The Sports Script Week 5 DuDs

We put the Sunday action for week 5 behind us with only one Monday night game to save some of our fantasy line ups for the week. This week has featured a few huge games from some “studs” that I’m sure @rickygangster is going to talk about, but man there are some major duds out there as well. I thought about including Peyton Manning as a dud since he threw an interception, but I’ll give him a pass this week only. That’s right Peyton you throw another pick and you’ll be on my list! (I wish there was a sarcasm font for that comment) Well enough yapping on that let’s break down who put up a DuD on Sunday!

Marques Colston (@MarquesColston) – Marques bro, c’mon man I don’t want to put you on this list, but @rickygangster talked you up on The Sports Script show today and you go out with a 2 catch 18 yard performance. That’s pathetic for a star wide receiver with Drew Brees at quarterback. I understand Jimmy Graham is pretty good and Brees relies on him heavily in games, but have a talk with him about getting some more passes. Thanks Man!

Tom Brady (no twitter) – I hate to put you here Brady and I’m sure some of my readers will complain seeing you listed as a DuD, but let’s all face it; this week he’s put up a fantasy DuD. Tom Brady hasn’t gone without a touchdown in 52 games, but on Sunday that streak ended and he was picked off by Adam Jones on the final drive. I can’t bash Brady for one bad game, but that’s not going to allow you to win a fantasy game if you drafted Brady and you count on him to win you games as a fantasy owner. Brady will rebound and I feel pretty good we wont see him on my list again this year.

Lamar Miller (@millertime_6) – Lamar, you’ve never really done anything for fantasy owner to get excited about, but we did draft you this year thinking you were going to take over the running job. You have to do more than 7 carries for 15 yards. This breakout year you are supposed to have that caused fantasy owners to jump on you early is failing us terribly. Let’s go Miller it’s time to get it figured out and take over the running back job permanently!

Matt Schuab (no active twitter) – Schuab where do we start? I’ll start by saying this to the people reading, what were you thinking starting this dude? Schuab you don’t even need to know how sad fantasy owners are as your own fans are burning your jersey in parking lots now.

Honorable Mention

Larry Fitzgerald – 3 catches 43 yards … I’ll put him here because the offensive line is terrible giving him no time to throw.

Andre Johnson – 3 catches 39 yards … I’m sorry your QB is terrible and your talent is going to waste!

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