Like It, Love It & Gotta Have It (Part 1 FF Quarterbacks)

I was at one of my favorite ice cream places in the world, Cold Stone Creamery. When it was my turn to order, the only sizes they have are Like It, Love It And Gotta Have It. I got to thinking, when it comes to Fantasy Football there are players who I like, that I love and gotta have at all times. Ice Cream and Football, I think, go hand in hand and I am going to tell you about each position – who I like, I love, and gotta have in the 2013 Fantasy Football season. I will also be giving you my favorite creations as well. Today I start with the Quarterbacks.

Like it (Chocolate Ice Cream mixed with some Oreos)


Andrew Luck –

In his Rookie season last year, Luck brought his A-game; he turned a team around that was 1-15 the year before, took them to the playoffs, and finished 9th among all quarterbacks in Fantasy Football. Heading into this year he is ranked the 10th best quarterback among all rankings, although some people are expecting a bit of a sophomoric slump. I am not one of them. I see a player who will not only be in the top 10 in Fantasy, but he will have an even better season this year. New offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton, is planning on getting the Colts’ running game started — which will open up the passing game in 2013. This is why I like Luck, and so should you.

Love It (Strawberry Ice Cream mixed with some cheesecake bites)

Cam Newton –

Newton has never been one of my favorite quarterbacks in football, but I can’t deny his talent or what he means for Fantasy Football. Last season, as expected, his total TDs regressed from his rookie season (35-27). However, he still finished 4th among quarterbacks, which is right around where he is being ranked this year as well. Reports state that they plan on trying to keep Newton in the pocket a bit more this year, this could be good for his passing numbers this year. His rushing yards may regress but he is Carolina’s best option at the goal line which means he will still get the rushing TDs needed to produce great Fantasy numbers. I am not all about drafting quarterbacks early but, if you are, and Newton is available late 3rd or early 4th, he is the quarterback you should be drafting. He provides a nice 1-2 punch that most of the other top QBs can’t offer you.

Gotta Have (Mint Ice Cream with chocolate chips)

Jay Cutler

This is a big year for Cutler – it is the last year of his contract with the Bears. Therefore, this season could play out one of two ways: he ends the year by taking the Bears to the playoffs and gets paid, or he has a rough season and is looking for a job elsewhere. I think he is going to break out in a big way. New Head Coach Mark Trestman is offensive minded but Cutler hasn’t been around him in a few years. While OC of the 49ers, Trestman lead the league in yards and pass attempts. In 2012, when he was OC of the Raiders, Rich Gannon led the league in yards. He even got solid seasons out of the likes of Scott Mitchel and Jake Plummer. Basically, I feel the Bears are going to throw the football, and throw it a lot in 2013. During the offseason, they added super talented Martellus Bennett to play along with Marshall, Forte and Jefferies. I look for Cutler to have the best season of his career. With his ADP among QBs 17th and 133rd overall (10th-11th round), he has some tremendous value this Fantasy Football season. I think Cutler finishes in the top 12 this year and is an indication of why waiting to draft a QB is a smart thing to do.

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