The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 3/3

What’s up everyone I’d liked to have given you guys some plays over the weekend, but the weather is crazy here as I’m sure it is all over the country. That being said I was able to do my research on Sunday for Monday’s games and here are the top plays for the full slate of action on Monday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Carmelo Anthony is one of my favorite plays for fantasy right now as he’s carrying the sorry Knicks team on his shoulders. He’s going to be up against Detroit on Monday and should be able to put up a ton of shots against them.

Lebron James is playing extremely well right now, but his price tag is also going up with his stellar play as well. Lebron can go off at anytime in a game, but in the last 3 he’s been under 50 fantasy points which is not enough to reach value. He’ll be sprinkled in on a roster somewhere just because of the potential for a big game.

Kevin Love has one game under 50 fantasy point in the last 6 games and has a very favorable match up in Denver on Monday. I think Kevin Martin coming back hurts his scoring a little as Martin seems to take up some of the shooting, but that can be made up in rebounds against Denver for him to reach value.

Demarcus Cousins has the potential to be the best player in action Monday with a match up against the Pelicans. He faced this same team a little over a month ago posting a fantasy point total around 53. That is definitely a possibility for his fantasy total on Monday as well in his home match up.


Derek Favors is not a guy that I usually like to recommend as a decent play, but he’s facing the Bucks on Monday. He’s got a cheap price tag all across the industry right now and actually posted his 3rd highest fantasy point total at 43 earlier this year against the Bucks. The Bucks are pretty bad when it comes to rebounding and I fully expect Favors to take advantage of that. I can also make a case for his team-mate Gordon Hayward who is playing extremely well right now. The past 3 games he’s flirted with a triple double in two games and posted a very solid line against the Pacers. The Bucks are 27th in defending the SG over the last 3 and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him post another big line.

Damian Lillard will be forgotten by a few people because LMA is back, but even with him back I think Lillard can still be solid. The opposing PG’s have been killing the Lakers all year-long. Lillard was able to post 50 fantasy points against the Lakers earlier this season and it would be nice to see him hit that mark again. The Lakers are giving up 108 points per game over the last 10 and you can consider multiple players from the Blazers along with Lillard.

Ricky Rubio is actually in play for me on Monday which is really rare, but the PG match up with Denver is a favorable one lately. Rubio posted 45 fantasy points against them earlier in February and in this high paced game he should be able to dish out the assists again. Denver is giving up 110 points per game over the last 10 games which make Rubio almost a sure bet to reach value.

Jimmy Butler is just about the closest lock to play 40 minutes per game every time the Bulls play that he’s able to add up the stats and make a solid fantasy play. He’s priced extremely well and makes a decent play based on volume alone in most cases. He’s posted over 30 fantasy points in the last two games and should be able to do the same against the Nets. (NOAH WOULD MAKE A DECENT PLAY IF WE GET WORD HIS ANKLE IS FULLY HEALTHY, BUT I’M NERVOUS WITH HIM BANGING IT UP ON SUNDAY)


Tyreke Evans is kind of rare type name to see in the value section, but his price is really low right now. He was recently moved to a starter for the Hornets and with that in mind he’s matched up with a Kings team that struggles at times to defend the wings.

Aaron Brooks was limited to 25 minutes in the last game for the Nuggets, but that was mainly to foul issues. He’s played well over 30 minutes in his other starts since joining the team and with his price as low as it is he has to be considered for a pg slot.



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