WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

Welcome back to another edition of our WWE PPV predictions, this time we have one of my favourite gimmick matches in the Elimination Chamber. We’re only weeks away from the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania, so a lot of important things will be happening on Sunday. We’ve got a star studded match inside the Chamber, that has only seemed to look even better as the weeks passed, and we also have one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history, and that is not an overstatement in The Wyatt Family vs The Shield. But first, let’s get to the pre-show…

Pre-Show: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs RybAxel

Matt B: RybAxel wins this one as there is no reason for the Rhodes brothers to win. I think this match will end with some friction between the two brothers that leads up to their rumored match at WrestleMania.

Ricky: RybAxel is such an awful name honestly. Can anyone believe how Goldust has looked on this run he has had over the last few months? He has looked great in the ring and wrestled well. It’s nice to see an “older” star keep it together and still is able to go every now and then. Ummm toss a coin here and give me the brothers.

Matt W: Of all the tag teams in WWE right now, the one that I can’t truly enjoy, is RybAxel. I’ve grown to like Ryback more, but they don’t have anything special together. I think the Brotherhood wins this one, but not without some friction, think Cody or Goldie tagging in blind and stealing a pin. Nothing to send it over the edge, but enough to create discomfort.

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Matt B: This is by far the worst match on the card and I don’t even understand why two guys that no one enjoys watching on Raw even make it to the pay-per view card. I think Titus O’Neil wins this match, but there is much better talent in the WWE locker room worthy of a match on this PPV.

Ricky: Titus is getting the big push and should handle Young rather easily in this matchup. O’Neil has the size and the look but not sure it will really amount too much.

Matt W: I’ve really liked what Titus has brought these past few weeks, he’s super entertaining, full of confidence, and is decent in the ring as well. He wins this one.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista

Matt B: Does anyone really think Alberto Del Rio has a chance to win this match? NO!

Ricky: It’s really interesting to hear the rumors of Del Rio maybe leaving when his contract expires soon. With that being said he has no chance in this match at all. I would have a better chance of winning this match. (I would destroy Batista, Well maybe with a little help from Matt Bell and Matt Wincherauk we could get him). But yeah 45 Batista bombs later and Batista wins.

Matt W: I think the Sports Script trio could take down Batista, considering he can hardly move, but in this match, BOO-tista will win. Let’s just hope he doesn’t tear anything trying to Batista Bomb Del Rio.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Usos

Matt B: I’m going to just go with my hopes here and that is that The Usos win and the New Age Outlaws get back out of the rings. They are entertaining, but they are old and the tag team division has to much talent for them to be holding the belts.

Ricky: The Usos have been getting a nice little side push (for the 80th time) but give me the NAO to keep the belts heading in WrestleMania.

Matt W: I wish I could say that the Usos are going to win this match, but they aren’t. They’re setting up a big moment at Wrestlemania for the New Age Outlaws to drop the titles, and it won’t be to the Usos. Unfortunate, but these guys will eventually get their run after Mania some time.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Matt B: Big E wins this one as Jack Swagger has a potential feud building with Cesaro and Zeb Colter. Big E still has a lot he can do for the Intercontinetal division and it makes little to no sense for Swagger to take that as he’s in a let down stage for Colter.

Ricky: Big E is one of my favorite up and coming wrestlers. I really wish they would adapt the “count to 5” thing he had going on in NXT. He has a great look and I swear should be pushed to the moon. Swagger has been in a bit of a slump as of late and I think that continues here. Give me Big E with the W.

Matt W: Big E has supplanted Damien Sandow as my personal favourite. His charisma is really shining through, and once he start five-ing it up, then he’s going straight to the moon. Jack Swagger has been really good of late despite losing a lot of matches, so he should be a lot of fun even in a loss. Two personal favourites of mine, and Zeb Colter should mean for a fun match.

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

Matt B: I actually will be watching the PPV just for this match as I think it could be a nice brawl. The Wyatt Family will walk away with the win in the end though as I believe we start to see The Shield coming to an end as they’ve already shown signs of making these guys individual stars.

Ricky: The match I am really looking forward to the most. The potential is endless for this match and it’s been a really long time since we have seen a match between two “bad guy” teams like this and I am truly excited for it. Dean Ambrose is one of the best things going for the company and Roman Reigns is the “next big thing” no offense Brock. I think the Shield should win as the Family doesn’t “need” this victory. But maybe some arguing between Shield members or a walk out by Reigns sets up a Wyatt Family win.

Matt W: No joke, one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history, these two are going to blow the roof off the place. All the tense moments in the past week, Bray and even Luke’s awesome talking, the friction between the Shield, Roman Reigns somehow becoming more badass, and Ambrose playing the role of the poser to perfection, this match has everything. This is why I’m tuning in, even above the Elimination Chamber match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Cesaro

Matt B: This has a ton of talent in the match, but it all comes down to who WWE thinks they can build a WrestleMania card around. Randy Orton wins the match and goes on to feud with Batista for a showdown at the Big Show. I’m looking for them to build Cesaro in this match as he will perform very well, not pick up the win. I can see Christan becoming the bad guy in the match sitting up him and Sheamus for a match and don’t be surprised if the Wyatt Family cost Cena somehow.

Ricky: I am so excited that they left Cesaro in this match. THIS GUY IS A STAR!!!!!!! I have seen this guy in person (trained with him a little) and he is strong as an ox. But yeah Christian isn’t going to win as he isn’t the “IT” guy anymore, Sheamus really has no place in this match (nor do I like him), Cesaro I think comes down to the final 3 but gets eliminated by Bryan. Which leaves us with Orton, Cena and Bryan, Cena will be eliminated somehow by Bray Wyatt interference and I think that would lead to a final two between Bryan and Orton. As much as I would like to see Bryan win the title and head into the WrestleMania Main Event champion, that’s just not going to happen. The WWE wants Batista vs. Orton way too bad at Mania and that’s sadly what we are going to get.

Matt W: Now this is going to be a phenomenal match. Four guys that I love are in this match, and two that I think are doing really good things as well. Cesaro is almost as hot as Daniel Bryan right now, and I’d look for him to continue to be strong, Bryan should be a finalist, Cena might get a Wyatt beating, Sheamus fits perfect inside the Chamber with his physical style and has been having quality matches just under that Bryan-Cesaro-Shield level of late, I’d hope that Orton plays the role of a snake and sneaks out with a win, and Christian… Well he’s there too. This has the makings of the best Chamber match in years, so you cannot miss it.

Burning Question:

The Wyatt Family and the Shield are the hottest thing going in WWE right now, and will have an epic clash at Elimination Chamber. Where do these two teams go afterwards? Who does Bray Wyatt target, and how does this Shield breakup scenario play out?

Matt B: Bray Wyatt is going to be matched up with Cena at WrestleMania and I believe that all starts here as they attack him in the PPV. The Shield will probably continue to show dysfunction into Raw on Monday possibly sitting them up for a match at WrestleMania after one turns on the others.

Ricky: As I said earlier I think Wyatt interferes and cost Cena the title during the Chamber, so I think that’s where they are going.

As for the Shield you really see the whole break up happening which is truly sad to see. I really think they should have a “make up” with them and maybe go after someone else and play it up and eventually heading into next year’s Mania we get Ambrose vs. Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins are going to get lost in the shuffle once the feud with Reigns is over. Reigns is going to turn into a massive baby face for the company and someone I could see them feuding Orton or maybe Batista down the road. I could even see him helping out Cena with the Wyatt family and getting that nice little rub from him.


Matt W: I think that Bray Wyatt gets involved with John Cena, in a feud that could really put him over the top, if he wasn’t there already. As for The Shield, the obvious answer is that they move into full breakup mode. I’d like to see these guys not completely break up, but kind of stay friends while going there own ways. That being said, that probably won’t happen, but I’ll be fine if I see a Shield Triple Threat match for the US Title at Wrestlemania.

Enjoy the PPV folks, and we’ll see you back here in a few weeks for our Wrestlemania extravaganza!

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