Week 6 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

I had my best week yet with my Start/Sit recommendations. This week there is some pretty tough matchups as well as some big stars on a bye week. With the likes of Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Mike Wallace on a bye, starting the right waiver pick up of back up is key this week. But before I dig into week 6, I take a look back at week 5.

Starts & Sits that made me look good

Phillip Rivers – Although he threw 3 INTs, he still passed for 411 yards and 2 TDS
Eddie Lacy – He didn’t reach the end zone but still managed 99 yards on the ground.
Maurice Jones-Drew – He didn’t exactly light it on fire on Sunday but rushed for 86 total yards.
Desean Jackson – He shredded the Giants D like expected and stat line looked like this 7/132/1
Julius Thomas – Cowboys can’t stop TEs, period. Thomas had 9 catches for 122 yards and 2 TDs
Carolina Panthers D – They were good not great but very serviceable if you streamed them.

Daryl Richardson – RBBC is in full effect in St. Louis, he had 43 yards on Sunday.
Anquan Boldin – 2 catches for 21 yards even though 49ers scored 34 points.
Nate Washington – He had a rough outing against the Chiefs catching 3 passes for 30 yards
Denver Broncos D – They got hit for 48 points and 506 yards through the air to Tony Romo.

Starts & Sits that made me look bad

Marques Colston – 2 catches for 15 yards, 2 CATCHES FOR 15 YARDS!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Luck – I thought he would be a bad start against the Seahawks and boy was I wrong. He threw for 229 yards and a pair of touchdown passes.
Jason Snelling – In PPR he was a stud with 13 points and in standard he had 8 which isn’t bad for a spot start this year. (Also left the game with an injury)

Week 6 Must Starts (Atlanta Falcons  & Miami Dolphins are on a bye)

Andrew Luck vs. San Diego Chargers

He was on my Must Sit last week and now he is on this week Must Start. He faces a Chargers team that is giving up 25 PPG (10 TDs & 1 INT). He impressed with a great game against the Seahawks, this week much easier matchup with the big bright lights of Monday Night Football.

Robert Griffin III vs. Dallas Cowboys

Opposing QBs are having a field day against the Cowboys, averaging 24.8 PPG (15 Total TDs). Griffin has been good, not great so far this year. He has a great matchup coming off a bye to get him and the Skins rolling again.

Demarco Murray vs. Washington Redskins

The Redskins have given up 511 yards and 4 TDs to RBs in 4 games this year. Murray has been healthy and running really well this season. He is averaging 4.8 YPC and a combined 5.6 yards per touch this year. Murray is a great start and an easy must start for week 6.

Doug Martin vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Martin has let down a few owners this year with his sub-par performances. I have seen him traded for next to nothing. It’s going to be tough for him to find running room with teams filling the box with 8 players. But a good RB will find running room and Martin is just that. I think they will find ways to use him in the passing game and even with Glennon at QB, he will torch a terrible Eagles Run D.

Torrey Smith vs. Green Bay Packers

Smith is averaging 8+ targets per game and taking full advantage of them as he reached 80+ yards in every game this season. The Packers got lucky not having Calvin Johnson in the lineup last week but they are giving up 26 PPG and 6 TDs to WRs. Flacco should have no problem finding his main target against the Packers.

Greg Jennings vs. Carolina Panthers

Jennings had his best outing of the season against the Steelers in week 4; he caught 3 balls for 92 yards and 2 TDs. I like Jennings more with Cassel at QB this weekend than I do with Ponder at QB. So this recommendation is more so along the lines with Cassel at QB. But the Panthers D has been solid this year but I would start Jennings as a great bye-week play.

Josh Gordon vs. Detroit Lions

I don’t care who is playing QB in Cleveland, they know that they are going to have to get the ball to Gordon. The Lions have given up 964 yards and 3 TDs to WRs this year, Gordon should have a field day on Sunday.

Vernon Davis vs. Arizona Cardinals

Davis has touchdowns in 2 straight games, the Cardinals have given up 4 to tight ends this year. Kaepernick hasn’t been great but he has to rely on Davis to get him through this tough divisional matchup.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Oakland Raiders

I think this is a no brainer here; the Chiefs are playing some of the best D in football. They are going to have their hands full with Pryor but they should have no problem shutting them down this week.

Must Sits for Week 6

Terrelle Pryor vs. Kansas City

Pryor has been a nice matchup start this year but this is a week to have him on the bench. QBs are only averaging 11 PPG against the Chiefs; they also have given up only 4 TD passes in 5 games and have forced 7 INTs. Pryor is too young and inexperienced to handle a good team like the Chiefs, keep him on the bench this week.

Phillip Rivers vs. Indianapolis Colts

Rivers is going to have to throw and we have seen even in losses he is able to produce some serious Fantasy points. This week he has one of his toughest task to date, the Colts defense has been really good against QBs this year. QBs are averaging 215 yards, 0.8 TDs & 1.4 INTs against them this year. Rivers has been good but I don’t see him producing good enough numbers against this tough matchup.

Le’Veon Bell vs. New York Jets

Quizz Rodgers and Snelling found some running room against the Jets on Monday Night Football. But the Jets still give up the 4th fewest points to RBs through 5 games. Bell looked good in his 1st matchup against the Vikings but he won’t have the same success against the Jets.

Eddie Lacy vs. Baltimore Ravens

Opposing RBs are averaging 8.8 PPG against the Ravens Run D. Lacy should be on your bench this week, only start if you really have no other options.

Nate Washington vs. Seattle Seahawks

Washington leading up to last week was on fire the last 2 games, but he laid an egg against the Chiefs. I can’t see him doing better against a tough Seahawks D. Washington belongs on the bench for this week.

Kyle Rudolph vs. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have given up only 100 yards to tight ends this year. Rudolph hasn’t been very good this year with 3 games of 2 points or less. Sit him with no hesitation.

Houston Texans vs. St. Louis Rams

The Texans could feast on the Rams on Sunday but I think that the Rams are going to gain a lot of yards and score at least 21-24 points on this defense. I would recommend finding other options this week.

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