The Valero Verdict: Fighting with My Family

Welcome to another edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today, Fighting with My Family, the movie based on WWE Diva Paige.

  • The casting of Florence Pugh turned out perfect, she played Paige very well, especially the Paige of the early years. She was very Raw in the film which is what she needed because Paige was in a very Raw position starting from the bottom of the WWE. Very good casting.
  • Nostalgia from the Rock was fantastic. While not in the film a whole lot, you did get to see some old fashion Rock lines that were classic for his many years in the WWE.
  • The opening of this movie was absolute brutal to watch as a former professional wrestler, I get these guys were “rookies” but man, the in ring stuff was brutal to watch.
  • The story flows very well, it tells the story you are wanting to see, with the 1st act setting the story, the 2nd bringing you the challenge and leaving the 3rd act to bring it all together to get us our feel good ending.
  • Vince Vaughn was good in this, but it felt so weird seeing him in a role of this nature.

The Verdict:

*** out of ***** stars

I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie but it’s one of the feel good stories that you can really get behind and cheer for throughout. The Rock brings some fun humor to the movie, Pugh does a fantastic job as Paige, and the rest of the cast packs a nice punch as well.

Should I see it?: Yes. I think no matter if you are a wrestling fan or not, this is a well written movie with solid story telling, you laugh, it pulls at the heartstrings and you cheer in triumph at the end.


Hercules Review

So I went to the movies and saw Hercules starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I had some high expectations because I thought the trailer was rather well done. So here is my review of the film.

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WWE Battleground Predictions

Welcome to the Sports Scripts WWE Battleground PPV! This is the perfect time to get back into the prediction scene as WWE seems to start caring about mixing up their shows, and providing something fresh for us to watch. So here’s myself, Bell and Ricky’s predictions for the PPV before SummerSlam, Battleground.

Naomi vs Cameron

Bell: This is a pre-show match for the PPV and could be a sneaky good Divas match if there is such a thing. I’m going to go with Naomi in this match as it seems WWE has had her in bigger pushes within the company and it makes 0 sense for her to lose here.

Ricky: Does anyone care about a woman’s match that doesn’t envolve AJ?????? Give me Naomi just because.

Matt: Cameron is probably the worst character in the WWE right now. There’s a difference between being crazy and being just annoying. Naomi on the other hand is a lot of fun. She’s a solid building block in the new Diva’s division, so she wins her first match as a full-time singles wrestler.

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Colter vs Rusev w/Lana

Bell: I am excited for this match on Sunday. I’ve always liked Swagger a little bit and thought he was loaded with talent. This is a match for him to really show his potential within the company. The battle here is USA vs Russia and I think the Real American comes away with the win in this match. The WWE wouldn’t just pump up Swagger like this to have him get squashed.

Ricky: I’ve really enjoyed the build in this match and think they have finally found something to make Swagger useful but now the question is how long they want this program to last. I think this may get another match at Summerslam, so give me some sort of DQ and Swagger wins.

Matt: Probably the match that I’m looking forward to most. Jack Swagger has always been a personal favourite, when he’s not injuring everyone, and Rusev is from NXT which means I automatically love the guy. Most importantly this is what I call a “Hoss Fight”. Two big dudes running into each other, and hitting each other really hard. Plus, submission finishers. I’ve got Rusev to win the match, but this is hopefully going to continue into SummerSlam.

WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) vs Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

Bell: I’m expecting this to be a nice contest and while I’d love to see The Usos keep the titles it wont happen. I expect the Wyatt family to walk away with the Tag Team gold this Sunday.

Ricky: These guys have had a fantastic feud and really got me excited to see what they will finish with. I think it’s time to give Rowan and Harper the belts. Harper has always been one of my favorite big guys to watch. I’ve watched him back to his Brodie Lee days in Chikara, so I am excited for the future for him as well as what he and Rowan bring to the Tag Team Division.

Matt: Hopefully this is the end of the feud. It’s been really good, but it’s time for both teams to have different competition. Harper and Rowan have become the best tag team in the company, and are primed for a great title run with them winning.

WWE Divas Championship: AJ Lee (c) vs Paige

Bell: Is it possible the PPV could have two solid Divas matches? I think so as AJ Lee is one heck of a wrestler and Paige is going to grow into one very soon. The two matches before were pretty much just quick little matches, but this time around it’s going to be different as they should get some time to showcase their talents. I’ll take AJ Lee in this match as I just don’t think the WWE was happy with Paige as champion.

Ricky: The single two hottest woman in the WWE, PERIOD!!!! AJ is back and I couldn’t be happier. She is the best thing to happen to the Women division in a long long time. So I am definitely ready for another match between these two. It won’t be the typical get up and get a refill of your drink or bathroom break match, this should be fun and AJ wins.

Matt: This should be another really good match, but another one that should’ve been started at SummerSlam. AJ just got her title back and turned face, so she’s going to win, but this will be one of the best Diva’s feuds in years.

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins

Bell: You can mark my words here this match will steal the show on Sunday. These guys are the future of WWE and we will get a taste of it this Sunday. There are two ways I think this match will go and one is a clean win for Ambrose as Rollins has the MITB win already, or Rollins winning due some kind of interference to keep this feud burning.

Ricky: Best match on the card? Probably right next to Wyatt and Jericho, yes. I think this two could steal the show. Look for them to have a good back and forth match and I really look for a big time screw job and Rollins walking away victorious.

Matt: This is the must see match. Not only is it the better wrestling 2/3s of the Shield going at it, but they’ve really made us all emotionally invested in this feud. They really seem like they hate each other, and they’re going to tear down the house. Give me Rollins in some sort of distraction, but with Ambrose standing tall at the end with Rollins in retreat.

Bray Wyatt vs Chris Jericho

Bell: This should be a very solid match that could honestly go either way. I’m not sure what WWE has planned here, but I also think this will be a rematch at Summerslam. I’m going to say Wyatt wins because he’s taken two losses at the last two ppvs.

Ricky: JERICHO IS BACK!!!!!! And he is facing Bray Wyatt!!!!!!!! Love this program, both guys are fantastic on the mic and I expect this to be a really good match. Give me Wyatt with the victory easily setting up for a rematch at Summerslam.

Matt: These two had a really nice match on NXT just over a year ago, and now that they’re continuing the feud on the big stage, I expect an even better match. Bray wins this match, but hopefully this continues right until Jericho leaves again.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal: Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E vs. Bo Dallas vs. Cesaro vs. Curtis Axel vs. Diego vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango vs. Heath Slater vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Rob Van Dam vs. R-Truth vs. Ryback vs. Sheamus vs. Sin Cara vs. The Great Khali vs. The Miz vs. Titus O’Neil vs. Xavier Woods vs. Zack Ryder

Bell: It makes sense for a ton of guys here to get the push with the title, and picking one is really hard. Since this is a predictions article I’ll pick Big E.

Ricky: See now this is fun. I love random battle royals thrown together (sarcasm). I really don’t care who wins this but give me Bo Dallas just because.

Matt: Lots of really fun options in this match like Fandango, BO, The Miz or Big E, but the one guy who’s a must to get it, is Cesaro. And if this means that we’re set up for a Cesaro/Barrett feud down the line, then even better.

WWE Championship Fatal Four-Way: John Cena (c) vs Roman Reigns vs Kane vs Randy Orton

Bell: In my opinion this match is pretty much locked for John Cena to win after we learned of the Plan C on Monday Night Raw. If you read anything about WWE on the internet or are any kind of fan you know who plan C is. Brock Lesnar vs John Cena at Summerslam with Cena as champion, so yes he walks out of Battleground with the gold.

Ricky: Who cares? Cena wins, Cena Wins, Cena Wins…….

Matt: Roman Reigns punches and spears a bunch of dudes, Randy Orton coasts through the match, Kane gets pinned, and Cena wins, LOL.

WWE Extreme Rules Predictions

It is the start of the new WWE year, and with that comes the very first Pay-Per-View, or “special event” as they will be referred to from now on, WWE’s Extreme Rules! Always a fun show based on the numerous gimmick matches that take place, the card is full of change. Guys like Bad New Barrett, Daniel Bryan, Alexander Rusev, Paige and of course, The Shield in the main event. It’s a breath of fresh air to see all this new talent, and for the talent that’s been around for a while that I mentioned above, it’s good to see them being used in new ways, and being pushed to greater heights. So let’s look at Matt Bell’s, Ricky Valero’s and my predictions for Extreme Rules.

Pre-Show WeeLC Match: El Torito vs Hornswoggle

Matt B: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm El Torito? I guess?

Ricky: Look this match is what it is. It’s going to be a comedy match between the two and I am probably more excited about this match than I am the rest of the card. I can’t wait to see this happen. Anyone know what a WeeLC match is? Haha. Going to be a classic match for sure and give me El Torito for the win.

Matt W: This match is going to be a classic. It’s going to have tiny ladders, tiny chairs, maybe a tiny table. Hornswoggle and El Torito have had one of the most entertaining feuds in WWE right now, and I expect this match to be no different. Even if they’re just messing around, these two show more intensity and emotion than most of the guys on the roster. El Torito wins, and it’s going to be gold, perfectly suited for a pre-show match.

Two-on-One Handicap Match: Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs R-Truth and Xavier Woods

Matt B: This match is all about the building of a future superstar in Rusev. He goes over big time in this match and picks up a win over Woods and R-Truth.

Ricky: I HATE THIS MATCH. I don’t like burying two guys to put over another. Rusev wins in dominate fashion.

Matt W: Rusev has become a personal favourite, and of course I’m a big fan of Lana, and Lana’s legs. I feel bad for Xavier Woods because he’s actually talented, but R-Truth is the very bottom of the barrel for me, so I will enjoy seeing Rusev putting a double Accolade onto these two to win.

Cesaro vs Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam

Matt B: This is an interesting match for the PPV and probably will be one of the more entertaining matches of the night. I expect Cesaro to win this match being the Paul Heyman guy to keep building up something special for Cesaro.

Ricky: I don’t really like this match at all but don’t get me wrong it’s going to be a good one. Cesaro with Heyman has been money and I wish they would give Zeb/Heyman more time together on the mics. I really can’t see Cesaro losing this match, it wouldn’t make any sense at all for him to lose here.

Matt W: This match should be pretty good. You have two stalwarts in Cesaro and Swagger, and those two should do some fun things with a high flyer, and smaller guy in Rob Van Dam. Cesaro is going to swing everyone out of the building, and will win this match. Onto bigger and better things for the King of Swing, and the manager of the man who conquered the streak. Did you know that Paul Heyman’s client Brock Lesnar conquered the streak? I feel he should talk more about that…

Divas Championship: Paige (c) vs Tamina Snuka

Matt B: Paige will eventually defend against AJ Lee, but this isn’t AJ Lee and she wins this match.

Ricky: Paige has supplanted AJ as my favorite Diva. She really is the total package and honestly wish she would’ve had a long program with AJ because it would’ve been some good stuff. But this match is really just for Paige to get another win under the belt. Give me Paige to win this won but get beat up pretty bad throughout the match.

Matt W: I’ve been waiting for Paige for so long, and she has not disappointed since coming up. Putting on the best one-on-one Divas matches in the past few months, with such luminaries as Alicia Fox and “Old Glory Knee Dropper” Aksana. The Modified Scorpion Crosslock has been fantastic, and while the match won’t be great, Paige should come out looking pretty good.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs Bad News Barrett

Matt B: The crowd is really into the Bad News Barrett character right now and with a victory over RVD the other night I think that sealed if for me that he finds a way to win this match. I’m afraid Big E will have some Bad News come Sunday night.

Ricky: I am a big time Big E fan and not sure where they can go with from here. He has the potential to be a big star and they have kind of dropped the ball a little as him being IC champ. Bad News Barrett gimmick is awesome, I love it, the crowd loves it and he loves it. They finally might get the ball rolling with the IC title and the guy I would have do it is Barrett. So much potential for him and I can’t wait to see what happens after he wins on Sunday.

Matt W: BAD NOOZ! This man is on fire, not only with the crowd, but in matches as well, and the best thing you can do with a guy who looks amazing in physical, beat ’em up matches, is put him with another big physical dude. Big E is that dude. I love Big E, but I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news, Mr. Barrett is winning the Intercontinental Championship and continuing his role.

Steel Cage Match: John Cena vs Bray Wyatt

Matt B: Wyatt vs Cena I can not wait to see this match. These are two of the best in WWE and I’m not sure how the match will go. I want to see Wyatt win, but I won’t be surprised if Cena wins the match.

Ricky: This match should be fantastic. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a Full on Cena heel turn but we know that won’t happen. I love Bray Wyatt and feel he really needs to win this match. They should continue this feud heading to Summerslam and the only way to do that is if Wyatt beats Cena. Cena doesn’t need this match, Wyatt does.

Matt W: I got my hopes back up for this feud when Bray Wyatt had that amazing opening segment on RAW. But then Cena came back an hour or two later, completely unaffected, and joking again. Sigh, even though Bray Wyatt is going to win this match, it just feels like this could’ve been so much more.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match: Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kane

Matt B: THERE IS NO WAY KANE WINS THIS MATCH!!! Daniel Bryan wins!

Ricky: This match should be fun and filled with a lot of drama. I fully expect some guys to come out and “try” to cost Bryan the title. But at the end of the day we all know that Bryan is going to walk out champion.

Matt W: The build has been great for this feud, not so much because of what Bryan and Kane have done, and they’ve been great, but it’s because of the new Vincent Kennedy McMahon, his daughter Stephanie! The last time we had such an interesting, asshole-ish boss character in WWE, was back when Vinny Mac was in his hey-day. D-Bry wins this match, but not without some interfering from Steph on behalf of Kane.

The Shield vs Evolution

Matt B: Bautista is leaving the company for a while after this match and this fact alone suggests to me that the Shield wins this match.

Ricky: It’s been a really long time since I was looking forward to a match. This match should be fun and just all the way around awesome!!! Orton (while annoying) is really good in the ring, the same can be said for HHH and Batista brings his own big guy element to the matchup as well. Of course you have the Shield. Each guy brings his own unique thing to the table. This match is going to be hard hitting, high flying at times and just a knockdown drag out fight. I am really looking forward to seeing how the match turns out. I am 50/50 on who I think will win this match but give me Evolution but some screwy finish.

Matt W: I’m so excited for this match, it’s insane. The Shield has been absolute gold for a year and a half now, and now they get a main event feud with the re-created Evolution. That’s how much faith they have in these guys. The match should be great, it should be intense, with spears and superman punches flying like wild. With Batista taking time off soon, I expect The Shield to win, and for this magical feud to pick back up in the summer.

Burning Question: Who is the next man up in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship picture? Assuming that Daniel Bryan comes out of this intact, who’s the next man he’ll face at Payback?

Matt B: I think Daniel Bryan should feud with John Cena I’d really like to see them just let Cena become a bad guy and make it in some sort of way where the Bella twins become separated in support of their man.

Ricky: That’s a really tough question on who is the next man up and I think it really depends on who wins that Evolution match as well. I really think they are just going to throw together a couple of matches for Bryan between now and the build for SummerSlam which may be him and Batista. So honestly right now I am not sure who the next guy will be up, but consider my interest peaked for sure.

Matt W: I feel similarly to Ricky, in that they’re going to be putting individual people against Daniel Bryan, in a continuation of the Authority storyline. I expect perhaps Orton and Triple H in a triple threat at Payback, but by the time SummerSlam rolls around, I’m thinking, maybe CM Punk, and we can continue their awesome 2012 feud in the main event.

So there are our predictions for the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. Make sure to check out Ricky and myself’s inaugural The Wrestling Script podcast episode right here, and tune in Sunday morning at 12ET to watch our Extreme Rules preview.

WrestleMania 30 Reactions

Welcome back to the Sports Script, and this past Sunday we witnessed the extravagance, the pageantry of the greatest show on the planet, WrestleMania 30! It was one wild roller coaster of a night, and I will give WWE a ton of credit for making it a truly memorable night. Myself and Ricky are here to give our reactions of the night, now that we’ve had a couple nights to digest all of it, so here are our WrestleMania 30 reactions:

Best Moment

Ricky: I would have to say the opening of the show. Seeing Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and The Rock all in the ring at one time was so surreal. Even better was making a Hogan flub with the Silverdome thing and making it a comedic moment to remember forever.

Matt W: There is no other answer to this question. Cesaro winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal was great, but this was Daniel Bryan’s night. Just him with those two titles high over head, YES-ing along with 75,000 people is something that I’ll never forget. It was truly YEStleMania

Best Match

Ricky: HHH/Bryan – I am not sure it was really close either. These two really kicked the hell out of each other and put on one heck of a show. HHH sold for Bryan like I haven’t seen him sell for someone in a very long time. HHH knows what he is doing and he is taking this company to the next level and he propelled Bryan tonight by doing so.

Matt W: HHH/Bryan – Shockingly, the best match also involved Daniel Bryan, but it was the opening bout of the show. Daniel Bryan vs Triple H was a masterpiece, of submission and chain wrestling, but with so much passion added in. Triple H wasn’t carried either, I truly believe this is the greatest match of his career. Triple H has never been this good as a character, and apparently as a wrestler as well.

Best Entrance

Ricky: Bray Wyatt – I love his entrance normally and the personal feel they are giving week to week with it now is even cooler. Easily hands down my favorite entrance of the night.

Matt W: Bray Wyatt – It’s the easy answer saying the Undertaker’s entrance, but it didn’t do much for me this time. Instead, I’ll go with Bray Wyatt’s entrance, and the live playing of his theme song “Broken Out in Love” by Mark Crozier and the Rels. That was a truly creepy moment, with the clapping, and I think we’ve found our spiritual successor to the Undertaker’s entrances.

Biggest Shock

Ricky: The easiest question to answer on here. Brock Lesnar beat the Streak. I was floored when this happened, I looked down and boom it was over. The way that Paul Heyman and the 75,000 people that were there reacted was UNREAL. This is probably the biggest surprise in wrestling since Hogan turning heel with the NWO? The Montreal Screw Job? While there has been a lot of complaints on it happening, I can honestly say that I was very happy with the way it ended. No Lesnar didn’t “need” to win but it has given the whole world something to talk about outside Bryan finally becoming champion.

Matt W: Nothing compares to The Streak being broken. I think people had the idea in their heads that Lesnar never stood a realistic chance in hell in this match, but WWE got us good. I’ve never seen a crowd in stunned silence like that. 75,000 people, completely snuffed out. They couldn’t even bring themselves to boo.

Biggest Letdown

Ricky: Wyatt/Cena – While it was good at certain moments and told a solid story around the whole Cena having this dark side to him. It just really wasn’t all there for me. I would’ve liked to see more wrestling between the two as we know they both can go.

Matt W: Wyatt/Cena – My biggest letdown was Bray-Cena. It wasn’t a bad match, but it wasn’t the instant classic I was expecting, and Cena doing his same song and dance to win was just disappointing. It could’ve truly been the future’s night if Bray had won, but I guess we can’t ask for too much.

Worst Match

Ricky: Diva’s Title Match? I guess. I don’t know it was a filler like it is every year in between the Semi-Main and Main. Just didn’t do anything for me and the right person won.

Matt W: I guess that I’ll be going with the Divas Invitational Match, but honestly wasn’t that bad. There were some nice things done in that match, especially when the Bellas channelled their inner Bryan and did a double suicide dive onto everyone. Still, it really just couldn’t stand up to the rest of the stellar card.

Best Performer

Ricky: Daniel Bryan by default? He and HHH put on one of the best matches of the year and beat the crap out of each other for over 30 minutes. While it may have been almost 3 hours later Bryan came out and wrestled in the Main Event triple threat

Matt W: Hey guess who this is? Daniel Bryan! Bryan went a total of something like nearly an hour of wrestling on Sunday, and he didn’t miss a beat. He is a wrestling machine, whether it’s making a five star classic with Triple H, or carrying Batista to a good match. He took that scary Batista Bomb/Reverse RKO through the table like a champ.

General Thoughts

Ricky: I really enjoyed the show and really feel like it’s finally taking WWE in the right direction. While Cena/Wyatt disappointed, Cesaro winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royal, Bryan/HHH being good and Lesnar beating the streak, there was enough good to make up for the few slight disappointments.

Matt W: My overall thoughts were this was a great WrestleMania. It had an excellent first couple matches, and really didn’t miss a beat very often. The crowd was great, but understandably was ruined by the main event after that Undertaker shocker, but Daniel Bryan completely rejuvenated them. Overall, they made a great night.

Overall WrestleMania Score

Ricky: 8.5/10

Matt W: 9/10

Burning Question: WWE went with the future tonight, and said to fans of the past, that this is a new era. Where does WWE go from here? Who will reign supreme in this new era along with Daniel Bryan?

Ricky: The “New Era” that WWE is here. I have been and on/off WWE watcher over the past few years and for the first time in a long time I am genuinely looking forward to seeing what the future holds. The build has been great, they’ve got all the young talent in the world to make this really work out. Bryan/Cesaro/Wyatt/The Shield are the immediate future and that is really awesome.

Matt W: I think we saw this last night on RAW, but the future is now. NXT is going to be taking over the show, and I couldn’t be happier. Guys like Bryan, Cesaro, Wyatt, The Shield, Big E, Rusev, PAIGE!! They are the future of this business, and showed up in a big way last night. I couldn’t be happier after WrestleMania, and somehow I got even happier after RAW. WWE is truly in great hands. #TheFutureIsNow

So there you have it, our WrestleMania 30 reactions. This was a phenomenal show, with some incredible lasting memories. In my opinion, it was the fourth best WrestleMania of all time, only beat out by 20, 3 and 17.

If you haven’t checked out our WrestleMania podcast, make sure to do so here, and keep checking in on The Sports Script as we bring more wrestling content in the coming weeks.

WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

Welcome back to another edition of our WWE PPV predictions, this time we have one of my favourite gimmick matches in the Elimination Chamber. We’re only weeks away from the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania, so a lot of important things will be happening on Sunday. We’ve got a star studded match inside the Chamber, that has only seemed to look even better as the weeks passed, and we also have one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history, and that is not an overstatement in The Wyatt Family vs The Shield. But first, let’s get to the pre-show…

Pre-Show: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs RybAxel

Matt B: RybAxel wins this one as there is no reason for the Rhodes brothers to win. I think this match will end with some friction between the two brothers that leads up to their rumored match at WrestleMania.

Ricky: RybAxel is such an awful name honestly. Can anyone believe how Goldust has looked on this run he has had over the last few months? He has looked great in the ring and wrestled well. It’s nice to see an “older” star keep it together and still is able to go every now and then. Ummm toss a coin here and give me the brothers.

Matt W: Of all the tag teams in WWE right now, the one that I can’t truly enjoy, is RybAxel. I’ve grown to like Ryback more, but they don’t have anything special together. I think the Brotherhood wins this one, but not without some friction, think Cody or Goldie tagging in blind and stealing a pin. Nothing to send it over the edge, but enough to create discomfort.

Darren Young vs. Titus O’Neil

Matt B: This is by far the worst match on the card and I don’t even understand why two guys that no one enjoys watching on Raw even make it to the pay-per view card. I think Titus O’Neil wins this match, but there is much better talent in the WWE locker room worthy of a match on this PPV.

Ricky: Titus is getting the big push and should handle Young rather easily in this matchup. O’Neil has the size and the look but not sure it will really amount too much.

Matt W: I’ve really liked what Titus has brought these past few weeks, he’s super entertaining, full of confidence, and is decent in the ring as well. He wins this one.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Batista

Matt B: Does anyone really think Alberto Del Rio has a chance to win this match? NO!

Ricky: It’s really interesting to hear the rumors of Del Rio maybe leaving when his contract expires soon. With that being said he has no chance in this match at all. I would have a better chance of winning this match. (I would destroy Batista, Well maybe with a little help from Matt Bell and Matt Wincherauk we could get him). But yeah 45 Batista bombs later and Batista wins.

Matt W: I think the Sports Script trio could take down Batista, considering he can hardly move, but in this match, BOO-tista will win. Let’s just hope he doesn’t tear anything trying to Batista Bomb Del Rio.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The New Age Outlaws (c) vs. The Usos

Matt B: I’m going to just go with my hopes here and that is that The Usos win and the New Age Outlaws get back out of the rings. They are entertaining, but they are old and the tag team division has to much talent for them to be holding the belts.

Ricky: The Usos have been getting a nice little side push (for the 80th time) but give me the NAO to keep the belts heading in WrestleMania.

Matt W: I wish I could say that the Usos are going to win this match, but they aren’t. They’re setting up a big moment at Wrestlemania for the New Age Outlaws to drop the titles, and it won’t be to the Usos. Unfortunate, but these guys will eventually get their run after Mania some time.

Intercontinental Championship: Big E (c) vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter

Matt B: Big E wins this one as Jack Swagger has a potential feud building with Cesaro and Zeb Colter. Big E still has a lot he can do for the Intercontinetal division and it makes little to no sense for Swagger to take that as he’s in a let down stage for Colter.

Ricky: Big E is one of my favorite up and coming wrestlers. I really wish they would adapt the “count to 5” thing he had going on in NXT. He has a great look and I swear should be pushed to the moon. Swagger has been in a bit of a slump as of late and I think that continues here. Give me Big E with the W.

Matt W: Big E has supplanted Damien Sandow as my personal favourite. His charisma is really shining through, and once he start five-ing it up, then he’s going straight to the moon. Jack Swagger has been really good of late despite losing a lot of matches, so he should be a lot of fun even in a loss. Two personal favourites of mine, and Zeb Colter should mean for a fun match.

The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

Matt B: I actually will be watching the PPV just for this match as I think it could be a nice brawl. The Wyatt Family will walk away with the win in the end though as I believe we start to see The Shield coming to an end as they’ve already shown signs of making these guys individual stars.

Ricky: The match I am really looking forward to the most. The potential is endless for this match and it’s been a really long time since we have seen a match between two “bad guy” teams like this and I am truly excited for it. Dean Ambrose is one of the best things going for the company and Roman Reigns is the “next big thing” no offense Brock. I think the Shield should win as the Family doesn’t “need” this victory. But maybe some arguing between Shield members or a walk out by Reigns sets up a Wyatt Family win.

Matt W: No joke, one of the most anticipated matches in WWE history, these two are going to blow the roof off the place. All the tense moments in the past week, Bray and even Luke’s awesome talking, the friction between the Shield, Roman Reigns somehow becoming more badass, and Ambrose playing the role of the poser to perfection, this match has everything. This is why I’m tuning in, even above the Elimination Chamber match.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena vs Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus vs Christian vs Cesaro

Matt B: This has a ton of talent in the match, but it all comes down to who WWE thinks they can build a WrestleMania card around. Randy Orton wins the match and goes on to feud with Batista for a showdown at the Big Show. I’m looking for them to build Cesaro in this match as he will perform very well, not pick up the win. I can see Christan becoming the bad guy in the match sitting up him and Sheamus for a match and don’t be surprised if the Wyatt Family cost Cena somehow.

Ricky: I am so excited that they left Cesaro in this match. THIS GUY IS A STAR!!!!!!! I have seen this guy in person (trained with him a little) and he is strong as an ox. But yeah Christian isn’t going to win as he isn’t the “IT” guy anymore, Sheamus really has no place in this match (nor do I like him), Cesaro I think comes down to the final 3 but gets eliminated by Bryan. Which leaves us with Orton, Cena and Bryan, Cena will be eliminated somehow by Bray Wyatt interference and I think that would lead to a final two between Bryan and Orton. As much as I would like to see Bryan win the title and head into the WrestleMania Main Event champion, that’s just not going to happen. The WWE wants Batista vs. Orton way too bad at Mania and that’s sadly what we are going to get.

Matt W: Now this is going to be a phenomenal match. Four guys that I love are in this match, and two that I think are doing really good things as well. Cesaro is almost as hot as Daniel Bryan right now, and I’d look for him to continue to be strong, Bryan should be a finalist, Cena might get a Wyatt beating, Sheamus fits perfect inside the Chamber with his physical style and has been having quality matches just under that Bryan-Cesaro-Shield level of late, I’d hope that Orton plays the role of a snake and sneaks out with a win, and Christian… Well he’s there too. This has the makings of the best Chamber match in years, so you cannot miss it.

Burning Question:

The Wyatt Family and the Shield are the hottest thing going in WWE right now, and will have an epic clash at Elimination Chamber. Where do these two teams go afterwards? Who does Bray Wyatt target, and how does this Shield breakup scenario play out?

Matt B: Bray Wyatt is going to be matched up with Cena at WrestleMania and I believe that all starts here as they attack him in the PPV. The Shield will probably continue to show dysfunction into Raw on Monday possibly sitting them up for a match at WrestleMania after one turns on the others.

Ricky: As I said earlier I think Wyatt interferes and cost Cena the title during the Chamber, so I think that’s where they are going.

As for the Shield you really see the whole break up happening which is truly sad to see. I really think they should have a “make up” with them and maybe go after someone else and play it up and eventually heading into next year’s Mania we get Ambrose vs. Reigns. Ambrose and Rollins are going to get lost in the shuffle once the feud with Reigns is over. Reigns is going to turn into a massive baby face for the company and someone I could see them feuding Orton or maybe Batista down the road. I could even see him helping out Cena with the Wyatt family and getting that nice little rub from him.


Matt W: I think that Bray Wyatt gets involved with John Cena, in a feud that could really put him over the top, if he wasn’t there already. As for The Shield, the obvious answer is that they move into full breakup mode. I’d like to see these guys not completely break up, but kind of stay friends while going there own ways. That being said, that probably won’t happen, but I’ll be fine if I see a Shield Triple Threat match for the US Title at Wrestlemania.

Enjoy the PPV folks, and we’ll see you back here in a few weeks for our Wrestlemania extravaganza!

WWE Royal Rumble Predictions

Welcome back to another WWE pay-per-view predictions piece, this time we have the Royal Rumble, probably my favourite PPV in the WWE calendar. The card so far is a bit underwhelming in my opinion, with a “traditional” match between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton and challenger John Cena. We also have Brock Lesnar making his return vs the The Big Show, Bray Wyatt takes on Daniel Bryan to end their feud, but of course we save the best for the last, the 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble match, which once again promises to be a great match.

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Rhodes Brothers (c) vs The New Age Outlaws
Matt B: What in the world are The New Age Outlaws doing back right now? I haven’t been able to figure it out, but I actually expect them to win this match. The Rhodes brothers are going to split up and compete at Wrestlemania.
Ricky: I belive we are going to be setting up the Cody vs. Dustin match for Mania. I’ve been super impressed with how Billy Gunn is wrestling and he and Punk had a great match on RAW. So give me the New Age Outlaws to get one more run with the Tag Team titles.
Matt W: I’m not going to change this trend, and I’ll pick the New Age Outlaws to win this match. I think we’ll see the Rhodes Brothers face off at Wrestlemania, and this is the beginning. They’ll challenge for the tag titles again at Elimination Chamber, and that’s when we’ll see them break up.
Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Matt B: Daniel Bryan isn’t in the Royal Rumble match and is the biggest thing going right now for the WWE. That being said I don’t see anyway he loses to Wyatt this Sunday.
Ricky: This should be one heck of a match. Both guys have built a very nice program and despite the weird Bryan being bad and now being good crap. But this should end in a Bryan win via DQ and the Family coming out and beating the crap out of Bryan.
Matt W: I think it’s time that this fantastic feud come to an end. We saw Daniel Bryan turn from the Wyatts and come back even more popular than before. It’s time for Bryan and Bray to move on to bigger, and better things.
The Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Matt B: Lesnar will win against the Big Show as he’s going to be one of WWEs stars heading to Wrestlemania. What better way to build him up than have him beat up a giant in the Big Show.
Ricky: This has MEH written all over it. Not looking forward to this match really at all. Could be a fun little match in the battle of the big man but Brock can’t lose as we get closer to Wrestlemania.
Matt W: I’m not too excited for this match, but it is always fun to see two massive human beings crash into each other, and although he’s done it before numerous times, it’ll be great to see Brock Lesnar get Show up for the F-5. Give me Brock Lesnar.
WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena
Matt B: Randy Orton will defeat John Cena on Sunday at the Royal Rumble something many fans are not used to seeing. Cena doesn’t hardly ever lose matches like this but I just feel WWE will be better with Orton holding the title heading to Wrestlemania  as a true heel character.
Ricky: The whole Corporate thing is just dumb to me. I am really tired of seeing Orton as champion. I don’t like the guy really and he just is boring. Cena has to win here and move this along and hopefully this is the last time we have to suffer through this two wrestling each other.
Matt W: I’m going to stick with Randy Orton in this situation, because of how badly they’ve made him look in the past few weeks. I’m ready for this feud to be done for good, so how about we pretend to like this match, and WWE never gives it to us again.
30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Matt B: The Royal Rumble will be won by Batista as many predict. He will be left with just CM Punk when all is said and done.
Ricky: Honestly it comes between two guys Batista or Daniel Bryan. I really don’t see them letting Bryan winning this thing, so I am leaning Batista. A few surprise guys that it’s possible are either Brock or CM Punk. But if I had to choose one guy it would be Batista as he tosses Bryan out for the win.
Matt W: The Royal Rumble is my favourite gimmick match in wrestling, with Money in the Bank coming a close second. I was on the Daniel Bryan bandwagon for months, even when he was part of the Wyatt Family, but because he’s not even guaranteed to be in the match itself, I’ll take Batista, who will meet Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.
Burning Question: 
This past RAW saw the return of the “Animal” Batista. What do you guys think is the plan for Batista as we get on the Road to Wrestlemania? Are you excited to have Batista back in the WWE?
Matt B: This leads to my burning question as yes Batista has always been one of my favorites in the WWE. He will headline mania against Randy Orton when all is said and done.
Ricky: Excited? Maybe depending on how they use the guy. I am not overly fond of watching him wrestle but he is surely a fresh face compared to terrible Orton. I could see him easily winning the Royal Rumble and being in the title picture come Wrestlemania. I don’t see any other reason they brought him back except to get the title around his waist.
Matt W: I am. It brings me back to the good old days of Smackdown 2006. Batista might be older that Triple H, but he brings back great memories, and he’ll be around full-time, for a very long time. So yes, I’m quite excited for him to be back.

The 1st Annual Sports Script Oscar Nominations

The Oscar season is right around the corner which is easily one of my favorite times of the year. I like reflecting on the movies from the years past and comparing the movies nominated to what I liked. I always watch the movie nominated no matter what type of movie it is or if it even looks interesting to me. I do this every year but this will be my 1st annual The Sports Script Oscar picks. January 14th is the day the nominations are announced and today I will give you who I think should get the nominations as well around March the 2nd (before the award show) I will give you my picks on who I think will win that were actually nominated. So here we go.

*updated 01/06/13 after watching Dallas Buyers Club*

The 1st Annual the Sports Script Oscar Picks

Best Picture

Captain Phillips
The Wolf of Wall Street
Saving Mr. Banks
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Out of the Furnace
Dallas Buyers Club

Best Director

Martin Scorsese – The Wolf of Wall Street
Paul Greengrass – Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen – 12 Years a Slave
David O. Russell – American Hustle
Scott Cooper – Out of the Furnace

Best Actor

Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips
Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Years a Slave
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street
Christian Bale – American Hustle
Hugh Jackman – Prisoners

Best Actress

Cate Blanchett – Jasmine
Sandra Bullock – Gravity
Emma Thompson – Saving Mr. Banks
Carey Mulligan – The Great Gatsby

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle
Lupita Nyongo – 12 Years a Slave
Octavia Spencer – Fruitvale Station
Oprah Winfrey – The Butler
Jennifer Garner – Dallas Buyers Club

Best Supporting Actor

Barkhad Abdi – Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks – Saving Mr. Banks
Bradley Cooper – American Hustle
Daniel Bruhl – Rush
Woody Harrelson – Out of the Furnace

Original Screen Play

Fruitvale Station
American Hustle
Saving Mr. Banks

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Wolf of Wall Street
Captain Phillips
12 Years a Slave

Best Score

The Great Gatsby
Captain Phillips
12 Years a Slave

Best Song

Young and Beautiful – The Great Gatsby
Love is Blindness – The Great Gatsby
Atlas – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Let It Go – Frozen

Best Cinematography

12 Years a Slave
Captain Phillips

Best Visual Effects

Pacific Rim
World War Z
The Lone Ranger
Iron Man 3
Thor: The Dark World

Best Make Up and Hairstyling

American Hustle
The Great Gatsby
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Lone Ranger
Dallas Buyers Club

Best Costume Design

The Great Gatsby
American Hustle
Oz the Great and Powerful
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

There you have it my 2014 Oscar picks, make sure to watch the Oscar Nomination show on January 14th and check out my latest piece here at the Sports Script where I review every movie I saw in 2013.

Disagree? Agree? Movie I am missing? Hit me up on twitter @rickygangster and let me know.

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A Review of All the Movies I saw in 2013

I am a huge movie goer and actually at the theater quite often. Whether I am on lunch break at work or on a vacation, I am always trying to make it to the cinema. 2013 was a great year for movies and a ton of movie came out that were definitely worth going and seeing. I saw almost 80 films that came out in 2013 and still have a list of the movies that I haven’t seen yet and will update the list as I do. Below I will list in no particular order of my top 10 movies of the year, my top 5 performances of the year and I will give you a chart with what movies I saw and a little one sentence review of it and how many stars I gave the film.

My Top 10 Movies of 2013 (In no particular order)This was a lot harder to make a list of 10 than I thought it would be.

This is the End
Olympus has Fallen
The Great Gatsby
Now You See Me
You’re Next
Captain Phillips
The Wolf of Wall Street
American Hustle
Lone Survivor

My Top 5 Performances in a movie

Hugh Jackman – Prisoners
Christian Bale – American Hustle/Out of the Furnance
Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips
Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Year a Slave
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Great Gatsby

Now onto the list of movies that I saw in 2013 and a short one-line review and how many stars I gave it. *Updated 01/07/13*

The movie stars are on scale of 0-5 stars. 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Movie Short Review Stars
Gangster Squad Great cast and awesome movie *** 1/2
A Haunted House Just another terrible spoof movie *
Broken City Tons hated this movie but I really liked it ***
Last Stand Arnold is back but this movie fell flat **
Parker A lot like other Jason Statham movies good not great **
Warm Bodies Boring, not funny and just a waste of my time *
Bullet to the Head Stallone is just kick ass at anything he does. **1/2
Identity Thief I liked it the 2nd & 3rd time better than I did the 1st. Pretty Funny ***
A Good Day to Die Hard Jai Courtney is a future star. Willis & company kept me   entertained ***
Beautiful Creatures Not good, Not terrible just not my cup of tea. **
Snitch Jon Bernthal is great in this & the Rock delivers again. ***
21 and over Tried way too hard in this to make it funny, mediocre at best. **
Dead Man Down Way better than it should’ve ever been. ** 1/2
Oz the great and powerful Visually really good, enjoyable movie. ** 1/2
The Call High hopes & let down. Terrible movie *
Spring Breakers FRANCO KILLS IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Loved this! ****
Incredible Burt Wonderstone Not good not funny just should’ve never made it to theaters
Olympus Has Fallen So good. Start to finish a really good movie ***1/2
Admission Tina Fey is hot, Tina Fey is hot. That’s about it. *
GI Joe Retaliation 1st move was good & this one didn’t disappoint. **1/2
The Place Beyond the Pines Ryan Gosling kills it. One of the MUST SEE movies of the year *****
Jurassic Park 3D The 3D done on this was done perfect. ***1/2
The Company You Keep Shia LeBeouf was great. Robert Redford is the man! ****
Trance Boring, stupid and just not good. *
Evil Dead Worst movie of the year is an understatement.
42 Great movie about one of the best baseball players ever! ***
Scary Movie 5 Funny at times but like the rest just an average movie. **
Pain and Gain Top 5 funniest movies of the year easily. ****
Iron Man 3 Favorite Iron Man movie, Downey Jr is money as Tony Starks ***
The Great Gatsby Not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this film. *****
Star Trek Into Darkness A sequel that was much better than the original, suprising. ***
Fast & Furious 6 Over the top, crazy & a kick ass time at the movies. RIP Paul Walker ****
Hangover part III Not nearly as bad as II but not on the same level as the 1st. **
Now You See Me Top movie of the year for me. The whole cast/movie was money. ****
The East All over the place and sad because it had some real potential. *
The Purge Look so forward to this movie and it let me down big time. *
The Internship One of the most underrated/under apperciated movies of the year. ***1/2
The Heat Bullock & McCarthy team up one of funniest movies of the year. ****
Man of Steel Henry Cavill was good as Superman but the movie lacked something **1/2
Vehicle 19 Not bad but felt like it was a movie I have seen before. **
This Is the End The funniest movie since the Hangover. *****
World War Z Brad Pitt in his best movie of his career. *** 1/2
Lone Ranger Johnny Depp always plays weird characters. Meh movie **
The Way Way Back One of the feel good movies of the year. Loved it ****
Grown Ups 2 Was it possible to be worse than the 1st? Please stop makint these. *
Pacific Rim It was fun to see on the big screen but wasn’t a great movie. ** 1/2
RIPD Thought it was possible to be a good movie, boy was I wrong. *
Red 2 Not as fun as the 1st but not a bad sequel at all. **
Wolverine Way better than the 1st and a solid piece to the franchise. ***
2 Guns Denzel & Marky Mark, combo made in heaven. Loved it. *** 1/2
We’re the Millers 1000% better than I would’ve thought. Aniston is HOTTT in this. ****
Kick Ass 2 Funny spots but not nearly as good as the 1st. Let down big time. **
Paranoia Liam Hemsworth is a star in the making. ***
You’re Next Underrated movie of the year. Great film that kept you guessing *** 1/2
The Family Terrible just terrible. Good acting but the plot holes were huge! *
Prisoners Arguably the best film of the year. MUST SEE!!!!!!! *****
Rush Fantastic Film. Daniel Bruhl was money. ***
Don Jon JGL 1st direct/star movie and it was a fun little popcorn flick. ***
Gravity Lots of praise but not be me at all. Mediocre at best. **
Runner Runner Very smart movie that won’t get the credit it deserves. ***
Captain Phillips Loved it! Tom Hanks derserves some award buzz for his role in this. ****
Escape Plan Very good movie. Loved the concept and the old times killed it. *** 1/2
Thor – The Dark World Light years better than the original. Hemsworth is carving his nitch. ****
Hunger Games – Catching Fire So so good. I am already for the 3rd movie. ****
Homefront Good, not great but James Franco played a great villian. ** 1/3
Grudge Match It wasn’t terrible by any means but wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. ** 1/2
The Wolf of Wall Street Fun FUN FUN FUN – Don’t listen to the critics go enjoy this movie!!! ****
Lone Survivor One of/if not the best time I’ve ever had inside a theater. *****
Jobs Not as bad as some of sad but left you wanting a lot more. ***
Blue Caprice If you know the story than you really need to see this movie. ***
The Worlds End Terrible. *
Mud Long but McConaughey is becoming one of my favorite actors. ** 1/2
12 years a slave Just brilliant film. Chiwetel Ejiofor is name you should know. ****
Fruitvale Station Michael B Jordan has arrived in the movie scene. *** 1/2
Only God Forgives This gave Evil Dead it’s run of worst movie of 2013. no stars
Out Of the Furnace Harrelson & Bale give some of the best perf. of 2013. ****
American Hustle Nothing about this movie was bad. Cast/Story/Score all perfect. **** 1/2
Dallas Buyers Club McConaughey/Leto were absolutley amazing in this! ****
Saving Mr. Banks Tom Hanks is back and better than ever. *** 1/2
The Butler Just wasn’t very good. **
The Kings of Summer Fun movie with a very cool story and some solid young acting. ***

Side note – If there were any films in 2013 that I haven’t listed and you think I should check out or if there is any film on this list that I gave a bad review and think I should give a second chance let me know. Comment below or hit me up on twitter @rickygangster