WWE TLC Predictions

Alright folks, we’re back to bring you some WWE pay-per-view predictions, this time it will with Tables Ladders and Chairs! WWE has put together a very nice card, headlined by the enormous match between World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, and WWE Champion Randy Orton in a TLC match to unify the two championships. The undercard is looking pretty good with Damien Sandow and Big E Langston clashing for the Intercontinental Championship, and a fatal fourway for the Tag Team championships as well. But let’s take a look at the predictions, and our burning question!

Pre-Show: Dolph Ziggler vs Fandango

Matt Bell: It’s funny almost how far Dolph Ziggler’s act has fallen after being champion just a short time ago. Fandango burst onto the scene this year, but apparently that’s not working out either since he’s “pre-show”. I’ll take Dolph Ziggler in this one as I see no reason for WWE to have him lose to Fandango.

Ricky: Ziggler seems to be getting back on the right track and I like him to win this match.

Matty W: Both men have fallen from the graces of the WWE brass, but both are fantastic workers and will put on a very enjoyable pre-show match. Love both of these guys, but I’ll go with Ziggler just because faces almost always win pre-show matches.

Handicap Match: The Wyatt Family vs Daniel Bryan

Matt Bell: What is up with the handicap matches at this show? I really am not a fan of the 3 on 1 handicap matches as it makes 0 sense for 1 man to beat 3 huge animals in the Wyatt Family. Bryan probably puts up some sort of fight maybe he wins by DQ, but the Wyatt family has to win the make this look real in my opinion.

Ricky: Shenanigans is bound for both of the Handicap matches but I think somehow, some way Bryan comes out victorious in this match.

Matty W: Here we have the first of two 3-1 handicap matches, with Daniel Bryan taking on the entire, monstrous Wyatt Family. Obviously Bryan is meant to be the super underdog here, and I don’t think he’ll pull this one out. But that’s not why I’m interested in this match. Things are going down between Bryan and the Wyatts. This could go a number of ways, so see the next handicap match to see where I think they’re going.

Handicap Match: The Shield vs CM Punk

Matt Bell: If you look at everything I just said about the other handicap match well throw it out the window for this one. I think we are seeing the end of The Shield somewhat and some type of miscommunication will lead to a CM Punk win. They are going to build CM Punk back up as Wrestlemania is just around the corner .

Ricky: As I spoke earlier about Shenanigans having a huge part in both Handicap matchups. I am personally not a fan of the whole Handicap matchup for either but the angle they are running right now is a lot of fun. Punk and Bryan are two of my favorite wrestlers in the WWE. Give me the Shield but I think it could go either way for the match.

Matty W: The next handicap match sees the mighty Shield take on everyone’s favourite anti-superstar CM Punk. In this one I see CM Punk coming out with the win just because the Shield have begun to show cracks in their armour. Personally, I could see WWE doing a match at ‘Mania with the entire Shield going for the US Championship. As for Punk, I feel we’re heading towards a Bryan vs Punk showdown, and my guess is it will be at Royal Rumble.

Divas Championship: AJ Lee (c) vs Natalya

Matt Bell: AJ Lee has held the title for quite some time now, but WWE is all about Total Divas right now and with that being said I’m taking Natalya to win this match. The women’s title being focused on during Total Divas would sure help the show.

Ricky: AJ will you marry me? No. Bummer. I think Natalya ends the reign here and beats Natalya. (Hope AJ can forgive me for that)

Matty W: AJ is the only redeemable thing about the Divas division right now, besides Kaitlyn who’s to busy being buried at every turn (Who gets pinned off a dropkick?). Anyway, I see AJ retaining here because WWE has gotten into the bad habit of the champion losing all his/her non-championship matches, and winning all the championship matches. We’re all just sitting here, waiting for Paige to come up…

Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston (c) vs Damien Sandow

Matt Bell: This is an interesting match and both men are receiving pushes from the company right now. My question I’ve pondered is that with the unification of the titles does the IC title become more relevant now? I think it does and to me with both guys getting a push it makes no sense for Big E Langston to lose this match. However, with Langston winning I don’t think this feud will end after this match and look for a rematch maybe even on Raw the next night.

Ricky: I’ve been watch Langston since he was in NXT. He has big star potential and has a big future in front of him. Sandow is a solid guy to have on the roster as well but Langston is getting the big push right now, I like him to retain.

Matty W: Probably my two biggest crushes right now as competitors, besides Roman Reigns, are Big E and my Intellectual Saviour. E is well on his way to the upper card of the show, so I don’t see him losing this quickly into his first reign. Should be a decent match, as both are very capable workers. 

WWE Tag Team Championships: The Rhodes Brothers (c) vs The Real Americans vs RybAxel vs The Big Show & Rey Mysterio

Matt Bell: This match is just something they’ve thrown together to get the Tag Team belts on the card. I’ll take the Rhodes Brothers as they seem to be really working out well for WWE right now.

Ricky: Seems the more you hear the more talk about reviving the Tag Title division. I really can’t wait for this to happen so we don’t have more of these matches. None of these teams really make too much sense to win other than the Rhodes Brothers, so give me them.

Matty W: I love what WWE has done with its tag team division. With the Shield and Wyatts in other matches, they still managed to put two great teams, (The Rhodes Brothers and The Real Americans), a solid team, (RybAxel) and an interesting team that was just thrown together (I’ll call them ShowSterio). None of these teams have what it takes to believably take the titles from the Rhodes save for the Real Americans, but now isn’t their time, so give me The Rhodes Brothers to retain.

Championship Unification TLC Match: WWE Champion Randy Orton vs World Heavyweight Champion John Cena

Matt Bell: I’ll start off by saying whoever wins this match will walk into Wrestlemania the champion of the WWE. I love the fact that both belts are now going to be just 1 belt. I think WWE can keep a more interesting storyline going with Orton as champion and Cena trying to win the title. If they let Cena win it’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where the main event at Wrestlemania would be something we haven’t had before. I’ll take Orton in this match, but look for thie feud to continue through Royal Rumble.

Ricky: Not a fan of Orton at all and don’t think he should be in the Heavyweight title picture. But since we are here I have seen a lot about how they will both come down with the belt and blah blah but I think Cena wins (or something weird happens) and is the only logical choice here.

Matty W: I’ll be honest, I had no interest in this match until that final RAW segment, and now I actually care to see Cena vs Orton for 1000th time! This is going to be a big match, maybe not as big as WWE has been pushing it, but big nonetheless. Randy Orton has looked so inept these past few weeks that I think it has to be him, to throw us a swerve. I also wouldn’t put it past WWE to guarantee us new champions and then just have them grab each others titles, making Cena WWE champ, and Orton World champ. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

Burning Question: The end of RAW this week was phenomenal cluster of chaos, with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Triple H AND Shawn Michaels all getting involved to go along with the two World Champions. Where is this going with the Road to Wrestlemania almost upon us?

Matt Bell: This is all just setting up some future fueds for Mania! CM PUNK will take on ORTON or will it be CM Punk and Daniel Bryan against DX? I’m not 100% sure where that is going, but I do have to say I loved the way Raw ended and it actually left me ready for Sundays PPV.

Ricky: I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Punk turning on Bryan thing setting up Wrestlemania but look for a Triple H vs. CM Punk potential Wrestlemania matchup. With the set up coming this past week on RAW between the two. I hope Michaels stays retired in all these scenarios but I like what they are doing now more than I did a few months ago. It should be an exciting build towards WM indeed.

Matty W: This is full of amazing scenarios. The one that will happen is Triple H vs CM Punk so Punk can get revenge from over two years ago. The other possibility that has a good chance in my books, is Bryan vs Michaels, which might be the best thing of all time. The final scenario I see as a very slight chance, is to have The Meta Powers (Bryan and Punk) take on D-Generation X (Triple H and Michaels) at Wrestlemania. This would be too amazing, so I don’t see it happening. But whatever happens, it’s going to be very good.

So there you guys have it, our final predictions for Sunday’s TLC! The Road to Wrestlemania is nearly upon us, and this will be a fantastic way to kick things off. Up next… The Royal Rumble!


WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

After a one pay-per-view break at Battleground, we are back with more WWE PPV predictions for the upcoming Hell in a Cell, one of my personal favorite gimmick matches or all time. WWE has put together a very nice card after the very disappointing Battleground, so be ready for some great matches, and the end to some great feuds. Matt Bell, Ricky Valero and Matt Wincherauk are here to give you their thoughts on the matches on the card, as well as one big burning question that every WWE fan has on their mind. So, let’s hop right into it with the pre-show.

Hell in a Cell Predictions

Curtis Axel (Champion) vs Big E Langston – Intercontinental Championship

Matt B: The intercontinental championship means nothing apparently as the pre-show match. I’ll take Big E Langston in this one and they put in on pre-show to get Axel up to the top-level by losing on the pre show so he doesn’t get seen by many.

Ricky: Big E Langston was a huge star when I use to watch him on NXT. He really is going to be the next big thing for the WWE. I see Langston taking over the IC Title and heading into a big fued with Ryback.

Matt W: I love Big E Langston. This guy is a star waiting to happen, with his incredible athleticism, power and personality. Curtis Axel has… None of these attributes. You wonder how Mr Perfect screwed this one up? Anyway, Langston is primed for a big run as a face, and it’s about time the title was removed from Axel’s waist. This is only the beginning for Langston, and if Axel doesn’t find something great within himself, it might the end for him.

AJ Lee (Champion) vs Brie Bella – Diva’s Championship

Matt B: The Divas Championship will come down to some outside interference. AJ Lee will be the victim by accident and will lose the title. Brie Bell is your new Divas champion.

Ricky: I am a huge fan of AJ Lee and she has had a great run as Woman’s champ but I think it comes to an end this sunday.

Matt W: I still really like AJ and all, but Brie has really been growing on me in recent weeks. She has become more than eye candy, and has turned into a very good in ring performer. Looks like Daniel Bryan has rubbed of on her. That being said, I think her dominance over AJ in recent weeks says that she will not get that title right now, and AJ will hold onto it for a little while longer. Hopefully so the Anti-Diva herself can take it off her…

Goldust and Cody Rhodes (Champions) vs The Shield vs The Uso Brothers – WWE Tag Team Championships

Matt B: Tag Team Titles will stay with Goldust and Cody after they find a way to handle the Shield one more time. The Usos will be no factor in the match.

Ricky: I don’t think any of these teams benefit from this victory more than the Shield. So give me them to win the match and hang onto the titles for a little while longer.

Matt W: Team Brhodes is just getting started, and even the great Shield can’t slow them down. Goldy and Cody are two of the hottest things in WWE right now, and if their new mixed theme has anything to say about it, they’ll hold those belts awhile longer. But be prepared for an off the charts match with three insanely talented teams.

CM Punk vs Ryback and Paul Heyman (2-on-1 Handicap Hell in a Cell match)

Matt B: I don’t know exactly where WWE is going with this Punk and Heyman series honestly, it seems to be running out of gas. I’m going to say something happens and allows Heyman and Ryback to win this match, but really anything is possible.

Ricky: This is really about Heyman and CM Punk. Punk will win this matchup and I think an after match beat down by Ryback will lead to Big E to come out and start an anticipated fued between the two.

Matt W: I love CM Punk. He’s my favorite wrestler. I love Paul Heyman. He’s my favorite personality. Something’s got to give here, and my guess is it’s Heyman and Ryback. Whenever you see the deck stacked against a babyface like this, I always expect the babyface to come out on top. Punk won last year in the Cell vs Ryback, and I expect another win this year. From there on, I see this feud ending, and Punk getting back into the WWE title picture, unless he takes time off to heal his injuries.

(C) Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena – World Heavyweight Championship

Matt B: Cena’s arm is not ready for full-time wrestling and for that reason I feel ADR win this match somehow. They will never make Cena look bad, so you can expect something like a ref stopping the match because they don’t want the arm damaged.

Ricky: So does John Cena come back and win the Heavyweight title or does he lose the match because of some weird finish. I think he doesn’t win the belt back but wins the match via DQ.

Matt W: I call shenanigans. Something is going to happen here, and I don’t think it will be Cena walking out cleanly with the World Title. Del Rio’s time has come up, and I think we need a new savior, an Intellectual Savior if you will. That’s right, I think tonight is the night that Damien Sandow walks out with the World Heavyweight Title, either over an exhausted Del Rio or beat up Cena. The Era of Intellect is almost upon us…

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton – Vacant WWE Championship

Matt B: The WWE  Championship match is the one I’m looking forward to the most obviously. I don’t have a really good feel on how this plays out, but I’m going to say we still don’t get a clear-cut champion. Michael’s does something to help Bryan and HHH over rules it. There will be no clear-cut winner.

Ricky: Bryan should win, period. Will he? I am not sure. I think Michael’s helps Bryan win the title with some Sweet Chin Music to Orton.

Matt W: Time for this little feud between Bryan and Orton to be over, but the feud between Bryan and the Authority to continue. There are so many ways this match can go. What does Big Show do? What about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon? How does HBK, or HB-Shizzle, referee this match? I’ll just keep it simple and say that Daniel Bryan walks out WWE Champion on Sunday, but his beef with the Authority isn’t over yet.

Burning Question: COO Triple H and Shawn Michael’s had their first confrontation on WWE TV this past Monday Night Raw, over Randy Orton and more specifically Daniel Bryan. With these two best friends a bit at odds with each other, how do you see their situation playing out down the line?

Matt B: I think they build up a feud between HHH and Michael’s as they are desperate for a huge feed right now and don’t have the talent. I see it some how playing into a match with HHH and Michael’s involved.

Ricky: I can really see Michael’s turning on Bryan and giving him the ol Sweet Chin Music and helping Orton win the title. But I don’t think it benefits him to be a bad guy on TV unless he is coming back for a regulary role week to week. I hate either of these guys being the vocal point of the program but I think they are here to stay, I look for Michael’s to help Bryan win the Title and building something up to Wrestlemania.

Matt W: This is going to be a slow burning kind of deal. I honestly believe that Shawn Michaels vs Triple H, will be one of the marquee matches on the Wrestlemania 30 card, but we have a way to go before then. We’ll see these two become more and more at odds with each other as we inch closer to Wrestlemania.

WWE Night of the Champions Predictions

We are back and we have gotten our team of writers together for another edition of the WWE PPV picks. This weekend is WWE Night of the Champions. It is a fun stacked card and the product has been picking up the pace. Matt Bell, Matt Wincherauk & Ricky Valero are back and here with their picks.

WWE Night of the Champions Predictions

The Prime Time Players (Darren Young and Titus O’Neil) vs. Tons of Funk (Brodus Clay and Tensai) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) vs. 3MB (any pairing of Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mihal) vs. The Real Americans (Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, with Zeb Colter). Winners face The Shield for the WWE tag team championships.

Matt B.: The Prime Time Players are getting a push right now and I think they find a way to win this match, unless of course we find a team in this that’s not been announced yet. Look out for the Wyatt family in this one.

Matty: This was supposedly going to be Mark Henry and the Big Show vs the Shield’s Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, but another Mark Henry injury nixed those plans. So instead we have Tag Team Turmoil, where we have five teams going against each other for a Tag Title shot later in the night. The Uso’s had their shot, 3MB is a (fun) joke, The Real Americans are floundering, Tons of Funk have gone extinct, so I’ll take the PTP to get this shot. Even though they will lose to the Shield, the PTP are the next best team going right now.

Ricky: I as well hear that this was going to be Henry & Show vs. the Shield and with the injury to Henry, the decided to do a Tag Team Turmoil instead. Are we really pushing the PTP? I mean really? I don’t like these guys at all but that’s who I think wins. I do think they lose to the Shield though. The whole Shield thing is getting stale I think so they may change the titles here.

AJ Lee (champion) vs. Natalya vs. Brie Bella vs. Naomi — Divas championship

Matt B.: It’s a DIVA’s match so not much more than some eye candy ( I hope my wife doesn’t read this ) but I will take AJ Lee to win. I don’t see the WWE having the same success in the DIVAS division that it has right now unless she’s champion.

Matty: I’m not that interested in this match, and I don’t many other people are either. AJ Lee has had a great run as Diva’s champion, including that CM Punk-esque pipebomb on the “Total Divas” but this is a waste of her talent. The only one of the Total Divas I like is Naomi but I still expect AJ to retain her title.

Ricky: I for sure will be telling Matt’s wife about that comment. I love me some AJ and think she is the best thing the WWE has had Diva’s wise in a long time. I think she has to keep the title here.

Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk

Matt B.: CM Punk got humiliated on Raw and now it’s his turn to do the same to Heyman. I expect this to be a nice fight with Punk coming out on top in the end. I do however think Heyman will find a way to get away from Punk to possibly keep the feud going!

Matty: No one’s watching this for the wrestling between Punk and the Curtis Axel-bot, but for the amazing chemistry between Punk and Heyman. I believe that Punk will win this match, but once he really starts laying into Heyman, we’ll see some shenanigans. Maybe a new “Paul Heyman Guy”?

Ricky: CM Punk and I agree with maybe a new guy in the works. Which I am all for because I HATE Curtis “I’m nowhere near as good as my dad” Axel.

Alberto Del Rio (champion) vs. Rob Van Dam — World Heavyweight championship

Matt B.: R-V-D he’s just so popular and I think WWE would like to give him a push in the industry and what better way to do it than putting the gold around his waist.

Matty: Del Rio goes up against the ridiculous and totally camp pairing of RVD and Ricardo Rodriguez. We get it, these two like to “hang out” with each other when not wrestling. This is just like the feud with Christian though, RVD has looked super strong vs ADR, but I believe ADR will retain his title. Expect him to drop it to a younger talent, maybe when Cody Rhodes returns? Either way, we haven’t seen the end of the Del Snoro era.

Ricky: For some reason I think that Del Rio squeezes a victory out here setting up for one more match next month. I would like for them to put the title on RVD because he deserves one more solid run with the belt. I just think they wait another month.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan – WWE Heavyweight Title Match

Matt B.: This match is probably going to anger me as I’m a Randy Orton fan, but hate where they have him right now. He plays this role best in WWE, but it’s so hard for me to cheer for him right now. He will win this match when Big Show turns on Daniel Bryan!

Matty: This is what everyone is going to want to see. Orton and Bryan have been at each others throats in what I think has been a great angle so far. Orton is the new “coroprate” champion and Bryan is the new Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both have been on fire in terms of wrestling lately, especially Orton’s match vs Goldust, but I think Orton will leave champ under questionable means. Bryan is going to get screwed, but by who? I’m thinking our new Corporation will be getting another member.

Ricky: Orton has to win this match. No question. This has been the best fued the WWE has put together in a long time. They have done this before with other guys (Austin, Rock) but they have never done it with a talented wrestler as Bryan. This fued could really put Bryan over the top. He is the biggest face of this company and if this is done right he could rival Cena for years to come. Orton wins with some help from someone else.

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WWE Summerslam Predictions



WWE Summerslam is scheduled to happen tomorrow night and our team of writers got together to give us their predictions on who they think will win at the PPV. Make sure to hop on over at Twitter where you can follow @thesportsscript – @mattbell211 – @TheMattyWin & @rickygangster as they will be live tweeting Summerslam.

images (3)

Dean Ambrose vs. RVD

Ricky: This could steal the show for me. When RVD came back Ambrose was one of the guys I was hoping that he would be able to come back and face. I think Ambrose somehow steals this one away from RVD.

Matty W.: This match was made only on the go home show of RAW last week after Van Dam beat 19 other superstars in a Battle Royal. There could be a lot of shenanigans going on in this match with the other members of the Shield lurking, and Big Show and Mark Henry involved as well, things could break down. I’ll take Dean Ambrose to retain his belt.

Matt B.: I really would like to see RVD win here but some how the Shield screws him and Ambrose wins.

images (2)

Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

Ricky: Have I mentioned my huge crush on AJ lately? Didn’t think so. But I see Ziggler & what’s her face squeaking out a victory finishing off this fued.

Matty W.: In a perfect world, these matches are seperated, but unfortunately we could only see it happen as a mixed tag. These matches are really hit and miss, but Ziggler could make this whole thing gold. I’ll take Ziggler and Kaitlyn.

Matt B.: Dolphs team will win.


Natayla vs. Brie Bella

Ricky: They both are on the “hit” TV show Total Divas. I think Bella is more of a “star” of the two, so give me her for the Victory.

Matty W.:  Oh boy… This is easily the worst match on the card. A waste of space that more talented performers could occupy. The only reason this is happening is to promote the already very successful Total Divas reality show. Give me Brie Bella, but this is a bathroom break kind of match if I’ve ever seen one

Matt B.: Bella twins will find a way to get the win over Natalya.


Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Ricky: The battle of Rhodes and Matty W’s BFF Sandow. Rhodes is slowly getting built up towards a great baby face push but I personally don’t think Sandow should take the loss here. With that being said I think Matty W’s BFF takes the loss to Rhodes.

Matty W.: These two have had one of the more interesting buildups to SummerSlam. Damien Sandow is absolute gold in the ring and especially on the mic and Cody is starting to really get over as a good guy, but only one man can win this one. Give me Sandow to continue his great roll towards a WHC reign.

Matt B.: Cody Rhodes is in line for a push and this is it!

images (1)

Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

Ricky: I love the Wyatt family. I have watched them since the time spent down in NXT. I expect this to be a really good match (even though it’s a ring of fire match) and I see no choice but to give Wyatt the win.

Matty W.: This match is going to give me goosebumps. The Wyatt Family have been absolute gold since making their way to the main roster and have targeted the Devil’s Favorite Demon Kane. While this isn’t an “Inferno Match”, it should add a neat element. I’m going with Bray Wyatt to knock of the Big Red Monster himself.

Matt B.: Wyatt has to much momentum going for him right now, WWE needs him to win

images (4)

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Ricky: I am a huge fan of Del Rio but I just don’t think he is Heavyweight Champion material but I am not sure Christian is either. This match could surprise people and actually be good if it is given some time. I think it’s a toss up, I flipped a coin and head wins. So give me Del RIo to retain.

Matty W.: This match has had a pretty poor build, and I would be excited for the match itself, but we’ve seen Christian and Del Rio go one-on-one in non-title matches recently. With the way that Christian is being booked, super strong that it, I would believe that Del Rio will walk out with his WHC belt.

Matt B.: Alberto Del Rio as I can’t find a way Christian carries a title.


CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Ricky: I am really looking forward to this match. Punk and Lesnar could have one hell of a match here. I am interested to see how they are going to go about doing this match though. Is this going to be an actually wrestling match or is this going to be a knock down drag out fist fight. Either way I expect Punk to get the victory here.

Matty W.: This match has had almost as good a build as Bryan-Cena. The feud itself is more Punk-Heyman, as we’ve seen Punk come close on a number occasions at getting his hands around Heyman’s fat neck, but I don’t think he’ll get his opportunity here. I’m taking the Beast Brock Lesnar to take this one and somewhere down the line, for CM Punk to give the two of them their comeuppance.

Matt B.: Lesnar will probably win because of interference of some sorts but this match could be awesome


John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan 

Ricky: I truly cannot wait for this match. They have built this up really good and it has the potential to be a great match. I really hope that with HHH being the special guest referee it doesn’t have a hocus pocus ending. Cena’s injury gives me a bit of a concern on how much he is going to be able to put into this match. Sadly, I think we get the stupid ending we all don’t want and Cena retains the title. But I think Randy Orton comes out and cashes his MITB briefcase and pins John Cena after a Pedigree from HHH.

Matty W.: This is the big one, the one that could change the direction of the WWE. Bryan has been on an unbelievable run right now, no one is getting the kind of responses that he’s getting, and I think this ends up very well for our bearded friend. Daniel Bryan WILL defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship, the question is, what does Randy Orton do?

Matt B.: Daniel Bryan simply because he is the biggest thing going right now and I think Cena needs time off for surgery.

Our Team’s PPV Record.

Ricky: 6-2
Matty W.: 6-2
Matt B.: 7-1

WWE Money in the Bank: Review

On July 14th, 2013, WWE presented the wildly entertaining Money in the Bank pay-per-view! Featuring the ever-popular Money in the Bank ladder match itself, one for the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship, and a number of other very good matches!

Up first is the Kickoff match for the Tag Team Championship, between the champions The Shield and the challengers the Uso’s! As we started things off, RVD chants rang throughout the arena in anticipation of his return in the All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match, later in the night. This became a recurring theme for the entire night. The Uso’s, who have looked fantastic since they’ve been given more TV time, start things off hot, throwing themselves all over the ring. After a short commercial break, which is uncommon in a free Kickoff match, the Shield began to control like only they can, controlling one of the Uso’s in their corner and beating him down. After a few minutes of control, Jey got the hot tag to Jimmy, who unleashed a flurry of kicks and aerial attacks, even flying outside the ring onto both Rollins and Reigns! The biggest moment of the match came when Reigns hit a power bomb on Jimmy and Jey, who tried to give Rollins a superplex, or a Tower of Doom if you will! After a few more close calls, Reigns got the blind tag and speared Jey for the win, retaining the titles for the Shield. Afterwards, the final Shield member Dean Ambrose came and celebrated with his boys before he went into battle for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match.

Wade Barrett, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Those are your seven men in the Rising Stars Money in the Bank ladder match! The Real American, Swagger and Cesaro start things off by attacking everyone, but things break down into total anarchy! Some highlights included a wicked muscle buster by Cody Rhodes onto Antonio Cesaro! Wade Barrett ripped a rung off one ladder and started swinging like a wild man. While Barrett and Ambrose were on top of the ladder, Cesaro pulled Barrett off and gave him an amazing European uppercut as he was coming down, and followed that up by choking Ambrose as he was hanging off the top of the ladder. Next we saw Barrett drill Swagger with his patented Bull Hammer elbow while both were on the ladder. Fandango hit a huge sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder to Barrett. Ambrose next had the moment of the match where he grabbed the ladder, put it on his head and started spinning like a helicopter! The Real Americans picked him up, with the ladder still on his head, only for Ambrose to skin the cat, and get on top of the ladder to reach for the briefcase! Instead he got dumped to the floor by the Real Americans. Just as the action was rolling, here the comes the other members of the Shield, who clear the ring, until the Uso’s come out and stop them! Ambrose tries to climb the ladder, but is pushed off and onto a mass of bodies on the floor below by Cody Rhodes who is rolling! Rhodes tries to climb the ladder, but is betrayed by his so-called “best friend” Damien Sandow who was laying in wait. Damien Sandow scales the ladder and retrieves the briefcase; he is your 2013 Mister Money in the Bank! The crowd was so into this match, it was tough to hear at times. “This is awesome!” chants broke out numerous times. I would call this my match of the night, as all seven men put on an amazing show.

Brad Maddox comes out next to talk to the Philly crowd. He eventually gets to Vickie Guerrero, the woman he replaced as RAW GM. This followed by a hilarious highlight reel of Vickie’s most embarrassing moments in WWE and she doesn’t seem too impressed. Maddox claims he’s doing this for her, but he seems to be hurting things more he’s helping.

Up next is the Intercontinental Championship match between Curtis Axel and The Miz! As we start the match, the EC-DUB chants break out at Paul Heyman, the man who ran the old ECW promotion. Axel uses his typical tactics, which include ducking out of the ring. Miz runs after him but Axel runs back in the ring. While Miz is still outside he stares down Heyman and actually slaps himself with the refs back turned! The ref responds by throwing Heyman out of the match, and the crowd is not happy. The rest of this match was pretty standard, Miz locked in the figure-four leglock twice, only for Axel to get out both times. Axel hit the PerfectPlex only for a two count as well. The match ended off a new move Axel pulled out, something I’d describe as a mix of a neckbreaker that transitioned into a facebuster, and it looked great. Axel gets the 1-2-3 and he retains his title, as the Philly crowd are pleased with this.

The next segment is the first SummerSlam promo, which will be taking place in Las Angeles at the Staple Center, August 18th!

Next is the Diva’s Championship match between the champ, AJ and the challenger, Kaitlyn! After the great match they put on at Payback, big expectations were put on the rematch. While this wasn’t as good, it was still a really solid Diva’s match, which is encouraging. Kaitlyn started out things the way you’d expect, dropping AJ all over the ring with her amazing power. Afterwards, AJ broke out some nice submission moves to wear down Kaitlyn’s injured elbow, including a Last Chancery-like move, and a Dragon Sleeper mixed with an armbar, very impressive. Kaitlyn eventually makes her way back into the match, even hitting the spear, but she can’t capitalize on the opportunity. AJ eventually locks in her patented Black Widow submission and Kaitlyn taps out once again! AJ retains her coveted Diva’s Championship!

Total Diva’s promo is next. I’m not even going to get into this; I’m here to talk wrestling, not a reality show.

Next is the match between Chris Jericho and Ryback, or should I call him Cryback now? Anyway, Jericho came out first to a huge ovation, as they love their former ECW child way back in the day. The match starts but, shortly in, we already see Ryback taking a nice break as he seems to have a “leg” injury, Jericho does not approve of this. Ryback eventually gets control with his great power, holding Jericho down. Jericho gets control, only to be tossed around the ring by Ryback. Jericho manages to counter the Shellshock into an attempted Frankensteiner, but is stopped and powerbombed twice by Ryback, for a two count. Ryback again tries to go for the Shellshock, only to be countered again into a DDT! Jericho attempts his patented Lionsault, but misses and is rolled up by Ryback for the win. This was a really slow match, and really stood out compared to the rest of the great matches. The crowd was flat the entire time.

Next we have the World Heavyweight Championship rematch between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler! This was the best non-ladder match of the night, some awesome action between two of the best workers in the WWE right now. Back and forth to start the match, eventually the advantage goes to Ziggler as he drops 10 jumping elbows to the heart of Del Rio. Del Rio eventually gains control with a kick to Ziggler’s head, reminding every one of what happened at Payback. This match is very even until Dolph Ziggler hits a huge top rope face buster on Del Rio! More kicks to the head follow, until Ziggler gains control again. Just then, AJ skips out to ringside, only for Ziggler to try to send her away. Del Rio gets a few near falls until he goes for another superkick, which is blocked by Ziggler. As Ziggler sent Del Rio backwards, AJ then jumps in the ring and smacks Del Rio with the Diva’s title belt, causing a DQ! Ziggler is irate as Del Rio runs off with his belt as Ziggler and AJ argue in the ring. Again, this was a really entertaining match, and Ziggler came off really natural as a face.

Next is the WWE Championship match between John Cena and the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry! Mark Henry dominated almost the entire match as expected. With his incredible power, he was just tossing Cena around like a sack of potatoes. On a number of occasions Cena tried to lift Mark Henry, but was squashed as a result. Henry continues to dominate this match, until Cena starts to get a little momentum, and even hits the AA, but only for two! Cena goes top rope, only to be caught mid-air by Henry, and dropped with the World’s Strongest Slam, this time Cena kicks out at two! Henry distracts the ref ripping off the cover of a turnbuckle pad, and two chairs. Cena gets the best however, and throws Henry into the exposed turnbuckle, and into the STF! Henry manages to break the hold, and punt Cena in the groin with the refs back turned, but again this only can get a two count! Henry tries the World’s Strongest Slam once more, but it gets countered into the STF one more time, and after a long struggle, Mark Henry taps out! This may have been a predictable ending, but it was actually quite entertaining, which is thanks to Mark Henry, who’s become so much fun to listen to with his constant trash talking.

Finally, we have the All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match, between Christian, Sheamus, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and the returning Rob Van Dam! RVD, Punk and Bryan all got absolutely deafening responses from the crowd, easily the three most over guys in the match. This match, much like it’s World Heavyweight counterpart, was filled with some amazing content, and I’ll now sum up the best spots in the match. Rob Van Dam tried to give the thumbs, but was rushed by the other five men in the match, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Eventually the only men in the ring are Daniel Bryan and CM Punk who go after it trading finisher attempts. RVD is next to try his luck, as hits kicks, flips and drops on everyone who stood in his way, but was pushed off the top rope before he could hit the frog splash. Sheamus starts rolling next, as he sets up a ladder bridge between the ring apron and Spanish announce table, for later in the match. All the men make their way back into the ring, and all start climbing two ladders set up, which culminates in all six men to plummeting from the ladders. Rob Van Dam is the first man to eat a finisher, as he gets laid out with a Brouge Kick from Sheamus, who begins his ascent. At the top, he’s met by Bryan, and starts hammering away with the Irish Hand Grenades! Sheamus eventually is stopped by Punk who lands the high knee in the corner, only to be T-Bone suplexed by Randy Orton onto a ladder! Orton turns around, and gets speared by Christian for his troubles. Christian starts climbing, with RVD on the other side. The ladder starts to teeter, and Christian tumbles while RVD jumps to a ladder set up in the corner! Up next is the moment that everyone was waiting for! A Five-Star Frog Splash from the top of the ladder onto Christian, and the crowd becomes unglued! Bryan then begins to roll as he starts to kick the crap out of Sheamus and Christian, followed by a dropkick to Orton and a suicide dive onto Punk outside the ring! Next he hits a double missile dropkick to Christian and RVD and then throws Sheamus off the top turnbuckle onto the ladder he bridged earlier in the match! Bryan starts climbing, but is stopped by Curtis Axel of all people. Axel gets the best of Bryan outside, but is given a GTS from CM Punk, and Heyman runs out to scold Axel for potentially costing his best friend the briefcase. As Heyman cheers Punk on, Punk starts climbing, but is stopped by Paul Heyman of all people with another ladder. Heyman stares down Punk with an icy glare, Punk with a look of disbelief. Heyman ends Punk’s chances with one more ladder shot to the head, opening up a cut on Punk in the process. RVD tries to climb the ladder, but is pulled off by Orton into an RKO, eliminating RVD from contention! As Orton climbs to the top, he scans the surrounding carnage at the top and unclasps the briefcase and wins the All-Star Money in the Bank ladder match! This was one heck of a match, as all six men took themselves to the limit in a brutal match. Sheamus and Orton almost hyper extended their knees, Christian chipped a tooth, CM Punk got 13 staples and RVD got 14 staples just showing how brutal the match was.

All in all, this was a very good PPV, with two very good ladder matches as always. Overall, I’d give it an 8.5/10. It would’ve scored higher, but the Jericho-Ryback match and Cena-Henry match really hurt its momentum. Still, this was a great Money in the Bank, and the following weeks should be a lot of fun as we lead up to SummerSlam!

The Return: What is Rob Van Dam’s Future in the WWE?

On June 22, the WWE dropped a bombshell of a promo. The Whole F’n Show, Mr Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Night, a Hardcore Legend Rob Van Dam was scheduled to make his long-awaited return to the largest Sports Entertainment enterprise in the world. Not only was he returning, he was doing it in his town Philadelphia and in his match the Money in the Bank Ladder match. What better way for Van Dam to return? But now that he’s finally back and what exactly does RVD mean to the WWE? What can he bring to World Wrestling Entertainment in his last run with the company? I will try and give you an idea of what’s in store for ROB. VAN. DAM! (Insert thumb motions here)

Lets start with the very near future, Money in the Bank. On July 14th, Rob Van Dam will be competing in his second Money in the Bank Ladder Match with 6 other superstars in what has been dubbed as the “All-Stars” Ladder match.  All 6 (Kane has been ruled out after being attacked by the Wyatt Family) of the men in the match are former World Champions. What are his chances? Probably not very good considering that RVD won’t be a “full-time” competitor. Now this doesn’t mean that he won’t be around a lot, I mean this isn’t Brock Lesnar or The Rock part-time. He most likely isn’t going to be part-time holding the WWE Championship we all know how well that went over with fans last time… But he should provide the unique dynamic that only Van Dam can offer. We’re going to see Van Daminators, Van Terminators, Rolling Thunders, Monkey Flips and all those signature kicks we’re used to seeing. And you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll at least see one Five-Star Frogsplash. In all reality, Van Dam was brought in to sell tickets and give this match even more credibility and the fact that he will really rile up the Philly crowd, who will be more than excited to see their ECW Legend back in action.

So RVD won’t be winning any briefcases at least I don’t think so, what’s next after that? Well, we will most likely see him in a limited role similar to Chris Jericho’s of the past year or so. Sporadic dates, but should be around for a good number of taped shows but just not a lot of live appearances. After Money in the Bank, we should see who his Summerslam opponent would be. One name that comes to mind is the newest Paul Heyman Guy Curtis Axel who is the Intercontinental Champion. Rob Van Dam has a ton of history with Heyman over the years being a key part of Heyman’s ECW promotion and the resurrected version in 2006. With that history, I’d love to see those two go at it with Curtis Axel representing Heyman. We could see a very good feud as Heyman tends to do with everything he’s involved with and a solid wrestling match as well. Most likely, Axel will retain as we know that WWE has big plans for him ever since he made his re-debut, so Van Dam will have to do his best to put over the young star, something he should probably get used to on the big stages.

After that, it’s tough to really tell where RVD will head in terms of a feud. He will most likely be staying within the mid-card as I can’t see him being in play for a World or WWE Title shot. Perhaps we could see him do something with the Shield, as I would love to see what magic he can work with a hardcore guy like Dean Ambrose or the high-flying Seth Rollins, either would be great. Maybe even a United States Title feud could work. We’ll most likely see RVD be a part of the next three big PPVs after Summerslam in the Survivor Series (which has become a shell of its former self), the Royal Rumble, and of course WrestleMania. RVD can provide some credibility to the Rumble match itself, but don’t go as far as to think he’ll be winning it. And after that, expect him to have a big name feud at WrestleMania with an established superstar. Chris Jericho? Sheamus? I’m just spitballing at this point, Mania is 9 months away.

Expect fans to take to him again right away, I’m pretty sure the only pop at Money in the Bank that can rival Van Dam’s, is CM Punk’s who is also beloved by the Philly crowd. He’s going to provide solid, not great matches with the guys he’s put in the ring with. He may be at the tail end of his career but RVD can still go with the best of them, and now that he seems to be far more motivated than he was with other promotions over the last few years, expect him to be in great wrestling shape. In terms of drawing, he’s can still pull in some tickets from the older generation of wrestling fans. The old-school ECW fans and early 2000’s WWE fans will flock to see him for perhaps the last few times. He should make a nice impact in terms of sales for Money in the Bank, as WWE did a fantastic job of promoting him. RVD even stated that he gained 10,000 followers in two days after the first promo, and had people asking him why he’s returned to wrestling, when he in fact been wrestling for all these years! All in all, I’m incredibly excited to see one of my all-time favorites to make his much-anticipated return to the WWE squared circle. RVD has produced some amazing moments in career, let’s hope he can add a few more in this final run.

WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

WWE returns this weekend for WWE Money in the Bank. It’s easily one of my favorite PPV’s to watch because I enjoy the MITB match itself. So we here at the Sports Script got the Matt’s together with Ricky and we are going to give you our thoughts on who is going to win each match.




Pre-PPV Tag Title Match: The Shield © vs. The Usos

Ricky: The Usos have been pushed real strong as of late as a true contender to the Shield. But I think the Shield keeps rolling with another victory here.

Matty W: To me this match is pretty easy. The Uso’s while quickly becoming my one of my favorite teams in WWE, are in reality just placeholders for the Shield until Summerslam when a possible Shield vs. Brothers of Destruction is being rumored. The Shield retains the titles in a solid kickoff match.
PS. How awesome is the Uso’s entrance? Pretty intense way to get the crowd pumped up.

Matt Bell: The Usos are a nice tag team and it really sucks that WWE won’t build up the tag team division any more than they do. The Shield is the big thing in the WWE right now and I see no way they lose this match. The Shield wins this one!


Chris Jericho vs. Ryback

Ricky: Ryback – This is one of the Jericho’s last matches before he goes back to touring with Fozzy again. That and the fact that this match is kind of thrown together means and easy win for Ryback.

Matty W: While Chris Jericho is one of my all-time favorites, Ryback has lost 8 straight PPVs dating back to Hell in a Cell vs. CM Punk. He’s in a dire need of a win if WWE wants anyone to take him seriously anymore, which is tough with his new Cryback moniker. Jericho is the man to put him over right.

Matt Bell: Ryback will get his win here as Chris Jericho has become the guy who puts other wrestlers over the top. They can’t let Ryback lose another match on a PPV or his character becomes completely irrelevant to me. Jericho is a guy who will look like a nice win for Ryback, but in the end is it really anything big? Ryback wins this one! I’m going out on a limb here and predicting Vickie Guerrero helps Ryback in some way.



Divas Title Match: AJ © vs. Kaitlyn

Ricky: AJ – I almost leaned Kaitlyn here but I think this feud continues some more with AJ picking up the win.

Matty W: For the first time in years, WWE has a divas feud worth watching. Just like at Payback last month I expect another good match. Both AJ and Kaitlyn have been great at being insufferable lately. Also take a look at the way AJ takes Kaitlyn spear; she takes it like a pro. (Ziggler must be wearing off on her) Anyway, AJ will retain here, no question.

Matt Bell: It’s a Divas match and while these two can perform really well in the ring, I don’t have a lot of interest in the division. I’ll say AJ retains the title in this one.


      IC Title Match: Curtis Axel © vs. The Miz

Ricky: Curtis Axel – Axel getting the strong push here with Heyman and that means another W under his belt tonight.

Matty W: This is another match where I don’t see the title changing hands. Curtis Axel only recently got the belt at Payback, and I don’t think he’s going to drop it very soon. The guy to watch in this match is actually Paul Heyman. Heyman’s gold in everything he does, just watch the little things he does, seriously he’s amazing. I’ll take Axel in some underhanded win, involving Paul Heyman of course.

Matt Bell: Curtis Axel tasted defeat for the first time this past Monday and that won’t sit well as the Paul Heyman guy comes through in the clutch on the PPV to retain his title.


  • World Title MITB Ladder Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Jack Swagger vs. Fandango vs. Wade Barrett vs. Damien Sandow vs. Antonio Cesaro.

Ricky: Cody Rhodes – It was either him or Ambrose and I am not sure they are ready to give him the ball yet. So I went with Rhodes who has been waiting for his shot at the Main Event spotlight.

 Matty W: the “Rising Stars” MITB match as it has been dubbed. This almost interests me more than the WWE title version. Love all these guys, and think they’re all potential world champs. But because I can only pick one, I’ll take Damien Sandow because he seems the most ready for a title run. You’re Welcome.

 Matt Bell: The Money in the Bank match can be very unpredictable and experience can go a long way in this match. I’m going with the man who’s been here before and ready to step his career up and make a run. The winner will be Cody Rhodes!


  •   WWE Title MITB Ladder Match: RVD vs. CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. Christian vs. Kane

Ricky V.: This is the hardest match to predict on the card. I think Punk won’t win due to some shenanigans via Lesnar. Christian, Sheamus or Orton I don’t think win either. Kane may not even be in the match due to the Wyatt Family. So it’s down to either Bryan or RVD. We know Bryan is supposedly set to face John Cena at Summerslam, so is this how the match gets set up? Or Does RVD make a huge splash by coming back and winning the MITB. My money is on Bryan to take it for a 2nd time.

Matty W: This one’s loaded with talent but I see only three winners, Bryan, Orton or RVD. I can’t wait to see RVD, he is going to get one heck of an ovation in Philly. Bryan is on an amazing role but I’ll take Randy Orton and look to see him turn heel with his cash in. Also, who replaces Kane after the Wyatt Family attack? I’m going with Rey Mysterio but this is a total mystery right now.

Matt Bell: I stated once already that this is an unpredictable type atmosphere and who better than the Viper to strike and put himself back in the championship picture.


World Title Match: Alberto Del Rio © vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ricky V.: Del Rio should get the Victory setting up a final showdown between the two at Summerslam next month.

Matty W: This is the one title match where I think we see the title change hands. Dolph Ziggler has looked very natural as a face and I think WWE will press the restart button on his push after last month’s lost at Payback. Del Rio is a fine performer but I think he is just bland. Not having Ricardo Rodriguez in his corner certainly doesn’t help. I got the Show Off in this one.

Matt Bell: Dolph was given a title run and then lost the title like that. They don’t give it right back to Ziggler in my opinion and Del Rio retains.


WWE Title Match: John Cena © vs. Mark Henry

Ricky V.: John Cena – Henry has been built up yet again but I just don’t see him winning the title. I’ll take Cena somehow, some way.

Matty W.: Spoiler Alert: Cena wins. In longer terms, Cena wins after being broken in half for 15 minute then turns on his inner Superman and lifts Mark Henry for an AA and retains. Yawn, what else is new. I’d love for Henry to win but now isn’t the time. Cena wins the sky is blue, the grass is green, and he is going to be booed out of the building.

Matt Bell: This is going to be a hell of a match to watch. I’m going to say Cena finds a way to keep his title in this match, but loses it to the Money in the Bank winner who cashes in after Henry attacks him.

Make sure to stay tuned for this Sunday’s WWE Money in the Bank live on PPV. Also keep up with the Sports Script and see who takes home the Prediction title for this month.

WWE Payback: Review

On June 16th, 2013, the WWE hosted their newest pay-per-view event, Payback, and took place in Chicago, Illinois. With a lot of hype placed on it, it definitely did not disappoint. Matches like Dean Ambrose vs. Kane, The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, and even CM Punk vs Chris Jericho, had promise to be a very good night of wrestling. Even a surprise return was announced for Money In The Bank, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Let’s kick this review off of WWE’s inaugural Payback!

As we got ready for Sandow-Sheamus, we got a threesome of talents with nothing else to do, along with announcer Josh Matthews. It consisted of R-Truth, who shouldn’t be talking because he doesn’t make very much sense when he does, Cody Rhodes who was accompanied with his love stache, and the returning Big Show! I always enjoy seeing Big Show in roles like this; the other two were alright. Nothing too special happened in the kickoff match. Sandow was very entertaining as usual and looked great playing the aggressor. Sheamus was pretty good as well as he hit his normal array of comeback moves. I particularly liked the shots to the chest, or as I like them to be called, the Irish Hand Grenades. Sheamus ends things with his patented Brouge Kick and gets the 1-2-3 in a pretty entertaining pre-show match.

Up next we have the triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship between The Miz, Curtis Axel, and defending Champion Wade Barrett. Just a week ago, this match was supposed to have Fandango instead of Curtis Axel, but a concussion ended that unfortunately. I would’ve liked to see Fandango as Intercontinental Champion personally, as I think he would’ve won. This was a very good start to the actual pay-per-view. It had some great back and forth action, as we saw all three competitors trade opportunities with each other. Skull Crushing Finales, Winds of Change, and even the Figure Four Leg Lock were all executed at one point in this match. It was the rookie Axel who snuck in on an ensnared Wade Barrett to pin him, while Miz had him locked in the Figure Four. This was a pretty amazing moment; Axel looked pretty emotional as he grabbed the title that his father, the legendary “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig, made so prestigious. He also celebrated his win with the great Paul Heyman at his side. Happy Father’s Day Mr. Perfect, that’s got to be a pretty nice gift.

As we take a break in the action, we see Axel and Heyman celebrating their win in the back. Then the two end up running into the COO himself, Triple H. Axel tries to get by, but Triple H won’t let him. Triple H finally lets them through as Mr. McMahon comes power walking into the picture to congratulate Axel on his excellent win. McMahon even congratulates Heyman of all people, shaking his hand, before he ushers them off. McMahon asks Triple H about one more match with Axel on RAW. Triple H responds by saying he’s not interested as the camera fades out. A Mark Henry return promo also aired, stating that the World’s Strongest Man was coming back, and looking to create a wake of destruction once more. Because that’s what he does!

Up next, the Diva’s Championship match between Kaitlyn and AJ Lee! I’ve been quite excited for this match; they’ve really put a lot of timing and planning into this feud. They’re showing that yes, the WWE does care about women’s wrestling, at least a little bit. Kaitlyn gets some good cheers as she comes out, but looks very uneasy about things and has a very distracted look on her face. AJ gets an excellent ovation, which is to be expected with this Chicago crowd, as she made her way down to the ring with Big E Langston. The match starts off with the larger Kaitlyn totally rag dolling poor little AJ, and even tosses her over the top of the Spanish announcer table for good measure. AJ got the upper hand again when she hit a dropkick off the apron onto the floor. Back and forth they went, with AJ locking in a few submissions, but Kaitlyn powering out of each one. Kaitlyn eventually went for a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but ended up getting caught in AJ’s Black Widow, only for Kaitlyn to reverse this into a huge gutbuster. Kaitlyn eventually hit her spear. She folded AJ up in two, but instead of capitalizing, she grabbed AJ’s lifeless head, and blew a kiss at her. She only managed a near fall, but AJ somehow kicked out. AJ eventually locked in the Black Widow once more and made Kaitlyn tap out to become the new Diva’s Champion! As AJ celebrated, Kaitlyn broke down and had to be helped out by Layla. In the back Layla, Alicia Fox, and Natalya all tried to comfort Kaitlyn, but she shrugged them all off.

Afterward, we saw a promo for the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view set up in a month. The more interesting thing to me was definitely what came after. The Wyatt Family had another promo and it was even spookier than the ones that preceded it. These guys are going to be fantastic and really stretch the lines of what is right and wrong. Look out guys; the Wyatt Family is coming to WWE!

Next, the United States Championship match between the Shield’s Dean Ambrose and the Big Red Monster, Kane! Dean Ambrose got a great pop when the Shield’s music hit as he made his way to the ring by himself. Kane even got a good reaction, showing some respect for the legend. This was a solid match, but disappointed me a bit as I thought it would be better, considering how great Dean Ambrose has been since he got to the WWE. Ambrose showed off his very unique offense and style to great effect. Kane got in all his signature moves from the flying clothesline to the sidewalk slam. After they went out to ringside, Ambrose did the unthinkable and slapped Kane. This resulted in a furious uppercut from the Devil’s Favorite Demon, who then proceeded to tear the Spanish announcer table apart. However when he turned around, Ambrose nailed him with a DDT on the floor, and rolled back in the ring for the countout victory.

He’s back… The next video promo had to be one of the high points of the night. The Whole F’n Show, Mr. Monday/ Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday Night, The Whole Dam Show himself, ROB. VAN. DAM! This was the moment I was second most excited about; the video stated that RVD would be making his WWE return next month at Money in the Bank. I cannot wait.

The World Heavyweight Championship match between the Show-Off Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio was next. Thanks to a bad concussion suffered a month ago, this is the first title defense that Ziggler made. Ziggler got an excellent reaction from the crowd. Del Rio got a good one as well as fans love saying his name with Ricardo Rodriguez; I know I do! The match started off with Ziggler doing some showing off, but soon turned into a slugfest with Del Rio throwing most of the shots. Del Rio looked oddly aggressive, as he took shot after shot to Ziggler’s head. Langston stepped in to prevent Del Rio from landing another headshot, but he was kicked out leaving only AJ at ringside for Ziggler. The rest of the match became quite uncomfortable to watch as Ziggler took kick after kick to his head. At one point the doctors tried to stop the match, along with AJ, but Dolph refused help and re-entered the ring. As the match dragged on, Del Rio got more and more vicious. After a sudden Zig Zag, Del Rio regained control and hit a super-kick to Ziggler’s head knocking him right out. This gave Del Rio his second World Heavyweight Championship, much to the disdain of the Chicago crowd who booed Alberto. As Alberto celebrated, Ziggler was helped out with a distraught AJ trailing. Afterwards, Del Rio came back out to gloat about his win, stating how he deserved this; only to get a heavy chorus of boos in return. Is this the return of the old Alberto Del Rio? Are we seeing a Dolph Ziggler that we’ve never witnessed before?

Finally, we have the return of CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. Jericho who normally gets amazing reactions everywhere he goes, got a pretty hefty amount of boos. All those disappeared when Cult of Personality hit for the first time in a long time. The Best in the World himself slowly sauntered out, with a hoodie draped over his head, to a massive ovation from his hometown faithful. Paul Heyman gave him the time and Punk responded with a resounding, “IT’S CLOBBERIN TIME!” He’s back folks! This match was easily the highlight of the night with a constant back and forth. Jericho missed a number of bullets getting out of the GTS and Anaconda Vice. Punk did the same as he struggled out of the Walls of Jericho a few times. We got to see a wrestling clinic put on by two of the best in the business ever. Despite Punk’s long absence, he showed only a little ring rust; this match easily went over the 20-minute mark. After a great diving Codebreaker by Jericho, Punk finally gained the upper hand by hitting Jericho with his second GTS of the match. After bouncing him off the turnbuckles and hitting him with a third GTS, Punk got the 1-2-3, much to the crowd’s delight. He basked in the adulation of his friends and family with Heyman beside him. Punk looked very good, very healthy, very rested and all around recharged. Time off did wonders for him. Something to take note of was Punk’s attire. He came out in Chicago Blackhawk-themed ring gear and also looked like Wolverine with his muttonchops. Punk finally left but not after he gave the belt motion around his waist.

The Shields’ Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins defending their WWE Tag Team Championships against the unlikely pairing of Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan were next on the program. The Shield members and Orton got great reactions, which is to be expected, but none of them compared to how loud the crowd was for Bryan. It was only topped by the ovation given to CM Punk. This was another great match mostly because Daniel Bryan was in it. That’s nothing against Reigns, Rollins, or Orton, but Daniel Bryan is far above everyone else right now in the ring. The way he whips around the ring, killing people with dropkicks and locking in devastating submissions, he’s truly become one of the best in the business. After getting a hot tag, Bryan did his normal thing, dropkicking everything within a 50-yard radius, and ended up hitting a suicide dive on his partner. Things broke down at the end after Orton and Bryan avoided running into each other; Orton threw Bryan into an oncoming Reigns spear. Reigns then got RKO’d for his troubles and was then pushed out of the ring by Rollins. Rollins then hit the stomp to the back of the head, or the Blackout, on Bryan for the win.

Finally, we have the WWE Championship match between John Cena and Ryback. I wasn’t too excited for this match, but was willing to give it a chance because we only get to see Three Stages of Hell matches rarely; in fact only three times before this. The First Stage of Hell was a Lumberjack match, with thirty WWE superstars on the floor surrounding the ring. The match started slowly until Cena got thrown out of the ring right into the waiting hands of the heels, who proceeded to put a pounding on Cena before sending him back in. After this happened two more times the faces on the other sides of the ring decided to get involved. A massive brawl broke out when Cena climbed the top rope and launched himself majestically through the air and landed on the giant pile of bodies on the floor. However he got Shellshocked, as Ryback got the first pinfall. Up next was the tables match in the Second Stage of Hell. Ryback continued his dominance as he chucked Cena around the ring. After a number of busted tables as a result of the ring steps being tossed like they were a shot put ball by Ryback, Cena finally regained the advantage and AA’d Ryback through a table. That tied the match and sent us to the third and final Stage of Hell, an Ambulance match. Ryback started out with the advantage as they worked their way toward the ambulance. Cena got some crutches and hit Ryback with them. Ryback hit the car door with his fist. Ryback was whipped right through an open door on the ambulance and that seriously looked like it hurt; not as much as being beaten into the ground with said door at the hands of Ryback. Cena then proceeded to climb the ambulance itself and dislodged the lights and chucked them at Ryback. That only slowed down the Human Wrecking Ball for a moment. After a short sequence on top of the ambulance, Cena finished things off with a huge AA through the ambulance and retained his championship in the process. Overall, it was a solid match. The first two-parts were rather bland but the Ambulance match was entertaining as every part of the ambulance was used.

Overall, this was a very good pay-per-view. Plenty of titles changed hands with a number of very good matches, including the Diva’s match. Highlights of the night were the Punk-Jericho match and the entrance of CM Punk. It was absolutely deafening in that arena. Another highlight was the video proclaiming Rob Van Dam’s return at Money in the Bank. I’ve been looking forward to one last RVD run in the WWE, and this looks like it will be it. While the WWE Championship match was rather bland, the other matches really made up for it. As usual, guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were your MVPs of the night, and even Curtis Axel and AJ Lee made great impressions, not only winning their matches, but also looking great in the process. I give WWE Payback a solid 8/10, and excellent show.