2013 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions


The 2013 NFL season has arrived, insert *golf clap*, which means it’s Fantasy Football time as well.  You have draft, after draft, after draft happening, and you have stopped talking to your Wife/GF/BF/Husband/Family about anything that isn’t Fantasy Football. I wonder how many relationship causalities have occurred since the birth of Fantasy Football. I have unleashed my rankings, have given you my sleepers, and I have even given you my favorite kinds of ice cream. Today, I’m giving you my Fantasy Football Bold Predictions; when you read them some may not sound like they are too bold, the “Not So Bold Category”, the “Maybe He’s Onto Something Category” — after reading them, you’ll be convinced it will happen.  Finally, and most important, the “What The Hell Was I Thinking Category” — basically what the heck was I thinking during this piece. Fantasy Football is competitive but most of all, it is fun. So come along for this awesome ride as I give you my 2013 Fantasy Football Bold Predictions.

Not So Bold Category

Peyton Manning will finish as the #1 Fantasy Football QB

With the injuries and suspensions hindering the Broncos D so far in preseason, I fully expect them to relate to Peyton having to throw the ball a TON this year. With a lot of weapons at his disposal, he should have no problem finishing #1.

Cam Newton will finish as the #2 Fantasy Football QB

Newton has finished in the top 5 in 2 consecutive years. I think he will have a monster Fantasy Football season this year where we see him toss for 27 TDs and rushes for 10 TDs.

Wes Welker won’t finish in the top 15

There are just too many weapons in Denver for Welker to see #1 style targets this season. I think he will be productive, but nowhere near what we are used to seeing out of him.

Dez Bryant finishes as the #1 WR

It’s a dead heat between him and MegaTron.  However, I think this is the year that Dez will pass him. He has been practically un-coverable during the preseason, and I think this will transcend to the regular season as well.

Maybe He’s Onto Something Category

Alfred Morris will finish outside the top 10 in standard and PPR leagues

PPR leagues are a given for him to finish outside the top 10. But with the influx of talent this year at RB, I see Morris finishing outside the top 10 in standard leagues as well.

Adrian Peterson finishes 3rd or worse in standard and PPR leagues

Peterson will be good in 2013, but I don’t see him coming close to replicating his stats from last season. I also don’t see him topping the Fantasy RB charts either. I’m not telling you don’t take him because I think he is the only sure thing in the top 5 this year; however, I am saying he won’t repeat 2012 if that’s what you are looking for.

Reggie Bush finishes in the top 5 in PPR leagues and top 10 of standard

RBs in Detroit (Bell, LeShoure and Smith) had 132 targets out of the backfield in 2012 and caught 96 of them, which is nothing but good news for new Lions RB Reggie Bush. I see anywhere from 50-55 catches for him to go along with 8-900 yards on the ground, Bush is going to be a monster this season.

Michael Vick finishes in the top 7 among QBs this year

If — and it’s a big — IF, Vick stays healthy I see him finishing in the top 7 among QBs this year. The newly named starting QB of the Eagles could be in line for a huge fantasy season. In Chip Kelly’s up-tempo offense he will set up Vick to succeed. (If you draft him, keep your fingers crossed)

What the Hell Was I Thinking Category

Chris Johnson finishes in the top 5 of RB’s

Chris Johnson is going to be back and better than ever this year. The Titans upgraded the OL during the offseason (added Andy Levitre, Chance Warmack and Delaine Walker) he will have plenty of room to run. I see close to 2000 total yards for CJ in 2013.

Greg Jennings will have a top 20 finish among WR’s

In 9 games in 2012, Percy Harvin caught 62 balls on 85 targets for 677 yards and 3 TDs. Now Jennings is much older than Harvin and not as quick or as fast. There is no reason to think though that he won’t see as many or even more targets than Harvin did in 9 games. Jennings catches between 70-75 balls for little over 1050 yards and 6-7 TDs landing inside the top 20.

Russell Wilson finishes outside the top 10

I think the Seahawks are going to be good this year and might even make a run at the playoffs. I just can’t ignore the 9 games under 200 yards passing or the 7 games with only 1 TD. There are a lot of people high on RW this year but I am not one of them. He will lack the consistency of those who will finish ahead of him. Top 15 is a shoe-in, top 10 no way.

Martellus Bennett finishes higher than Vernon Davis & Tony Gonzalez

In Mark Trestman’s new offense in Chicago we could see as many as 700 throws coming from Cutler. This is nothing but good news for Bennett and his prospects at being a top fantasy TE. Bennett averaged 11 YPC last season and with him in line at another 90+ targets, he will be a Fantasy Stud. He is also another big (6’6) target for Cutler to throw to outside of Brandon Marshall in the Red Zone. There is a monster season ahead for Bennett.

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