The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 14

The fantasy playoffs started this week for most of us and it’s going to be a tough week for some owners. If you drafted Gronk and held onto him thinking he could help you in the playoffs… OUCH! That being said lets take a look at some players that didn’t get hurt, but sure hurt our fantasy chances as owners.

Washington Redskins 45-10 loss to Chiefs – If you own a player from this team, I’m sorry! They are a complete mess right now and have packed it in for the seasons. If you’re banking on them for fantasy productions I’d be very nervous going forward if there is any hope left for you.

Matthew Stafford & Calvin Johnson – The snow storm in Philadelphia absolutely killed owners of almost all Lions players! Reggie Bush was hurt before the game started and didn’t even play. The Stafford to Megatron connection was completely snowed in this week as they did little to nothing for fantasy owners. The only thing worse than owning these two guys in fantasy is probably being a Lions fan with the way they find ways to lose games.

EJ Manuel  18/33 184 yards 4 interceptions – GEEZ! EJ you must have been up to late celebrating the Noles going back to the National Title game. This was just an ugly game for the rookie QB. He’s not someone you really wanted to have in a fantasy lineup, but if you did you were just hoping for him to make a play and not turn the ball over. You got neither out of the young quarterback and probably killed any chances you had this week.

Torrey Smith 1 catch 11 yards – Torrey is slowly becoming one of those guys that can have a huge day for you or kill you! He killed you this week with a mega DuD! I know a lot of people in the daily leagues were all over Torrey Smith this week matched up against a terrible Vikings defense, well that didn’t work out. Torrey it’s the playoffs for us owners and you’re team needs you let’s do a little better next week!

Honorable Mention

Harry Douglas 2 catches 20 yards – It looks like Roddy White is fully healthy now and time to put the fade on Douglas.

Ben Tate 14 carries 53 yards 2 catches 3 yards – What happened to those 3 touchdowns?

CJ Spiller & Fred Jackson – Who cares about the stats they had? They sure didn’t help you!

Kendall Wright 2 catches 14 yards – I’m not even sure what to say here.

Mike Wallace  2 catches 19 yards – He was a major let down for owners this week and is real close to my permanent section.

Permanent DuDs

This section has been up for a couple of weeks now and if you’ve been reading you now know that these players listed here are ruining fantasy season weekly!

Trent Richardson

Ray Rice

Eli Manning (NEW ADDITION)


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