34 Movies I Will See in 2013

2012 was a great year in Film, From Argo to Flight to 21 Jump Street to Django Unchained. It was filled with some really good movies. 2013 is lining up to be another fun year at the box office.

Gangster Squad(Jan. 11th) – Wasn’t a fan when the moved it the 1st time, so excited to see it finally.

Side Effects(Feb. 8th) –  Channing Tatum really broke out in 2012, looking forward to seeing him take on this serious role.

Identity Thief(Feb. 8th) – I first saw this trailer a few months ago. Really looking forward to seeing this.

A Good day to Die Hard(Feb. 14th) – Bruce Willis always brings good things to the table in this series. Adding Jai Courtney who I really liked in Jack Reacher as Willis son. This should be another good movie to add to the franchise.

Snitch(Feb. 22nd) – The Rock seems to find these low-key kind of thrillers that always turn out pretty good.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone(March 15th) – Carell & Buscemi look funny together. I also really hope Jim Carrey can make a comeback.

Place Beyond the Pines(March 20th) – Ryan Gosling in any movie gets me excited. Add Bradley Cooper & Ray Liotta with an interesting plot. Should be in for a good treat.

GI Joe: Retaliation(March 29th) – The 1st of the series was very underrated and I enjoyed it. Adding the Rock & Bruce Willis should only make it better.

42(April 12th) – one of the greatest baseball players ever, a great story and what should be a great movie.

To The Wonder(April 12th) – Ben Affleck and Javier Bardem adding the Director of The Tree of Life Terrence Malick. I cannot wait for this to come out.

Oblivion(April 19th) – Seeing the trailer for it for the 1st time yesterday, peaked my interest a little bit. Could be a dud but I am willing to give anything Tom Cruise is in a chance.

Pain & Gain(Apil 26th) – The trailer doesn’t do the movie justice, but potential of the Rock & Wahlberg is endless.

Iron Man 3(May 3rd) – scared to many franchises are planning to try to go dark like Nolan did with Batman. But should be good regardless.

Great Gatsby(May 10th) – Another movie I was disappointed it was moved from its December release date. DiCaprio is great in anything he is in, I also am a big Carey Mulligan fan.

The Hangover III(May 24th) – The 2nd was a huge disappointment but I will be giving this another chance based on the cast alone.

Fast Six(May 24th) – the 5th of this serious was my favorite of them all. The Rock added a nice touch and with Michelle Rodriguez back. I have no doubt it’s going to be an action packed movie.

Now You See Me(June 7th) – I first saw the trailer for this the other day. Never heard of it, but this movie looks like its right up my alley. Big fan of Eisenberg as an actor.

The Internship(June 7th) – Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson teaming up again, count me in.

Man of Steel(June 14th) – easily my most anticipated movie of the summer. I am not the biggest fan of Superman, but with Snyder directing & Nolan putting his touches on it. I will be excited to see this.

This is the End(June 14th) – The cast in this movie alone should make anyone want to see this. The trailer was hilarious and no doubt a possible comedy of the year.

World War Z(June 21st) – Big fan of the book as well as big fan of Brad Pitt. This blockbuster looks like a must see.

White House Down(June 28th) – Jamie Foxx as President & Channing Tatum as the Secret Service agent. You can be sure to count me in.

The Lone Ranger(July 3rd) – Johnny Depp playing yet another character in his collection. It’s either going to be dumb or really good.

Grown Ups 2(July 12th) – This can’t be any worse than the 1st one right? I’ll see it regardless based on the funny people in it.

R.I.P.D(July 19th) – Huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, an interesting plot that could turn into a good movie.

The Wolverine(July 26th) – Hugh Jackman is up there as one of my on-screen comic book characters. Comes back again as Wolverine, count me in.

300: Rise of An Empire – 300 was one of the greatest movies I had ever seen in theaters. Visual masterpiece it was, highly anticipating this movie.

The To-Do List(August 16th) – Aubrey Plaza is a really good actress, this has a making of being an underrated hit in the theaters.

Runner Runner(Sept. 27th) – Affleck & Timberlake in a movie together about gambling, why isn’t it coming out sooner.

Delivery Man(Oct. 4th) – Vince Vaughn realizes his trips to the sperm bank led to 533 children, sounds like a classic.

The World’s End(Oct. 25th) – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Edgar Wright. Need I say more?

Thor: The Dark World(Nov. 8th) – Chris Hemsworth and company were really good in the 1st film. I have no doubt they will back it up with another good movie.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(Nov. 22nd) – The 1st one was fantastic movie, can the sequel be just as good?

Monuments Men(Dec. 20th) – Clooney, Damon, Murray & Craig = Must see movie of the fall.

Honorable Mention – Texas Chainsaw(Jan. 4th), Broken City(Jan. 11th), 21 & Over(March 1st), Dead Man Down(March 1st), Kick Ass 2(June 28th), Red 2(August 2nd) & 2 Guns(August 16th)

There are a lot more movies I want to see this year but those are the top 34. Am I missing something? What movies do you want to see in 2013? Let me know, comment below or tell me on twitter (@rickygangster)

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