WWE Money in the Bank: Review

On July 14th, 2013, WWE presented the wildly entertaining Money in the Bank pay-per-view! Featuring the ever-popular Money in the Bank ladder match itself, one for the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship, and a number of other very good matches!

Up first is the Kickoff match for the Tag Team Championship, between the champions The Shield and the challengers the Uso’s! As we started things off, RVD chants rang throughout the arena in anticipation of his return in the All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match, later in the night. This became a recurring theme for the entire night. The Uso’s, who have looked fantastic since they’ve been given more TV time, start things off hot, throwing themselves all over the ring. After a short commercial break, which is uncommon in a free Kickoff match, the Shield began to control like only they can, controlling one of the Uso’s in their corner and beating him down. After a few minutes of control, Jey got the hot tag to Jimmy, who unleashed a flurry of kicks and aerial attacks, even flying outside the ring onto both Rollins and Reigns! The biggest moment of the match came when Reigns hit a power bomb on Jimmy and Jey, who tried to give Rollins a superplex, or a Tower of Doom if you will! After a few more close calls, Reigns got the blind tag and speared Jey for the win, retaining the titles for the Shield. Afterwards, the final Shield member Dean Ambrose came and celebrated with his boys before he went into battle for the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match.

Wade Barrett, Fandango, Dean Ambrose, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. Those are your seven men in the Rising Stars Money in the Bank ladder match! The Real American, Swagger and Cesaro start things off by attacking everyone, but things break down into total anarchy! Some highlights included a wicked muscle buster by Cody Rhodes onto Antonio Cesaro! Wade Barrett ripped a rung off one ladder and started swinging like a wild man. While Barrett and Ambrose were on top of the ladder, Cesaro pulled Barrett off and gave him an amazing European uppercut as he was coming down, and followed that up by choking Ambrose as he was hanging off the top of the ladder. Next we saw Barrett drill Swagger with his patented Bull Hammer elbow while both were on the ladder. Fandango hit a huge sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder to Barrett. Ambrose next had the moment of the match where he grabbed the ladder, put it on his head and started spinning like a helicopter! The Real Americans picked him up, with the ladder still on his head, only for Ambrose to skin the cat, and get on top of the ladder to reach for the briefcase! Instead he got dumped to the floor by the Real Americans. Just as the action was rolling, here the comes the other members of the Shield, who clear the ring, until the Uso’s come out and stop them! Ambrose tries to climb the ladder, but is pushed off and onto a mass of bodies on the floor below by Cody Rhodes who is rolling! Rhodes tries to climb the ladder, but is betrayed by his so-called “best friend” Damien Sandow who was laying in wait. Damien Sandow scales the ladder and retrieves the briefcase; he is your 2013 Mister Money in the Bank! The crowd was so into this match, it was tough to hear at times. “This is awesome!” chants broke out numerous times. I would call this my match of the night, as all seven men put on an amazing show.

Brad Maddox comes out next to talk to the Philly crowd. He eventually gets to Vickie Guerrero, the woman he replaced as RAW GM. This followed by a hilarious highlight reel of Vickie’s most embarrassing moments in WWE and she doesn’t seem too impressed. Maddox claims he’s doing this for her, but he seems to be hurting things more he’s helping.

Up next is the Intercontinental Championship match between Curtis Axel and The Miz! As we start the match, the EC-DUB chants break out at Paul Heyman, the man who ran the old ECW promotion. Axel uses his typical tactics, which include ducking out of the ring. Miz runs after him but Axel runs back in the ring. While Miz is still outside he stares down Heyman and actually slaps himself with the refs back turned! The ref responds by throwing Heyman out of the match, and the crowd is not happy. The rest of this match was pretty standard, Miz locked in the figure-four leglock twice, only for Axel to get out both times. Axel hit the PerfectPlex only for a two count as well. The match ended off a new move Axel pulled out, something I’d describe as a mix of a neckbreaker that transitioned into a facebuster, and it looked great. Axel gets the 1-2-3 and he retains his title, as the Philly crowd are pleased with this.

The next segment is the first SummerSlam promo, which will be taking place in Las Angeles at the Staple Center, August 18th!

Next is the Diva’s Championship match between the champ, AJ and the challenger, Kaitlyn! After the great match they put on at Payback, big expectations were put on the rematch. While this wasn’t as good, it was still a really solid Diva’s match, which is encouraging. Kaitlyn started out things the way you’d expect, dropping AJ all over the ring with her amazing power. Afterwards, AJ broke out some nice submission moves to wear down Kaitlyn’s injured elbow, including a Last Chancery-like move, and a Dragon Sleeper mixed with an armbar, very impressive. Kaitlyn eventually makes her way back into the match, even hitting the spear, but she can’t capitalize on the opportunity. AJ eventually locks in her patented Black Widow submission and Kaitlyn taps out once again! AJ retains her coveted Diva’s Championship!

Total Diva’s promo is next. I’m not even going to get into this; I’m here to talk wrestling, not a reality show.

Next is the match between Chris Jericho and Ryback, or should I call him Cryback now? Anyway, Jericho came out first to a huge ovation, as they love their former ECW child way back in the day. The match starts but, shortly in, we already see Ryback taking a nice break as he seems to have a “leg” injury, Jericho does not approve of this. Ryback eventually gets control with his great power, holding Jericho down. Jericho gets control, only to be tossed around the ring by Ryback. Jericho manages to counter the Shellshock into an attempted Frankensteiner, but is stopped and powerbombed twice by Ryback, for a two count. Ryback again tries to go for the Shellshock, only to be countered again into a DDT! Jericho attempts his patented Lionsault, but misses and is rolled up by Ryback for the win. This was a really slow match, and really stood out compared to the rest of the great matches. The crowd was flat the entire time.

Next we have the World Heavyweight Championship rematch between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler! This was the best non-ladder match of the night, some awesome action between two of the best workers in the WWE right now. Back and forth to start the match, eventually the advantage goes to Ziggler as he drops 10 jumping elbows to the heart of Del Rio. Del Rio eventually gains control with a kick to Ziggler’s head, reminding every one of what happened at Payback. This match is very even until Dolph Ziggler hits a huge top rope face buster on Del Rio! More kicks to the head follow, until Ziggler gains control again. Just then, AJ skips out to ringside, only for Ziggler to try to send her away. Del Rio gets a few near falls until he goes for another superkick, which is blocked by Ziggler. As Ziggler sent Del Rio backwards, AJ then jumps in the ring and smacks Del Rio with the Diva’s title belt, causing a DQ! Ziggler is irate as Del Rio runs off with his belt as Ziggler and AJ argue in the ring. Again, this was a really entertaining match, and Ziggler came off really natural as a face.

Next is the WWE Championship match between John Cena and the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry! Mark Henry dominated almost the entire match as expected. With his incredible power, he was just tossing Cena around like a sack of potatoes. On a number of occasions Cena tried to lift Mark Henry, but was squashed as a result. Henry continues to dominate this match, until Cena starts to get a little momentum, and even hits the AA, but only for two! Cena goes top rope, only to be caught mid-air by Henry, and dropped with the World’s Strongest Slam, this time Cena kicks out at two! Henry distracts the ref ripping off the cover of a turnbuckle pad, and two chairs. Cena gets the best however, and throws Henry into the exposed turnbuckle, and into the STF! Henry manages to break the hold, and punt Cena in the groin with the refs back turned, but again this only can get a two count! Henry tries the World’s Strongest Slam once more, but it gets countered into the STF one more time, and after a long struggle, Mark Henry taps out! This may have been a predictable ending, but it was actually quite entertaining, which is thanks to Mark Henry, who’s become so much fun to listen to with his constant trash talking.

Finally, we have the All-Stars Money in the Bank ladder match, between Christian, Sheamus, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and the returning Rob Van Dam! RVD, Punk and Bryan all got absolutely deafening responses from the crowd, easily the three most over guys in the match. This match, much like it’s World Heavyweight counterpart, was filled with some amazing content, and I’ll now sum up the best spots in the match. Rob Van Dam tried to give the thumbs, but was rushed by the other five men in the match, much to the displeasure of the crowd. Eventually the only men in the ring are Daniel Bryan and CM Punk who go after it trading finisher attempts. RVD is next to try his luck, as hits kicks, flips and drops on everyone who stood in his way, but was pushed off the top rope before he could hit the frog splash. Sheamus starts rolling next, as he sets up a ladder bridge between the ring apron and Spanish announce table, for later in the match. All the men make their way back into the ring, and all start climbing two ladders set up, which culminates in all six men to plummeting from the ladders. Rob Van Dam is the first man to eat a finisher, as he gets laid out with a Brouge Kick from Sheamus, who begins his ascent. At the top, he’s met by Bryan, and starts hammering away with the Irish Hand Grenades! Sheamus eventually is stopped by Punk who lands the high knee in the corner, only to be T-Bone suplexed by Randy Orton onto a ladder! Orton turns around, and gets speared by Christian for his troubles. Christian starts climbing, with RVD on the other side. The ladder starts to teeter, and Christian tumbles while RVD jumps to a ladder set up in the corner! Up next is the moment that everyone was waiting for! A Five-Star Frog Splash from the top of the ladder onto Christian, and the crowd becomes unglued! Bryan then begins to roll as he starts to kick the crap out of Sheamus and Christian, followed by a dropkick to Orton and a suicide dive onto Punk outside the ring! Next he hits a double missile dropkick to Christian and RVD and then throws Sheamus off the top turnbuckle onto the ladder he bridged earlier in the match! Bryan starts climbing, but is stopped by Curtis Axel of all people. Axel gets the best of Bryan outside, but is given a GTS from CM Punk, and Heyman runs out to scold Axel for potentially costing his best friend the briefcase. As Heyman cheers Punk on, Punk starts climbing, but is stopped by Paul Heyman of all people with another ladder. Heyman stares down Punk with an icy glare, Punk with a look of disbelief. Heyman ends Punk’s chances with one more ladder shot to the head, opening up a cut on Punk in the process. RVD tries to climb the ladder, but is pulled off by Orton into an RKO, eliminating RVD from contention! As Orton climbs to the top, he scans the surrounding carnage at the top and unclasps the briefcase and wins the All-Star Money in the Bank ladder match! This was one heck of a match, as all six men took themselves to the limit in a brutal match. Sheamus and Orton almost hyper extended their knees, Christian chipped a tooth, CM Punk got 13 staples and RVD got 14 staples just showing how brutal the match was.

All in all, this was a very good PPV, with two very good ladder matches as always. Overall, I’d give it an 8.5/10. It would’ve scored higher, but the Jericho-Ryback match and Cena-Henry match really hurt its momentum. Still, this was a great Money in the Bank, and the following weeks should be a lot of fun as we lead up to SummerSlam!

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