Thinking Out Loud: Child’s Play

Welcome to another edition of Thinking Out Loud. Thinking Out Loud is where I go to the movies (or watch one at home) and take running thoughts and notes throughout, it gives you a raw inside look at my thoughts as I am watching the movie. I tend to do this with throw away fun movies (like this one) because while I spoil a lot of what happens, you get the jiff when you see the trailers regardless.

On the docket today, the 8th installment of the Child’s Play franchise, this one also being called Child’s Play.

– the poster’s for this movie were amazing

Reminder, spoilers within this and these are my running thoughts as I was watching the movie.

I’d totally buy a Buddi doll for camera purposes.

Damn. That guy talked to me like that, I would’ve knocked him out. 

And he just jumped out the damn gate.


Also I would’ve dropped the let me speak to your manager line

Great parenting by Plaza: As long as you go outside in the PITCH DARK and make new friends, you can get your phone back.

I already have a problem with the tone of the movie. Trying way too hard to be serious to start. 

I’m Chucky ….. what you wanna do Andysup

Year of the cat — this one is named Mickey Rooney 

The Buddy song is the GOAT song

This Chucky is damn creepy 

Chucky going nuts and trying to stab his friends was priceless

Chucky straight up killed the damn cat. 

Omg chucky audio taped him killing the cat too!!!

Oh snap!!!! Dudes got a whole damn family!!!!! Wife? Kids? Damn. 

Holy cow. Chucky made dude fall off the roof and he Sid Vicous both his legs

He said THIS IS FOR 2PAC after he killed him

He wrapped his head around a watermelon, I am going to cry. 

Little kid wouldn’t stop puking at the sight of it. I’m dead.

This movie is ridiculous and stupid. 

You are my buddy till the end 

Creeper in the basement has cameras on the apartment and for basically no reason. 

And now Chucky will kill him.

Why wouldn’t he just swing from the heater piece and land on the ground instead of a saw? 

So Aubrey Plaza was dating a married man, while leaving in an apartment in which a guy had cameras to all the places in the basement, while working at a department store that sold these chucky dolls. What a life.

The old grandma is dead 

Also when will this movie end? I’m over it. It’s getting annoying. 

Blood squirted all over the little kid, that was the greatest moment in the history of movies.

Dude got stabbed in the neck and gushed blood everywhere and sat up like the undertaker 

The Verdict:

* & 1/2 out of ***** stars

The movie was terrible, you know what you are going to get from these movies. This is what I like to call a “horror” comedy and in certain parts of this movie it tried to be serious and I hate that in these types of movies. The last 15-20 minutes of this movie was really stupid and it dragged on way too long. It lost a FULL star just because of the final act.

Should you see it?: Yes but you can wait until it’s available digitally or at Redbox.

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