plays of the week but both guys would be serviceable for 15 to 20 points against the Jets.
Week 15 vs. Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs are giving up the 7th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Pryor was beat down by the Chiefs D in his 1st matchup against them. He was sacked 9 times and they forced 3 INTs. This is a terrible matchup for either QB and should look elsewhere.
Week 16 @ San Diego Chargers – The Chargers give up the 4th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Pryor combined for 252 yards and 2 TDs against the Chargers in week 5 as they beat them 27-17. As the Chargers have improved against the pass over the course of  for 281 yards (added 36 on the ground) and tossed 1 TD pass against the Broncos in week 3. It was early in the season and I truly don’t like this matchup for the pair at all.

Now a ton of questions surround who will be the starter for the team and going forward you really shouldn’t own one without the other if you have to start either guy. We have only seen one game out of McGloin but there is no reason not to like what he did against a tough Texans pass D. He isn’t owned in a lot of leagues so you can monitor what he is doing from game to game basis to find out if he can sustain what we saw. Pryor isn’t the most reliable Fantasy QB but he can make plays with his legs and that can make him dangerous. They have 2 potentially good matchups during the playoffs and are definitely worth keeping an eye on in all leagues.

Mike Glennon (538 yards, 5 TDs and 1 INT over the last 3 games) he is owned in 1% in ESPN, 7% in Fox, 11% in Yahoo and 34% in CBS.

Week 14 vs. Buffalo Bills – The Bills are giving up the 19th most Fantasy points to opposing QBs. This isn’t the best matchup in the world for Glennon but it’s not as bad as it seems. He throws the ball a lot and does not turnover the ball. If none of these other guys are available, I wouldn’t mind if you ride with Glennon as an option.
Week 15 vs. San Francisco 49ers – The 49ers give up the 6th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. I can’t recommend him at all for this matchup.
Week 16 @ ST. Louis Rams – The Rams give up the 10th fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Another matchup like the Bills that I don’t love but don’t hate. This could really go either way for Glennon.
Week 17 vs. New Orléans Saints – The Saints give up the 3rd fewest Fantasy points to opposing QBs. Glennon wasn’t around for their 1st matchup and I don’t like him in this matchup.

Glennon has himself a running game over the past few weeks and his throwing the ball less and less each week. While Glennon doesn’t have a favorable schedule he could be serviceable in week 14 and 15 in 2QB leagues. Not the best option out but far from the worst you could do.

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Week 12 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Most of you are enjoying the Monday Night matchup between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers and others are already planning for week 12. Bobby Rainey lead the charge for week 11 with 167 total yards and 3 TDs totaling 34 Fantasy Points (36 in PPR). This week will bring some challenges as we have the Eagles, Bills, Bengals and Seahawks all on a bye this week. So lets jump right into it with my week 12 sleepers.

Week 12 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Tom Brady vs. Denver Broncos

(UPDATED: Threw for 296 yards and a TD against the Panthers) Brady has always brought his A game when playing Peyton Manning and this game will be no different. This matchup has a lot at stake especially potential playoff seeding. The Broncos just gave up 230 yards and 2 TDs to Alex Smith and Brady comes to town not having the greatest of Fantasy season’s (crazy to think of him as a sleeper huh?). But I like the matchup for him this week.

Eli Manning vs. Dallas Cowboys

Manning and the Giants are riding a 4 game winning streak after starting the season 0-6. Eli coming off another mediocre performance with only 1 TD and he threw another interception but in his 1st game against the Cowboys on opening day he threw for 450 yards and 4 TDs (yes 3 INTs too). The Cowboys pass D hasn’t gotten any better since week 1 either. If you have Russell Wilson, Nick Foles or Andy Dalton on a bye this week, Eli is a nice plug and play this week.

Rashard Jennings vs. Tennessee Titans

Jennings has rushed for over 340 yards and 2 TDs over the last 3 games and even with the eventual return of Darren McFadden you have to figure Jennings has wrestled the job away. He faces a Titans run D that has given up multiple TDs to opposing RBs in 4 straight games. Jennings is worth the flier this week.

Ben Tate vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

I think the big question surrounding this game is who will be the QB for the Texans this week but I care about this great matchup for Ben Tate. While the Jaguars have been better against the run the last two games (Minus the TD to Mendenhall), the Texans are going to have to set up the run. Tate has a chance at a great game against this mediocre run D.

Marques Colston vs. Atlanta Falcons

Well Mr. Colston welcome to the 2013 Fantasy Football season, you are only about 10 weeks late to the party. He has 12 catches 187 yards and a TD over the past two games after having 6 catches for 44 yards in his previous 4 games. It’s hard to trust him quite yet but facing a Falcons team giving up an average of 25 PPG to opposing WRs, he has a solid matchup for the Thursday Night game.

Anquan Boldin vs. Washington Redskins

Boldin found the endzone for the 1st time since week 4 and has potentially the best matchup up of the season for him. The Redskins haven’t been very good against the pass and this could be the type of game to get Boldin back on track.

Mychal Rivera vs. Tennessee Titans

Matt McGloin led the charge for the Raiders this week against the Texans tossing 3 TDs including one to Mychal Rivera (also leading the charge of the who the heck are these guys). McGloin should be under center for the week 12 matchup against the Titans and that’s great news for Rivera as the Titans just got torched by Cody Fleener and are giving up the 8th most Fantasy Points to TEs this year.

Green Bay Packers D vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Packers haven’t been great since losing Aaron Rodgers but the Vikings have Ponder/Cassell/Freeman (whoever plays QB) so their fortune hasn’t been much better. The Packers D will be on of the top streaming options for week 12.

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Week 11 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Week 10 is in the books for Fantasy Football and what a week it was. Drew Brees, Pierre Thomas and Demaryius Thomas were among the leading group for the week. We also saw Tavon Austin and Mark Ingram have coming out parties this week. Injures have been tough for 1st round running backs this year as we have seen Ray Rice battling injures and being healthy, Doug Martin finally put on the IR and news over the weekend is that Arian Foster is next man on the list. You never know when you are going to have to step up and replace a top player, so it’s always good to be good at the wire. Before I dig into week 11 sleepers I take a look back on how I did in week 10.

Sleepers that I hit

Pierre Thomas – 111 total yards and 2 TDs – He was on fire as was the rest of the Saints RBs but Thomas provided much need spark for Fantasy owners.
Golden Tate – 6 catches/106 yards/ 1 TD – He can only get better once Harvin is back in the mix.
Riley Cooper – 3 catches/102 yards/2 TDs – So 5 TDs in two games, WOW.
New York Giants D – 20 points/ 4 sacks/ 1 TD – That’s three straight solid performances for this D and next up Scott Tolzien and the reeling Packers.

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Sleepers I whiffed on

Jake Locker – He got taken out of the game but didn’t look great while he was in there.
Eli Manning – 140 yards/1 TD/ 1 INT – Mediocre game for the Mediocre QB.
Garrett Graham – 2 catches 18 yards – Had a great matchup this week and just didn’t do anything with it. This guy is droppable in all formats.

Mike James and Timothy Wright play tonight.

Week 11 Fantasy Football Sleepers (bye week: Rams and Cowboys)

Mike Glennon vs. Atlanta Falcons

(Prior to tonight’s Monday Night Football Game)

Glennon has looked really good as of late throwing for 5 TDs and 0 INTs over the past 3 games. In his last outing against the Falcons he threw for 256 yards and 2 TDs and the Falcons haven’t gotten any better on the defensive side of the ball. Glennon is a nice sleeper if you have Romo on a bye this week.

Scott Tolzien vs. New York Giants

I know this is crazy and we have very small sample size from the guy to even consider having to start him. But I am in a 2QB league where I have to start Kellen Clemens the past two weeks. Tolzien looked good enough to get the nod from McCarthy after the game. He threw for 280 yards, 1 TD and 2 picks. The Giants have been better the last few weeks against the pass but the Packers will open up the running game with Lacy and that should let Tolzien makes some throws to the multiple weapons he has at his disposal. So got Romo on a bye? Rodgers hurt? Or a QB with a tough matchup, take a chance on Tolzien.

André Ellington vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Owners of Mr. Ellington are going to have to start writing hate mail to Bruce Arians for his horrendous use of him. He had 11 carries for 55 yards (5.0 YPC) and Rashard Mendenhall had 13 carries for 42 yards (3.2 YPC) plus a crucial fumble late in the 4th quarter. Ellington I know isn’t really big enough to be an every down back but has too much ability to be wasted. He gets a Jaguars team that has given up over 400 yards and 5 rushing TDs over the last 3 weeks, Ellington will be a solid RB2/Flex play this week.

Chris Ivory vs. Buffalo Bills

The Bills gave up there 1st rushing TD since week 5 to Le’Veon Bell this week. Ivory had a great game before the bye against the Saints and has rushed for over 100 yards in 2 out of his last 3 games. Even though they seem to be going with the hot hand in New York but Ivory is just the better back and will see enough carries to make him a solid sleeper.

Trent Richardson vs. Tennessee Titans

Okay so I might lose all credibility I have ever had by suggesting the Trent Richardson is a sleeper this week. The Titans have given up 2 rushing TDs in 4 straight weeks and the Colts need to run the ball and are going to have to try and use the guy they gave up a 1st round pick for. He hasn’t been impressive running the ball since coming over in the trade but if there is any team right now in football that can make your confidence go up it’s the Tennessee Titans. I think he will fit nicely in a Flex role this week.

Dwayne Bowe vs. Denver Broncos

Bowe and Smith finally are heading in the right direction towards each other. Bowe has 23 targets over the last 3 games, catching 13 of them for 140 yards. Also he has a great matchup ahead of him against division foe Denver Broncos whom are giving up 25 PPG to opposing WRs. Off the bye week I really like Bowe and you should too.

Percy Harvin vs. Minnesota Vikings

Of course you have to keep an eye out for his status but if he is playing, you are playing him. Playing against his old team and finally getting his 1st game in a Seahawk uniform he is going to want to do big things.

Jarrett Boykin vs. New York Giants

His value seemed diminished once James Jones came back, when Rodgers got hurt and then when Wallace went down but Tolzien looked his way often on Sunday with 13 targets and he caught 8 of them for 112 yards. Tolzien is getting the nod against this week and Boykins should get yours.

Rob Housler vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Housler found the endzone for the 1st time this season on Sunday and added 3 more catches totaling 57 yards. The Jaguars have a huge weakness against the tight end position as they have given up a TD in 6 out of their last 7 games against them. Housler is a deep sleeper and is a great streaming TE this week.

Carolina Panthers D vs. New England Patriots

The Panthers D has been unreal this season and coming off a huge game against the 49ers in San Fran this weekend, they face the Patriots who are coming off their best offensive output of the season. But I wouldn’t fear the Panthers have a great pass rush

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