The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 3/7

TGIF! What up everyone? This NBA season is driving me crazy as baseball season approches. Wednesday was by far one of the worst nights as far as NBA as Paul George put up probably one of the worst games for a stud I’ve ever roster-ed. I’m looking to get that sick taste out of my mouth and get my money back for Friday! Let’s take a look at some of the top plays out there for Friday.


Steph Curry is one guy that is very scary to roster as he cost you a ton of salary, but he’s got a ton of upside. The problem is he doesn’t always hit value, but on Friday I like the chances he reaches the value we need. Atlanta is 29th over the last 10 games at defending the PG and giving up 109 points per game over that span.

Carmelo Anthony just continues to impress me fantasy wise at least and made me look smart on Wednesday as he outscored Kevin Love, but of course it didn’t matter with the rest of my line up. However, he’s in play again on Friday as he’s at home where he’s averaging 30 real points per game to go along with 9 rebounds per game. He’s cheaper than some other studs out there and has a pretty high ceiling.

Kevin Love didn’t quite go Paul George on us Wednesday night, but 30 fantasy points wont do it for his high salary. He’s got the chance to redeem himself in a home match up with Detroit. The Pistons are dominant on the glass, but they do struggle to defend the PF position ranked 23rd over the last 10. Love is the type of player that can cause havoc on them.

Al Jefferson has reached the stud level for my articles as he’s flat out killing it right now. He killed the Pacers on Wednesday and now gets a easier match up with the Cavaliers. Jefferson has an increase in production right now as he’s getting a few more shot with Gerald Henderson out of action. Jefferson’s price has went way up, but he’s still worth the look because of the possible ceiling you can get with him.


Anthony Davis bounced back in a big way Wednesday night almost making back into the stud category for me, but I want to see more. He’s got the chance to have another big game against Bucks on Friday at home. He’s averaging 4 blocked shots per game at home this year  to go along with a double double. I expect him to look for some revenge after his terrible game he had against the Bucks last time out.

Ty Lawson is healed and playing better than ever right now posting over 40 fantasy points in both his 2 games back from injury. Lawson now gets the match up with a Lakers team on a back to back that he should  have no problem reaching the 40 fantasy points level against. Lawson posted 46 fantasy points back on January 5th against the Lakers and now faces them at home this time. The Lakers are giving up 112 points per game over the last 10 and this should give Lawson plenty of scoring opportunity on Friday.

Demar Derozan has scored over 44 fantasy points in his last 3 games and if Terrance Ross is out by chance that’s a slight bump for Derozan as he gets a couple more shots. Sacramento is ranked last over the last 10 games in defending the SG position. Derozan gets the match up at home where he’s shooting 45% on the year.

Eric Gordon is coming off his best game of the year from a fantasy points stance. Gordon is averaging a little under 3 more points per game at home than he is on the road which makes him a little bit safer play for me on Friday. Gordon actually had a decent game on the road versus the Bucks on February 12th where he put up 21 real points along with 35 fantasy points.

Tyson Chandler has been over 30 fantasy points in 7 of the last 8 games. Chandler has grabbed over 10 rebounds in 9 of the last 10 games as well and should have no problem doing that against the Jazz as well. Chandler is priced nicely around the industry and gives you some salary cap relief with a nice ceiling.


Chris Douglas-Roberts is basically a punt play, but if he gets the start again for the Bobcats I think he can produce for value. He’s minimum on most sites and was able to pay over 25 minutes. The last two games he’s went for 16 and 27 fantasy points.

Jerryd Bayless didn’t hit value in his last game, but I believe the blowout prevented him from getting his normal 30 minutes lately. If he’s still in the starting line up he’s worth a look against a Nets team that he should be able to score against.

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The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 3/5

We’ve got 10 games on the slate for Wednesday and it’s a very interesting slate of games. I can say I like these type of nights there are no Lebron, Durant, 76ers, or Lakers to choose from. Let’s take a look at the guys I’ll be taking into consideration for Wednesday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

John Wall has 4 straight games over 45 fantasy points and has become a really consistent fantasy option. Wall is averaging 21 points per game while dishing out 9 assists per game this year at home.

Kevin Love at this point is a guy I’m not sure I can fade. He’s played over 38 minutes in 3 straight games and went for over 60 fantasy points in two of the last 3. He’s a lock for a double double and posted 59 fantasy points in his last match up with the Knicks earlier this year.

Demarcus Cousins gets the match up with the awful front court of the Bucks on Wednesday and I sure hope he does better than what Derek Favors did for us on Monday. Cousins should be able to do whatever he wants on the inside versus the Bucks.


Paul George just misses going in the stud section for me, but here he is anyway and he’s a guy I really like on Wednesday. Charlotte is 22nd against SF and George has been better this year on the road than at home. George has averaged 25 points per game this year on the road which is 5 more than what he has at home. George has been pretty consistent as of late as well going over 37 fantasy points in all of the last 7 games.

Jeff Teague makes an appearance in the plays today about two nights to late, but we can only look at what he’s done and hope that carries over for us on Wednesday. He’s got a decent match up with Portland whose ranked 24th over the last 10 games at defending the PG position. Teague has been over 40 fantasy points in 4 straight games including going over 50 in the last game against a good defender in Goran Dragic.

Nicolas Batum is playing really well right now and he makes for a nice play on a site like FanDuel where you must have a true SF player. Atlanta struggles to defend the wing positions and are 25th over the last 10 games at defending opposing SFs. Batum does just a little bit of everything to fill up the stats and has grabbed over 15 rebounds in back to back games.

Kenneth Faried could be sneaky good on Wednesday as he’s playing against Dallas who just happen to be 29th against opposing PF’s over the last 10 games. Faried is a better player at home where he’s posting 4 points and 2 rebounds more per game than on the road. He’s had back to back games over 30 fantasy points and seems locked into around 30 minutes of action and is also pretty well priced around the industry.

Zach Randolph has back to back games with a double double and now looks to carry that on against the weak front court of Brooklyn. The Nets are 24th over the last 10 against PF’s and ZBo is in a zone. He’s a streaky player and is priced fairly decent, so I like him as a cash game play on Wednesday. Randolph has a floor of around 25 fantasy points with a ceiling that could go somewhere around 50 fantasy points.


Kevin Martin is reasonably priced around most sites after his recent injury. He’s not a bottom dollar option by no means, but the type of production he can give you for the price makes him a decent value.

Elton Brand is about 50 years old I think, but he’s posting fantasy numbers over 30 points per game, so whiles he’s cheap he has to be considered. He’s got a very tough match up, so make sure you get him cheap as I can see him biting the fantasy players at some point.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 3/3

What’s up everyone I’d liked to have given you guys some plays over the weekend, but the weather is crazy here as I’m sure it is all over the country. That being said I was able to do my research on Sunday for Monday’s games and here are the top plays for the full slate of action on Monday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Carmelo Anthony is one of my favorite plays for fantasy right now as he’s carrying the sorry Knicks team on his shoulders. He’s going to be up against Detroit on Monday and should be able to put up a ton of shots against them.

Lebron James is playing extremely well right now, but his price tag is also going up with his stellar play as well. Lebron can go off at anytime in a game, but in the last 3 he’s been under 50 fantasy points which is not enough to reach value. He’ll be sprinkled in on a roster somewhere just because of the potential for a big game.

Kevin Love has one game under 50 fantasy point in the last 6 games and has a very favorable match up in Denver on Monday. I think Kevin Martin coming back hurts his scoring a little as Martin seems to take up some of the shooting, but that can be made up in rebounds against Denver for him to reach value.

Demarcus Cousins has the potential to be the best player in action Monday with a match up against the Pelicans. He faced this same team a little over a month ago posting a fantasy point total around 53. That is definitely a possibility for his fantasy total on Monday as well in his home match up.


Derek Favors is not a guy that I usually like to recommend as a decent play, but he’s facing the Bucks on Monday. He’s got a cheap price tag all across the industry right now and actually posted his 3rd highest fantasy point total at 43 earlier this year against the Bucks. The Bucks are pretty bad when it comes to rebounding and I fully expect Favors to take advantage of that. I can also make a case for his team-mate Gordon Hayward who is playing extremely well right now. The past 3 games he’s flirted with a triple double in two games and posted a very solid line against the Pacers. The Bucks are 27th in defending the SG over the last 3 and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him post another big line.

Damian Lillard will be forgotten by a few people because LMA is back, but even with him back I think Lillard can still be solid. The opposing PG’s have been killing the Lakers all year-long. Lillard was able to post 50 fantasy points against the Lakers earlier this season and it would be nice to see him hit that mark again. The Lakers are giving up 108 points per game over the last 10 and you can consider multiple players from the Blazers along with Lillard.

Ricky Rubio is actually in play for me on Monday which is really rare, but the PG match up with Denver is a favorable one lately. Rubio posted 45 fantasy points against them earlier in February and in this high paced game he should be able to dish out the assists again. Denver is giving up 110 points per game over the last 10 games which make Rubio almost a sure bet to reach value.

Jimmy Butler is just about the closest lock to play 40 minutes per game every time the Bulls play that he’s able to add up the stats and make a solid fantasy play. He’s priced extremely well and makes a decent play based on volume alone in most cases. He’s posted over 30 fantasy points in the last two games and should be able to do the same against the Nets. (NOAH WOULD MAKE A DECENT PLAY IF WE GET WORD HIS ANKLE IS FULLY HEALTHY, BUT I’M NERVOUS WITH HIM BANGING IT UP ON SUNDAY)


Tyreke Evans is kind of rare type name to see in the value section, but his price is really low right now. He was recently moved to a starter for the Hornets and with that in mind he’s matched up with a Kings team that struggles at times to defend the wings.

Aaron Brooks was limited to 25 minutes in the last game for the Nuggets, but that was mainly to foul issues. He’s played well over 30 minutes in his other starts since joining the team and with his price as low as it is he has to be considered for a pg slot.



The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/28

February has come and gone quickly as we enter the last night of daily fantasy action for the month. I’d like to finish out the month on a strong note like many of you out there and here is a look at some of the top plays in action for Friday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Steph Curry put up 14 fantasy points on Wednesday and I’m sure he’s going to do everything he can to get that taste out of his mouth. Well the perfect opportunity exists for him on Friday as he goes to Madison Square Garden 1 year 1 day to the date he dropped 54 real points on the Knicks.

Kevin Durant is match up proof and some may choose to fade him because of this match up with Memphis, but keep in mind he went for 55 fantasy points last time out against Memphis.

Carmelo Anthony will want to play a great game with Curry coming to Madison Square Garden. Carmelo is playing 39 minutes per game and has averaged over 50 fantasy points per game over his last 5 home games.


Kyrie Irving as a fantasy option always makes me want to punch myself in the head. He’s one of the best point guards in the league, but you never know when he’s just going to lay a complete dude. He’s playing really well right now with back to back games over 44 fantasy points. He’s matched up with the Jazz on Friday and should be able to have his way with Trey Burke if he chooses. Kyrie has put up a full 3 points per game more this season at home than on the road.

Isaiah Thomas and teammate Rudy Gay are going to make strong plays for Friday’s game with Demarcus Cousins suspended for the game. The daily fantasy world couldn’t ask for a better situation as they will be up against the Lakers who are giving up 106 points per game this year. Thomas is consistently posting games over 30 fantasy points and will have to pick up even more of the scoring load without Cousins in the game. We have to look back 7 games before we see the last Rudy Gay dud that we know he’s going to have every now and then. Gay will just like Thomas have to pick up some of the slack with Cousins out.

Joakim Noah has had 1 game below 40 fantasy points in the last 8 games he’s played in. The Mavericks will struggle to find someone on the inside that can compete with the high energy Noah brings. He’s averaging a double double on the year. He’s got a high price tag, but his floor is pretty high with a possibility for a high ceiling game.

Gerald Green for now 9 straight games has gone over 20 fantasy points at least. He’s a guy that if he gets hot can post a 40 to 50 point fantasy game and has a relatively affordable price tag for his production. He let me down a bit on Wednesday with Dragic out, but I think if Dragic were to miss this game I’d be going right back to him. He’s playing a little over 30 minutes a game and the Pelicans struggle to defend athletic shooting guards.


Kent Bazemore has been a huge benefit of the system in Los Angeles right now and he’s getting a ton of minutes. He’s playing two straight games of 39 minutes since getting into his role as a starter and posted solid fantasy totals for his price in both games.

Alexis Ajinca has played right at 27 minutes a game for the last 3 games for the Pelicans. Ajinca’s match up with the Suns is a favorable one as they are one of the lower ranked front courts in the NBA. He’s posted games of 29 and 37 fantasy points in the last two games out and if they are without Anthony Davis on Friday then he gets an even bigger bump.



The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/26

What’s up everyone started back to work Monday after a short vacation and it kind of affected me being able to get these write ups out for you. I want to take a moment to say I’m always available to help on twitter either through The Sports Script twitter or my own which is @mattbell211. That’s enough talking and it’s time to take a look at some of the guys I’ll be looking at for my line up on Wednesday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Kevin Durant is in action and well he’s Kevin Durant! The price is high, but so is the upside if  you want to spend he’s the top play on Wednesday for sure.

Blake Griffin has let us down a little the last two games, but now he’s back at home against the Rockets. The Rockets are 25th in defending the PF position and will need to get Terrance Jones some help to slow down Blake.

James Harden is playing some really good basketball right now and makes for a great play on Wednesday. The Clippers really struggle to defend the perimeter and Harden could light them up in this game.


Thaddeus Young has taken over as the leader and primary scorer of the 76ers over the last two games. He’s put up over 55 points in the last 2 games and now will be up against the Orlando Magic. Thad was able to post 48 points against Orlando earlier in the year and now in his given situation I can see him going for even more against the Magic.

Mike C0nley’s price is down on most sites and with his match up against the Lakers on Wednesday I consider him one of my favorite plays. The Lakers are the 27th against the point guard and giving up 106 points per game over the last 10 games. Conley will be at home where he’s averaged close to 20 points per game this year.

Tobias Harris is the guy I expect to dominate for the Magic in a game against the 76ers. I looked at Oladipo first, but his numbers on the road compared to home scared me off of him and led me to Tobias. Tobias didn’t live up to expectations Tuesday and that will help those who decide to take the chance Wednesday. Philadelphia is ranked dead last in stopping opposing PF’s and giving up 116 points per game over the last 10. It’s obvious someone from the Magic is going to have a huge game and I like Tobias to do that.

Zach Randolph is also in a nice situation like Mike Conley on Wednesday with the Lakers coming to town. Zbo is averaging a double double on the year and should have no problem posting another one against the Lakers. He’s locked into just over 30 minutes of action and with a few down games from him should come at a price you can afford. He’s got a floor of around 24 fantasy points with a ceiling somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 fantasy points.

Goran Dragic  had a really bad game a couple of games back and that has really kept his price down among his excellent play. He’s playing a ton of minutes and his on a back to back which makes me a little scared of him, but up against rookie Trey Burke he should be able to have his way. Dragic is shooting over 50% on the road and averaging slightly over 20 points per game.


James Anderson has benefited from all the trades the 76ers made by starting and playing around 30 minutes per game. The Magic are 28th against opposing SF’s where Anderson started on Monday night. He’s shooting 50% this year at home where he will be on Wednesday.

Vince Carter seems to have had some kind of flashback in life as he’s posted two games over 25 minutes going for over 36 fantasy points in each game. If he can get matched up with Eric Gordon some on Wednesday he can easily hit this mark again if the shot is falling.

E’twaun Moore is a name to keep your eyes on as Jameer Nelson was sick on Tuesday and it would surprise me if he didn’t play Wednesday. If he doesn’t go fire up Moore as the best value play out there.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/22

What’s up everyone? It’s Saturday and the weekend has begun for the daily fantasy world. I’m not big on the college basketball action out there, so here are my NBA plays for the Saturday slate.


Kevin Love has one game below 50 fantasy points in the last 8 games. He’s the main and only threat of real offense right now for the Wolves!

Steph Curry is just back to posting his average 40 plus fantasy point games, but he’s always worth the consideration as he could go off in any given game.

John Wall is back at home which is where I love to use him at and gets a match up against Brian Roberts. I rank Wall slightly ahead of Curry for todays studs in action.

Carmelo Anthony comes with a huge risk today after playing 50 minutes tonight, but he did post 70 fantasy points. He could be huge again, but the minutes scare me.


Paul George is in play on Saturday and after taking a look at the Pacers stats he’s actually put up better numbers on the road while Lance Stephenson has been better at home. George is coming off a monster game where he posted 58 fantasy points, but the problem with this game is the blowout factor. George is averaging 5 more points per game this year on the road that at home.

Gordon Hayward has been kind of under the radar this season fantasy wise in my opinion. Saturday, he’ll be up against a Timberwolves team ranked pretty low in defending opposing guards. Hayward has 3 games in the last 6 over 40 fantasy points and only one real dud at 17 fantasy points. I expect him to be able to get his shot off from anywhere on the court on Saturday.

Andre Drummond had an excellent game on Friday and now gets another great match up with Dallas. Drummond is an almost lock to post a double double every time he touches the floor at home as he’s averaging 15 points and 13 rebounds per game. In 5 of the last 6 home games for Drummond he has gone over 40 fantasy points. If you don’t feel like paying up for Drummond on most sites check out what Greg Monroe is doing lately and he’s much cheaper on most sites. Monroe has put over 30 fantasy points in 4 of the last 5 games.

David Lee has been a beast with Bogut out he’s doing all the work on the inside for the Warriors. He’s posted 4 straight games of 39 of more fantasy points and should be able to do the same against Brooklyn. Brooklyn comes in ranked 24th to opposing PF’s over the last 10 games and while Lee is hot he’s a player worth riding every time out.


Tim Hardaway Jr is young and I think he’s going to be the guy to benefit from all the minutes played last night. Yes, he played a ton, but I think he’s okay to go again on Saturday and play his full allotment of minutes. He’s been solid with 3 games over 20 fantasy points.

Enes Kanter makes for a nice punt play at the center position on Saturday as the Timberwolves are banged up at the position. Kanter has had two solid games while starting including going for 50 fantasy points on Friday night.



The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/21

The notes I take away from the 3 games on Thursday is I still hate the Bucks and Larry Drew for trolling all daily fantasy players. The second is that Lebron James does in fact bleed red blood like the rest of the humans in the world. That’s all I learned on Thursday, but after looking at this Friday slate of 10 games I’m ready to move on. These are the guys I’ll be looking to roster for my fantasy teams on Friday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Carmelo Anthony up against the Magic! Just look at the numbers he’s been posting and you’ll realize he’s worth paying for in daily fantasy!

Blake Griffin is playing at an elite level right now coming with in 1 points of scoring over 50 fantasy points in 6 straight games. I have to list him, but you do have to proceed with caution as he will be up against Memphis and the last time he was in Memphis was only able to post 31 fantasy points. He’s a nice GPP type play and should have a low percentage owned.

Joakim Noah is going to find his place in my 3rd stud slot, which might turn some heads with some of the other names playing on Friday! He’s matched up with a Denver team that is ranked 29th at defending the center over the last 10 games and Noah has been one of the hottest centers in the game. Noah can fill up all the stat categories and is a safe bet to reach 30 fantasy points with a pretty high ceiling.


Kyle Lowry finds himself in a decent situation with Kyrie Irving coming to town on Friday. We all know Kyrie is not a good defender and Lowry has been putting up good numbers all year. He’s up against a Cleveland team that is giving up 105 points over the last 10 games on the road this season, which could mean a fantasy back court of Lowry and Derozan could pay off nicely on Friday night.

Kemba Walker is one player that I’ve noticed might have been affected by a nice all-star break weekend off from basketball. He’s came back with two really solid games including his best of the season on Wednesday night. He’s not going to be up against Brian Roberts who he should be able to abuse on the offensive end of the floor. Kemba is always a better play at home as his career stats reflect and that is why he will be one of my top point guard plays on Friday.

Goran Dragic is the last point guard I’ll list, but wow he’s worth of a play to! You have to look back to Jan 22nd to find a game where he didn’t post 30 fantasy points and now he’s going up against a banged up Spurs back court that is in the bottom half of defending opposing guards. Dragic is shooting over 50% at home this year and posting 20 ppg and 7 assists on average. I look for him to have a huge game against the Spurs, and just hope you are playing on a site where you can get him at a SG spot.

(The point guard position is loaded for Friday you can also make a case for Rondo and Kendall Marshall for you PG plays. I’d rank the 5 I’ve listed in this order and considering their price Kemba, Marshall, Dragic, Rondo, and Lowry. Good Luck picking the right ones!)

Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis will be up against Philadelphia on Friday and both make an argument for great plays on Friday. I will say I’m a bit concerned about a few things here and that is how the trades for Philadelphia will all shake out there rosters. This game could get ugly and Dallas starters be done early. That being said though they could easily hit value in 3 quarters on Friday night and are priced pretty nicely around the industry.

Robin Lopez is going to benefit a ton from Aldridge being out and the other injuries in the Blazers front court with all the minutes he can handle. He played 34 on Wednesday night and posted over 30 fantasy points against them. Lopez is much more athletic than what Enes Kanter (who will start without Derek Favors) and will abuse him on the boards on Friday.


Philadelphia 76ers guys will have a ton of value with the trades that went down. I’m writing to early to pin point the guys to target exactly, but keep an eye on their beat writers and who is starting for them. They will be cheap enough to carry a ton of value. 

Tim Hardaway Jr should see a ton of action on Friday with Iman Shumpert back on the shelve for a couple of games. Hardaway has been playing great over the last two games posting back to back games over 25 fantasy points and is priced near minimum on a ton of sites.

Patty Mills (if you want to play around with the Spurs and Pop) is in play for Friday night. Parker is still listed as out and it seems that Mills is locked into 25 plus minutes of action at the point guard slot. He’s going to be in a high paced game and has posted 37 and 40 fantasy points in the last 2 games.


The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/19

The first day back of daily fantasy NBA is in the books and we have to stay right on the grind as the NBA brings us an 11 game slate. Let’s get right into it with the guys I will be looking at for my rosters on Wednesday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Steph Curry is in action on Wednesday and has went over 40 fantasy points in 6 of the last 7 games. He’s priced high, but he has one of the highest ceilings of any player.

Carmelo Anthony is always going to appear in my stud section and especially when he play a team like the Pelicans. Carmelo is going to get his shots off and has a pretty low floor.

James Harden makes an appearance here as we all know what he can do and he’s playing the Lakers! #nuffsaid

John Wall has had some down games, but let’s be real he’s reached the stud status for fantasy point guards. He’ll be up against a Hawks team that is ranked 24th over the last 10 in defending the PG, so he’s in play for sure on Wednesday. (I usually stay away from John Wall on the road as his numbers do take a slight hit, so consider yourself warned.)


Kemba Walker just scored 22 points on the road against this same Detroit team he will turn around and play on Wednesday again. This time he gets them at home where he has been a better player in his career. Kemba went for 53 fantasy points in the game he had with Detroit before the last night, so he’s going to be a guy I give a hard look for sure when making rosters.

Lance Stephenson is a hard guy to predict as you never know when he will go for one of those triple-double games. He’s got the match up to do that on Wednesday as the Mavericks have been the worst team at defending the SG over the last 10 games. I don’t look for Stephenson to get the triple double in this one, but he’s going to have a solid game hit value which is what I usually look for in my SG position.

Al Jefferson makes the plays today, but I have to admit I do make myself a bit nervous listing two Bobcats in the article. If you take a look at what he did against Detroit last night as well you will see 57.5 fantasy points and if I can get that against on Wednesday then I’ll be more than happy. Al Jefferson has been a force on the inside for the Bobcats with 3 games over 50 fantasy points in the last 6.

Dwight Howard is heading back to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers in his first game back since leaving during the off-season. He’s about the most inconsistent guy I’ve ever listed, but the Lakers have nothing inside that can stop him if he decides to play. I can’t think of any reason why he wouldn’t want to dominate them in this game. He’s faced the Lakers twice this year already in Houston and in those games posted 47 and 33 fantasy points. He’s also a depressed price tag on most sites which helps me in making the decision to play him.


Brian Roberts has had a price increase on most sites from where he started as a value play, but he’s producing pretty well right now for the Pelicans. He’s posted over 25 fantasy points in 5 straight games for the Pelicans and makes for some nice cap flexibility.

Cory Joseph and Patty Mills are both decent value guys if you feel like playing Spurs point guard roulette with Tony Parker out. They both played over 20 minutes on Tuesday and  could easily hit value for their price tags on most sites.

The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/18

DAILY FANTASY BASKETBALL IS BACK!!!!! Wow, I thought that break would never end! We’ve got a fairly nice slate of games today with 9 games on the slate, so let’s get right to it. These are the guys I’ll be considering for my daily fantasy line ups.


Lebron James had two of his best games of the year in the last two fantasy performances. He posted fantasy point totals of 59 and 71 in those last two games and should continue to play at this high level.

Carmelo Anthony has a tough match up as Memphis has allowed the lowest total points over the last 10 games. Melo was still able to get 47 fantasy points the last time he played them and if he’s at a nice price might be a nice GPP play on Tuesday.

Blake Griffin is playing at an elite level right now, but has a somewhat tough match up with the Spurs on Tuesday. That being said he’s still averaged 32 fantasy points in 2 games against the Spurs, and with the way he’s playing right now he could be worth a play.


Michael Carter-Williams might be over looked by some people simply because I fully expect people to be all over Kyrie Irving. Irving had a good all-star game and won the MVP, but I still don’t trust him to play any defense in any type of game. MCW has averaged 45 fantasy points over 3 contests already this year against Cleveland. He’s the type of point guard I really like to use because he can fill up the stat columns in a couple different categories.

Arron Affalo had some tough games before the all-star break, but I fully expect him to bounce back in the first game out. He’s got a nice match up with a Bucks team that struggles to defend the SG position. Affalo  had his best game of the year in a previous match up with the Bucks where he went for 64 fantasy points.

Goran Dragic ill be playing the Denver Nuggets in the first game back out of the break and they have been giving up a ton of points. Before the all-star break the Nuggets were giving up 110 points per game over the last 10 games. Dragic has scored over 20 points in 7 of the last 8 games before the break while also adding in some steals and assists to rack up the fantasy point total. 

Nikola Vucevic seemed to be back and fully healthy before the break as he was able to play 37 minutes in both the games prior to the break. He’s matched up with a very weak Bucks front court that should allow him to post a double-double in this contest. He’s averaging 32.5 fantasy points in the two previous contests with the Bucks this year.

Wilson Chandler should benefit from Ty Lawson being out again and he’s been pretty consistent without him. He’s priced fairly around the industry and has posted 24 or more fantasy points in the last 5 games. Phoenix is giving up 105 points per game and I fully expect Chandler to get his fair amount of shots.


Dion Waiters is priced pretty well around the industry, but he does come with a slight risk. He’s played over 20 minutes in each of the last 5 games and will be matched up with the 76ers who are 28th against the SG position.

Kyle Singler has played over 30 minutes in 7 straight games and even over 40 at times. He’s priced near minimum on most sites and as long as he’s priced there then you have a good chance to hit value in those type of minutes. He’s put up at least 20 fantasy points in the last 2 games before the all-star break.


Mike Conley will play for the Grizzlies so the value of Nick Calathes is gone.

Ty Lawson is expected to miss the Nuggets game.

Anderson Varejao did not travel with the Cavaliers for their game.