The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 2/19

The first day back of daily fantasy NBA is in the books and we have to stay right on the grind as the NBA brings us an 11 game slate. Let’s get right into it with the guys I will be looking at for my rosters on Wednesday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

Steph Curry is in action on Wednesday and has went over 40 fantasy points in 6 of the last 7 games. He’s priced high, but he has one of the highest ceilings of any player.

Carmelo Anthony is always going to appear in my stud section and especially when he play a team like the Pelicans. Carmelo is going to get his shots off and has a pretty low floor.

James Harden makes an appearance here as we all know what he can do and he’s playing the Lakers! #nuffsaid

John Wall has had some down games, but let’s be real he’s reached the stud status for fantasy point guards. He’ll be up against a Hawks team that is ranked 24th over the last 10 in defending the PG, so he’s in play for sure on Wednesday. (I usually stay away from John Wall on the road as his numbers do take a slight hit, so consider yourself warned.)


Kemba Walker just scored 22 points on the road against this same Detroit team he will turn around and play on Wednesday again. This time he gets them at home where he has been a better player in his career. Kemba went for 53 fantasy points in the game he had with Detroit before the last night, so he’s going to be a guy I give a hard look for sure when making rosters.

Lance Stephenson is a hard guy to predict as you never know when he will go for one of those triple-double games. He’s got the match up to do that on Wednesday as the Mavericks have been the worst team at defending the SG over the last 10 games. I don’t look for Stephenson to get the triple double in this one, but he’s going to have a solid game hit value which is what I usually look for in my SG position.

Al Jefferson makes the plays today, but I have to admit I do make myself a bit nervous listing two Bobcats in the article. If you take a look at what he did against Detroit last night as well you will see 57.5 fantasy points and if I can get that against on Wednesday then I’ll be more than happy. Al Jefferson has been a force on the inside for the Bobcats with 3 games over 50 fantasy points in the last 6.

Dwight Howard is heading back to Los Angeles to take on the Lakers in his first game back since leaving during the off-season. He’s about the most inconsistent guy I’ve ever listed, but the Lakers have nothing inside that can stop him if he decides to play. I can’t think of any reason why he wouldn’t want to dominate them in this game. He’s faced the Lakers twice this year already in Houston and in those games posted 47 and 33 fantasy points. He’s also a depressed price tag on most sites which helps me in making the decision to play him.


Brian Roberts has had a price increase on most sites from where he started as a value play, but he’s producing pretty well right now for the Pelicans. He’s posted over 25 fantasy points in 5 straight games for the Pelicans and makes for some nice cap flexibility.

Cory Joseph and Patty Mills are both decent value guys if you feel like playing Spurs point guard roulette with Tony Parker out. They both played over 20 minutes on Tuesday and  could easily hit value for their price tags on most sites.

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