The LeBron Hatred

There is a lot of hate aimed towards LeBron James. I personally never get it. Sometimes I wonder if this is just due to social media today, and if players like Jordan would be getting the same kind of treatment. Nobody is a perfect human being. I am going to speak on why I can’t understand the hatred towards LeBron, and why the same thing doesn’t go for Kobe and Michael.

Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest players I’ve seen on the basketball court. Kobe has an arrogance about him that you see in many a superstar that is on the pedestal he is. So he can get a pass for thinking he’s above his teammates. Bryant was accused of raping a girl in Denver in 2003. As we know, he definitely did have sexual relations with that woman, to partially quote Bill Clinton, but we can’t honestly say that he raped her. What we can say though is that he cheated on his wife. Again nobody is perfect. Earlier this year, as the Lakers were struggling to piece it together, Kobe called the fans (and media) “dumb” and said they just needed to “shut up already.” The fans have no problem with this, but I do. Since when do you put an athlete that fans made into an icon, just as much as he himself has, so high on a pedestal that the athlete can demean you and you have no problem with it. That just baffles me. I don’t care how many rings he has or how many records he breaks, no player is above the sport, the fans, or common courtesy. The comment Bryant made shouldn’t be dismissed. Kobe’s following thinks LeBron is the one who is arrogant though, and chalks the Kobe stuff up to “Mamba Mentality.”

Michael Jordan is hands down the best Basketball player I’ve ever watched. When it comes to being clutch or scoring at will, there has been no other player I have seen do it as well as Mike! Jordan was also a gambler, fornicator, drinker, and smoker, with a lot of arrogance. Again, if you’re one of the best, media is going to mold that level of arrogance into you, no matter how hard you try to fight it. So we’ll give him a pass. His Hall of Fame speech was a little questionable. He didn’t show any type of humbleness and belittled numerous individuals throughout the speech. I guess that’s okay because he’s “MJ” right?? We’ve all heard the stories of Mike not signing autographs for kids at times. I can understand not wanting to be hounded 24-7/365 and sign for countless people, but we’re talking about THE KIDS. Speaking of kids, I never really saw Mike have his around like other players do. That could be for many reasons so I really won’t knock him for seeming like he never hung with them. I do remember him at one point telling his children, “You guys have a heavy burden. I wouldn’t want to be you guys if I had to.” Great fatherly advice! There was speculation a few years ago that Jordan’s first retirement was really a secret suspension for his gambling problems, as a well known drug dealer had a signed $57,000 check from him. Jordan said it was for a business adventure but under oath admitted it was to make up for a gambling debt. Again, nobody is perfect, but everyone wants to “Be Like Mike.”

LeBron isn’t an angel. We all know “The Decision” was a bad idea, but I think that was more pushed on him public relations wise. That doesn’t give him a pass but it did raise over $3,000,000 for charity. He has “Chosen One” tattooed on him. That was something he did in his teenage years, and we all know kids get dumb tattoos. So from me, he gets a pass for that. He calls himself King James. I’m almost 100% sure that other people gave him that name and it wasn’t self-proclaimed. He shouldn’t really refer to himself as King though, even if he has 25 rings. What isn’t justified about LeBron is to say that he’s an arrogant person. Unlike Kobe and MJ, you have never seen LeBron drinking, gambling, in the club, smoking cigars, or cheating on his wife. When you do see LeBron, he’s with his kids, with other kids giving back, working on his game or playing in one. I don’t see how that’s arrogant. That to me is a better role model than the other 2 individuals I touched on. What other 21-year-old kid do you know, that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and acts like he does. Usually kids act how you would typically expect them to, but I’ve never seen such things from LeBron. Earlier this season, a fan hit a $75,000 shot from half-court and James was so excited for him that he ran up and tackled the guy! Would MJ or Kobe every do that, I don’t think so. So for those who say he’s a great player but a horrible person, I don’t get it. For those who say he’s a good person but not a great player, I don’t understand your logic either. Sure he’s had his moments on numerous clutch occasions, but since 03/04 not one player has more game tying or go-ahead scores in the playoffs than LeBron James with less than 24 seconds left on the clock. He’s 7-16 in those situations and Kobe is 5-17. Kobe is clutch though and LeBron isn’t? LeBron is 61-143 with the 3rd highest percentage in clutch situations at .427 between 2006-2012. But he’s not clutch? LeBron never said he was MJ, that’s something the media and fans have put on him, so how is he accountable for all the “Not Better than MJ” talk?

The moral of this article is hate isn’t a good look. If you’re going to hate on a person because he’s all you hear about on TV, that’s not justified. It’s amazing to me that society loves people that act as they shouldn’t, and love to hate on the people who try set a good example for others. If you want to not like LeBron’s game for whatever reason, you’re entitled to that. If you want to not like LeBron as an individual, I question that. At least know the man and acknowledge the things he does off the court before you rake him over the coals. If I had kids, I’d want them to model themselves after James, more than I would want them to be like Mike or have that Mamba Mentality.

Can 2013 be a Triple Crown year?


Last year Major League Baseball saw the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years. Miguel Cabrera, third baseman for the Detroit Tigers, clinched the title with an impressive 44 HR’s, 139’s RBI’s, and .330 batting average on the season. To say Cabrera is a gifted hitter, would be an understatement. In this day and age it’s rare to hit not only for average, but also for power. Throughout his stretch with Detroit, Cabrera has shown steady and consistent numbers with no sign of slowing down. But could a second Triple Crown title be within sight this season?

Only 2 players in MLB history have won a second Triple Crown (Roger Hornsby, ’22 and ’25 and Ted Williams, ’42 and ’47) and no one has claimed the Triple Crown in consecutive years. However Cabrera’s stats are making a case for a repeat performance. Currently Cabrera has 17 HR’s on the year, 67 RBI’s and is hitting a .363 average; he could easily finish with numbers similar to last season.

However, on his heels is an emerging star out of the AL East, first baseman Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles. Historically, Davis has lacked patience at the plate and struggled with pitch selection. Davis played impressively in the minors but saw little playing time with the Rangers. In a less than flashy trade, Baltimore’s Koji Uehara went to Texas for Tommy Hunter and Davis. What looked like a long-term gamble for the Orioles, is now paying dividends. Chris Davis has always had raw power but the difference this season is that he has become more selective at the plate. When given a spot in the daily lineup, Davis is proving what a lethal hitter he can be. Leading the majors in HR’s at 20, 52 RBI’s (second in the AL) and averaging .338 (tied for second in the AL), Davis is a viable threat to Cabrera.

There are several factors that could come into play as the race heats up this summer. Camden Yards is the more hitter-friendly ball park whereas Coamerica’s larger dimensions could stifle Cabrera’s long ball. With Cabrera batting third, as opposed to Davis’ 5th spot, he will see more at-bat’s, garnering more opportunities to pad his numbers. However, with Nate McLouth, Manny Machado, Nick Markakis, and Adam Jones batting above or near .300, this should translate into more RBI opportunities for Davis. Another consideration is Cabrera batting ahead of the prolific home run hitter, Prince Fielder. With Davis hitting ahead of an under-performing Matt Wieters, he will see more intentional walks. Davis’ will also face superior pitching in the AL East (the likes of Clay Buchholz, CC Sabathia, Matt Moore, David Price).

There is little doubt we are watching two talented hitters in their prime. Will Cabrera sustain his momentum, will Davis continue to surge? Will we see a Triple Crown winner for only the second time in 46 years? Or even more incredibly, consecutive titles for Cabrera? Let’s kick back and watch the season unfold.

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34 Movies I Will See in 2013

2012 was a great year in Film, From Argo to Flight to 21 Jump Street to Django Unchained. It was filled with some really good movies. 2013 is lining up to be another fun year at the box office.

Gangster Squad(Jan. 11th) – Wasn’t a fan when the moved it the 1st time, so excited to see it finally.

Side Effects(Feb. 8th) –  Channing Tatum really broke out in 2012, looking forward to seeing him take on this serious role.

Identity Thief(Feb. 8th) – I first saw this trailer a few months ago. Really looking forward to seeing this.

A Good day to Die Hard(Feb. 14th) – Bruce Willis always brings good things to the table in this series. Adding Jai Courtney who I really liked in Jack Reacher as Willis son. This should be another good movie to add to the franchise.

Snitch(Feb. 22nd) – The Rock seems to find these low-key kind of thrillers that always turn out pretty good.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone(March 15th) – Carell & Buscemi look funny together. I also really hope Jim Carrey can make a comeback.

Place Beyond the Pines(March 20th) – Ryan Gosling in any movie gets me excited. Add Bradley Cooper & Ray Liotta with an interesting plot. Should be in for a good treat.

GI Joe: Retaliation(March 29th) – The 1st of the series was very underrated and I enjoyed it. Adding the Rock & Bruce Willis should only make it better.

42(April 12th) – one of the greatest baseball players ever, a great story and what should be a great movie.

To The Wonder(April 12th) – Ben Affleck and Javier Bardem adding the Director of The Tree of Life Terrence Malick. I cannot wait for this to come out.

Oblivion(April 19th) – Seeing the trailer for it for the 1st time yesterday, peaked my interest a little bit. Could be a dud but I am willing to give anything Tom Cruise is in a chance.

Pain & Gain(Apil 26th) – The trailer doesn’t do the movie justice, but potential of the Rock & Wahlberg is endless.

Iron Man 3(May 3rd) – scared to many franchises are planning to try to go dark like Nolan did with Batman. But should be good regardless.

Great Gatsby(May 10th) – Another movie I was disappointed it was moved from its December release date. DiCaprio is great in anything he is in, I also am a big Carey Mulligan fan.

The Hangover III(May 24th) – The 2nd was a huge disappointment but I will be giving this another chance based on the cast alone.

Fast Six(May 24th) – the 5th of this serious was my favorite of them all. The Rock added a nice touch and with Michelle Rodriguez back. I have no doubt it’s going to be an action packed movie.

Now You See Me(June 7th) – I first saw the trailer for this the other day. Never heard of it, but this movie looks like its right up my alley. Big fan of Eisenberg as an actor.

The Internship(June 7th) – Vince Vaughn & Owen Wilson teaming up again, count me in.

Man of Steel(June 14th) – easily my most anticipated movie of the summer. I am not the biggest fan of Superman, but with Snyder directing & Nolan putting his touches on it. I will be excited to see this.

This is the End(June 14th) – The cast in this movie alone should make anyone want to see this. The trailer was hilarious and no doubt a possible comedy of the year.

World War Z(June 21st) – Big fan of the book as well as big fan of Brad Pitt. This blockbuster looks like a must see.

White House Down(June 28th) – Jamie Foxx as President & Channing Tatum as the Secret Service agent. You can be sure to count me in.

The Lone Ranger(July 3rd) – Johnny Depp playing yet another character in his collection. It’s either going to be dumb or really good.

Grown Ups 2(July 12th) – This can’t be any worse than the 1st one right? I’ll see it regardless based on the funny people in it.

R.I.P.D(July 19th) – Huge fan of Ryan Reynolds, an interesting plot that could turn into a good movie.

The Wolverine(July 26th) – Hugh Jackman is up there as one of my on-screen comic book characters. Comes back again as Wolverine, count me in.

300: Rise of An Empire – 300 was one of the greatest movies I had ever seen in theaters. Visual masterpiece it was, highly anticipating this movie.

The To-Do List(August 16th) – Aubrey Plaza is a really good actress, this has a making of being an underrated hit in the theaters.

Runner Runner(Sept. 27th) – Affleck & Timberlake in a movie together about gambling, why isn’t it coming out sooner.

Delivery Man(Oct. 4th) – Vince Vaughn realizes his trips to the sperm bank led to 533 children, sounds like a classic.

The World’s End(Oct. 25th) – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost & Edgar Wright. Need I say more?

Thor: The Dark World(Nov. 8th) – Chris Hemsworth and company were really good in the 1st film. I have no doubt they will back it up with another good movie.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire(Nov. 22nd) – The 1st one was fantastic movie, can the sequel be just as good?

Monuments Men(Dec. 20th) – Clooney, Damon, Murray & Craig = Must see movie of the fall.

Honorable Mention – Texas Chainsaw(Jan. 4th), Broken City(Jan. 11th), 21 & Over(March 1st), Dead Man Down(March 1st), Kick Ass 2(June 28th), Red 2(August 2nd) & 2 Guns(August 16th)

There are a lot more movies I want to see this year but those are the top 34. Am I missing something? What movies do you want to see in 2013? Let me know, comment below or tell me on twitter (@rickygangster)

Fantasy Football Top 10 for 2013

What a Fantastic season for sure this season, I had a lot of fun playing Fantasy Football. I look forward to interacting more with all of you this coming season and maybe playing against a few of you. I am looking ahead to the 2013 season and giving my Top 10 players for Fantasy.

Top 10 For 2013 

1. Arian Foster – I really give Foster the slightest of edge over AP for a few reasons. He has only 6 games in the last 3 years with under 10 Fantasy Points(Standard Scoring). That’s an impressive stat right there for any player. Foster’s consistency is what makes him my #1 pick for this coming year.

2. Adrian Peterson – What an impressive season for AP, finishing just 9 yards short of Eric Dickerson’s season rushing record. Coming of ACL surgery, no one expected what we saw in the 2012 season. Though I don’t expect him to come out and do this again, I think he will have another impressive campaign in 2013.

3. Ray Rice – I am a huge fan of this guy, all the talent in the world and never used right. With Cameron finally out the door, I hope heading into the 2013 they realize what exactly they have at RB. What I do like about the 2012 season is this. The wear and tear on Rice isn’t wasn’t that high, he had only 257 carries his lowest output since 2009. Of course his value in PPR is very nice considering 4 straight seasons of 60+ catches. Very safe pick at #3.

4. Doug Martin – He busted out his rookie season with finishing in the top 5 in his position. Accumulating over 1900 yards and 11 TD’s and only 1 fumble this year. I really like Martin as a top back heading in the 2013 season.

5. Calvin Johnson – I hate taking WR’s really high, but if you are in a PPR league you really can’t go wrong with CJ. I think a lot of his stats came in garbage time but that doesn’t take away what an amazing season he did have.

6. CJ Spiller – With Gailey now gone and Fred Jackson possibly on the way out. What is not to like about the possibility of a full season of Spiller? He is a multi-threat back out of the back field, who averaged 6 yards per carry last season. Having only 388 carries in his first 3 seasons he will have fresh legs. If Jackson does indeed leave I could see Spiller hitting #3 on my board come next season.

7. Jamaal Charles – This guy could’ve have had an even bigger season if it wasn’t for the few games the Chiefs decided not to fee Charles the ball. Coming off an ACL injury like he did and producing is just crazy. In any other season this guy would be a lock for Comeback Player of the Year. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield is the reason he is ahead of the next guy on my list.

8. Alfred Morris – What an incredible Rookie season for Morris this year. Hit the Fantasy by storm to start the season and never really looked back either. The Shanahan effect could be cautious for some of the Fantasy Owners. But it looks to me as the Redskins have found an amazing 1-2 punch for a long time.

9. LeSean McCoy – Not the best season for McCoy this year because of an injury that made him miss some games. But with Reid out as Head Coach, I expect the new Coach to come in and use him properly. So he really could be a steal at this low in the draft.

10. Marshawn Lynch – Lynch was a beast to say the least this year. Rushing for 1590 yards this year adding 12 total touchdowns as well. He has easily established himself as a Top Fantasy RB to have for next year. Someone with this much talent dropping this far would be a win for whoever gets him.

Give me your thoughts on who should be in the top 10. Either comment below or talk to me over on Twitter(@rickygangster)

Week 16 Must Start/Must Sit …….

Championship Week is upon us all, some of you the title game is next week. But for everyone it’s an important week this week. Good luck to you all.

Must Start

Matthew Stafford v.s ATL – Coming off a rough week against the Cardinals, Stafford faces a semi tough matchup. But the Falcons defense before last week gave up 275+ yards in 3 straight games against QB’s. I think they just made sure to revenge last year’s playoff blowout. So look for the him to have a nice bounce back game this weekend.

Darren McFadden v.s Car – Carolina has been good against the run the last two weeks because they have jumped out to big leads. I don’t think they do the same against the Raiders. McFadden had his 1st 100 yard game since week 8 and should have another this week. I am always cautious about teams traveling across the country to face teams. But start McFadden regardless.

Alfred Morris v.s Phi – Whether Griffin plays or not Morris is a must start. But if RGIII sits again this week, his value peaks high again. He had a season high 27 carries last week and he has 100 yards or a TD in 4 straight games. He faces a Eagles team that has given up 100 yards on the ground in 10 straight games. Love the matchup, easy must start this week.

Steven Jackson v.s TB – Facing one of the tough defenses against the run in Tampa Bay. You would think Jackson might be good on the sidelines this week. Well I think that is wrong, he will have another solid week this week. He has 19+ touches in the last 4 games and has 14 catches out of the backfield in the last 3 games.

Pierre Garcon v.s Phi – Ever since coming of the injury this guy has been money. It doesn’t matter if RGIII or Cousins is at QB, he has 32 targets in the last 3 games. He is producing and should again this week against a weak Eagles secondary.

Danny Amendola v.s TB – Can we just call him Wes Welker 2.0? Could you imagine how many receptions this guy would have if he stayed healthy all season? He is a PPR machine, easy must start whenever he is playing.

Antonio Gates v.s NYJ – Gates found the end zone for the 5th time this year late in the game last week. I look for him have a very nice game against the Bad news Bears the Jets.

Must Sit

Andrew Luck v.s KC – If you have him as an only option this week, than I believe you should start him. But if you can get your hands on another option i.e. Wilson, Freeman or Flacco. I would start them ahead of Luck this week. They are ranked 7th against the pass this year in terms of yardage. The potential for a rough week is possible.

Jonathon Dwyer v.s Cin – Terrible matchup for him this week against a Bengals team that hasn’t given up over 50 yards on the ground in 3 games. Look for other options this week that have a better upside than Dwyer.

Chris Johnson v.s GB – Green Bay hasn’t been the best on stopping the run, but I don’t think this game will be close. I think the Packers will get out in front early taking the run out of this game. So if you have better RB’s on the roster to start, I would put them in the lineup.

Bryce Brown v.s Was – He is basically Fantasy Irrelevant now that McCoy has been named starter of the Eagles. Even with possibly splitting carries he is not worth the start this week.

Josh Gordon v.s Den – The young rookie will get to meet Champ Bailey this week. Bailey is one of the best this game has seen. I believe he will make him a non-factor in this game. Making him bench able this week in all formats.

Falcons D v.s Lions – I don’t trust the Falcons D we saw last week, they will struggle against the Lions. I think the Lions will get a lot of yardage and score over 20 points. Making them a not so hot start for this week.

Those are my week 16 start/sits, any Fantasy Football Questions you can ask on here or on twitter. (@rickygangster) I’ll answer any and all questions you send leading up to game time.


The Guilt Trip Review

Heading into this movie I thought there was a good chance this could be really funny. So I decided to head out and see a pre-screener of the movie.

We meet Andy Brewster(Seth Rogen) an inventor of Scieoclean who is set to travel across the country to sell his product. We first see him traveling and getting repeat phone calls from his Mother(Barbra Streisand). Who is playing an over the top typical annoying mother. We see Andy make his first presentation at Kmart which failed drastically. Stopping in town to see his mother, which without spoiling the movie sets up her going on this trip with him.

Let me start off by saying this movie took way too long to get good. Of course there was a good chuckle here and there. But the humor was just typical really, The chemistry between Rogen and Streisand was pretty good. They played a very nice Mother/Son combo in the movie.

One of the better moments of the movie is when Streisand tries to eat a 4 and half pound piece of steak. Where we see a rugged handsome cowboy type(Brett Cullen) seek interest in Streisand’s character. That moment was every bit of funny to watch.

Rogen can be so much funnier than he was seems like the script was too plain for him. Some of the funniest moments in this movie happened after the credits came on. Where he was just improving the lines. I feel like he could’ve been a bit better given the opportunity.

The story was forever long build to a typical Hollywood feel good moment at the end. I would say it took about a good hour to build to set up something good. But the payoff wasn’t worth the wait.

1.5 out of 5 stars – Just not my cup of tea, there might be an audience for this movie. I just don’t see it being worth the time.

Give me your thoughts on the movie or if there is a movie you would like me to review. Either comment below or hop over to twitter (@rickygangster) & shoot me a line.

Week 16 Fantasy Football Sleepers

If you are reading this you are most likely heading to the Fantasy Football Championship. So I wish good luck to you in winning your Fantasy league this weekend.

Josh Freeman v.s STL – Even though the Rams have been decent against Fantasy QB’s over the past few weeks. I really like Freeman to bounce back in a nice way from that awful performance last week. I wouldn’t hesitate starting him this week at all.

Vick Ballard v.s KC – Coming off his 1st career 100 yard rushing game against the Texans. Ballard gets another really good matchup for this week. Facing a team that just came off giving up over 200 yards on the ground to Oakland. On the road against a struggling team, the Colts might try to run a bit more. He should be viewed as a really solid RB2/Flex play this week.

Reggie Bush v.s Buf – I really liked Bush last week against the Jaguars and in return had his 1st 100 yard game since week 2. This week against a Bills team that just gave up 270 yards on the ground. He should be a really nice option this weekend.

Danny Woodhead v.s JAX – Woodhead snuck into the lineup after both Ridley and Vereen fumbled the ball. We all know that Belichick holds grudges against players that fumble. With the Jaguars giving up 150+ yards on the ground. He could be a sneaky Flex play for this weekend.

Cecil Shorts v.s NE – After missing the week 14 matchup due to a concussion. Shorts came back and didn’t miss a beat. 6 catches for 101 yards on 11 targets, obviously Henne’s favorite target. This week comes against a questionable New England Defense. So he should have another good week this week.

T.Y Hilton v.s KC – Hilton has either a TD or 100 yards in 4 out of the last 5 games. He’s targets are there for sure. I think he should be a solid play this week at the WR2/Flex player.

Danny Amendola v.s TB – Amendola plays and he just catches the football. Misses two games due to the foot injury, comes back for 58 yards and a touchdown. This week he gets the Bucs, one of the worst teams against the pass. He should be a must start in PPR options and a strong WR2/Flex in standard leagues.

Jermichael Finley v.s TN – Finley hasn’t been consistent by any means, but he does have 21 targets in the last 4 games. He has a very nice matchup this week against the Titans. Who have a history of being terrible against tight end’s. If you have been filling in for Gronk, he would be a good spot start.

Those are my Week 16 sleepers, I will be posting my start/sits later this week.. Any thoughts or questions feel free to comment below or contact me on Twitter.(@rickygangster)

Jack Reacher Review

I unlike most was pretty excited for Jack Reacher, I am a Tom Cruise fan. I am a huge action movie fan and thought this would not let me down.

Opening scene is where we plotted out the rest of the movie. We see a guy pull up on a parking garage and get his riffle out. You then see him take out 5 people one by one, great scene you basically got to watch through the scope.

After than arresting the guy “accused” of shooting down those people, the guy ask for Jack Reacher. As the DA & Head Detective talk it over trying to figure out who Jack Reacher really is. The DA asked the Head Detective, how are we going to find him. HD finally says its going to be impossible. Few seconds later the DA’s assistant walks in and says there is a Jack Reacher here to see you.

We get introduced to Helen Rodin(Rosamund Pike) who is going to defend James Barr(Joseph Sikora). They paint the picture early that Rodin is trying to stick this to her Dad the District Attorney(Richard Jenkins). As we progress throughout the movie you can tell the strain on the relationship of the Father/Daughter pair.

As we first figure, when Barr ask for Reacher we all are under the assumption that they are friends. After the movie progresses we see that it is the complete opposite and that these guys are enemies.

We basically are than introduced to the man, the myth Jack Reacher. A kick ass guy who just is a drifter, no real care in the world. There were lots of complaints about the book having a 6 foot 5 guy being played by a 5 something Tom Cruise. I didn’t care one bit, Cruise was just awesome in this role. Whether it was the fight scene outside the bar, which got a lot of laughs. Or the huge car chase scene that left you hanging on the edge of your seat. Cruise made you believe that he believed in his character.

Outside of Cruise being really good as Reacher, the supporting cast was pretty good as well. Rosamund Pike really stood out in her role as Helen Rodin. A late cameo by Robert Duvall was very nice and welcomed with some good comedy. Jai Courtney as the hired gun, played a pretty good bad ass. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Emerson character, I think it was just kind of there. I really did like Werner Herzog as the main bad guy The Zec.

Overall this was a really fun time at the movies, even a bit of surprise of how good it was. Cruise & McQuarrie make a pretty awesome tandem. It was funny, witty and the action was jam-packed. Outside not liking the final fight scene between Jai Courtney & Cruise.(Thought it could’ve been a bit longer and Jai have more of a fight) Outside that this is one of the fall’s must see movies.

4/5 Stars – Fun action packed movie that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Week 15 Must Start/Must Sit …….

Big Week for Fantasy Footballer’s everywhere. Most leagues are determining who will be playing in the Fantasy championship. The bragging rights that come with it are awesome. Especially if you are in a work league like I am. So Good Luck to all this weekend I hope you all win.

Must Start

Josh Freeman v.s NO – To me he is a top 8 QB option for this week. He is on fire against the Saints, 1004 yards and 7 TD’s in his 3 last games. The Saints defense hasn’t gotten any better over the last few weeks either. Only the top Tier of QB’s I would start ahead of him this week.

CJ Spiller v.s Sea – Prior to the last game against the Cardinals. The Seahawks defense had been torched back to back weeks on the ground. Look for Spiller to make it happen again, he should be getting a majority of the carries with Jackson out. I look for him to have a huge game this weekend.

Jamaal Charles v.s Oak – Charles has a string of 3 consecutive 100 yard games. The Oakland defense has a given up 100+ yards in 6 out of its last 7 games. Last time around Oakland shut him down, but was limited to 5 carries. This time around they are going to feed him the ball.

Reggie Bush v.s Jax – Bush accounted for over hundred total yards last week against the 49ers. This week he has a better matchup in the Jaguars. Who have given up over 100 yards on the ground in the last 6 games. I think he is a sage RB2/Flex play for this week.

Josh Gordon v.s Was – Gordon last week 12 targets, 8 catches for 86 yards. This week he gets a horrendous Washington Secondary. This could be a huge week for him. Must start in all leagues.

Tony Scheffler v.s Ari – With Pettigrew status not looking good for this week. Scheffler is a really nice play this week. He had 10 targets and a TD last week. Stafford likes his TE’s for sure, I think he becomes a top 10 play if Pettigrew is out this week.

Must Sit

Colin Kaepernick v.s NE – Had a very impressive 50 yards touchdown run last week. Kaepernick could be a very fun QB to watch out for in 2013. But this is not the week to start him with so much one the line. Belichick will be very prepared for him and I think he will limit him this week.

Nick Foles v.s Cin – Basing off his last start against the Bucs you would think he is a must start. Well folks you couldn’t be more wrong. The Bucs are just terrible against the pass this year. The Bengals are coming to town Thursday night. They have held all QB’s minus Peyton under 14 Fantasy Points on the season. So I wouldn’t recommend him being in the lineup this week.

Stevan Ridley v.s SF – This is going to be a slugfest on Sunday Night Football. Ridley is trying to make it 7 straight games with a TD. Against a team that rarely gives up touchdowns on the ground. I don’t see him reaching the end zone. So he should be on the bench this week.

Michael Turner v.s TB – The Bucs are among the very worst against the pass. But they are amongst the top 10 against the Run. He had only 17 yards rushing against them in week 12. But he did have a touchdown in the game. But this week, like Ridley he’s scoring streak comes to an end.

Brandon Myers v.s KC – Myers coming off a disappointing game against the Broncos. I don’t think he is going to fare much better this week against the Chiefs. They held him to 3 catches for 49 yards in their first meeting. I look for around the same numbers this week. Better options can be had this week.

Torrey Smith/Anquan Boldin v.s Den – It’s hard to judge who will draw Champ Bailey this week. But the Broncos give up the 9th fewest points to WR’s this year. With plenty of WR options out there I don’t see why these guys should be in the lineup come Sunday.

Those are my week 15 start/sits, any Fantasy Football Questions you can ask on here or on twitter. (@rickygangster) I’ll answer any and all questions you send leading up to game time.