2014 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings

MLB season is upon us and Fantasy Baseball is back and better than ever! Over the next few weeks we are planning on getting you ready for any of the upcoming Fantasy drafts that you have. This week we are sending out our initial 2014 rankings that will be updated as Spring Training progresses. The week after we are going to answer 5 questions about each position as well as giving you some insight into some players that we like as well. Matt Bell is joining me today as we rank ShortStop as well as take a look at one guy we like higher than his ADP and one we have lower than his ADP.

2014 Fantasy Baseball Shortstop Rankings (as of 02/21/14)

Rank Ricky Valero Matt Bell  
1 Hanley Ramirez Troy Tulowitzki
2 Troy Tulowitzki Hanley Ramirez
3 Ian Desmond Ian Desmond
4 Jose Reyes Jose Reyes
5 Jean Segura Elvis Andrus
6 Elvis Andrus Starlin Castro
7 Starlin Castro Jean Segura
8 Everth Cabrera Everth Cabrera
9 Alexei Ramirez JJ Hardy  
10 Ben Zobrist Alexei Ramirez
11 JJ Hardy Ben Zobrist
12 Jed Lowrie Jonathan Villar
13 Jhonny Peralta Brad Miller
14 Asdrubal Cabrera Jhonny Peralta
15 Andrelton Simmons Asdrubal Cabrera
16 Xander Bogaerts Jed Lowrie
17 Jimmy Rollins Jurickson Profar
18 Erick Aybar Andreltton   Simmons
19 Jonathan Viller Jimmy Rollins
20 Bradley Miller Xander Bogaerts
21 Jurickson Profar Erick Aybar
22 Derek Jeter Alcides Escobar
23 Alcides Escobar Zack Cozard
24 Zack Cozart Derek Jeter
25 Stephen Drew Stephen Drew

Why I ranked (blank) higher than his Current ADP (ADP average comes from the rankings at Fantasypros.com)

Ricky – Alexei Ramirez – Current ADP 14th – I have him ranked 9th – Ramirez RBIs dropped last season in a weak White Sox lineup but saw his batting average, hits, runs and stolen bases increase. Abreu added to this lineup will help Ramirez see some better pitches as well. A solid average, gets on base and steals as well, he will help you all the way around.

Matt Bell – Jonathan Villar is my sleeper in all fantasy leagues this year as I really like what this guy can do. He’s got an ADP of 19th, but is all the way up to the 12th spot in my rankings. He has the potential to steal 35 or more bases this year as he snagged 18 in only 58 games last year. If you miss out on Tulo or Hanley in the 1st few rounds you can always let the SS spot fall to the late rounds and grab Villar who can help in the stolen base category quite a bit.

Why I ranked (blank) lower than his current ADP.

Ricky – Asdrubal Cabrera – Current ADP 11th – I have him ranked 14th – Cabrera is on the downside of his career and honestly don’t believe he is worth a slot on the roster. In 2014, he might only be a one maybe two category guy which is just not good enough for fantasy owners.

Matt Bell – Jean Segura is a little lower in my rankings than most as he’s got an ADP of 4, but in my rankings you will find him down at 7th. I think he’s a going to be a good shortstop, but we’ve only seen him play one full season so far. I want to see more from this young shortstop, before I can rank him ahead of a few guys. I’m also putting him behind Castro who I’m fully expecting to have a bounce back year and I think has a chance to equal his stats with a few more home runs.

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If you have any questions about the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season make sure to hope on over to twitter and ask. You can follow me @rickygangster and I will answer any and all questions.

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