The Sports Script NFL DuDs for Week 9

The Sunday action for week 9 is over and once again we as fantasy owners are suffering from some of our fantasy teams. The DuDs each week lead us to want to go  on a rant about one guys poor performance. Let’s get right into it this week with the week 9 fantasy DuDs.

Ryan Matthew (no twitter handle) 7 carries 34 yards – Listen up Matthews the fantasy world already considered you a bum and then you had to go out and have back to back 100 yards game to give hope. You ask why that matters now, because we invested money in you this week against a terrible defense and this is how you prove yourself to us. Ryan Matthew you will forever be irrelevant in fantasy to myself and other fantasy owners.

Nate Washington (no twitter handle)  – I forgot to list his stats, wait no I didn’t he had none. Nate Washington is supposed to be one of the top options for the Titans well Nate today you weren’t an option. Nate chose the worse day to go MIA on fantasy owners as a lot of people were high on Locker and a couple wide receivers versus a pitiful Rams passing D. Washington lets pick it up next time and at least grab some receptions for owners when they are counting on you.

Vincent Jackson (@VincentTJackson) 2 catches 11 yards – If someone would have told me the Seahawks would spot the Bucs 21 points and Jackson would only have 2 catches for 11 yards I would have laughed in their face. Well guess what the last laugh is on me because it sure happened! I mean come on Vjax they are giving your team points, so find a way to get in the action. We know Sherman was covering you, but if you’re going to be elite we need you to beat him for some catches.

Honorable Mention

Dez Bryant 6 catches 64 yards – That’s not terrible for a guy, but when it’s Dez Bryant you want more!

Josh Gordon 3 catch 44 yards 1 rush 10 yards – The Browns one and seemed he did his job of drawing attention leaving others open, but hurts us fantasy owners!

Permanent DuDs

This is a new section where I will put people who seem to be showing up weekly. They will simply earn their way out by having a good game. The guys you see featured here will not have a discussion, because if I put them here at this point I don’t even want to talk about that guy.

Ray Rice

Trent Richardson

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