Draft Scripts: Early ADP’s

Every live money draft has had one number one pick. The real debates lie in every selection after Mike Trout.
The real debate begins after Mike Trout is selected at 1 overall

Gearing up for fantasy baseball drafts is one of my favorite times of the year. Crunching numbers, ranking players and observing how values fluctuate as the season comes closer is something I really enjoy. I have already been looking at the NFBC ADP available on Nesn.com and there have been interesting developments. But I was even more intrigued by the following tweet today:

While the information available is fascinating, the list that Greg Amrosius kindly posted outlines the top 200 in the money drafts that have already happened. When money is on the line, there will be tougher decisions and the players ranks could provide some early clarity. Processing the top 200 was not easy as I was busy working on spreadsheets, but I modified the 200 players into a more common 12 team format (the NFBC is 15 team league drafts) for the article’s purposes. These are rough estimates and I will follow up tomorrow with the players ranked by position to see what trends show there as well. As for today, I listed the rank of the player, what his average pick selection is and his rank by position in the charts below. After each round or two, I will give my two cents worth on the first top 200 from drafts I have seen this year. If you think you are seeing pitchers early and often, you are correct. Enjoy!

Round 1

That Mike Trout guy is still number one, and he will not be fat this year. He could be a bit weak against pitches up in the zone but he is the only player in the top 12 to go number one in every single draft. I have never been a proponent of taking a pitcher in the first round, but if there is one I would consider it is Clayton Kershaw. Even in an injury riddled season he still produced the goods. There is growing concern around Miguel Cabrera’s ankle and foot surgery but if the Tigers know that they are all in with their window of opportunity closing, he will play through it like he did last September. There are some newcomers in this list with Jose Abreu, Carlos Gomez, Felix Hernandez and Jose Altuve moving into the top 12, but I would only take one at the price listed above; Abreu. Toronto owns the tail end of the first round with Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion providing plenty of punch in a lineup that welcomes Josh Donaldson to the fold.

Round 2

There are surprises above with Anthony Rendon and Michael Brantley making huge jumps in early drafts. I was a big proponent of Rendon last year but this may be too rich for my blood. Troy Tulowitzki and a replacement player still make up probably the best shortstop tandem in roto but he comes with risk. At a time where power is in high demand in drafts I will find it difficult to take a player like Adam Jones here but it depends on what is available. Robinson Cano was overpriced in Seattle last year but as the third second baseman, I really love him at 22. While Madison Bumgarner almost single-handedly defeated the Royals, there is a lot of mileage on his arm from last fall, which could cause for some to reach on him. I am waiting.

Round 3

Like Cano, I think the depressed price on Ryan Braun makes him a buy this year. Motivated to prove his detractors wrong and possibly healthy I would rather have a third round Braun over a second round Adam Jones. Pitchers, pitchers everywhere, with four more coming off the board in this round. It is hard to gauge Max Scherzer since some of his value will be determined by where he signs. After A.J. Preller’s wheeling and dealing, there are two Padres in this round with Kemp and Upton. I am not scared by either in Petco this year. Bryce Harper will be a polarizing figure, he is 22 and while he has burned us in the past, this is a good price for him.

Round 4

Projections are all over the place on George Springer but in the fourth round in the mock 200, he could provide first round value. His batting average is not going to be great, but for a player with 30/30 potential, this is a great flier at pick 41.08 overall. Speed is flying off the board here (no pun intended), but Dee Gordon and Billy Hamilton may be fighting for the National League stolen base title this year. Carlos Gonzalez, man is he tempting here, but he is made of glass. I go with Springer and take the hit in average for his possible breakout instead of reading that CarGo is out with a tweak or bad finger on a monthly basis. It is an interesting decision, you can take Cueto, Darvish or Wainwright here to anchor your staff, who is it?

Round 5

Two more Rockies outfielders come off the board in Corey Dickerson and Charlie Blackmon. I lean Dickerson here. Last year Albert Pujols was going to fall off but here he is still and somehow I think Miguel Cabrera will do the same this year. Jon Lester had a great 2014 and moving to the NL could help his peripherals, but can he win 15+ with the Cubs this year? In all honesty, the Rockie I am eying the most here is Arenado, I could justify grabbing him ahead of Longoria but there is safety in numbers. Two more closers go off the board here but I am waiting for strikeout upside later, I like Kimbrel and Holland but grab power early and often, pitchers can be had later as you will see.

Round 6

Four more starting pitchers are taken in this round and Matt Harvey is among them. I am tempted to grab him but it is a risk to have him as a number one coming off of Tommy John Surgery and knowing the Mets will protect his innings, but he has had 18 months to rehab and is ready to go. Jeff Samardzija could be a sneaky play in Chicago but I am avoiding Prince Fielder and Yoenis Cespedes. Cole Hamels is nice in this round but really needs a change in scenery to make him a bargain in the sixth.

Round 7

A mini first baseman run happens here following Prince last round with Carlos Santana, Chris Davis and Joey Votto. Gun to my head I will go with Carlos Santana of these three. Crazy? Probably but I am willing to take chances from round seven on. Two Cardinal outfielders are here but if you want safe it is Holliday, upside and playing for a contract, Jason Heyward. I really like him in St. Louis this year.

Round 8

Alex Cobb is a pitcher I like at this point of the draft, especially over James Shields. Josh Harrison had a great year but gambling on a repeat here may be tough to swallow. Wong represents upside and two more closers are off the board. What are fantasy owners going to do with David Wright? I think he is a great value here. While he will not return to his glory days, he has a better track record than Josh Harrison.

Round 9

Speaking of risk, the ninth round brings just that. Kris Bryant has power that is in demand not only in baseball but for fantasy players as well. Javier Baez has all-world power and could swipe 13-15 bags as well, albeit with a .220 average. If Tyson Ross and Jake Arrieta can stay healthy they are good values here, especially Arrieta for me. As a matter of fact, the pitchers in this round are really good targets including Alex Wood, Hisashi Iwakuma and Jacob deGrom. Doubling up early on two aces just doesn’t make sense to me.

Round 10

If the ninth was risky, so is the tenth. Power hitting outfielders who may only hit .250-.260 like J.D. Martinez and Jorge Soler are here, but I prefer them to reaching for Yoenis Cespedes four rounds earlier. Gio Gonzalez was really good in the second half, I mean really good. Speaking of power, if Evan Gattis gets to play left field with catcher eligibility, he can hit 30 home runs. Three more closers go in this round so even though I probably have not taken one yet, the time is nearing.

Round 11

I have seen articles ranking Carlos Carrasco high for this year. But so far in money drafts he is the 30th pitcher selected. Even if he flames out at this price it is easily worth the risk. Speaking of which, Dellin Betances was out of this world good last year. His same age numbers are strikingly similar to his mentor Mariano Rivera, just saying. Definitely taking Gregory Polanco over Wil Myers here. I am very interested to see what Rusney Castillo can do, he will have a better year than fellow Cuban import Yasmany Tomas. Book it.

Round 12

Remember when everyone was so excited by Pablo Sandoval going to Boston? That leaves him as the 12th third baseman selected and while his average and numbers will see a bump, how much will they improve? It seems that people are frightened off by Tanaka’s elbow, and I agree. But if he pitches 20 or more games in this round, he is worth it. Chris Carter hits home runs, takes walks and will not hit much better than .250 but if he can mash 35 long balls, who cares?

Round 13

Why am I not taking Pablo Sandoval in the 12th? Because I can get Manny Machado in the 13th, at least in this top 200. This is a cornucopia of value. Adam LaRoche can hit 30 home runs if he adjusts to DH in Chicago but he will be hitting after Jose Abreu and ahead of Avisail Garcia in a bandbox. Shin-Soo Choo was a consensus top 20 outfielder preseason last year, how soon we forget. Another post hype prospect is Xander Bogaerts who could provide pop at shortstop and flourish this year after some consolidation in 2014.

Round 14 revised

Some outfielders with speed in Brett Gardner, Leonys Martin and Alex Rios come off the board here. Always underrated Howie Kendrick and Justin Morneau, too. I think Hector Rondon is great value this late, he really blossomed in the second half. Jason Motte is a depth signing but Joe Maddon does change closers more than most which can be a worry.

Round 15

Want to know why I am waiting on pitchers? Look no further. Drew Smyly and Zack Wheeler could provide good ratios and strikeouts in round 14. Not to mention Marcus Stroman who could break out this year. His 2014 was not a fluke and with a better defense he is primed to shine in 2015. Avisail Garcia is another target I really like here, the White Sox are going to score runs and he may hit fifth with double-digit home runs and stolen bases.

Round 16 revised

I have yet to give up on Wilson Ramos and I will be lighting a candle for his health. If anyone this year can follow Devin Mesoraco’s power breakthrough of 2014, it is Ramos in 2015. Melky Cabrera will produce in Chicago and could bat second. Speaking of health, Travis d’Arnaud is another catcher with upside if he can stay on the field.

last 8 picks in 200

How can you take Matt Shoemaker over Phil Hughes? His K/BB in the second half was epic and though his wins are neutralized a bit in Minnesota, he is being overlooked. Mike Fiers will also be a popular sleeper target but look at Jose Fernandez. It seems the Marlins are all in and if he can return by July, a half season of Fernandez is better than a whole one from other pitchers. At this point, I would take A.J. Pollock over Josh Hamilton and that is really all you need to know about that.

Tomorrow I will list the players by position and try to formulate a set of tiers based on this early 200 courtesy of Greg Ambrosius of the NFBC. Drafts are coming, I may be crazy, but using all the information we can will help us be right.

Statistical credits: http://nfbcforums.stats.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=16344
Photo cred: http://goo.gl/8oFeAz

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Greg Jewett is The Sports Script’s senior fantasy baseball writer. Follow him on Twitter @gjewett9!


Mock Draft: Players You Aren’t Seeing But Should Be Watching In Preseason

We all play in different types of fantasy football leagues; 8, 10, 12 or more teams, 2 QB, PPR, flex, decimal scoring, IDP, and about a million other formats. In regards to this article, I have been doing handfuls of mock drafts on different outlets to see if the opinion on certain players changes from site to site. I took notes, chatted with people on the message boards, and (as always) had a great time in my mocks. Today, I wanted to throw out a few names that I saw that were going late in mock drafts, or weren’t getting drafted at all. Since my bench is always made up of excess RB and WR, that is what this list will be made up of.

*For this article I focused on 10 team mock drafts. Some players in this article may be getting drafted in deeper leagues but are not currently being drafted in the majority of mock drafts that I have been a part of.

Kelvin Benjamin WR, Carolina Panthers:
Benjamin is entering the league after a huge year at Florida State where he caught 54 passes for 1,011 yards and 15 TD on their way to a BCS National Championship and undefeated season. Now with Cam Newton as his QB and Steve Smith gone, can Benjamin step up and be the real deal in the NFL? Currently going un-drafted in 10 team mock drafts, he would be one of the players that I will be targeting in the final rounds of my drafts while people crap-shooting for defenses and kickers. His skill set looks to translate into the NFL, and reports out of Carolina’s training camp is that he is force to be reckoned with. Every other number one wide receiver in the league will be drafted, why not Benjamin with his opportunity?

Andre Williams RB, New York Giants:
Williams is a name that will probably end up on draft boards in a few weeks, but for now, he’s flying under the radar. Coming off a good performance in the HOF Game, people started seeing what he could do in the open field. Tom Coughlin almost always has a running back committee but with David Wilson gone for the season, Williams looks to be in the running for snaps. Currently ranked 4th on the Giants depth chart, Williams is fighting against Michael Cox, Peyton Hillis and Rashad Jennings. Look for Williams and Jennings to be the two-headed monster when the Giants opens up the season. With how much the Giants run, both can make a fantasy impact for your team in 2014. With Rashad Jennings going around pick 60 in mock drafts and Williams around 135 in the latest ADP updates on ESPN, I would much rather have Andre Williams on my team, and will look to grab him later on in my drafts.

Marqise Lee WR, Jacksonville Jaguars:
If you watch football on Saturday afternoons, you have heard this name for the past few years tearing up the field at USC. Marqise Lee is 22 years old and stands 6 feet tall, weighing 192 pounds. Drafted 39th by Jacksonville this year, Lee looks to take the place of Justin Blackmon who can’t seem to get it together since joining the Jaguars. Lee is coming off an injury that took away much of his 2013 season at USC but in 2012 Lee had 118 catches for 1,721 yards and 14 TD. Lee has the potential to be a breakout star in this league for years to come. In keeper and dynasty leagues I would be looking to take Lee, and in redraft leagues, why take a backup QB when you can take a chance on a couple guys at the end of drafts? Last year, when people were taking their second QB, other owners were taking a shot on WR like Keenan Allen and Alshon Jeffery. Those are the owners who currently polish their fantasy football trophies.

Devonta Freeman RB, Atlanta Falcons:
Since I began this article with a Florida State WR, I thought we would end with a Florida State RB. Currently being drafted as the RB55 in ESPN mock drafts and also currently 4th on the Falcons depth chart, Freeman might end up being the starter on week 1 when the Falcons face off against the Saints. Atlanta’s current number one RB is Steven Jackson, who is coming off injury and cannot be trusted to suit up over the course of the entire season. The latest news from the Atlanta Falcons’ website is that he should be ready for week 1, but face it  Steven; you are old. You are 31 years old and have a lot of mileage on those wheels. It’s time to let the rookie grab the reigns. Other tailbacks on the Falcons roster include Jaquizz Rodgers, which is about the most fun name in the NFL, but it doesn’t mean that he can be the answer. The Falcons also have Antone Smith (also from Florida State), who had 5 carries in 2013. He did take two of them in for scoeres, but he is also 28, and does not have the track record on a team looking to bounce-back from a terrible 2013 season. That leaves Freeman, who might have some room to run now that we will see the pass game open up with Julio and Roddy both back and looking healthy. Freeman is worth a look a stash in deep leagues.

Jared “Minnesota Nice” Hines is a fantasy football contributor at The Sports Script. Follow him on Twitter @Jared_Hines27!

2014 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

The NFL opener is right around the corner and drafting has begun everywhere! So today I will unleash my QB rankings for this model year, 2014. This is the chart where I have each QB ranked along with their ADP (from FantasyPros.com) in the final column. At the end I touch on a couple of players that I have ranked differently than the consensus.

2014 Fantasy Football QB Rankings (07/21/14)

Rank Player Team Bye ADP
1 Peyton Manning DEN 4 1
2 Andrew Luck IND 10 5
3 Aaron Rodgers GB 9 3
4 Drew Brees NO 6 2
5 Matthew Stafford DET 9 4
6 Cam Newton CAR 12 6
7 Colin Kaepernick SF 8 11
8 Matt Ryan ATL 9 10
9 Tom Brady NE 10 8
10 Tony Romo DAL 11 12
11 Nick Foles PHI 7 9
12 Jay Cutler CHI 9 14
13 Ben Roethlisberger PIT 12 16
14 Robert Griffin III WAS 10 7
15 Andy Dalton CIN 4 17
16 Russell Wilson SEA 4 13
17 Josh McCown TB 7 22
18 Philip Rivers SD 10 15
19 Johnny Manziel CLE 4 18
20 Carson Palmer ARI 4 24
21 Alex Smith KC 6 21
22 Joe Flacco BAL 11 23
23 Eli Manning NYG 8 19
24 Ryan Tannehill MIA 5 20
25 Jake Locker TEN 9 25
26 Sam Bradford STL 4 26
27 Teddy Bridgewater MIN 10 25
28 Geno Smith NYJ 11 27
29 E.J. Manuel BUF 9 28
30 Ryan Fitzpatrick HOU 10 30

Why I ranked this guy higher than his average ADP

Colin Kaepernick – my rank: 7th, average ADP: 11th

I have never been a big fan of Kaep but I have a real good feeling about him heading into 2014. The Niners added him another weapon in Steve Johnson, even at an older age he still can make some players and pairing him with Michael Crabtree (who when healthy makes Kaep a better QB), Boldin and Davis. I would take the over on 30 total TD in 2014 which would fit well into the top-tier of Fantasy QB.

Why I ranked this player lower than the consensus

Robert Griffin III – my rank: 14th, average ADP: 7th

I am just not sold on him being able to stay healthy one bit. He needs to make smarter plays on his feet and honestly in order for him to do so, I think his numbers are going to drop dramatically in the rushing category. He is being drafted as a #1 QB this year in Fantasy and he just isn’t that. He is far too inconsistent and more of a week to week matchup kind of starter for me.

Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Get at Ricky on Twitter @Rickygangster!

Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Huge weekend for Wide-outs as we saw Josh Gordon become the 1st WR in NFL History to get back to back 200+ yard games, Eric Decker matched his total TDs in the season in one game (4) and Alshon Jeffery go crazy against the Vikings for the tune of 12 catches 249 yards and 2 TDs. The Fantasy Playoffs are here for most of you and it’s time to get the right guys in the lineup for this week and make sure you make it to the next round of the playoffs.

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Week 14 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Josh McCown/Jay Cutler vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys give up the most Fantasy points to opposing QBs this year. The Bears QB combo are averaging 271 yards and almost 2 TDs a game. Love this matchup for whoever is playing the position.

Donald Brown vs. Cinncinatti Bengals

Brown struggled against the Titans in the 1st 3 quarters but added 49 total yards and a 4 yard TD run on the last drive to cement another good Fantasy game. Brown will get the nod for the 2nd straight game over Trent Richardson. He faces a tough Bengals run D but they have a trouble with pass-catching RBs and Brown can catch the ball. I like him as a solid sleeper for this week.

Montee Ball vs. Tennessee Titans

Ball had his 1st career 100 yard game last weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs while Moreno struggled to get going (18 yards on the ground). While Moreno is still the starter Ball is still getting some looks and is facing a Titans team that has given up 20+ fantasy points to opposing RBs in 6 of the last 7 games. Ball is a solid Flex play this week.

Michael Crabtree vs. Seattle Seahawks

This is a tough matchup for Crabtree but the Seahawks aren’t really healthy in the secondary right now. Crabtree played in over 60% of the snaps last week (only behind Boldin). He is going to have a huge impact on the Fantasy Playoffs and if he is available I would grab him now.

Roddy White vs. Green Bay Packers

Finally White had the game owners across the world have hoped for, sadly most of us had him on the bench this week. Well White is back and has another great matchup ahead of him. Solid play this week.

Jared Cook vs. Arizona Cardinals

Cook opened the season with 7 catches 121 yards and 2 TDs against the Cardinals and the Cardinals have yet to figure out the tight end since. They have given up 11 more TDs since that game and in 4 straight games as well. Cook has been inconsistent all year-long but this is the week you get him in there.

Oakland Raiders D vs. New York Jets

All I really have to say is this: Have you seen the Jets play football over the last few weeks? Yep Raiders are a great matchup to have for the 1st week of the Fantasy Playoffs

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Sleepers

What a week of Fantasy Football indeed. We saw Josh Gordon show that no matter who is throwing him the football that he will catch the ball, we saw Knowshon Moreno battered and bloodied torched the Patriots for 224 yards on the ground and Philip Rivers made his presences known again by throwing for 392 yards and 3 TDs against a tough Chiefs D. The Fantasy Playoffs are a week away for most of you and this week is a big week with all teams off their byes and 3 games on Thanksgiving, so let’s get right into my week 13 Fantasy Sleepers.

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Week 13 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs. Indianapolis Colts

Fitzpatrick finished 3rd (prior to MNF) in standard scoring for QBs this week with 22 points. He faces a Colts team fresh off another embarrassing loss and giving up another pair of TDs to an opposing QB. The Colts have given up 11 TDs in the last 5 games including 1 to Fitzpatrick 2 weeks ago on Thursday Night Football. I look for the Colts to try to stop Chris Johnson and the Titans run game and if that happens look for them to open it up a little with Fitzpatrick. Fitz is a great option for this week and a sleeper of all sorts.

Josh McCown vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings let a guy (Matt Flynn) cut by 30 teams (really 4) come off the bench and throw a TD and lead a come from behind tie (I hate ties). Even with his two late turnovers McCown still finished with a solid 352 yards and 2 TDs. He has a solid upside this week of a mid-tier QB1.

Ben Tate/Dennis Johnson vs. New England Patriots

The Patriots since losing Mayo and Wilfork have just not been very good against the run. They have given up 100+ yards on the ground in 5 out of the last 6 games plus a 224 yard performance from Knowshon Moreno last night. Johnson took advantage of Tate having a bad game rushing for 74 yards on 13 carries (caught 2 passes for 13 yards as well). Johnson is the bigger sleeper of the two but both should find some running room this week.

CJ Spiller/Fred Jackson vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons season is getting uglier as the weeks go by and this week they have a tough task of stopping the two-headed monster of Spiller/Jackson. Both of whom are fresh off their bye week and probably the healthiest they have been all season. The Falcons have given up a rushing TD in 4 out of their last 5 games. I like the matchup for either guy this week.

Chris Ogbonnaya vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Ogbonnaya (Say that 10 times fast) is getting more and more touches as each week passes. The downside has been he has fumbled back to back weeks but this team has to understand that McGahee isn’t the guy anymore. And he has a great chance to show what he has got this week against a terrible Jaguar run D.

Jarrett Boykin vs. Detroit Lions

Opposing WRs have a total of 1042 yards and 12 touchdowns against the Lions secondary over the past 5 weeks. Boykin is coming off his 5th double-digit Fantasy output in the last 6 games. Boykin should FEAST (see what I did?) this week.

Nate Burleson vs. Green Bay Packers

Welcome back Nate. In his 1st game since week 3 Burleson caught 7 balls (on 10 targets) for 77 yards and a touchdown. The Packers have given up 200+ receving yards in 3 straight games. Burleson should be added in just about every format right now and this week might be his only week as a sleeper as he may be a must start for the ROS.

Brian Hartline vs. New York Jets

Hartline has 5 catches in 3 straight games and while he hasn’t found the endzone a lot he has been great in PPR formats. The Jets will spend a lot of time focusing on Mike Wallace this week, which should leave Hartline inline for a big game.

Martellus Bennett vs. Minnesota Vikings

Bennett totaled over 60 yards for the 1st time since week 6 and found the endzone for the 1st time since week 7. He has been inconsistent all season long but was on the same page with McCown last week. The Vikings have given up 60 more yards to TEs in 3 out of the last 4 games. Good matchup for him this week.

Buffalo Bills D vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Bills have sacked the QB 4 or more times in 6 of their 11 games this season. Matt Ryan has been sacked 10 times over the last 3 games. This could go one of two ways, either really good for the Bills or really bad but with the way the Falcons are playing, I am leaning good for the Bills.

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2013 Fantasy Football WR Rankings

Fantasy Football season is upon us. Which means that millions of people around the world are drafting their teams. So I am here to bring you my latest rankings. Today I am going to give you my WR Rankings.

rankings as of 08/22/2013

1 Calvin Johnson – Det 9
2 Dez Bryant – Dal 11
3 A.J. Green – Cin 12
4 Demaryius Thomas –   Den 9
5 Brandon Marshall –   Chi 8
6 Larry Fitzgerald –   Ari 9
7 Julio Jones – Atl 6
8 Vincent Jackson – TB 5
9 Andre Johnson – Hou 8
10 Roddy White – Atl 6
11 Victor Cruz – NYG 9
12 Marques Colston – NO 7
13 Randall Cobb – GB 4
14 Dwayne Bowe – KC 10
15 Danny Amendola – NE 10
16 Hakeem Nicks – NYG 9
17 Jordy Nelson – GB 4
18 Steve Smith – Car 4
19 Mike Wallace – Mia 6
20 Greg Jennings – Min 5
21 Antonio Brown – Pit 5
22 Wes Welker – Den 9
23 Reggie Wayne – Ind 8
24 Eric Decker – Den 9
25 Pierre Garcon – Was 5
26 Cecil Shorts – Jac 9
27 Torrey Smith – Bal 8
28 James Jones – GB 4
29 T.Y. Hilton – Ind 8
30 DeSean Jackson – Phi 12
31 Steve Johnson – Buf 9
32 Mike Williams – TB 5
33 Miles Austin – Dal 11
34 Kenny Britt – Ten 8
35 Tavon Austin – StL 11
36 Josh Gordon – Cle 10
37 Lance Moore – NO 7
38 Anquan Boldin – SF 9
39 Kenbrell Thompkins – NE 10
40 Emmanuel Sanders –   Pit 5
41 Rueben Randle – NYG 9
42 Michael Floyd – Ari 9
43 Golden Tate – Sea 12
44 Vincent Brown – SD 8
45 Justin Blackmon – Jac 9
46 Kendall Wright – Ten 8
47 Ryan Broyles – Det 9
48 DeAndre Hopkins – Hou 8
49 Alshon Jeffery – Chi 8
50 Darrius Heyward-Bey –   Ind 8

2013 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

Fantasy Football season is upon us. Which means that millions of people around the world are drafting their teams. So I am here to bring you my latest rankings. Today I am going to give you my QB Rankings.

Rankings as of 08/19/13

Rank QB Bye
1 Peyton Manning – Den 9
2 Aaron Rodgers – GB 4
3 Drew Brees – NO 7
4 Tom Brady – NE 10
5 Cam Newton – Car 4
6 Matt Ryan – Atl 6
7 Matthew Stafford –   Det 9
8 Robert Griffin – Was 5
9 Tony Romo – Dal 11
10 Russell Wilson – Sea 12
11 Jay Cutler – Chi 8
12 Andrew Luck – Ind 8
13 Colin Kaepernick – SF 9
14 Eli Manning – NYG 9
15 Michael Vick – Phi 12
16 Joe Flacco – Bal 8
17 Ben Roethlisberger –   Pit 5
18 Andy Dalton – Cin 12
19 Carson Palmer – Ari 9
20 Josh Freeman – TB 5
21 Sam Bradford – StL 11
22 Matt Schaub – Hou 8
23 Ryan Tannehill – Mia 6
24 Alex Smith – KC 10
25 Philip Rivers – SD 8
26 Brandon Weeden – Cle 10
27 Jake Locker – Ten 8
28 Matt Flynn – Oak 7
29 Christian Ponder –   Min 5
30 EJ Manuel – Buf 12
31 Geno Smith – NYJ 10
32 Mark Sanchez – NYJ 10
33 Blaine Gabbert – Jac 9
34 Chad Henne – Jac 9
35 Ryan Fitzpatrick –   Ten 8
36 Terrelle Pryor – Oak 7
37 Nick Foles – Phi 12
38 Shaun Hill – Det 9
39 Kirk Cousins – Was 5
40 Jason Campbell – Cle 10