Jack Reacher Review

I unlike most was pretty excited for Jack Reacher, I am a Tom Cruise fan. I am a huge action movie fan and thought this would not let me down.

Opening scene is where we plotted out the rest of the movie. We see a guy pull up on a parking garage and get his riffle out. You then see him take out 5 people one by one, great scene you basically got to watch through the scope.

After than arresting the guy “accused” of shooting down those people, the guy ask for Jack Reacher. As the DA & Head Detective talk it over trying to figure out who Jack Reacher really is. The DA asked the Head Detective, how are we going to find him. HD finally says its going to be impossible. Few seconds later the DA’s assistant walks in and says there is a Jack Reacher here to see you.

We get introduced to Helen Rodin(Rosamund Pike) who is going to defend James Barr(Joseph Sikora). They paint the picture early that Rodin is trying to stick this to her Dad the District Attorney(Richard Jenkins). As we progress throughout the movie you can tell the strain on the relationship of the Father/Daughter pair.

As we first figure, when Barr ask for Reacher we all are under the assumption that they are friends. After the movie progresses we see that it is the complete opposite and that these guys are enemies.

We basically are than introduced to the man, the myth Jack Reacher. A kick ass guy who just is a drifter, no real care in the world. There were lots of complaints about the book having a 6 foot 5 guy being played by a 5 something Tom Cruise. I didn’t care one bit, Cruise was just awesome in this role. Whether it was the fight scene outside the bar, which got a lot of laughs. Or the huge car chase scene that left you hanging on the edge of your seat. Cruise made you believe that he believed in his character.

Outside of Cruise being really good as Reacher, the supporting cast was pretty good as well. Rosamund Pike really stood out in her role as Helen Rodin. A late cameo by Robert Duvall was very nice and welcomed with some good comedy. Jai Courtney as the hired gun, played a pretty good bad ass. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Emerson character, I think it was just kind of there. I really did like Werner Herzog as the main bad guy The Zec.

Overall this was a really fun time at the movies, even a bit of surprise of how good it was. Cruise & McQuarrie make a pretty awesome tandem. It was funny, witty and the action was jam-packed. Outside not liking the final fight scene between Jai Courtney & Cruise.(Thought it could’ve been a bit longer and Jai have more of a fight) Outside that this is one of the fall’s must see movies.

4/5 Stars – Fun action packed movie that can be enjoyed by everyone.


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  1. You obviously have never read any of the Reacher novels. There is no way Tom Cruise could portray the real Jack Reacher. Jack’s not some little squirt, pretty boy with a clean shaven face.

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