The Guilt Trip Review

Heading into this movie I thought there was a good chance this could be really funny. So I decided to head out and see a pre-screener of the movie.

We meet Andy Brewster(Seth Rogen) an inventor of Scieoclean who is set to travel across the country to sell his product. We first see him traveling and getting repeat phone calls from his Mother(Barbra Streisand). Who is playing an over the top typical annoying mother. We see Andy make his first presentation at Kmart which failed drastically. Stopping in town to see his mother, which without spoiling the movie sets up her going on this trip with him.

Let me start off by saying this movie took way too long to get good. Of course there was a good chuckle here and there. But the humor was just typical really, The chemistry between Rogen and Streisand was pretty good. They played a very nice Mother/Son combo in the movie.

One of the better moments of the movie is when Streisand tries to eat a 4 and half pound piece of steak. Where we see a rugged handsome cowboy type(Brett Cullen) seek interest in Streisand’s character. That moment was every bit of funny to watch.

Rogen can be so much funnier than he was seems like the script was too plain for him. Some of the funniest moments in this movie happened after the credits came on. Where he was just improving the lines. I feel like he could’ve been a bit better given the opportunity.

The story was forever long build to a typical Hollywood feel good moment at the end. I would say it took about a good hour to build to set up something good. But the payoff wasn’t worth the wait.

1.5 out of 5 stars – Just not my cup of tea, there might be an audience for this movie. I just don’t see it being worth the time.

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