Trick or Treat: Fantasy Football Edition

As we all know that today is Halloween. As a kid, I use to love dressing up and going to get a ton of candy. My personal favorite candies were Crybabies (Sour gum that lost flavor in 5 seconds), Tootsie Rolls (even though my Mom took them all) and I use to love when you hit the Jackpot and got a full-size candy bar. Of course I had one of those Dads like everyone else that would go through my candy and make sure it was “safe” to eat. We all know that was code for taking all the good stuff. Well through my trick-or-treating days, my outfit showed some true range. My costume choices were so diverse that one year, I went as the wrestler Sting. Another year, my mom made me dress up as a Care Bear (I wonder if I had the Care Bear stare down) and then my personal favorite was the Ninja Turtle Costume (as you can see in the picture below).

I mean look at that face, how awesome am I.

Fantasy Football and Halloween can really go hand in hand. When you are trick-or-treating, you open that bag up real wide in hopes of that awesome piece of candy and you get those nasty Mary Jane Peanut butter candies that looked like they have been opened, reopened, and are sticky and get all over your bag. It’s the same when drafting a Fantasy team. You draft say Jamaal Charles (The equivalent of a Big-Size Hershey Bar that some old woman throws in the bag) or when you draft a Chris Johnson (The equivalent to a piece of dubble bubble, so good at 1st but the flavor just runs out too fast). So in honor of this awesome holiday, let’s combine what we all love in Fantasy Football and Halloween as I give you my Tricks and Treats for each position.

QB Trick

Tom Brady –

as a huge Brady fan, this one will hurt more than anyone else on this list. He has just been a down right disappointment for Fantasy Owners this year. Heading into the 2013-14 season, he was ranked as a top 5 QB and was drafted in anywhere from the 2nd to the round. He has scored single-digit Fantasy points in 3 out of his last 4 games and has thrown an INT in each of those games. While the young WRs and not having any of the weapons he had the previous years could be the blame, he just hasn’t looked all that great either. I have been asked by a lot of people whether or not to drop him and quite frankly, it’s hard to make a case against it. You have guys like Thad Lewis, Jason Campbell and Mike Glennon out scoring him every week. If you drafted Mr. Brady really high this year then you have definitely been tricked this season.

QB Treat

Philip Rivers –

This guy went undrafted in so many leagues this year and was expected to be in the bottom half of all Fantasy QBs this season. Well this has been the bounce-back season Rivers has needed. The San Diego QB has always been good but just has had a real struggle over the past few years. Through 7 games this year, he has 15 TDs and 5 INTs. In 2012, he didn’t get to 15 TDs until the 9th game and he had 5 INTs by week 4 last season. He has cooled off a bit over the last few weeks but he ranks 7th among Fantasy QBs this year. He also has a nice slate of games coming up on the schedule in which he should have continued success. If you were one of those guys that drafted Eli Manning or Michael Vick and were able to get your hands on Rivers early on, you can really say it’s been a heck of a treat for you.

RB Trick

CJ Spiller –

Heading into the 2013 Fantasy Football season, there was a lot of questions on whether or not Spiller would be able to stay healthy (most fought there was no injury history) or be able to carry the full workload over the season. Well for those of you that didn’t listen to the questions and drafted him, you have been really frustrated this season. He has reached double-digit Fantasy points just twice; he has seen the workload cut in half because of how good Fred Jackson has been this year. Now he is dealing with a high-ankle sprain that we all know is hard to overcome especially as a running back. The schedule doesn’t get much better for him either. If you can find someone to trade for him, I am all for it but if you are in a dynasty league, I think he is worth keeping ahold of.

RB Treat

Knowshon Moreno –

In training camp, it was even questionable whether this guy was even going to make the team. He is the 2nd ranked RB in Fantasy Football; he leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns and has scored double-digit Fantasy points in each of his last 5 games. He was ranked anywhere from the 100th-140th player on most draft boards, he has been the best draft value of the season.

WR Trick

Danny Amendola –

I like a lot of others rode the Amendola train to start the season. He will finally be healthy for a whole year and he’s going to have a better season than Welker and 100+ catches is a shoe-in. Well we were all tricked for sure or just plain dumb. Mr. Amendola has been dealing with a groin issued that made him miss 3 weeks and a concussion that made him miss another week, all of which are still bothering him. Week 1 he caught 10 balls for 104 yards since then he has 9 catches for 70 yards, yikes. Just a real disappointing season for people who (including me) thought this could be the year for him.

WR Treat

Jordy Nelson

One of the bigger battles this offseason surrounding the WR position was Jordy or Randall and I was all-in on Jordy this year, including owning him in ¾ of all my leagues. A lot of questions surrounded him as well once he had knee surgery a few weeks before the season but that hasn’t stopped him at all this season. He has been great since Cobb has went down with an injury. So great that he’s managed to put up 278 yards and 4 TDs over the last 3 games and will continue to produce with favorable matchups over the next 7 weeks (all 7 rank in the top 15 of points given up to WRs).

Tight End Trick

Jared Cook

I thought all along that Cook wasn’t being used right in Tennessee and that with the right offense, he would be a star. After his performance in week 1, I felt on top of the world. He caught 7 balls for 141 yards and 2 TDs and Cook was alive and cooking (see what I did there). In 7 games since, 22 catches for 234 yards and ZERO TDs. my hopes and dreams smashed really fast. He has looked terrible. on Monday night, you saw him just give up on a route that ended up being intercepted and really costing the Rams good field position. I just don’t see much hope for Cook this year, but the tight end position has been so bad that Cook still ranks 12th amongst Fantasy TEs.

Tight End Treat

Jordan Cameron –

He has been a STUD for a majority of the season. There was a ton of hype surrounding him heading into the season in the Fantasy circles and if you bought into that hype, you have easily gotten a great return from him. He has slowed down a bit now that he is dealing with his 3rd QB of the season but he ranks as the #2 TE in all of Fantasy Football. He has double-digit points in 4 out of 8 games (7 out of 8 in PPR leagues) and has proven that he needs to be talked about among the top TEs in all of football.

TE Treat Part 2

Well I wasn’t going to have 2 treats for any position but with the success of Cameron and the success of my next guy, both guys deserve to be on the list.

Julius Thomas –

Mr. Orange Julius has been one of the biggest surprises of not just the NFL but the Fantasy world as well. He wasn’t really on anyone’s radar before the season started and easily has helped teams to victory across fantasy leagues everywhere. He is tied with Jimmy Graham with 8 TDs this year and has easily become a top target in a much crowed Denver offense. You have to keep an eye out on the injury he suffered but with the bye-week ahead, he should have enough time to heal and continue to impress/help Fantasy owners.

Defense Trick

Pittsburgh Steelers Defense

Even though they haven’t terrible this year, they just aren’t the same Steelers D we are used to seeing. They have only created 5 turnovers this year (they got those in 2 games) and can’t be trusted week to week as a Fantasy D.

Defense Treat

Kansas City Defense –

Okay, I thought the Chiefs with Andy Reid would contend and sneak into the playoffs this year but I sure the heck didn’t see an 8-0 start and having the best Defense in football either. In most formats, they have more than 25 points then the next closest D. They have scored 5 D/ST TDs, giving up a league low 12 PPG and have forced a league high 20 turnovers (10 fumbles and 10 INTS). They are easily the best Fantasy D.

That’s it for now folks; I hope you enjoyed my mixture of Halloween and Fantasy Football piece. If you think I missed anyone or think that someone should’ve been on my Trick-or-Treat list, hit me up on twitter @Rickygangster and I will tweet them out.

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