5 Burning Questions: Quarterback

The fantasy football Season is upon us and our team here at The Sports Script wants to make sure you are completely prepared for your draft! Our football staff will be periodically releasing questions and answers to burning questions that the readers have at each position. Our uber-talented team of writers  has you covered! Today we start with quarterback. Buckle up!

5 questions surrounding the QB position:

1. Will anyone dethrone Peyton Manning as the #1 fantasy option at the position in 2014?

Gallimore: Peyton had the season to end all seasons last year. You cannot expect that to happen again so I think he falls from the top spot but should be firmly entrenched in the top 3.

Moore: Yes and his name is Drew Brees. The Saints lack of a pure run game, posses a good trio of receivers and employ the best tight end on the planet. Oh, and their offensive line is improved, too. New Orleans’ offense relies on Brees throwing the ball a lot and those back-to-back 5,000 yard seasons will continue to be a trend.

Hines: Peyton Manning put together the most impressive season I have ever seen a QB have last year. Replacing Eric Decker with Emmanuel Sanders shouldn’t affect him much. That being said, we have to think some regression is coming, but is it enough to fall below Rodgers and Brees? I don’t see it happening, especially with their schedule.

Valero: Manning’s ’13 was absurd but I think the biggest thing that will hold him back from repeating will be Denver’s schedule. With matchups against the NFC West, Jets, Patriots and Bengals, it’s not going to be a cake walk.

2. Cam Newton has finished amongst the top QBs each season since he has been in the league. With the lack of weapons around him does he finish in the top 5 this year?

Gallimore: Newton has had a lack of weapons his whole career and it hasn’t slowed him down because of his running ability and goal line work. He may have lost Steve Smith but you could argue that overall his weapons could be better than last year. With that said I think some other QB surpass him this year. Top 10 finish but not top 5.

Moore: No, but he will be a top 10 option. He lost 4/5 of his offensive line, and his receivers are made up of a bunch of average veterans and an over-hyped rookie. His only good target is Greg Olsen but that won’t be enough. Cam will be up to his running tricks, but it won’t be enough to get him into the top QB 5.

Hines: Greg Olsen, Jason Avant, Jericho Cotchery, Kelvin Benjamin, and Tiquan Underwood make up the current receiving core for Cam Newton. We know Olsen can play, but can Benjamin make an impact right out of Florida State? Can he still be the duel threat just four months after ankle surgery? You won’t see me drafting Cam based on his ADP this season.

Valero: I think Newton will finish among the top five again. Newton has all the tools in the world and will use them to make plays. I think he could record double-digit rushing scores to go along with nearly 20 passing TD. I am all-in on Newton proving the doubters wrong.

3. Who is your biggest sleeper at the position?

Our staff seems to agree; Smokin' Jay Cutler is flying under the radar
Our staff seems to agree; Smokin’ Jay Cutler is flying under the radar early on in drafts

Gallimore: I am not sure if he qualifies as a sleeper but I expect a huge year from Jay Cutler. He has an improved line, possibly the best 1-2 WR punch in the league, and another year with Trestman. I put Cutler in the top 5 QB’s this year at a bargain price.

Moore: Tony Romo. Everyone knows from reading my QB rankings that I’m big on him coming into the season. He’s got a pass-friendly OC, a boat load of weapons and a solid offensive line. Despite his health concerns he has only missed 1 game in the past 3 seasons. He gets no love, but will wind up finishing in the top 5 at his position.

Hines: He is a household name but is not someone that many people are looking to draft in fantasy this year. Tom Brady had an off year in 2013 after losing Gronkowski, Vereen and Amendola. Tom Terrific comes back in 2014 with a healthy core of wideouts and a chip on his shoulder. Brady has the highest ceiling of any of QB being outside the top 70.

Valero: Josh McCown. Cheap plug, I professed my love for McCown in this article. He is going to have a ton of weapons down in Tampa and should take full advantage. Jackson, Evans, Dougie and Brandon Myers are going to make McCown a top 10 option this season.

4. Who will be the biggest bust?

Gallimore: Nick Foles will be the biggest bust as his interception rate falls back to earth and the league has a full year of film on Philly’s offense. In leagues that punish for INT, don’t expect a repeat of last year. Right now he is the 6th QB off the board and I expect him to finish 15th for the year.

Moore: Nick Foles, and not because he won’t be a good QB this season, but because he is being selected too early. He can’t maintain the TD to INT ratio he posted a season ago (27:2). He loses DeSean Jackson and the league has another season to adjust. He’s in my top 10, but barely.

Hines: Back to my point on Cam Newton above; I think that he will be the biggest bust this season. He doesn’t have enough WR talent and I’m concerned about his running ability coming off injury. Cam is being drafted number 4 at the position behind only Manning, Brees, and Rodgers. Stay away, friends.

Valero: RGIII. There is a lot of hype surrounding him this season and I honestly just don’t trust the guy. He needs to control his reckless style of play. There are safer options deeper in the draft that I would love to have over Griffin.

5. What is your strategy when drafting a QB?

Gallimore: I am holding back and targeting Cutler as he is currently being taken in most drafts as the 14th QB. I expect a top 5 finish for him so getting him a round earlier than his ADP (96th pick) is still great value if he delivers as I expect. 

Moore: QB is deep this year and there are a lot of under-the-radar options. I’m not looking to draft my QB until the 5th round or later.

Hines: When drafting a QB, I almost always wait until the later rounds to grab my guy. QB is deep this year, and while Cutler and Dalton don’t have as high of ceilings as the elite tier, I fill my other positions with raw talent and worry about QB later. I also never draft a backup QB because my bench is filled with RB and WR sleeper options. Bye week QB should be a waiver add. It is just one week, and I don’t want to have to choose between two QB every week. Draft one and have faith.

Valero: WAIT WAIT WAIT AND WAIT LONGER. I treat the QB position in football as I do starting pitching in baseball. The position is so deep this year you will be able to play matchups. Don’t panic when the middle-round QB run is underway. Be patient.

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Like it, Love it, Gotta Have it: Fantasy Football QB Edition

Ice cream lovers and fantasy footballers unite! Last year I debuted  my “Like it, Love it, Gotta Have it” piece. I took the tag line from my favorite ice cream joint, Cold Stone Creamery and melted it (see what I did there?) together with America’s favorite imaginary pastime.

Of course we all know when ordering at Cold Stone you have three sizes to choose from: “Like it”, “Love it” or “Gotta Have It.” I will pair each size with a fantasy QB I like and one of my favorite creamy creations.

Like it (Chocolate Ice Cream, Hershey Syrup & Brownies)

Johnny Football! Okay, this has nothing to do with my man crush on Johnny Manziel. Well, maybe it does. I really like the young QB and I think he will prove a lot of people wrong when he is given the opportunity to sling the rock.

In college Manziel was quite impressive. The newest member of the Cleveland Browns threw for 7,820 yards, 63 passing scores and 22 picks. He also dazzled running the ball, scoring 30 times while racking up 2,169 yards. He single-handedly carried the Aggies in his time as the team’s leader. He completed an average of 69% of his passes, averaged 9 YPA through the air and 6 YPA on the ground. He just makes plays folks. The injury concern of course is there, I understand that, but the reward factor given his current ADP is huge! The upside is tantalizing.

There is also the playing time risk. No one yet knows how the competition between Manziel and incumbent QB Jed Hoyer will shake out. Hoyer has 5 career starts under his belt with 6 TD and 5 INT. He is also returning from the always-gruesome ACL tear, so nothing with him is a sure bet either.

The upside that Johnny brings to the table should make him worthy of a draft selection, even though his role is still up in the air. If you draft your QB late like I do, pairing Manziel with a veteran guy (say Josh McCown: see below) may not be a bad idea. If Manziel isn’t the guy in Cleveland after a couple of weeks you can just cut him and move on.

Bold prediction: Manziel will either be Michael Vick circa 2010 or the 2011 version of Tim Tebow; don’t miss the chance to cash in on a potential top 10 QB in the later rounds of the draft! (Editor’s note: Wow, that is bold)

Love it (Mint Ice Cream, Chocolate Chips & Whipped Topping)

Andrew Luck is one of the NFL’s best QBs and is entering only his 3rd season as a pro. A season ago, we saw some good and some rough games from the youngster from a fantasy perspective. Heading into 2014 I am high on Luck. If there were a season I would consider selecting a QB in the earlier rounds, this would be the year and Luck would be the guy. He sits as my #2 ranked fantasy QB and a player I would love to own.

With the off-season addition of Hakeem Nicks, Luck will have a plethora of viable targets come September. Nicks is set to join an already explosive group of weapons in Indy. The Colts already employ T.Y. Hilton, Reggie Wayne, Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen and Trent Richardson (yes, Richardson is a weapon).

There are a few other factors that contribute to my love for Luck this year.

Luck has some favorable matchups this season (Jaguars twice and Texans twice, Broncos, Eagles & Redskins to name a few), so he should have ample opportunity to torch some poor defenses. Luck makes plays on his feet as well. He had 377 yards on the ground last season while finding pay dirt four times. He showed a lot more maturity from year 1 to 2 in protecting the football as he cut his interception total in half while mitigating the fumbles.

Indy’s golden boy has all the tools to finish as the #1 fantasy QB this year and I would not be surprised to see this happen. If the price is right, I love me some Luck.

Gotta Have it (Cheesecake Ice Cream, Cheesecake Pieces & Strawberries)

I know this is crazy but Josh McCown is my “Gotta Have it” of the upcoming season at the QB position. Heck, no one will ever view McCown as the flashiest QB of the bunch but he showed flashes of brilliance for Chicago last season. His success is somewhat surprising though as he appeared in only six games from 2008 to 2011.

Well, last season we saw a Josh McCown I don’t think we have ever seen before; much of which had to do with the talented players that surrounded him. tHe was throwing to Marshall, Jefferey, Forte and Bennett. The veteran gun-slinger now calls Tampa Bay home and like the Bears, they too are loaded with upside across the board. With the likes of Vincent Jackson, fresh rookie Mike Evans, Dougie Martin (yeah, I call him Dougie) and Brandon Myers, McCown could provide a lot of sneaky value this year.

In 2013, McCown threw for 1,829 yards, 13 TD and only 1 INT in 8 games. He passed for over 300 yards three times and had double-digit TD in 4 out of his 6 games. I really liked what I saw out of him; he was very consistent and very smart with the football, as is evident by the lone pick.

Heading into 2014, he is the 25th QB coming off the board, which is an absolute steal to me. I take the same approach with QBs as I do with starting pitchers in baseball: wait, wait and wait longer (unless Andrew Luck is available, of course). In doing so you could pair McCown with another lofty late-round QB and play the matchups with them in the season’s early going. With the weapons that surround him and the value that can be had, I Gotta Have McCown on my fantasy squad this season.

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The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 14

The fantasy playoffs started this week for most of us and it’s going to be a tough week for some owners. If you drafted Gronk and held onto him thinking he could help you in the playoffs… OUCH! That being said lets take a look at some players that didn’t get hurt, but sure hurt our fantasy chances as owners.

Washington Redskins 45-10 loss to Chiefs – If you own a player from this team, I’m sorry! They are a complete mess right now and have packed it in for the seasons. If you’re banking on them for fantasy productions I’d be very nervous going forward if there is any hope left for you.

Matthew Stafford & Calvin Johnson – The snow storm in Philadelphia absolutely killed owners of almost all Lions players! Reggie Bush was hurt before the game started and didn’t even play. The Stafford to Megatron connection was completely snowed in this week as they did little to nothing for fantasy owners. The only thing worse than owning these two guys in fantasy is probably being a Lions fan with the way they find ways to lose games.

EJ Manuel  18/33 184 yards 4 interceptions – GEEZ! EJ you must have been up to late celebrating the Noles going back to the National Title game. This was just an ugly game for the rookie QB. He’s not someone you really wanted to have in a fantasy lineup, but if you did you were just hoping for him to make a play and not turn the ball over. You got neither out of the young quarterback and probably killed any chances you had this week.

Torrey Smith 1 catch 11 yards – Torrey is slowly becoming one of those guys that can have a huge day for you or kill you! He killed you this week with a mega DuD! I know a lot of people in the daily leagues were all over Torrey Smith this week matched up against a terrible Vikings defense, well that didn’t work out. Torrey it’s the playoffs for us owners and you’re team needs you let’s do a little better next week!

Honorable Mention

Harry Douglas 2 catches 20 yards – It looks like Roddy White is fully healthy now and time to put the fade on Douglas.

Ben Tate 14 carries 53 yards 2 catches 3 yards – What happened to those 3 touchdowns?

CJ Spiller & Fred Jackson – Who cares about the stats they had? They sure didn’t help you!

Kendall Wright 2 catches 14 yards – I’m not even sure what to say here.

Mike Wallace  2 catches 19 yards – He was a major let down for owners this week and is real close to my permanent section.

Permanent DuDs

This section has been up for a couple of weeks now and if you’ve been reading you now know that these players listed here are ruining fantasy season weekly!

Trent Richardson

Ray Rice

Eli Manning (NEW ADDITION)


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The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 13

What’s up everyone? We’ve wrapped up another fantasy football weekend with only a Monday Night Football game left to catch our opponents. The playoffs start the next week for most fantasy leagues and some  of us had to win this week to get in to those. That being said let’s take a look at the guys that had the DuDs costing owners a trip to the fantasy playoffs.

I’ll have to admit before I start this was one of my toughest weeks finding guys that just killed you. I mean there are studs out there that didn’t go off, but not those that just laid a flat-out DuD!

Riley Cooper 3 catches 48 yards – Cooper burst onto the scene as a reliable fantasy option when Foles took over as the starting quarterback. The waiver claims went fast for Cooper and this week he may have cost fantasy owners a shot at the championship. If this was week 1 in the NFL season you wouldn’t care that Cooper did this, because he’s still just an average NFL wide receiver. That being said what a let down for him to build us up false hopes of consistency then let us down with this pitiful performance.

Jordan Cameron 4 catches 43 yards – Cameron is no longer a reliable fantasy options as he’s done nothing the last few games to show worth of paying for in daily fantasy. He’s even to the point to where the yearly owners that may have made a playoff run thanks to his excellent play to start the year, might want to consider benching him. What’s going on Cameron some of us have no other choice that to start you and if it’s not to late can you pick it back up?

Danny Woodhead 7 carries 22 yards 2 catches 13 yards – This week was really tough to pick out some major DuDs, as most people had decent games. Woodhead is a guy that has become a reliable fantasy option for teams all year, but on this Sunday he failed up. When you choose a running back like him to play you’re expecting more than 2 catches as you rely heavily on the PPR format to get you points. Woodhead failed many people on Sunday and is probably the reason some fantasy teams are headed to the consolation bracket next week.

Honorable Mention

Eddie Lacy 10 rushes 16 yards 2 catches 23 yards – They have no QB and Detroit has a tough  run D!

Wes Welker 3 catches 38 yards – This kills fantasy owners, but dang someone has to have a bad day when that offense goes off like this.

Permanent DuDs

This is a new section where I will put people who seem to be showing up weekly. They will simply earn their way out by having a good game. The guys you see featured here will not have a discussion, because if I put them here at this point I don’t even want to talk about that guy.

Trent Richardson

Ray Rice

By: @Mattbell211


The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 12

What up Sports Script fans? I’m back after another week of fantasy action with some guys that you would probably like to call our for their fantasy football performances this week. Let’s get right to it with the DuDs this week that cost you the money!

Kansas City D 41 points allowed – I don’t even know how to discuss this one, but they are the most expensive defense in daily and some people traded for them in year. (I don’t recommend ever trading for a defense) The fact that they allowed the Chargers to score 41 points is embarrassing to me and probably should be to the Chiefs fans. GEEZ!!!

Ben Tate 7 rushes 1 yard 5 catches 26 yards – When Foster went out for the year I myself as a yearly owner of Tate in multiple leagues couldn’t have been happier. That has done a complete 180 and at this point, I’m not sure he’s worth owning. Tate is a complete fantasy disaster and after today I can see why he’s a back up in the NFL. Tate if you want the starting job for your own team you better get your act together on the football field.

André Johnson 2 catches 36 yards – This makes me want to cry I touted the Texans offense all week in what I figured would be a big game against a bad Jaguars game. Instead they went out a completely laid a DuD that was as pathetic as any team I’ve ever seen. How does André Johnson one of the best wide receivers in the game only manage 2 catches against the worst team. This is just pathetic of an effort and it’s time for the Texans as a team to start calling for some people’s jobs.

Andrew Luck 20/39 for 163 1 TD 1 INT – I’m not sure he’s a DuD, but he’s a high price in daily leagues and this simply wont get it done. The running game is non-existent in the Colts offense and Andrew Luck is going to have to step it up and proof he’s an élite QB. The Colts are only going as far as he can take them and this is not getting it done for them or fantasy owners.

Victor Cruz 2 catches 27 yards – This is sad in my opinion. The Giants have forgotten he’s an élite wide receiver or he’s forgotten how to get open one. Cruz is the type of guy you expect to break double teams and get down the field. It’s simply not happening and he’s killing owners on a weekly basis lately. Hey Cruz how bout finding that end zone again, so we can all do that salsa dance.


Bobby Rainey 18 rushes 35 yards – Rainey the one week wonder???

Alshon Jeffrey 4 catches 52 yards – He is a #2 wide receiver.

Permanent DuDs

This is a new section where I will put people who seem to be showing up weekly. They will simply earn their way out by having a good game. The guys you see featured here will not have a discussion, because if I put them here at this point I don’t even want to talk about that guy.

Trent Richardson

CJ Spiller

Lamar Miller

Ray Rice ( I’m not wasting my time putting him elsewhere the game last week was a fluke I feel)

Brought to you by @mattbell211

Week 12 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

Ben Roethlisberger, Bobby Rainey and Calvin Johnson were out top Fantasy Performers for week 11. Carson Palmer finally looked like the Palmer we were expecting in 2013 and Shane Vereen was back and better than ever. 2013 Fantasy Playoffs are coming up and this week is a key to making the next step towards being crowd champ.

Week 12 Fantasy Football Must Start (Bye: Bills, Bengals, Eagles & Seahawks)

Phillip Rives vs. Kansas City Chiefs

I am going out on a limb here and throwing Rivers in my Must Start for the week with the tough matchup. Rivers hasn’t reached the top 10 in Fantasy since week 4 but he has thrown at least one touchdown in each game this year. With guys like Dalton, Wilson and Foles on the sidelines for the week, Rivers is a solid option for the week.

Matt Stafford vs. Tampa Bay Bucs

Stafford is coming off back to back games with multiple TD passes as well as the Bucs have given up multiple TD passes to Fantasy QBs in 6 straight games. This is going to be a tough matchup for Stafford but I expect him to produce top Fantasy numbers as he has been in the past few weeks.

André Brown vs. Dallas Cowboys

Brown has been the man in the Giants backfield these past two weeks and even though he didn’t find the endzone this week he still got Fantasy Owners 9 points (not great but better than some). The Cowboys are giving up 22 PPG to opposing Fantasy RBs including a TD in 3 straight games. Brown will find plenty of running room this weekend.

Stevan Ridley – Shane Vereen vs. Denver Broncos

Ridley coming off another TD but also another fumble which had him benched for 18 straight plays on Monday. Good news is he found his way back in the game and had some success while in there but downside is that Vereen is back and may take some more carries/plays away from him. Vereen was “eased” back on Monday night while leading the Patriots in targets and caught 8 passes for 65 yards. Both should see time on Sunday and the Patriots have to set up the run against the Broncos in order to compete against that high power offense.

Wes Welker vs. New England Patriots (If he plays)

Even with the concussion this matchup is juicy just based off the history between Welker/Patriots. If he is on the field on Sunday, he belongs in the lineup. Manning will get him in the endzone just because.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have given up 631 yards and 5 TDs to opposing WRs over the last 3 games. Fitzgerald has found the endzone twice in his last 3 games. He is due for a big game and you can expect it to happen this week.

Cody Fleener vs. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is so so bad at covering tight ends this year (10 TDs in 10 games). Fleener coming off the biggest game of his career catching 9 passes for 118 yards, look for him to continue to stay hot with this great matchup.

New Orléans D vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Saints D has only given up 20 or more points up twice this year (both losses) and the Falcons have only done it once over the last 4 games. The Saints D has been pretty darn good and should have continued success Thursday night.

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Week 12 Fantasy Football Must Sit

Andrew Luck vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have been playing some really good football over the past few weeks and sit at 6-4 with a chance at the playoffs. The Colts are coming in fresh off a victory over the Titans but this Arizona D is a lot better than the Titans. The Cardinals will force Luck into some throws he shouldn’t make and I only like Luck if you don’t have other options.

Lamar Miller vs. Carolina Panthers

What has happened down in Miami? Did Lamar Miller do something we don’t know about? Because they are just not giving this guy the ball. Someone needs to get Philbin off the Daniel Thomas party now and realize what he is missing by not letting Miller carry the load. Even if he was I wouldn’t like this mathcup as the Panthers run D has only given up 100 yards to RB twice all season.

Chris Ivory vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens may be struggling but their run defense has been practically perfect. They don’t give up a ton of yards and only 1 TD all season, so Ivory’s value is very small this week.

Mike Wallace vs. Carolina Panthers

So anyone want to tell me why we paid this man the money he got paid? He is averaging 54 YPG hasn’t reached the endzone since week 2. He is darn near droppable in 10 team leagues and it’s really close in 12 team as well.

Denarious Moore vs. Tennessee Titans

Can you tell me who the #1 team against opposing Fantasy WR is this year? Yep you guessed it’s the Tennessee Titans. Shocked me to be honest, they have a solid secondary and will shut Moore out of this game.

Martellus Bennett vs. Chicago Bears

Bennett hasn’t been on the same page as McCown as he was with Cutler. He was limited to 2 catches for 48 yards in week 12 and has an even tougher task in week 13 against the Rams. Guys like Delanie Walker, Rob Housler and even Garrett Graham are better options this week.

St. Louis Rams D vs. Chicago Bears

McCown is playing really good and even with the Rams coming off the game they played against the Colts, I wouldn’t trust them against this Bears offense.

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Week 11 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

Week 10 is in the books and we are in the fast track to the Fantasy Playoffs which is kind of sad considering that means the NFL/Fantasy season is almost over. Week 10 was good to me for the most part but the Bernard/Bell combo surprised me taking advantage of a tough matchup. Week 11 will be great but before we jump into that let’s see how I did in week 10.

Starts that made me look good

Russell Wilson – 307 total yards and 2 TDs
Robert Griffin III – 325 total yards and 3 TDs
Maurice Jones-Drew – 74 total yards and a TD
TY Hilton – 7 catches 130 yards
Antonio Gates – 4 catches 62 yards
Arizona Cardinals D – 21 points/3 sacks/1 TO/1 TD

Starts that made me look bad

Fred Jackson – 62 total yards
Keenan Allen – 4 catches 41 yards

Sits that made me look good

Matt Ryan – 172 yards and 1 TD
Jason Witten – 2 catches for 27 yards
Larry Fitzgerald – 3 catches 23 yards
Anquan Boldin – 3 catches 23 yards

Sits that made me look bad

Gio Bernard – 95 total yards and a TD
Le’Veon Bell – 96 total yards and a TD
Green Bay Packers D – 27 points given up

Week 10 Fantasy Football Must Start (Bye weeks: Cowboys and Rams)

Case Keenum vs. Oakland Raiders

Keenum has been so impressive over the last few weeks (7 TDs/0 INTS over 3 weeks) and has been in each game this year. He is defintley fighting for at least a look at the starting QB job for 2014 but we are talking about now. Keenum has one of the better matchups against the Raiders this week who have given up an average of 265 yards and 2 TDs to opposing QBs this year. The Raiders just aren’t very good on defense and Keenum will show just that on Sunday.

Russell Wilson vs. Minnesota Vikings

Wilson has been on fire as of late throwing 10 total TD over the past 4 weeks and right now he sits in the top 5 of all Fantasy QBs this year (Yeah didn’t see that one coming). He has been so good and now he is getting his shiny new toy Percy Harvin in the mix, he is going to be great throughout the Fantasy playoffs. This week he faces the Vikings who are just terrible against the pass and I expect him to finish in the top 5 this week.

Danny Woodhead vs. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have given up 20 or more points in 3 straight games which include 5 rushing TDs. Woodhead leads all RBs with 53 catches this season and has been used on 3rd down situations for the Chargers. If you own him in PPR he is a must start every week and this week I would start him in any league.

Alshon Jeffery vs. Baltimore Ravens

Jeffery is becoming a solid WR2 since week 4 and he provided a 9 catch 114 yard performance against the Lions last week. The Ravens are going to shift a lot of their focus on Brandon Marshall and that will bode well for Jeffery this week. He needs to start this week and for the rest of the season.

Pierre Garcon vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Garcon is 6th in the league in receiving yards with 803 and has posted back to back 100+ yard performances. Garcon is the #1 target in Washington and faces an Eagles D that has a secondary that is easily exposed.

Antonio Gates vs. Miami Dolphins

The tight end position has been pretty bad this year and Gates has surprised me in his ability to be Fantasy relevant again. This is pure gut here with the Dolphins having shut down their last 5 opponents TEs. I would go with Gates regardless this week.

Kansas City Chiefs Defense vs. Denver Broncos

The Chiefs D has carried Fantasy teams across the board and don’t think they should stay away because Peyton Manning is coming to town. I would start them this week especially with Peyton’s ankles not 100% and the Chiefs can get to the QB. They will force Manning to make mistakes and I am a firm believer in starting them this week.

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Week 10 Fantasy Football Must Sit

Andrew Luck vs. Tennessee Titans

I feel like this matchup will go one of two ways for Luck, he will bounce back and destroy the Titans after a miserable performance against the Rams or he will go out and face a tough Tennessee Titans Pass D and have a mediocre performance. I am going for part #2, the Titans have given up 1 passing TD in the last 5 weeks and that’s impressive considering they have faced Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson in that time frame. Luck will struggle and you should only start if you have no better options.

Tom Brady vs. Carolina Panthers

So last time I had him on this list he went out and torched the Steelers for 432 yards and 4 TDs. So factor in that and he is coming off a bye and the Patriots are so good after bye weeks but this time he faces a Carolina Panthers team that has been very good over the past 5 weeks. They are on a 5 game win streak and opposing QBs are having a hard time against them averaging only 7 Fantasy Points per game. Brady could prove me wrong and I wouldn’t be surprised if guys like Keenam, Glennon and even Tannehill have a better week.

Fred Jackson/CJ Spiller vs. New York Jets

It doesn’t get much better than the New York Jets run defense, they have yet to allow over 100 yards to anyone this season and have held opposing Fantasy RBs to single digit point totals in 3 out of the last 4 games. Jackson has been good this year but hasn’t found the endzone in the last 2 weeks and Spiller still isn’t 100% and hasn’t been great this year. Neither guy is worth a look this week.

Maurice Jones-Drew vs. Arizona Cardinals

Jones-Drew has posted solid numbers in 3 out of his last 4 outings but is facing a Cardinal run D that has given up 77 yards rushing in the last two games. This is going to be a low scoring slugfest and MJD should be planted on the bench.

Cecil Shorts vs. Arizona Cardinals

Shorts is only catching 53% of his targets this season and unless you are using him in PPR formats has been pretty bad in standard leagues. He should draw Patrick Peterson this weekend and that is not good news for Shorts owners. Bench Shorts and even drop him in shallow leagues.

Steve Smith vs. New England Patriots

Steve Smith will see Aqib Talib on Monday Night and that isn’t good news for him. Smith hasn’t found the endzone since week 7 and has yet to reach 100 yards receiving this year. Not a good week to have him in the lineup.

Garrett Graham vs. Oakland Raiders

Graham has been a huge disappointment since the injury to Owen Daniels. The Raiders have been pretty good against TEs this year and Graham is just not rosterable anymore. Find other options.

New York Giants D vs. Green Bay Packers

This is enticing matchup for the Giants this week as they have scored a defensive TD in 4 straight games. But Scott Tolzien is coming to town!!!!!! Okay that was kind of a joke. Green Bay didn’t look that bad last week with Tolzien at the helm and a full week of practice I can see them scoring some points and not making the turnovers needed to start the Giants. Don’t fall for the trap and leave them on the bench.

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Week 6 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

I had my best week yet with my Start/Sit recommendations. This week there is some pretty tough matchups as well as some big stars on a bye week. With the likes of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Mike Wallace on a bye, starting the right waiver pick up of back up is key this week. But before I dig into week 6, I take a look back at week 5.

Starts & Sits that made me look good

Phillip Rivers – Although he threw 3 INTs, he still passed for 411 yards and 2 TDS
Eddie Lacy – He didn’t reach the end zone but still managed 99 yards on the ground.
Maurice Jones-Drew – He didn’t exactly light it on fire on Sunday but rushed for 86 total yards.
Desean Jackson – He shredded the Giants D like expected and stat line looked like this 7/132/1
Julius Thomas – Cowboys can’t stop TEs, period. Thomas had 9 catches for 122 yards and 2 TDs
Carolina Panthers D – They were good not great but very serviceable if you streamed them.

Daryl Richardson – RBBC is in full effect in St. Louis, he had 43 yards on Sunday.
Anquan Boldin – 2 catches for 21 yards even though 49ers scored 34 points.
Nate Washington – He had a rough outing against the Chiefs catching 3 passes for 30 yards
Denver Broncos D – They got hit for 48 points and 506 yards through the air to Tony Romo.

Starts & Sits that made me look bad

Marques Colston – 2 catches for 15 yards, 2 CATCHES FOR 15 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Luck – I thought he would be a bad start against the Seahawks and boy was I wrong. He threw for 229 yards and a pair of touchdown passes.
Jason Snelling – In PPR he was a stud with 13 points and in standard he had 8 which isn’t bad for a spot start this year. (Also left the game with an injury)

Week 6 Must Starts (Atlanta Falcons  & Miami Dolphins are on a bye)

Andrew Luck vs. San Diego Chargers

He was on my Must Sit last week and now he is on this week Must Start. He faces a Chargers team that is giving up 25 PPG (10 TDs & 1 INT). He impressed with a great game against the Seahawks, this week much easier matchup with the big bright lights of Monday Night Football.

Robert Griffin III vs. Dallas Cowboys

Opposing QBs are having a field day against the Cowboys, averaging 24.8 PPG (15 Total TDs). Griffin has been good, not great so far this year. He has a great matchup coming off a bye to get him and the Skins rolling again.

Demarco Murray vs. Washington Redskins

The Redskins have given up 511 yards and 4 TDs to RBs in 4 games this year. Murray has been healthy and running really well this season. He is averaging 4.8 YPC and a combined 5.6 yards per touch this year. Murray is a great start and an easy must start for week 6.

Doug Martin vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Martin has let down a few owners this year with his sub-par performances. I have seen him traded for next to nothing. It’s going to be tough for him to find running room with teams filling the box with 8 players. But a good RB will find running room and Martin is just that. I think they will find ways to use him in the passing game and even with Glennon at QB, he will torch a terrible Eagles Run D.

Torrey Smith vs. Green Bay Packers

Smith is averaging 8+ targets per game and taking full advantage of them as he reached 80+ yards in every game this season. The Packers got lucky not having Calvin Johnson in the lineup last week but they are giving up 26 PPG and 6 TDs to WRs. Flacco should have no problem finding his main target against the Packers.

Greg Jennings vs. Carolina Panthers

Jennings had his best outing of the season against the Steelers in week 4; he caught 3 balls for 92 yards and 2 TDs. I like Jennings more with Cassel at QB this weekend than I do with Ponder at QB. So this recommendation is more so along the lines with Cassel at QB. But the Panthers D has been solid this year but I would start Jennings as a great bye-week play.

Josh Gordon vs. Detroit Lions

I don’t care who is playing QB in Cleveland, they know that they are going to have to get the ball to Gordon. The Lions have given up 964 yards and 3 TDs to WRs this year, Gordon should have a field day on Sunday.

Vernon Davis vs. Arizona Cardinals

Davis has touchdowns in 2 straight games, the Cardinals have given up 4 to tight ends this year. Kaepernick hasn’t been great but he has to rely on Davis to get him through this tough divisional matchup.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

I think this is a no brainer here; the Chiefs are playing some of the best D in football. They are going to have their hands full with Pryor but they should have no problem shutting them down this week.

Must Sits for Week 6

Terrelle Pryor vs. Kansas City

Pryor has been a nice matchup start this year but this is a week to have him on the bench. QBs are only averaging 11 PPG against the Chiefs; they also have given up only 4 TD passes in 5 games and have forced 7 INTs. Pryor is too young and inexperienced to handle a good team like the Chiefs, keep him on the bench this week.

Phillip Rivers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Rivers is going to have to throw and we have seen even in losses he is able to produce some serious Fantasy points. This week he has one of his toughest task to date, the Colts defense has been really good against QBs this year. QBs are averaging 215 yards, 0.8 TDs & 1.4 INTs against them this year. Rivers has been good but I don’t see him producing good enough numbers against this tough matchup.

Le’Veon Bell vs. New York Jets

Quizz Rodgers and Snelling found some running room against the Jets on Monday Night Football. But the Jets still give up the 4th fewest points to RBs through 5 games. Bell looked good in his 1st matchup against the Vikings but he won’t have the same success against the Jets.

Eddie Lacy vs. Baltimore Ravens

Opposing RBs are averaging 8.8 PPG against the Ravens Run D. Lacy should be on your bench this week, only start if you really have no other options.

Nate Washington vs. Seattle Seahawks

Washington leading up to last week was on fire the last 2 games, but he laid an egg against the Chiefs. I can’t see him doing better against a tough Seahawks D. Washington belongs on the bench for this week.

Kyle Rudolph vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have given up only 100 yards to tight ends this year. Rudolph hasn’t been very good this year with 3 games of 2 points or less. Sit him with no hesitation.

Houston Texans vs. St. Louis Rams

The Texans could feast on the Rams on Sunday but I think that the Rams are going to gain a lot of yards and score at least 21-24 points on this defense. I would recommend finding other options this week.

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Week 5 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

I hit more than I missed in week 4 and with week 5 approaching we have hit our bye week time. We have 4 teams on bye’s this week and some big names (Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin & Alfred Morris) on the sidelines, it is important to get the right guys in the lineup this week. Let’s review week 4 before we dive into week 5.

Starts & Sits that made me look good

Starts: Andrew Luck (260 yards & 2 TDs), Matt Forte (122 total yards & a TD), Bilal Powell (108 total yards) & Antonio Gates (136 yards 1 TD)

Sits: Michael Vick (19th ranked QB), Carson Palmer (18th ranked QB), Roddy White (3 catches 28 yards) & Kyle Rudolph (2 catches 6 yards)

Starts & Sits that made me look bad

Starts: New York Jets D (38 Points given up), Denarius Moore (66 yards), Cecil Shorts (61 yards)

Sits: Fred Jackson (87 yards & a TD), Ryan Matthews (103 total yards)

Week 5 Must Starts

Phillip Rivers vs. Oakland Raiders

I never thought I would be typing this but Phillip Rivers is shutting up a lot of his critics from the last few seasons. Rivers has 11 TDs and only 2 INTs to start the season; he didn’t get to his 11th touchdown until week 8 last season. In his two games at home this year has thrown for 596 yards and 7 touchdowns. The Raiders are giving up an average of 237 yards and have yet to intercept a ball. Rivers is a great start this week and has a favorable schedule over the next few weeks.

Eddie Lacy/James Starks/Jonathon Franklin vs. Detroit Lions

The Lions give up the 4 most points to running backs this year (21.8). Whoever is at the helm come Sunday for the Packers is a must start. I believe if Lacy is 100% ready to go (He was cleared by McCarthy for practice) he will be the #1 guy and if he is, he is the guy to start. If for some reason he has a setback, look at the other two for emergency help.

Maurice Jones- Drew vs. St. Louis Rams

Jones-Drew had a very good matchup last week and just didn’t come through for Fantasy owners, but remember after the 1st quarter the Colts got up 20-3 before the half. The Jaguars didn’t have much of a choice but to abandon the run. The Rams gave up a total of 328 yards and 2 touchdowns to starting running backs over the past two games. Even though you may have given up hope, I would start MJD this week without hesitation.

Marques Colston vs. Chicago Bears

Colston has been a really good PPR receiver this year. He has 21 catches for 298 yards but only has 1 touchdown so far. This week they face a Bears team that is still trying to find its identity on defense and have been torched by #1 WR over the last few weeks. Colston was targeted Monday Night 8 times and will be heavily targeted in this matchup as well, I consider him a must start and a solid WR1 this week.

Desean Jackson vs. New York Giants

Jackson has had back to back disappointing performances (96 total yards/0 TDs), but has a favorable matchup this week against the Giants. They have given up 10 total touchdowns to opposing WR/TE through 4 games. Jackson stat line should look more along the line of his 1st two games instead of his previous two.

Julius Thomas vs. Dallas Cowboys

Orange Julius is coming to Dallas and couldn’t be at a better time either. The Cowboys gave up 10 catches for 136 yards and a touchdown to Antonio Gates in week 4. Peyton is good at taking advantage of opposing team’s weaknesses and should have no problem finding OJ all day on Sunday.

Carolina Panthers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Panthers are coming off a huge performance against the Giants and there bye week as well. The Cardinals are just averaging 320 YPG as well only 17.3 PPG, both of which are in the bottom half of football. The Panthers are a great start as well as have great matchups over the course of the next few weeks.

Week 5 Must Sit

Andrew Luck vs. Seattle Seahawks

Look if you have no other options this week I understand you have to go with Luck this week. (Or you could go grab Hoyer or Rivers this week)But Luck struggled against the 49ers defense and this Seattle D is better. Even though Schaub had a ton of success against them, I don’t think the Colts will be able to run the ball as well as the Texans did last week.

Russell Wilson vs. Indianapolis Colts

Colts are only giving up 9.8 PPG to opposing QBs; Wilson was saved last week because of the plays he made with his legs. He struggles against 2 good defense and the Colts had no problem shutting down Kaepernick in week 2. Wilson should only be started in deep leagues or 2 QB leagues in week 5.

Jason Snelling vs. New York Jets

Snelling had 8 carries for 26 yards and only 1 catch for 8 yards last week against the Patriots. He faces a Jets team this week that is only giving up 79 YPG on the ground. I wouldn’t have Snelling in any lineups this week.

Daryl Richardson vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Do not be fooled by this fantastic matchup for him this week. Richardson just hasn’t been good at all this year and dealing with a foot injury hasn’t helped at all either. Richardson should stay on the bench in all formats.

Nate Washington vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Nate has been on fire back to back weeks but the Titans are finally facing a team that is just good at football. Washington isn’t going to be able to burn the Chiefs the same way he did the Chargers and Jets. They are only giving up 189 YPG through the air; he is a very low WR3 this week.

Anquan Boldin vs. Houston Texans

The Texans are ranked 6th against WRs this year, only giving up an average of 15.8 PPG. They also have given up a league low 390 yards to receivers. Boldin had a great bounce back game last week against the Rams but this week he faces a tough defense and as seen in week 2 and 3 he can be shut down. I would only play him if you are having bye week trouble this week.

Denver Broncos D vs. Dallas Cowboys

The Broncos D have been good not great this season, they are in the bottom half of the league in YPG and they are giving up 22 PPG which is middle of the pact. They have been saved by 2 Trindon Holliday kick/punt returns this year. The Cowboys can score points and have a good chance at doing so this weekend. I would look on the waiver wire for a better option this week.

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