The Valero Verdict: Stuber

Welcome to another edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today, Stuber, the action comedy starring Kumail Nanjiani & Dave Bautista.

  • Nanjiani is insanely funny in this film. His mannerisms, demeanor, jokes, and acting was just brilliant in this film. If Big Sick wasn’t his acting coming out party, this totally will be.
  • Nanjiani/Bautista chemistry was great. Sometimes in buddy comedies the chemistry can lack, these two hit it on all cylinders. They are the perfect pair and wouldn’t mind seeing them on the screen together again.
  • There were a lot of annoying typical elements of your typical action movie: Villain shoots one person point blank in the head, but can’t hit the main character 2 feet in front of him.
  • ONE MASSIVE PLOT HOLE that literally frustrated me throughout the movie. I will not go into detail as this movie doesn’t come out for another month, but once the movie drops, I will share my thoughts.

The Verdict:

*** 1/2 out of ***** gavels

The entire movie concept was was great, this had the one little piece of the puzzle that is really hard to overlook which would have made this an even better movie. Kumail proved very worth of being on the next level of comedic actors and I hope this propels him to bigger comedic roles. Bautista was a whole lot of fun in his first lead and first comedy role, I wasn’t sure what to expect from him but he was really great. The buddy cop things can be overdone and boring but Kumail/Bautista was a great combination and the funniest cop movie I’ve seen since Lets Be Cops.

Should You See It?: A summer of box office sequels and remakes and all sort of other things, go see this different funny take on the buddy cop movies and thank me later.

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The Valero Verdict: Cold Pursuit

Welcome to the first edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today, Cold Pursuit, the action packed movie starring Liam Neeson.

  • The score of this movie had a very “western” feel to it, but the movie set in the Colorado Blizzard, it was kind of weird.
  • Tom Bateman was a fantastic bad guy in the movie, they did a fantastic job of making him a big time douche bag and making you buy it with every moment he was on the screen.
  • I was a big fan of the “ruthless” side of Liam Neeson that we really hadn’t seen. He really just kicked some ass without asking a whole lot of questions.
  • One the flip side of that, my one big bone to pick was that you really didn’t have a background story on how Neeson’s character was such a “bad ass”. He turned Citizen of the Year to Cold Blooded Killer in a span of 10 minutes. I know his son got murdered but still, a little background goes a long way.  
  • I was a massive fan of the “RIP” of the characters after they died, it was a nice little touch.

The Verdict:

** ½ out of ***** star

The variety of plot holes aside, it wasn’t a bad movie. The revenge plot is beaten to the grave at this point in Hollywood, especially in Liam Neeson movies but this was a little different which made it a tad enjoyable.

Should you see it?: I wouldn’t rush out to the theaters to catch this movie but I do say it is certainly RedBox worthy.

Ricky and Scob’s Cereal Recipes

I am sure you are clicking here after watching the very first edition of the That Ain’t It Cooking show. In cased you missed it here is the link:

Are first episode we showed you how to make a Bowl of Cereal, Gourmet Style from scratch and as promised in the show, we are going to provide you with the recipes from the show.

So check them out below and let us know how you make your cereal.

        Scob’s Cereal Recipe

Great Value Fruit Spins

  • Pour the cereal into the bowl, leave room at the top.
  • Bounce the bowl against the counter to straighten out the cereal
  • Tap the top of the milk and open up the Milk
  • Next put your left hand over the bowl, pour the Milk between the thumb and the pointy finger. When the cereal touches your hand, stop pouring.
  • Insert the spoon and swish it around a little and you are ready to eat.

    Ricky’s Cereal Recipe

    Milk – 2 Cups
    Great Value Fruit Spins

  • Pour straight into the bowl, over fill a little so you can grab a little and take a little sample of what you are eating.
  • Take a measuring cup and pour 1 cup of milk over the top of the cereal. You need to drizzle it over like its syrup.
  • Take a second cup of milk and repeat the process.
  • Grab and spoon and dive right in.


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The Extra Attacker: Who is John Klingberg?

John Klingberg
Klingberg’s eye for the puck and role on an offensive-minded Stars club make him a valuable fantasy commodity

Abba. Ikea. Meatballs. Sensation Films. Sweden always seems to deliver something that gets the attention of their fans from across the pond. It’s no different in fantasy hockey, as the hockey powerhouse who has brought us Lundqvist, Hakaan Loob, and the Sedin sisters has introduced the fantasy hockey world to John Klingberg, defenseman for the Dallas Stars. Called up officially on November 8th, the 23 year-old blue-liner did not make his debut until November 11th versus Arizona, and the rest is the stuff of which fantasy legends are made. In 10 games, Klingberg has registered 3 goals and 5 assists, including this gem for his 1st career goal:

Side note: Strangis and Reaugh are a top-3 broadcast duo in my opinion

A 5th round pick in the 2010 draft (what is it with Dallas and their 5th round thievery? Jamie Benn, 5th round 2007), Klingberg was averaging over a point per game with the AHL’s Texas Stars before the mid-November promotion. With 3 multi-point games in his first 8, Klingberg was gathering steam on the waiver wire. His momentum appears as though it’s steadying out for the time being. He’s owned in 29% of Y! leagues, this past week he was added to 101 teams, but also dropped by 146. Here are a few factors that may be contributing to this:

  1. His shooting percentage currently sits at 25%: There is absolutely no way this continues. Mark Giordano, the NHL’s top-scoring defenseman with 25 points in 25 games, is scoring at a 10.7% clip. Klingberg and fellow Swede Victor Hedman are the only 2 defensemen in the top-20 in shooting percentage currently, so expect a regression to the 8%-12% range. That’s not necisarily a bad thing, as defensemen are volume shooters. He could still put 150 picks on net going forward, assists could be his calling card.
  2. Dallas’ defensive shortcomings: The Stars are a terrible defensive team no matter how you cut it. They are 29th in goals against (3.5 GAA/game), and they rank 6th in shots against per game (32.6). These numbers are recipes for disaster when it comes to individual plus/minus stats, and this could be scaring fantasy owners away from Klingberg. After watching a few Dallas games that he’s played in, I can understand the hesitation. He really likes to jump into the rush; a throwback offensive-minded blue-liner for sure. Again, not necessarily a bad thing. Allow me to explain.
  3. Watching Klingberg play: It’s evident he is not afraid to jump into the rush (think Erik Karlsson-lite). He is not afraid to make mistakes, either. While his penchant for offense is not conducive to defensive-minded hockey, we’re talking fantasy here! The more o-ffense, the better!
  4. Power play time on ice (TOI): Again, as was the case when I wrote about TJ Brodie and Sami Vatanen, power play quarterbacks are a hot commodity in fantasy. Through his 1st 10 games, Klingberg is averaging a solid 2:33 of power play time per game. Though Dallas ranks in the bottom third of the NHL in power play percentage, anytime a guy like Klingberg can hit the ice on the man advantage with the likes of Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn, and Jason Spezza, only good things can happen. Although only 1 of his points has come on the power play, that number should increase as the season progresses.

 The verdict: I highly recommend you take a shot on Klingberg. There is a lot to like here. Along with all the power play time he’s getting, Klingberg is on the ice for an average of almost 24 minutes per game. Stars head coach Lindey Ruff looks content giving him a long, hard look on his back line. So should you!

There are some good signs that he can somewhat keep up with his current pace. Along with the 2:33 of powerplay icetime, Klingberg is averaging 23:36 of TOI/game, so Dallas Head Coach Lindey Ruff looks content on giving him a long, hard look on his backline, so should you.

The Jofa helmet, the name, the flow…let us never forget Hakaan Loob! Long live the Swedish import!

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Eight In The Box: IDP Waiver Wire Week 7

Elite linebackers are going down left and right. This article should help to decide which players are worth adding and inserting into your lineup. The fun part is sifting through the landmines. Let’s start with the injury news and move on to the good news at the end.

IDP injuries of note:

  • Calais Campbell (ARI DE): Campbell looks like he might be back sooner than later. After getting in some running this week it looks like a return in week 8 is possible.
  • Chandler Jones (NE DE): Jones bounced back from his zero-tackle performance with a sack and fumble recovery while posting 4 tackles. He was in for every play and with Jerod Mayo done for the year, Jones should get more opportunities at OL, boosting his value even more.
  • Armonty Bryant (CLE DE): Bryant tore his ACL and MCL and is done for the season. He was just a situational pass-rusher so probably not a big blow to anyone’s team. It may open up more opportunities for Jabaal Sheard and Barkevious Mingo.
  • Michael Johnson (TB DE): Johnson tried to play with an injured ankle but has been virtually useless. He goes on the bye this week so it may be a chance for him to get healthy. If someone dropped him and you have a bench spot that you can hold for a week he might pay dividends.
  • Jerod Mayo (NE LB): This is a big blow to the New England defense. Mayo went down with a knee injury and is now done for the year. Look for Dont’a Hightower to move to the middle once he is healthy. He might be a good source for tackles moving forward. Another name to keep in mind is Deontae Skinner.
  • Patrick Willis (SF LB): Willis injured his toe on Monday night. You should make other plans for week 7 if you own him. Chris Borland will start in his place but he is only working on opportunity. There are better options out there.
  • Danny Trevathan (DEN LB): Trevathan suffered another fracture and was placed on IR-designated to return. He is safe to drop in redraft leagues as he will be out until week 15 at the earliest. Run to go get Brandon Marshall as he will slide back into the spot he manned for the first 5 weeks where he was very effective.
  • Jadeveon Clowney (HOU LB): Clowney is nearing a return to the lineup. He is really only an option for those in big play leagues but should make an impact upon his return. According to the coaching staff he has a 50% chance to play this week.
  • Ryan Shazier (PIT LB): Shazier is another week closer to a return. With all these injuries I would pick him up. He is iffy to play this week but should be back the following week.
  • Bobby Wagner (SEA LB): Wagner is another linebacker suffering from a toe injury. This is being deemed “turf toe” and he is currently being listed as out indefinitely. If you want to stay in Seattle for your replacement pick up Malcolm Smith or KJ Wright. At this point it’s a coin flip.
  • Nick Roach (OAK LB): For those holding out hope of a return this year he has been placed on season ending IR from a concussion he suffered during the preseason. Hopefully he can return next year and this isn’t a career-ender.
  • Lance Briggs (CHI CB): Briggs missed week 6 with a rib injury. No word yet on what his status is for week 7 but I would look elsewhere.
  • Brandon Flowers (SD CB): Flowers has suffered a groin injury, but it doesn’t appear to be too serious. He should be listed as questionable this week but the matchup against the Chiefs isn’t great anyway. I would look somewhere else.
  • Dee Milliner (NYJ CB): Torn achilles; he’s done for the year.
  • Byron Maxwell (SEA CB): Maxwell injured his calf in the loss to the Cowboys. It was initially reported he had a high ankle sprain so this is better news. Unfortunately it seems bad enough that he is likely missing a couple weeks. Marcus Burley will get the start and since he is opposite Richard Sherman he should be picked on and have some opportunities.

Who’s on the wire?


  • Jason Pierre-Paul (NYG DE): JPP is a big name but he has had a couple of off years and has started slowly so far in 2014. If he is available he might be worth taking a shot on as he is playing better than his numbers suggest.
  • Ezekiel Ansah (DET DE): Hopefully you listed last week and picked up Ansah before the rush. If he is available still after last week’s 2.5 sack performance go get him. This should continue.
  • Jurrell Casey (TEN DE): Casey had a huge week 6 with 7 solos and 2 sacks. He will probably be getting picked up in a lot of leagues after that performance. You could do worse.


  • Brandon Marshall (DEN LB): If by some chance he was dropped once Danny Trevathan was back in the lineup now is the time to pounce. Trevathan is basically done for the year so Marshall will slide back into the roll that he was highly effective in to start the season.
  • Tahir Whitehead (DET LB): Whitehead is making quite a contribution, especially in big play leagues. He had 6 solos and 2 interceptions last week and seems to be all over the field. He should be owned especially with the huge number of injuries that have hit the LB family.
  • Connor Barwin (PHI LB): Barwin exploded against the Giants with 5 solos and 3 sacks. Don’t expect this to happen every week but in big play leagues he should be rostered.
  • Bjoern Werner (IND LB): Here is another big play option that is starting to come around. He has 3 sacks over the last two weeks and is playing well. He will have a tough matchup this week against the Bengals so temper expectations. If you want to gamble, wait a week as he will probably be dropped or still on the waiver wire after facing the tough Bengals offensive line. His following games are against the Steelers, Giants, Patriots and Jaguars. That is a nice stretch for a rush linebacker.


  • Reshad Jones (MIA S): Hopefully you picked him up last week when I told you too because his 9 solo tackle performance will make him a hot commodity this week.
  • Marcus Burley (SEA CB): Call this a speculative add. Playing opposite Richard Sherman leads to some opportunities as opposing QB’s stay away from Sherman’s side of the field. With Byron Maxwell out I have a gut feel Burley will get lots of chances against St Louis.
  • Quintin Demps (NYG S): Demps had a huge week with 9 solos against Philadelphia. Don’t expect that every week but he seems to be holding his own since taking over for Stevie Brown.
  • Tyrann Mathieu (ARI S): Mathieu is nearing full health and is getting more playing time. He was up to 82% of the snaps in week 6 so that should continue. Time to pick him up.

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Top DFS Plays for 08/31/14

*Top hitters and pitchers highlight exceptional matchups that may include stars, lesser-known players and those on your waiver wires.

When I put together my top hitters and pitchers I factor in several things. First, prior matchup history, whether the hitter is hot and the pitcher’s history against that type of batter. Also, these matchups are normally released in the morning so make sure that you double-check the weather leading up to games in case they were postponed or the player got the day off.

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Top DFS hitters for today:

Melky Cabrera vs. Brandon McCarthy – hitting .444 (4/99) with a 2B, 2 HRs & 4 RBIs

Derek Jeter vs. J.A. Happ – hitting .500 (7/14) with 2 HRs, 3 RBIs & a BB
Slump? Hitting over .330 against the Jays and hitting .286 on the Road. SLUMP OVER, for the night.

Jayson Heyward vs. Nathan Eovaldi – hitting .440 (11/25) with 2 2Bs, a 3B, 2 RBIs & a BB

Yasiel Puig vs. Eric Stults – hitting .545 (6/11) with a 2B, a RBI & a BB

Jimmy Rollins vs. Dillon Gee – hitting .464 (13/28) with 2 2Bs, 2 HRs, 5 RBIs & 3 BBs

Ryan Howard vs. Dillon Gee – hitting .391 (9/23) with a 2B, 6 RBIs & 14 RBIs & a BB

Ricky’s HR Guarantee: Ryan Howard

Top DFS Pitcher for today:

Dallas Keuchel vs. Texas Rangers – Timothy King’s BF has a 2.87 ERA at home this season and is facing the lowly Rangers, yes please.

Madison Bumgarner vs. Milwaukee Brewers – Now I am not a fan of his over 4.50 ERA at home but in the month of August Bum has a 3-1 record with 49 Ks and 2 BBs, unreal.

TV show of the Day – The Goldbergs – Excited it is coming back for a 2nd season, folks this show is amazing!!!!!

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Top DFS Plays for 08/28/14

*Top hitters and pitchers highlight exceptional matchups that may include stars, lesser-known players and those on your waiver wires.

When I put together my top hitters and pitchers I factor in several things. First, prior matchup history, whether the hitter is hot and the pitcher’s history against that type of batter. Also, these matchups are normally released in the morning so make sure that you double-check the weather leading up to games in case they were postponed or the player got the day off.

New to Daily Fantasy? Head over to and use Promo Code SCRIPT and get 100% match on your first deposit!

Top DFS hitters for today:

Miguel Cabrera vs. Hiroki Kuroda – hitting .417 (5/12) with a 2B, 2 HRs & 3 RBIs

Justin Upton vs. Jonathon Niese – hitting .529 (9/17) with a 2B, 2 RBIs & 3 BBs

Anthony Rizzo vs. Dylan Axelrod – no previous history
RHH knocked Axelrod around in his first start (6/16 with 2 HRs & 2 RBIs)

Joe Mauer vs. Jeremy Guthrie – hitting .360 (9/25) with 3 HRs, 4 RBIs & 6 BBs
Mauer took Guthrie yard in their last matchup.

Ricky’s HR Guarantee: Justin Upton

Top DFS Pitcher for today:

Jeremy Hellickson vs. Baltimore Orioles – Hellickson has been really good since coming off the Dl. I love the matchup for him today.

Movie of the Day – Law Abiding Citizen – What a fantastic movie. Twist and turns were insane. If  you haven’t seen this check it out NOW!

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The Fantasy Forecaster 07/30/14

The guys are back with another episode of The Fantasy Forecaster. In this episode, Ricky, Tim and Greg discuss all of the deadline deals that have been made, those that have not and the fantasy impact of each. They also cover some bullpens that could be shaken up, Carlos Santana’s hot streak, whether Marcus Stroman is a fantasy ace and much more.

You can listen on-demand here.

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We will be back next Wednesday (August 6) to recap all of the MLB trade deadline action. Be sure to listen!

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That Ain’t It: We’re Going To Hell (T.I./Mayweather/Malaysian Jet & More)

The guys from That Ain’t It are back with another episode. In this episode they début a brand new show. They break down the show into 3 segments, added a few commercials from our sponsors and had a great time.

1st segment the guys talked about the T.I./Floyd Mayweather situation as Floyd came out and said he FUCKED Tiny. Get the guys thoughts on what Floyd said and much more.

Check out the brand new commercials in the episode. In this commercial we bring you That Ain’t It Sperm.

2nd segment – The guys talk the Malaysian Jet that was shot down. We give our insight on what happened as well as give you some interesting news regarding the 1st plane.

Commercial – Did you like the That Ain’t It Head Doctor????

3rd Segment – We brought you the That Ain’t it Segment and this week we featured “Scob’s Bullshit” where he talks about woman and denying that they are Hoes. I promise you won’t want to miss this.

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