The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 12

What up Sports Script fans? I’m back after another week of fantasy action with some guys that you would probably like to call our for their fantasy football performances this week. Let’s get right to it with the DuDs this week that cost you the money!

Kansas City D 41 points allowed – I don’t even know how to discuss this one, but they are the most expensive defense in daily and some people traded for them in year. (I don’t recommend ever trading for a defense) The fact that they allowed the Chargers to score 41 points is embarrassing to me and probably should be to the Chiefs fans. GEEZ!!!

Ben Tate 7 rushes 1 yard 5 catches 26 yards – When Foster went out for the year I myself as a yearly owner of Tate in multiple leagues couldn’t have been happier. That has done a complete 180 and at this point, I’m not sure he’s worth owning. Tate is a complete fantasy disaster and after today I can see why he’s a back up in the NFL. Tate if you want the starting job for your own team you better get your act together on the football field.

André Johnson 2 catches 36 yards – This makes me want to cry I touted the Texans offense all week in what I figured would be a big game against a bad Jaguars game. Instead they went out a completely laid a DuD that was as pathetic as any team I’ve ever seen. How does André Johnson one of the best wide receivers in the game only manage 2 catches against the worst team. This is just pathetic of an effort and it’s time for the Texans as a team to start calling for some people’s jobs.

Andrew Luck 20/39 for 163 1 TD 1 INT – I’m not sure he’s a DuD, but he’s a high price in daily leagues and this simply wont get it done. The running game is non-existent in the Colts offense and Andrew Luck is going to have to step it up and proof he’s an élite QB. The Colts are only going as far as he can take them and this is not getting it done for them or fantasy owners.

Victor Cruz 2 catches 27 yards – This is sad in my opinion. The Giants have forgotten he’s an élite wide receiver or he’s forgotten how to get open one. Cruz is the type of guy you expect to break double teams and get down the field. It’s simply not happening and he’s killing owners on a weekly basis lately. Hey Cruz how bout finding that end zone again, so we can all do that salsa dance.


Bobby Rainey 18 rushes 35 yards – Rainey the one week wonder???

Alshon Jeffrey 4 catches 52 yards – He is a #2 wide receiver.

Permanent DuDs

This is a new section where I will put people who seem to be showing up weekly. They will simply earn their way out by having a good game. The guys you see featured here will not have a discussion, because if I put them here at this point I don’t even want to talk about that guy.

Trent Richardson

CJ Spiller

Lamar Miller

Ray Rice ( I’m not wasting my time putting him elsewhere the game last week was a fluke I feel)

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