Week 12 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

Ben Roethlisberger, Bobby Rainey and Calvin Johnson were out top Fantasy Performers for week 11. Carson Palmer finally looked like the Palmer we were expecting in 2013 and Shane Vereen was back and better than ever. 2013 Fantasy Playoffs are coming up and this week is a key to making the next step towards being crowd champ.

Week 12 Fantasy Football Must Start (Bye: Bills, Bengals, Eagles & Seahawks)

Phillip Rives vs. Kansas City Chiefs

I am going out on a limb here and throwing Rivers in my Must Start for the week with the tough matchup. Rivers hasn’t reached the top 10 in Fantasy since week 4 but he has thrown at least one touchdown in each game this year. With guys like Dalton, Wilson and Foles on the sidelines for the week, Rivers is a solid option for the week.

Matt Stafford vs. Tampa Bay Bucs

Stafford is coming off back to back games with multiple TD passes as well as the Bucs have given up multiple TD passes to Fantasy QBs in 6 straight games. This is going to be a tough matchup for Stafford but I expect him to produce top Fantasy numbers as he has been in the past few weeks.

André Brown vs. Dallas Cowboys

Brown has been the man in the Giants backfield these past two weeks and even though he didn’t find the endzone this week he still got Fantasy Owners 9 points (not great but better than some). The Cowboys are giving up 22 PPG to opposing Fantasy RBs including a TD in 3 straight games. Brown will find plenty of running room this weekend.

Stevan Ridley – Shane Vereen vs. Denver Broncos

Ridley coming off another TD but also another fumble which had him benched for 18 straight plays on Monday. Good news is he found his way back in the game and had some success while in there but downside is that Vereen is back and may take some more carries/plays away from him. Vereen was “eased” back on Monday night while leading the Patriots in targets and caught 8 passes for 65 yards. Both should see time on Sunday and the Patriots have to set up the run against the Broncos in order to compete against that high power offense.

Wes Welker vs. New England Patriots (If he plays)

Even with the concussion this matchup is juicy just based off the history between Welker/Patriots. If he is on the field on Sunday, he belongs in the lineup. Manning will get him in the endzone just because.

Larry Fitzgerald vs. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have given up 631 yards and 5 TDs to opposing WRs over the last 3 games. Fitzgerald has found the endzone twice in his last 3 games. He is due for a big game and you can expect it to happen this week.

Cody Fleener vs. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona is so so bad at covering tight ends this year (10 TDs in 10 games). Fleener coming off the biggest game of his career catching 9 passes for 118 yards, look for him to continue to stay hot with this great matchup.

New Orléans D vs. Atlanta Falcons

The Saints D has only given up 20 or more points up twice this year (both losses) and the Falcons have only done it once over the last 4 games. The Saints D has been pretty darn good and should have continued success Thursday night.

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Week 12 Fantasy Football Must Sit

Andrew Luck vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have been playing some really good football over the past few weeks and sit at 6-4 with a chance at the playoffs. The Colts are coming in fresh off a victory over the Titans but this Arizona D is a lot better than the Titans. The Cardinals will force Luck into some throws he shouldn’t make and I only like Luck if you don’t have other options.

Lamar Miller vs. Carolina Panthers

What has happened down in Miami? Did Lamar Miller do something we don’t know about? Because they are just not giving this guy the ball. Someone needs to get Philbin off the Daniel Thomas party now and realize what he is missing by not letting Miller carry the load. Even if he was I wouldn’t like this mathcup as the Panthers run D has only given up 100 yards to RB twice all season.

Chris Ivory vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens may be struggling but their run defense has been practically perfect. They don’t give up a ton of yards and only 1 TD all season, so Ivory’s value is very small this week.

Mike Wallace vs. Carolina Panthers

So anyone want to tell me why we paid this man the money he got paid? He is averaging 54 YPG hasn’t reached the endzone since week 2. He is darn near droppable in 10 team leagues and it’s really close in 12 team as well.

Denarious Moore vs. Tennessee Titans

Can you tell me who the #1 team against opposing Fantasy WR is this year? Yep you guessed it’s the Tennessee Titans. Shocked me to be honest, they have a solid secondary and will shut Moore out of this game.

Martellus Bennett vs. Chicago Bears

Bennett hasn’t been on the same page as McCown as he was with Cutler. He was limited to 2 catches for 48 yards in week 12 and has an even tougher task in week 13 against the Rams. Guys like Delanie Walker, Rob Housler and even Garrett Graham are better options this week.

St. Louis Rams D vs. Chicago Bears

McCown is playing really good and even with the Rams coming off the game they played against the Colts, I wouldn’t trust them against this Bears offense.

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