The Valero Verdict: Pet Sematary

Welcome to another edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today, Pet Sematary. The remake of 1989 Horror film based on a book by Stephen King.

look at that thing, it’s terrifying looking.
  • The only thing remotely scary about this film was the cat, I mean just look at it. If you stare at that picture long enough, the cat takes your soul.
  • Jason Clarke is an amazing actor. The ONLY thing about this film that was good was him. He is one of the best actors in Hollywood and it showed in this film. He’s emotion is so raw in this film, you just felt everything that he felt throughout the entire film.
  • They somehow managed to make a 1 hour and 41 minute run time feel like 3 hours. The 3rd act dragged out and it was so uninteresting at that.
  • We’ve made 1.3 trillion (don’t fact check me) Horror movies, can people stop going into random dark rooms? or can they stop locking themselves in rooms? That would be just great.
  • Best quote in this movie: “Good thing your no fucking vet.”

The Verdict:

* out of ***** stars

This just wasn’t a good movie, not even Jason Clarke’s phenomenal performance could save this movie. Lithgow was good in it, but outside of that, predictable, not scary (Minus that Cat that is going to give me nightmares forever), and dragged out 3rd act, this was another remake we did not need.

Should You See It?: Absolutely not. I’ve really debated what movie was worse, this or Dumbo. I would pay to see Dumbo fight the cat from this, I would lay AT LEAST $20 on the cat. That in itself would be more entertaining than both of these trash movies.

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The Valero Verdict: Us

Welcome to another edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today, Us the highly anticipated second movie from Oscar winner Jordan Peele.

  • Lupita Nyong’o was brilliant in this film. Both version of her. She played a wide range of emotions all wrapped up in both of her characters. She’s riveting, smart, and a down right bad ass in this film.
  • This movie is EXTREMELY CREEPY!!!!!
  • Typical Horror movies like to have way too many funny moments in a film, not this one. It had it’s comedic relief in Winston Duke but it was perfectly timed comedy, not over done.
  • We are early in the year but let’s go ahead and hand Michael Abels the Oscar for his Score in this film.
  • Peele’s writing is damn right scary, I have never been captivated in a Horror film the way I was in this. I was creeped out all while battling with the inner thoughts in my head about overcoming

The Verdict:

**** 1/2 out of 5 stars

To be able to tell a compelling story within a creepy horror movie is not easy at all. This movie was the battle within us all and how we can overcome that. Most horror movies focus on “jump scares”, killings and satisfactory ending, this movie was the complete opposite. Peele gives you a reason to care about the characters, he puts Lupita in a position to just do what she is good at and act her ass off.

The rest of the cast was great, the Score is perfection (I expect an Oscar nomination), its visually haunting, edited to perfection and Peele has officially made me want to never go to the fair again.

Should You See it?: What are you waiting for? Peele is turning himself into one of the best Writer/Directors in the world. The story within the extreme craziness is worth the price of admission alone.

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Thinking Out Loud: Happy Death Day 2U

Welcome to the 3rd edition of Thinking Out Loud where I take running notes throughout the movie.

I went to see Happy Death Day 2U, the first one wasn’t a bad cheeky horror flick. Was a surprise breakout hit when it hit the theaters which always means we are going to get a sequel.

This will be obviously SUPER HEAVY on Spoilers, you can check out my non-spoiler review here:

Here we go…

Drunk kid in a car hungover, I think we’ve all been there

Oh snap…. we’ve got a bunch of science mumbo jumbo talking 

Science teacher is a tad mean. Why are teachers so negative? Aren’t they supposed to be positive?

I love how in movies you can get text from “Unknown caller” – because that’s literally impossible 

Yep, typical dumb kid going into random rooms. I hear noises I’m running, the opposite way. 

He dead 

ROUND 222222222

Mean ass dog part II

Dude on the skateboard didn’t spill any coffee coming around the corner? Lol k




Dick head teacher is back.

Thank god for movie pass, (I have no clue why I came to see this) 

Oh no, a super serious moment in a super dumb cheesy horror movie. Why? 

Safest place was a basketball game, and they just didn’t know it was baby mask wearing night.

Random horror chase scene where our protagonist runs to no man’s land where there is nobody in sight but the big bad killer.

Why can no one ever be quiet when hiding? 

Clone/Twin and somehow a short guy with a wrench can fend off two security guards, is leaving an option?

Slow motion the random science thing blew up, k….. 

Ohhhhhhh so he sent her back to past now? She gets to relive it all over again? K….

I’m sure the republicans would love the throwing of the global warming paperwork.

Pissed off Global warming folks, outed a gay guy what’s next? 

TOODLES. Who says that?

She’s never seen Back to the Future. Well they were kind of meh anyway, I forgive her. 

Now offending Anne Frank and Helen Keller, Jesus. And now the handicap. 

The Moms still alive? Who didn’t see that coming…. actually I didn’t. 

Wake me up when this shit is over, like it’s not even funny bad. 

Oh snap. The killer is on the loooooseeeee. 

How in the hell did he miss her by like 20 feet with that swing of an axe?

Won’t lie I kind of dug her falling off the cliff.

I literally am thinking about the bomb smoothie I am going to make when I get home. 

Banana, Strawberries and milk…. sounds so good right now. 

Oh yeah, the movie. They are talking about science and her coming back to life and blah blah blah 

Oooooo fun, she gets to killer herself a bunch of times. 

Oh no, she jumped out of the plane in a bikini and landed right in front of the loving couple as she gave us the bird, the audience (of like 9) laugh out loud. 

Just saw that Marriott changed their app to read Bon Voy…. why? 

People in movies always be breaking out of hospitals like it’s nothing. 

So she ultimately decided to stay in the past? Meh.

Closing loops now folks. 

Back to seriously moment again. 

Oh little boy toy is going to save the day. 

So disrespectful, she’s got her shoes on her bed. Even in a hotel. Gross. 


Who nicknames their kid TREE? 

So many serious moments. 

As a movie lover, I hope the director/writer/producer make millions off this. 

Omg. Are really really really deep serious moment now? Cheesy cliché after cheesy cliché.

Dick head teacher is back to ruin everything. 

This movie is never going to end. 

People are actually laughing at this dumb movie, oh no they stole the continuum transfunctioner

(Dude Where’s My Car is a classic movie)

I hate the way people use cell phones in movies.

Oh no, the cheating hubby is the killer. Twist the wife was in on it. Boy toy to save the day again!!!!!!!

Omg that was so cheesy, someone shoot me. That killing was absurd and dumb. 

THE END ……. 

The ending the kid says “omg I just shit my pants” and the guy behind me just about fell out his chair laughing.

After credit scene? The FBI has arrived to take all the kids, please let this end. Maybe this is the beginning of the new MIB.

Overall thoughts:

*1/2 out *****

I gave this movie a half of a star, well because someone had to make the movie and I respect that.

I am sure there are going to be people out there that like this movie, and good for them. But I am not one of those said people. 

Horror movies should never take themselves super serious, and this movie tried way too hard. I don’t think the movie even understood what it was trying to be. One minute you had her being serious with her Mom and the next you are making awful jokes about Helen Keller, like do one or the other, not both.

Obviously we weren’t going to get amazing acting, we were going to get a cheesy horror flick with campy ideas with a couple of laughs and so cool killing. 
I don’t think any of that happened once.
This movie was not my cup of tea. 

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Trailer Reaction: Ma

The trailer for MA landed yesterday and I am here to breakdown my thoughts on it.

  • First off, HOLY CRAP. I had absolutely no clue about this movie coming out.
  • Octavia Spencer take MY MONEY!!!!! She looks like a certified crazy psychotic lunatic!!!!! And I am totally here for it.
  • Look kids in movies are always getting a bad look, ask random stranger to buy booze, they do and boom invite you to their house to throw a party? Kids these days.
  • I’ll be honest it looks like a typical Horror movie, jump scare, don’t do this/they do it type movie, they pay the consequences for doing it. I will say that Spencer had me sold, because honestly this movie provides minimal interest for me with an unknown in that role.

Ma hits theaters May 31st

Tell me what you thought of the trailer, hit me up on here or talk to me on Twitter @rickygangster

The 1st Annual Sports Script Oscar Nominations

The Oscar season is right around the corner which is easily one of my favorite times of the year. I like reflecting on the movies from the years past and comparing the movies nominated to what I liked. I always watch the movie nominated no matter what type of movie it is or if it even looks interesting to me. I do this every year but this will be my 1st annual The Sports Script Oscar picks. January 14th is the day the nominations are announced and today I will give you who I think should get the nominations as well around March the 2nd (before the award show) I will give you my picks on who I think will win that were actually nominated. So here we go.

*updated 01/06/13 after watching Dallas Buyers Club*

The 1st Annual the Sports Script Oscar Picks

Best Picture

Captain Phillips
The Wolf of Wall Street
Saving Mr. Banks
12 Years a Slave
American Hustle
Out of the Furnace
Dallas Buyers Club

Best Director

Martin Scorsese – The Wolf of Wall Street
Paul Greengrass – Captain Phillips
Steve McQueen – 12 Years a Slave
David O. Russell – American Hustle
Scott Cooper – Out of the Furnace

Best Actor

Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips
Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Years a Slave
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Wolf of Wall Street
Christian Bale – American Hustle
Hugh Jackman – Prisoners

Best Actress

Cate Blanchett – Jasmine
Sandra Bullock – Gravity
Emma Thompson – Saving Mr. Banks
Carey Mulligan – The Great Gatsby

Best Supporting Actress

Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle
Lupita Nyongo – 12 Years a Slave
Octavia Spencer – Fruitvale Station
Oprah Winfrey – The Butler
Jennifer Garner – Dallas Buyers Club

Best Supporting Actor

Barkhad Abdi – Captain Phillips
Tom Hanks – Saving Mr. Banks
Bradley Cooper – American Hustle
Daniel Bruhl – Rush
Woody Harrelson – Out of the Furnace

Original Screen Play

Fruitvale Station
American Hustle
Saving Mr. Banks

Best Adapted Screenplay

The Wolf of Wall Street
Captain Phillips
12 Years a Slave

Best Score

The Great Gatsby
Captain Phillips
12 Years a Slave

Best Song

Young and Beautiful – The Great Gatsby
Love is Blindness – The Great Gatsby
Atlas – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Let It Go – Frozen

Best Cinematography

12 Years a Slave
Captain Phillips

Best Visual Effects

Pacific Rim
World War Z
The Lone Ranger
Iron Man 3
Thor: The Dark World

Best Make Up and Hairstyling

American Hustle
The Great Gatsby
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
The Lone Ranger
Dallas Buyers Club

Best Costume Design

The Great Gatsby
American Hustle
Oz the Great and Powerful
The Wolf of Wall Street
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

There you have it my 2014 Oscar picks, make sure to watch the Oscar Nomination show on January 14th and check out my latest piece here at the Sports Script where I review every movie I saw in 2013.

Disagree? Agree? Movie I am missing? Hit me up on twitter @rickygangster and let me know.

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A Review of All the Movies I saw in 2013

I am a huge movie goer and actually at the theater quite often. Whether I am on lunch break at work or on a vacation, I am always trying to make it to the cinema. 2013 was a great year for movies and a ton of movie came out that were definitely worth going and seeing. I saw almost 80 films that came out in 2013 and still have a list of the movies that I haven’t seen yet and will update the list as I do. Below I will list in no particular order of my top 10 movies of the year, my top 5 performances of the year and I will give you a chart with what movies I saw and a little one sentence review of it and how many stars I gave the film.

My Top 10 Movies of 2013 (In no particular order)This was a lot harder to make a list of 10 than I thought it would be.

This is the End
Olympus has Fallen
The Great Gatsby
Now You See Me
You’re Next
Captain Phillips
The Wolf of Wall Street
American Hustle
Lone Survivor

My Top 5 Performances in a movie

Hugh Jackman – Prisoners
Christian Bale – American Hustle/Out of the Furnance
Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips
Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Year a Slave
Leonardo DiCaprio – The Great Gatsby

Now onto the list of movies that I saw in 2013 and a short one-line review and how many stars I gave it. *Updated 01/07/13*

The movie stars are on scale of 0-5 stars. 0 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Movie Short Review Stars
Gangster Squad Great cast and awesome movie *** 1/2
A Haunted House Just another terrible spoof movie *
Broken City Tons hated this movie but I really liked it ***
Last Stand Arnold is back but this movie fell flat **
Parker A lot like other Jason Statham movies good not great **
Warm Bodies Boring, not funny and just a waste of my time *
Bullet to the Head Stallone is just kick ass at anything he does. **1/2
Identity Thief I liked it the 2nd & 3rd time better than I did the 1st. Pretty Funny ***
A Good Day to Die Hard Jai Courtney is a future star. Willis & company kept me   entertained ***
Beautiful Creatures Not good, Not terrible just not my cup of tea. **
Snitch Jon Bernthal is great in this & the Rock delivers again. ***
21 and over Tried way too hard in this to make it funny, mediocre at best. **
Dead Man Down Way better than it should’ve ever been. ** 1/2
Oz the great and powerful Visually really good, enjoyable movie. ** 1/2
The Call High hopes & let down. Terrible movie *
Spring Breakers FRANCO KILLS IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!! Loved this! ****
Incredible Burt Wonderstone Not good not funny just should’ve never made it to theaters
Olympus Has Fallen So good. Start to finish a really good movie ***1/2
Admission Tina Fey is hot, Tina Fey is hot. That’s about it. *
GI Joe Retaliation 1st move was good & this one didn’t disappoint. **1/2
The Place Beyond the Pines Ryan Gosling kills it. One of the MUST SEE movies of the year *****
Jurassic Park 3D The 3D done on this was done perfect. ***1/2
The Company You Keep Shia LeBeouf was great. Robert Redford is the man! ****
Trance Boring, stupid and just not good. *
Evil Dead Worst movie of the year is an understatement.
42 Great movie about one of the best baseball players ever! ***
Scary Movie 5 Funny at times but like the rest just an average movie. **
Pain and Gain Top 5 funniest movies of the year easily. ****
Iron Man 3 Favorite Iron Man movie, Downey Jr is money as Tony Starks ***
The Great Gatsby Not enough words to describe how much I enjoyed this film. *****
Star Trek Into Darkness A sequel that was much better than the original, suprising. ***
Fast & Furious 6 Over the top, crazy & a kick ass time at the movies. RIP Paul Walker ****
Hangover part III Not nearly as bad as II but not on the same level as the 1st. **
Now You See Me Top movie of the year for me. The whole cast/movie was money. ****
The East All over the place and sad because it had some real potential. *
The Purge Look so forward to this movie and it let me down big time. *
The Internship One of the most underrated/under apperciated movies of the year. ***1/2
The Heat Bullock & McCarthy team up one of funniest movies of the year. ****
Man of Steel Henry Cavill was good as Superman but the movie lacked something **1/2
Vehicle 19 Not bad but felt like it was a movie I have seen before. **
This Is the End The funniest movie since the Hangover. *****
World War Z Brad Pitt in his best movie of his career. *** 1/2
Lone Ranger Johnny Depp always plays weird characters. Meh movie **
The Way Way Back One of the feel good movies of the year. Loved it ****
Grown Ups 2 Was it possible to be worse than the 1st? Please stop makint these. *
Pacific Rim It was fun to see on the big screen but wasn’t a great movie. ** 1/2
RIPD Thought it was possible to be a good movie, boy was I wrong. *
Red 2 Not as fun as the 1st but not a bad sequel at all. **
Wolverine Way better than the 1st and a solid piece to the franchise. ***
2 Guns Denzel & Marky Mark, combo made in heaven. Loved it. *** 1/2
We’re the Millers 1000% better than I would’ve thought. Aniston is HOTTT in this. ****
Kick Ass 2 Funny spots but not nearly as good as the 1st. Let down big time. **
Paranoia Liam Hemsworth is a star in the making. ***
You’re Next Underrated movie of the year. Great film that kept you guessing *** 1/2
The Family Terrible just terrible. Good acting but the plot holes were huge! *
Prisoners Arguably the best film of the year. MUST SEE!!!!!!! *****
Rush Fantastic Film. Daniel Bruhl was money. ***
Don Jon JGL 1st direct/star movie and it was a fun little popcorn flick. ***
Gravity Lots of praise but not be me at all. Mediocre at best. **
Runner Runner Very smart movie that won’t get the credit it deserves. ***
Captain Phillips Loved it! Tom Hanks derserves some award buzz for his role in this. ****
Escape Plan Very good movie. Loved the concept and the old times killed it. *** 1/2
Thor – The Dark World Light years better than the original. Hemsworth is carving his nitch. ****
Hunger Games – Catching Fire So so good. I am already for the 3rd movie. ****
Homefront Good, not great but James Franco played a great villian. ** 1/3
Grudge Match It wasn’t terrible by any means but wasn’t all that and a bag of chips. ** 1/2
The Wolf of Wall Street Fun FUN FUN FUN – Don’t listen to the critics go enjoy this movie!!! ****
Lone Survivor One of/if not the best time I’ve ever had inside a theater. *****
Jobs Not as bad as some of sad but left you wanting a lot more. ***
Blue Caprice If you know the story than you really need to see this movie. ***
The Worlds End Terrible. *
Mud Long but McConaughey is becoming one of my favorite actors. ** 1/2
12 years a slave Just brilliant film. Chiwetel Ejiofor is name you should know. ****
Fruitvale Station Michael B Jordan has arrived in the movie scene. *** 1/2
Only God Forgives This gave Evil Dead it’s run of worst movie of 2013. no stars
Out Of the Furnace Harrelson & Bale give some of the best perf. of 2013. ****
American Hustle Nothing about this movie was bad. Cast/Story/Score all perfect. **** 1/2
Dallas Buyers Club McConaughey/Leto were absolutley amazing in this! ****
Saving Mr. Banks Tom Hanks is back and better than ever. *** 1/2
The Butler Just wasn’t very good. **
The Kings of Summer Fun movie with a very cool story and some solid young acting. ***

Side note – If there were any films in 2013 that I haven’t listed and you think I should check out or if there is any film on this list that I gave a bad review and think I should give a second chance let me know. Comment below or hit me up on twitter @rickygangster

You’re Next Review

I had the opportunity to see an advance screener of You’re Next thanks to Cinemit & GoFobo. When I first saw the trailer I knew this would be a movie that I would have to see in theaters. I am not a huge horror movie fan, especially the direction they have pulled with so many found footage films over the last few years. So as I was excited to see what this movie could bring to the table I was equally optimistic. So after seeing the movie I am going to give you the 10 things I did and didn’t like about the movie.

Story: When the Davison family comes under attack during their wedding anniversary getaway, the gang of mysterious killers soon learns that one of the victims harbors a secret talent for fighting back.

1. This was the 1st film I have ever seen of Adam Wingard’s and I won’t lie it was a pretty impressive 1st impression. From start to finish he built a solid story that kept you guessing. It had a very nice slow build when they were introducing the characters and BAM right into some serious bloodshed. It was everything that I enjoy about a good horror movie.

He really put together some awesome action/kill scenes in the film. Whether it was a dumb move from the “bad guy” or it was a smartly place board with nails in it, he really went out of his way to make some really cool killings.

2. There were some nice twist and turns. You could see some coming and then you had a few that were a nice surprise as well.

3. The score/music. Every great horror movie has some great music/score. This had it in here and I loved every minute of it. When killing someone in a movie it can really be ruined by either a crappy set up or a poor score.

4. I really liked the dysfunctional family idea they had for this. It wasn’t a perfect family that was unexpectedly attacked.

5. Sharni Vinson (Erin) was nice on the eyes and was the star of the show.

6. They made the vocal point of the movie the killings. That isn’t done in many horror movies anymore.

7. The Ending was awesome. That’s all I will say about that.

8. I guess you could complain about the acting, but with a low budget horror movie you get a bunch of C and D list acting.

9. They had some poor attempts at some comedy that came off pretty rough.

10. Lastly, I would have liked to see a bit more gore and blood. It wasn’t over the top like “Evil Dead” was this year but they could’ve made it a little bit more gory.

Final Verdict

4 out of 5 stars

Overall this is the best horror movie I have seen in a long time. Wingard brought a lot of key components to this movie that I really enjoy. I enjoyed the smart killings, the various ways of how he killed some people and they provided an awesome score to go with the flow of the movie. I would recommend any horror fans to see this movie this weekend when it comes out.

You’re Next comes out in theaters this Friday.

World War Z Review

I had the opportunity to see an advance screener of World War Z last night, thanks to Cinemit and GoFobo. I was skeptical about the movie, after hearing that there were re-shoots only a month before the movie was scheduled for release. I had modest expectations when it came to this movie and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Zombie movies are really hit and miss and I was curious to see how it would be portrayed in a Summer Blockbuster.

*Warning before reading below, I do own this book but I have never read it. I will not attempt to compare the two in any way.

Gerry Lane (Pitt) a former United Nations employee is forced to travel the world and figure out why a Zombie epidemic has broken out.

*Some spoilers below*

The Good –

Marc Forster (Director) – He really had his hands full with this movie. He had to bring a widely popular book and make it a Summer Blockbuster. On top of both of those, Forster had to make it about Zombies. I think he did a successful job, and had everything you could ask for in a movie. It was an action packed thrill ride that kept you on the edge of your seat. Throughout the film, he did a great job of building the story, piece by piece, to have a great pay off in the end.

Brad Pitt – This movie would’ve been really nothing without him. His presence alone brought the blockbuster feel to the movie. The film is simply based on Gerry Lane and Zombies; so Brad Pitt really had to bring it to the table. The 3rd act of the film may have been Pitt at his complete best. It was so good it made this film.

Writing, Visual & Score – Ben Seresin (Cinematography) & Robert Richardson (Original shoot) brought a beautiful film. You could see the CGI’ness to the movie, but it didn’t deter from how great it looked visually.

Marco Beltrami’s score put things together really well, and went good with the flow of the movie.

Matthew Carnahan, Drew Goddard & Damon Lindelof (Screenplay writers) did an amazing job putting this film together. It kept you interested from the start to finish, and they should be applauded for that.

Fana Mokoena & David Morse – Their roles weren’t huge in the film, but when they were on screen, they were effective and good. Morse has always been one of my favorites to watch, and he nailed it in this film as well.

The Ending – I read online that they changed the ending to give it more of an intimate feel. I feel they accomplished that and so much more. Ending of movies can really make or break a film. This ending, took a really good movie, and turned it into a great one.

The Bad –

One could complain about how Pitt survived with his great heroism. Whether it was taking Zombies on a plane, surviving a plane crash, or just randomly being on the right plane to get him to the World Health Organization (where they are trying to make a Zombie vaccine). If you are being nit-picky, those are areas that you could question. If you believe in movies like I do though, you really didn’t have much of a problem with this.

The Ugly –

The 3D part of the movie –

Sadly, one or two scenes in this movie were nothing worthwhile to see in 3D. On another note, I really can’t stand 3D movies either.

The Verdict –

4 out of 5 stars

This is what a Summer Blockbuster is all about. This is easily one of my favorite movies of the summer. It had everything you could hope for in a flick. The acting wasn’t Oscar worthy by any means, but Marc Forster & Brad Pitt team up to bring us an action packed thrill ride you will enjoy from start to finish.

World War Z hits theaters this Friday and is rated PG-13.

Evil Dead Review

I had the opportunity to see an advance screening of Evil Dead last week. I wasn’t excited or looking forward to seeing the movie. But was just looking to see what new Director Fede Alvarez had to offer in his take of the Evil Dead. So here is the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of the movie.

The Good –
Well the movie didn’t really have much that jumped off the screen to me that was good to be honest. There were a few scenes were they got me to laugh at something that was supposed to be laughed at. Also scenes where they wanted you to cringe and you did. But overall nothing was over the top “Good”.

The Bad – To me they really tried way too hard to be over the top. So many forced scenes were it felt like they were never going to end. I wasn’t a big fan of the effects when it came to the blood. I also didn’t like that one of the characters in the movie took so much punishment and walked around like nothing happened.

One scene in particular really set me over the top. In a scene in which Natalie gets bitten by the possessed evil thing (if that’s what you call em) she than decides it’s time to cut her arm off. This is all fine and dandy, until she actually did it. That’s where I got upset, she basically cuts it off and just stands there. Which then her boyfriend David walks in complete shock and she is just standing there like nothing happened! I don’t ever plan on cutting my arm off but if I do I am pretty sure I would not be sitting there like it never happened. No screaming afterwards or any blood at all, come on seriously?

The Ugly – So suffering through the 1st 3 quarters of the movie we finally got to what I thought would be the final act. Boy was I wrong, they set it up where we get the happy ending end scene. Nope that would’ve made too much sense. So we get another 15-20 minutes that just dragged on for an eternity. In which we have Mia has a Jeep fall on her arm and she’s screaming in pain. But what the heck she just detaches her arm and ultimately conquers the possessed/demon character.

Rating – 0.0 out of 5 – I am not sure there was one redeeming quality in this movie seriously. It was just really bad from start to finish. The acting wasn’t good, the script isn’t and the new director maybe shouldn’t be directing anymore. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone; it’s not even free on TBS worthy in my books.