WWE Summerslam Predictions



WWE Summerslam is scheduled to happen tomorrow night and our team of writers got together to give us their predictions on who they think will win at the PPV. Make sure to hop on over at Twitter where you can follow @thesportsscript – @mattbell211 – @TheMattyWin & @rickygangster as they will be live tweeting Summerslam.

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Dean Ambrose vs. RVD

Ricky: This could steal the show for me. When RVD came back Ambrose was one of the guys I was hoping that he would be able to come back and face. I think Ambrose somehow steals this one away from RVD.

Matty W.: This match was made only on the go home show of RAW last week after Van Dam beat 19 other superstars in a Battle Royal. There could be a lot of shenanigans going on in this match with the other members of the Shield lurking, and Big Show and Mark Henry involved as well, things could break down. I’ll take Dean Ambrose to retain his belt.

Matt B.: I really would like to see RVD win here but some how the Shield screws him and Ambrose wins.

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Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston & AJ Lee

Ricky: Have I mentioned my huge crush on AJ lately? Didn’t think so. But I see Ziggler & what’s her face squeaking out a victory finishing off this fued.

Matty W.: In a perfect world, these matches are seperated, but unfortunately we could only see it happen as a mixed tag. These matches are really hit and miss, but Ziggler could make this whole thing gold. I’ll take Ziggler and Kaitlyn.

Matt B.: Dolphs team will win.


Natayla vs. Brie Bella

Ricky: They both are on the “hit” TV show Total Divas. I think Bella is more of a “star” of the two, so give me her for the Victory.

Matty W.:  Oh boy… This is easily the worst match on the card. A waste of space that more talented performers could occupy. The only reason this is happening is to promote the already very successful Total Divas reality show. Give me Brie Bella, but this is a bathroom break kind of match if I’ve ever seen one

Matt B.: Bella twins will find a way to get the win over Natalya.


Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

Ricky: The battle of Rhodes and Matty W’s BFF Sandow. Rhodes is slowly getting built up towards a great baby face push but I personally don’t think Sandow should take the loss here. With that being said I think Matty W’s BFF takes the loss to Rhodes.

Matty W.: These two have had one of the more interesting buildups to SummerSlam. Damien Sandow is absolute gold in the ring and especially on the mic and Cody is starting to really get over as a good guy, but only one man can win this one. Give me Sandow to continue his great roll towards a WHC reign.

Matt B.: Cody Rhodes is in line for a push and this is it!

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Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

Ricky: I love the Wyatt family. I have watched them since the time spent down in NXT. I expect this to be a really good match (even though it’s a ring of fire match) and I see no choice but to give Wyatt the win.

Matty W.: This match is going to give me goosebumps. The Wyatt Family have been absolute gold since making their way to the main roster and have targeted the Devil’s Favorite Demon Kane. While this isn’t an “Inferno Match”, it should add a neat element. I’m going with Bray Wyatt to knock of the Big Red Monster himself.

Matt B.: Wyatt has to much momentum going for him right now, WWE needs him to win

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Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

Ricky: I am a huge fan of Del Rio but I just don’t think he is Heavyweight Champion material but I am not sure Christian is either. This match could surprise people and actually be good if it is given some time. I think it’s a toss up, I flipped a coin and head wins. So give me Del RIo to retain.

Matty W.: This match has had a pretty poor build, and I would be excited for the match itself, but we’ve seen Christian and Del Rio go one-on-one in non-title matches recently. With the way that Christian is being booked, super strong that it, I would believe that Del Rio will walk out with his WHC belt.

Matt B.: Alberto Del Rio as I can’t find a way Christian carries a title.


CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Ricky: I am really looking forward to this match. Punk and Lesnar could have one hell of a match here. I am interested to see how they are going to go about doing this match though. Is this going to be an actually wrestling match or is this going to be a knock down drag out fist fight. Either way I expect Punk to get the victory here.

Matty W.: This match has had almost as good a build as Bryan-Cena. The feud itself is more Punk-Heyman, as we’ve seen Punk come close on a number occasions at getting his hands around Heyman’s fat neck, but I don’t think he’ll get his opportunity here. I’m taking the Beast Brock Lesnar to take this one and somewhere down the line, for CM Punk to give the two of them their comeuppance.

Matt B.: Lesnar will probably win because of interference of some sorts but this match could be awesome


John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan 

Ricky: I truly cannot wait for this match. They have built this up really good and it has the potential to be a great match. I really hope that with HHH being the special guest referee it doesn’t have a hocus pocus ending. Cena’s injury gives me a bit of a concern on how much he is going to be able to put into this match. Sadly, I think we get the stupid ending we all don’t want and Cena retains the title. But I think Randy Orton comes out and cashes his MITB briefcase and pins John Cena after a Pedigree from HHH.

Matty W.: This is the big one, the one that could change the direction of the WWE. Bryan has been on an unbelievable run right now, no one is getting the kind of responses that he’s getting, and I think this ends up very well for our bearded friend. Daniel Bryan WILL defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship, the question is, what does Randy Orton do?

Matt B.: Daniel Bryan simply because he is the biggest thing going right now and I think Cena needs time off for surgery.

Our Team’s PPV Record.

Ricky: 6-2
Matty W.: 6-2
Matt B.: 7-1

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