2014 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings

MLB season is upon us and Fantasy Baseball is back and better than ever! Over the next few weeks we are planning on getting you ready for any of the upcoming Fantasy drafts that you have. This week we are sending out our initial 2014 rankings that will be updated as Spring Training progresses. The week after we are going to answer 5 questions about each position as well as giving you some insight into some players that we like as well. Matt Bell is joining me today as we rank the Outfield as well as take a look at one guy we like higher than his ADP and one we have lower than his ADP.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings (as of 2/22/14)

Rank Ricky Valero Matt Bell
1 Mike Trout 
Mike Trout
2 Andrew McCutchen Andrew McCutchen
3 Yasiel Puig Carlos Gonzalez
4 Carlos Gonzalez Yasiel Puig
5 Jacoby Ellsbury Bryce Harper
6 Adam Jones Jacoby Ellsbury
7 Carlos Gomez GianCarlo Stanton
8 Bryce Harper Adam Jones
9 Ryan Braun  Jose Bautista
10 Giancarlo Stanton Hunter Pence
11 Jose Bautista Alex Rios
12 Alex Rios  Ryan Braun
13 Jay Bruce Shin Soo Choo
14 Hunter Pence Jay Bruce
15 Shin-Soo Choo Yoenis Cespedes
16 Yoenis Cespedes Justin Upton
17 Starlin Marte Starlin Marte
18 Justin Upton Carlos Gomez
19 Matt Kemp Allen Craig
20 Allen Craig Matt Holiday
21 Matt Holliday Matt Kemp
22 Domonic Brown Mark Trumbo
23 Wil Myers Domonic Brown
24 Jason Heyward Wil Myers
25 Carlos Beltran Michael Cuddyer
26 Mark Trumbo Alex Gordon
27 Ben Zobrist Jason Werth
28 Alex Gordon Josh Hamilton
29 Jayson Werth Carlos Beltran
30 Curtis Granderson Jason Heyward
31 Michael Cuddyer Curtis Granderson
32 Josh Hamilton Ben Zobrist
33 Desmond Jennings Austin Jackson
34 Shane Victorino Desmond Jennings
35 Martin Prado Christian Yelich
36 Billy Hamilton Shane Victorino
37 Alejandro De Aza Martin Prado
38 CoCo Crisp Billy Hamilton
39 Carl Crawford Alejandra De Aza
40 Alfonso Soriano Carl Crawford
41 Brandon Moss Coco Crisp
42 Christian Yelich Alfonso Soriano
43 Leonys Martin Brandon Moss
44 Brett Gardner Dexter Fowler
45 Josh Reddick Leonys martin
46 Will Venable  Nelson Cruz
47 Norichika Aoki Colby Rasmus
48 Austin Jackson Torii Hunter
49 Dexter Fowler Josh Reddick
50 Nelson Cruz BJ Upton
51 Ben Revere Will Venable
52 Nick Swisher Norichika Aoki
53 Adam Eaton Adam Eaton
54 Torii Hunter Nick Swisher
55 Michael Bourn Michael Bourn
56 Nick Markakis Nick Markakis
57 Michael Brantley Michael Brantley
58 Colby Rasmus Ben Revere
59 BJ Upton Khris Davis
60 Khris Davis Brett Gardner

Why I ranked (blank) higher than his Current ADP (ADP average comes from the rankings at Fantasypros.com)

Ricky – Yasiel Puig – Current ADP 10th – I have him ranked 3rd – Puig has the oppurtinuty to become one of the best outfielders in baseball. He has all the tools to do so and I think he will just add onto what he did in 2013. Puig is a 5 category guy and someone I would draft as high as 4th overall this year. In most drafts he will slip into the top half of round 2 and if you can get him on the 12-13 turn, you will not regret it.

Matt Bell – Giancarlo Stanton is going to be a steal in the outfield this year if you ask me. He’s got an ADP of 10th, but I’ll be snagging him ahead of some of the other guys people plan to take before him. He’s at 7th in my rankings and that’s simply because of the power he possesses. He’s been held back by injuries in his career, but if he gets a full season healthy 40 plus home runs is not out of reach.

Why I ranked (blank) lower than his current ADP.

Ricky – Bryce Harper – Current ADP 5 – I ranked him 8th – Harper was a disapointment this season and for some reason is being overdrafted this season. The price is too steep for a guy that really hasn’t lived up to potential.

Matt Bell – Carlos Gomez is a guy that I’m not very high on as he’s got an ADP of 9th, but can be found at 18th in my rankings. Gomez has had been getting better, but he strikes out a ton and one really good year is not enough for me to rank him ahead of some of the other outfielders in the league. I can even see him taking a step back in some of his stats next year.

In case you missed these, here are my Catcher Rankings (http://wp.me/p2MUTr-BY), 1st baseman (http://wp.me/p2MUTr-BZ), 2nd baseman rankings (http://wp.me/p2MUTr-C2), 3rd Baseman Rankings (http://wp.me/p2MUTr-C7) and Shortstop (http://wp.me/p2MUTr-Cb).

If you have any questions about the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season make sure to hope on over to twitter and ask. You can follow me @rickygangster and I will answer any and all questions.

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