Trick or Treat: Fantasy Football Edition

As we all know that today is Halloween. As a kid, I use to love dressing up and going to get a ton of candy. My personal favorite candies were Crybabies (Sour gum that lost flavor in 5 seconds), Tootsie Rolls (even though my Mom took them all) and I use to love when you hit the Jackpot and got a full-size candy bar. Of course I had one of those Dads like everyone else that would go through my candy and make sure it was “safe” to eat. We all know that was code for taking all the good stuff. Well through my trick-or-treating days, my outfit showed some true range. My costume choices were so diverse that one year, I went as the wrestler Sting. Another year, my mom made me dress up as a Care Bear (I wonder if I had the Care Bear stare down) and then my personal favorite was the Ninja Turtle Costume (as you can see in the picture below).

I mean look at that face, how awesome am I.

Fantasy Football and Halloween can really go hand in hand. When you are trick-or-treating, you open that bag up real wide in hopes of that awesome piece of candy and you get those nasty Mary Jane Peanut butter candies that looked like they have been opened, reopened, and are sticky and get all over your bag. It’s the same when drafting a Fantasy team. You draft say Jamaal Charles (The equivalent of a Big-Size Hershey Bar that some old woman throws in the bag) or when you draft a Chris Johnson (The equivalent to a piece of dubble bubble, so good at 1st but the flavor just runs out too fast). So in honor of this awesome holiday, let’s combine what we all love in Fantasy Football and Halloween as I give you my Tricks and Treats for each position.

QB Trick

Tom Brady –

as a huge Brady fan, this one will hurt more than anyone else on this list. He has just been a down right disappointment for Fantasy Owners this year. Heading into the 2013-14 season, he was ranked as a top 5 QB and was drafted in anywhere from the 2nd to the round. He has scored single-digit Fantasy points in 3 out of his last 4 games and has thrown an INT in each of those games. While the young WRs and not having any of the weapons he had the previous years could be the blame, he just hasn’t looked all that great either. I have been asked by a lot of people whether or not to drop him and quite frankly, it’s hard to make a case against it. You have guys like Thad Lewis, Jason Campbell and Mike Glennon out scoring him every week. If you drafted Mr. Brady really high this year then you have definitely been tricked this season.

QB Treat

Philip Rivers –

This guy went undrafted in so many leagues this year and was expected to be in the bottom half of all Fantasy QBs this season. Well this has been the bounce-back season Rivers has needed. The San Diego QB has always been good but just has had a real struggle over the past few years. Through 7 games this year, he has 15 TDs and 5 INTs. In 2012, he didn’t get to 15 TDs until the 9th game and he had 5 INTs by week 4 last season. He has cooled off a bit over the last few weeks but he ranks 7th among Fantasy QBs this year. He also has a nice slate of games coming up on the schedule in which he should have continued success. If you were one of those guys that drafted Eli Manning or Michael Vick and were able to get your hands on Rivers early on, you can really say it’s been a heck of a treat for you.

RB Trick

CJ Spiller –

Heading into the 2013 Fantasy Football season, there was a lot of questions on whether or not Spiller would be able to stay healthy (most fought there was no injury history) or be able to carry the full workload over the season. Well for those of you that didn’t listen to the questions and drafted him, you have been really frustrated this season. He has reached double-digit Fantasy points just twice; he has seen the workload cut in half because of how good Fred Jackson has been this year. Now he is dealing with a high-ankle sprain that we all know is hard to overcome especially as a running back. The schedule doesn’t get much better for him either. If you can find someone to trade for him, I am all for it but if you are in a dynasty league, I think he is worth keeping ahold of.

RB Treat

Knowshon Moreno –

In training camp, it was even questionable whether this guy was even going to make the team. He is the 2nd ranked RB in Fantasy Football; he leads the NFL in rushing touchdowns and has scored double-digit Fantasy points in each of his last 5 games. He was ranked anywhere from the 100th-140th player on most draft boards, he has been the best draft value of the season.

WR Trick

Danny Amendola –

I like a lot of others rode the Amendola train to start the season. He will finally be healthy for a whole year and he’s going to have a better season than Welker and 100+ catches is a shoe-in. Well we were all tricked for sure or just plain dumb. Mr. Amendola has been dealing with a groin issued that made him miss 3 weeks and a concussion that made him miss another week, all of which are still bothering him. Week 1 he caught 10 balls for 104 yards since then he has 9 catches for 70 yards, yikes. Just a real disappointing season for people who (including me) thought this could be the year for him.

WR Treat

Jordy Nelson

One of the bigger battles this offseason surrounding the WR position was Jordy or Randall and I was all-in on Jordy this year, including owning him in ¾ of all my leagues. A lot of questions surrounded him as well once he had knee surgery a few weeks before the season but that hasn’t stopped him at all this season. He has been great since Cobb has went down with an injury. So great that he’s managed to put up 278 yards and 4 TDs over the last 3 games and will continue to produce with favorable matchups over the next 7 weeks (all 7 rank in the top 15 of points given up to WRs).

Tight End Trick

Jared Cook

I thought all along that Cook wasn’t being used right in Tennessee and that with the right offense, he would be a star. After his performance in week 1, I felt on top of the world. He caught 7 balls for 141 yards and 2 TDs and Cook was alive and cooking (see what I did there). In 7 games since, 22 catches for 234 yards and ZERO TDs. my hopes and dreams smashed really fast. He has looked terrible. on Monday night, you saw him just give up on a route that ended up being intercepted and really costing the Rams good field position. I just don’t see much hope for Cook this year, but the tight end position has been so bad that Cook still ranks 12th amongst Fantasy TEs.

Tight End Treat

Jordan Cameron –

He has been a STUD for a majority of the season. There was a ton of hype surrounding him heading into the season in the Fantasy circles and if you bought into that hype, you have easily gotten a great return from him. He has slowed down a bit now that he is dealing with his 3rd QB of the season but he ranks as the #2 TE in all of Fantasy Football. He has double-digit points in 4 out of 8 games (7 out of 8 in PPR leagues) and has proven that he needs to be talked about among the top TEs in all of football.

TE Treat Part 2

Well I wasn’t going to have 2 treats for any position but with the success of Cameron and the success of my next guy, both guys deserve to be on the list.

Julius Thomas –

Mr. Orange Julius has been one of the biggest surprises of not just the NFL but the Fantasy world as well. He wasn’t really on anyone’s radar before the season started and easily has helped teams to victory across fantasy leagues everywhere. He is tied with Jimmy Graham with 8 TDs this year and has easily become a top target in a much crowed Denver offense. You have to keep an eye out on the injury he suffered but with the bye-week ahead, he should have enough time to heal and continue to impress/help Fantasy owners.

Defense Trick

Pittsburgh Steelers Defense

Even though they haven’t terrible this year, they just aren’t the same Steelers D we are used to seeing. They have only created 5 turnovers this year (they got those in 2 games) and can’t be trusted week to week as a Fantasy D.

Defense Treat

Kansas City Defense –

Okay, I thought the Chiefs with Andy Reid would contend and sneak into the playoffs this year but I sure the heck didn’t see an 8-0 start and having the best Defense in football either. In most formats, they have more than 25 points then the next closest D. They have scored 5 D/ST TDs, giving up a league low 12 PPG and have forced a league high 20 turnovers (10 fumbles and 10 INTS). They are easily the best Fantasy D.

That’s it for now folks; I hope you enjoyed my mixture of Halloween and Fantasy Football piece. If you think I missed anyone or think that someone should’ve been on my Trick-or-Treat list, hit me up on twitter @Rickygangster and I will tweet them out.

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The Sports Script Week 9 NFL Predictions

We here at the Sports Script are getting our writers together and give you our weekly Predictions for each game. We are going to keep track throughout the season to see how well our team does. Each week we have a guest that hopes on board and picks the weeks games as well, this week we have Sharona from – You can also check her out on Tuesdays when her and the ladies get together for a Google+ Hangout check out the link on the twitter page @Cover3NFLF  – you can also follow her on twitter @SportsbySharona.

Last week our top picker was Matt Bell with a record of 12-1, last week’s guest Brian Tabor @Bdtitup went 10-3.

Bell has extended his lead with 84 wins on the season, a full 6 games ahead of 2nd place Matty.

The Sports Script Week 9 predictions

Week 9 Matt B. Matty W. Chad Mandi Ricky Sharona
Bengals vs. Dolphins Bengals Bengals Dolphins Bengals Bengals Bengals
Falcons vs. Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers Panthers
Vikings vs. Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys Cowboys
Saints vs. Jets Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints Saints
Titans vs. Rams Titans Titans Rams Titans Titans Titans
Chiefs vs. Bills  Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs
Chargers vs. Redskins Redskins Chargers Redskins Redskins Chargers Chargers
Eagles vs. Raiders Raiders Eagles Eagles Raiders Eagles Raiders
Bucs vs. Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks Seahawks
Ravens vs. Browns Browns Ravens Browns Browns Ravens Ravens
Steelers vs. Patriots Patriots Patriots Steelers Patriots Patriots Patriots
Colts vs. Texans Colts Colts Colts Colts Texans Colts
Monday Night            
Bears vs. Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers Packers
Season Record 84-36 78-42 73-47 74-46 72-48 68-52


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Week 9 Fantasy Football Must Start/Must Sit

Week 8 was eventful for sure, we all saw Calvin Johnson do what Calvin Johnson always does and we also saw Marvin Jones join the 4 TD club. So week 9 is here and we have some of the biggest Fantasy Studs on a bye (The Offense of the Broncos, Stafford/Bush/Johnson and many more). When you have 6 teams on a bye week, it is a lot harder to do these start/sit because most of you are going to have to start some of my sit options. I am just here to recommend you and let you know that there are guys that just don’t have the best matchups this week. If you have to start them so be it, but don’t forget if you ever need some fantasy help, hit me up on twitter @rickygangster and I will help any way I can.

Starts that made me look good

Russell Wilson (14 Points, 2 TDs, Debatable if he made me look good.), Eddie Lacy (112 total yards and a TD ), Knowshon Moreno (133 total yards and a TD), Terrence Williams (2/64/1 TD), Larry Fitzgerald (4/48/1 TD), Carolina Panthers (297 yards, 3 Sacks, 1 DFR and gave up 13 points)

Starts that made me look bad

Robert Griffin III (3 Fantasy Points, THREEEEEE), Pierre Garcon (PPR Leagues was great, standard not so much – 7 catches 46 yards), Tony Gonzalez (3 catches 26 yards)

Sits that made me look good

Terrelle Pryor (Some will debate but only 15 total points after opening with a 93 yard TD run, that totaled 15 points), Jacquizz Rodgers (22 total yards), Kenbrell Thompkins (O catch, 0 yards.), Jared Cook (3 catches 26 yards).

Sits that made me look bad

DeAngelo Williams (51 total yards and a TD), Josh Gordon (5/132/1 TD – this was a huge surprise, I was WAY off on this one.), Saints D (only gave up 17 points, 4 sacks and forced 3 TOs)

Week 9 Fantasy Football Must Start

Phillip Rivers vs. Washington Redskins

After a hot start Rivers has cooled off a bit with only 2 TDs over the last 2 games. He has a great matchup against the Redskins who are giving up a 18 PPG to Fantasy QBs. Rivers is an easy must start with this great matchup.

Cam Newton vs. Atlanta Falcons

Newton is back to doing Newton things this year. He is running the ball a bit more and has totaled 8 TDs over the last 3 games. Falcons are just a good team suffering from a ton of injuries, Newton has become a must start from here till season’s end.

Chris Johnson vs. St. Louis Rams

Okay now Chris Johnson has had his bye week and now the Titans plan on using him to his fullest capability, right? One of the most frustrating things about owning CJ is the way the Titans use him. Lucky for him this week he faces a Rams D that has given up the 5th most points to Fantasy RBs. That in mind he isn’t seeing goal line carries but is still worth a start this week.

Eddie Lacy vs. Chicago Bears

In 4 games since the bye, Lacy has totaled yards 442 total yards and has scored TDs in back to back games. This backfield is a one person show and Aaron Rodgers is benefiting the most from it. The Bears have given up 5 rushing TDs over the last 2 weeks and 54 (Standard) Fantasy points to RBs, Lacy is a must start this week and for the rest of the season.

Terrence Williams vs. Minnesota Vikings

My man Terrence Williams made it 4 in a row last week by scoring on a 60 yard bomb from Romo. The Vikings are coming off a game in which they were torched by Aaron Rodgers; Romo is playing at a high level as well. Williams has become the #2 option in this offense and should be started this week.

Stevie Johnson vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Johnson has 23 targets over the last two weeks from Thad Lewis, as we saw last week the Chiefs can be thrown on a bit. Johnson should see a lot of targets again this week and should have no problem continuing to raise his stock.

Jared Cook vs. Tennessee Titans

Cook just hasn’t been the same players since exploding in week 1, this recommendation is based on one thing. He is going to want to score against his former team and I believe Head Coach Jeff Fisher will help makes this happen.

Tennesee Titans vs. St. Louis Rams

Kellen Clemens looked terrible on Monday Night; they should’ve blown the doors off Seattle but there inept at QB with Bradford out for the year. Titans are coming off a bye and the D has played really well against teams that are average. Titans D is an easy must start this week.

Week 9 Fantasy Football Must Sit

Tom Brady vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

As a Tom Brady fan it is really hard to watch him try to throw the deep ball anymore. I believe he is going to benefit from a upcoming bye where they need to work out some kinks in this offense (Firing Josh McDaniel would be just fine with me). But Pittsburgh after giving up a 93 yards TD run to Pryor that went for 15 Fantasy Points, held Pryor to well 15 Fantasy points for the rest of the game. Brady is only startable in 2QB leagues now.

Lamar Miller/Daniel Thomas vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals are very stingy against the run this year and given up only 127 yards on the ground over the last two weeks. Miller coming of the best game of his career and Thomas coming off a game in which he scored but both these guys should be only desperation bye week plays, otherwise they need to be on the bench.

Pierre Thomas vs. New York Jets

Even though the Jets were blown out the waters by the Bengals, they only gave up 62 yards on the ground. Thomas won’t find much running room this week and should be on the bench this week.

TY Hilton vs. Houston Texans

The Texans haven’t been great this year by any means but what they are doing against WRs is very good. They are only giving up 13 PPG (League low) to Fantasy WRs; they have held WRs to single digit Fantasy points in 3 out of the last 4 games. Find other options this week.

Marvin Jones vs. Miami Dolphins

I am sure a lot of people rushed to pick Jones up after his monster 4 TD game but I surely wasn’t one of them. If you can get someone to bite on a trade offer for this guy pull the trigger now. Miami is good against the pass and I expect a slugfest on Thursday.

Scott Chandler vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Chandler is coming off his highest targeted (11) game of the season, mostly due to the fact the team played from behind in the entire 2nd half. The Chiefs are the best against TEs this year and I expect this to be a slugfest between these two teams. Keep Chandler on the bench for this week.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

I believe that the Texans will be able to move the ball on the Colts, they seem like a streamable D for this week but I would recommend against it.

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NBA Predictions 2013-14

The 2013-2014 NBA Regular Season begins tomorrow, and we here at the Sports Script are bringing you some season predictions. This holds all the previews for every single team that was done over the past month, as well as some Conference previews, and finally we have thoughts on who will win each division, playoff teams, NBA Champions and NBA award winners.

Let’s right now begin with the every single team preview done over the course of the last few weeks:

Philadelphia 76ers

Phoenix Suns

Utah Jazz

Orlando Magic

Milwaukee Bucks

Boston Celtics

Sacramento Kings

Charlotte Bobcats

Toronto Raptors

Los Angeles Lakers

New Orleans Pelicans

Washington Wizards

Dallas Mavericks

Atlanta Hawks

Denver Nuggets

Cleveland Cavaliers

Portland Trail Blazers

Detroit Pistons

Minnesota Timberwolves

New York Knicks

Memphis Grizzlies

Golden State Warriors

Chicago Bulls

Los Angeles Clippers

Houston Rockets

Brooklyn Nets

San Antonio Spurs

Oklahoma City Thunder

Indiana Pacers

Miami Heat

NBA Champion:

Matt B: My NBA champion is the Clippers. It’s not often you trade for a coach but when you do it’s saying something about the coach. Doc Rivers is a game changer he will get the very best out of that team. The Clippers have been right on the edge the last few years and his leadership is the reason I”m picking them to win the NBA Championship.

Ricky: I think that the signing of Doc Rivers is really going to help get the group of talent that the Clippers have together and take them to the Championship.

The Heat are no brainers, while teams like Brooklyn and the returning Derrick Rose and the Bulls are going to make a run (none of which will beat the Pacers) but Greg Oden is going to play a nice role and great addition to a loaded Heat lineup.

The Heat will beat the Clippers in 6 games and win their 3rd straight NBA Title.

Matt W: The NBA is about as wide open as it’s been in years, but as much as things change, they always seem to stay the same. The Heat are best team in the NBA, and if you asked me to take the Heat or the field, the other 29 teams, to win the NBA Championship, I’d take the field. But being as you have to take one team to win it all, I have to go with the Heat. They have the best player on the planet right now, and have made that team into a buzzsaw of three point shooters. A few teams could potentially take it to them with a couple breaks, think the Spurs, Pacers, Thunder, Nets or Bulls, but no team is outright better than them. I have the Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship in 6 games versus the Oklahoma City Thunder, as they leave with a third straight title. It’s going to to be a very fun year until then.

Western Conference One Seed Two Seed Three Seed Four Seed Five  Seed Six   Seed Seven Seed Eight Seed
Matt Bell Clippers Spurs Grizzlies Thunder Rockets Warriors Wolves Nuggets
Ricky Spurs Clippers Thunder Grizzlies Warriors Rockets Wolves Lakers
Matty W Thunder Spurs Rockets Clippers Warriors Grizzlies Wolves Blazers
Eastern Conference One Seed Two Seed Three Seed Four Seed Five Seed Six Seed Seven Seed Eight Seed
Matt Bell Heat Bulls Pacers Knicks Nets Pistons Cavaliers Wizards
Ricky Heat Pacers Nets Bulls Knicks Pistons Cavaliers Wizards
Matty W Heat Pacers Nets Bulls Knicks Pistons Cavaliers Wizards
Division Winners South West North West Pacific South East Atlantic Central Western Champion Eastern Champion
Matt Bell Spurs Thunder Clippers Heat Knicks Bulls Clippers Bulls
Ricky Spurs Thunder Clippers Heat Nets Pacers Clippers Heat
Matty W Spurs Thunder Clippers Heat Nets Pacers Thunder Heat
NBA Awards MVP DPOY ROY 6th Man MIP Coach Executive
Matt Bell LeBron James Dwight Howard Kelly Olynyk Mo Williams Enes Kanter Doc Rivers Daryl Morey
Ricky LeBron James Dwight Howard Victor Oladipo Harrison Barnes Greg Oden Gregg Popovich Daryl Morey
Matty W LeBron James Dwight Howard Cody Zeller Jarrett Jack Anthony Davis Gregg Popovich Darly Morey

Week 9 Fantasy Football Sleepers

Calvin Johnson showed again why he is the best WR in football, Marvin Jones decided that 1 or 2 TDs weren’t enough by scoring 4 TDs in one game, Kenny Still caught 3 passes and 2 of them were for TDs and Jordy Nelson caught 7 passes for 129 yards and 2 TDs. Week 8 was the week of WRs for sure as 4 finished in the top 10, including #1 and #2 overall. Another big bye week this week with 6 teams off, today I am here to give you some sleepers that you can plug and play while some of your stars are off for the week. Before I do that, let’s take a look and see how my sleepers for week 9 performed.

Sleepers that made me look good

Stevan Ridley – After a slow start, Ridley found the endzone for the 3 straight games.
 Jarrett Boykins – 5 catches for 86 yards in a 2nd straight good performance out of Boykins.
Jordan Reed – Followed up last week’s great game with another dandy, he caught 8 passes for 90 yards.
Pittsburgh Steelers D – They gave up 21 points but held the Raiders to 186 yards after the 93 yard TD run by Pryor. They also sacked him 2 times and forced 3 turnovers as well.

Sleepers that made me look bad

Ryan Tannehill – Oh he started off so good with 2 1st half TD passes and then he turned over the ball 3 times to finish off another rough performance.
 Roy Helu Jr. – 25 total yards and just failed to produce after a 3 TD performance in week 7.
Marques Colston – 3 catches for 18 yards. Seriously, I am just done with this guy completely .

Week 9 Fantasy Football Sleepers (Bye Week: Broncos, Lions, Giants, Cardinals, 49ers, Jaguars)

Jake Locker vs. St. Louis Rams

Locker has been pretty consistent when he is actually on the football field. When you have the likes of the Manning Brothers, Matthew Stafford and Colin Kaepernick on a bye this week, finding an alternative option on the waiver wire can be tricky. But this week Locker is one the safest bets out there. He has 66 Fantasy points in his last 3 starts, 6 touchdowns and only 1 INT as well. The Rams have been solid against QBs this year only giving up 15 PPG game. But Locker fresh off a bye will take care of business this week.

Josh McCown vs. Green Bay Packers

McCown looked really good in mop-up time against the Redskins when Cutler went down. They also are coming off their bye which gave McCown plenty of opportunity to get more familiar with the Bears O. The Packers have given up 12 TDs and only have 3 INT in 7 games, equates to 18 PPG to Fantasy QBs. While I don’t think he will have a monster game, he will be a solid bye-week replacement.

Ryan Matthews vs. Washington Redskins

Matthews has been pretty good for Fantasy owners that took a risk and drafted him this year. He has scored double-digit Fantasy points in 3 out of his last 4 games. He has a great matchup this week against the Redskins who have given up 6 rushing TDs in the last 3 weeks. He does have to share the work load with Woodhead (who is a nice sleeper play as well) but should get enough looks to be a solid sleeper.

Zac Stacy vs. Tennessee Titans

Hopefully Stacy doesn’t end up injured during tonight’s MNF game against the Seahawks. The Titans are giving up over 17 PPG to Fantasy RBs as well as back to back games in which they gave up multiply rushing TDs. The key for me that makes Stacy a solid sleeper is that the Titans have given up 40 catches to RBs this season; Stacy has shown he is capable of being able to catch out of the backfield and will end up as a security blanket for Clemens as well.

Dexter McCluster vs. Buffalo Bills

McCluster is coming off one of the biggest games of his career; he caught 7 balls for 67 yards and a TD. He has seen 5 or more targets over the last 3 weeks. There is a lot of stud WRs on a bye this week and McCluster has a great matchup against the Bills, who have given up multiple TDs WRs in 6 out of 8 games this season.

Emmanuel Sanders vs. New England Patriots

Sanders broke out with a huge game against the Oakland Raiders, catches 7 balls on 11 targets and finding the endzone for the 2nd time in 3 games. He is a favorite target of Big Ben and this week they face a Patriots team that has given up TDs to WRs in 3 straight games as well. If Talib comes back this week he will be glued to Brown and that will free up Sanders to take advantage of the Pats D.

Timothy Wright vs. Seattle Seahawks

Wright found the endzone for the 1st time in his young career. News also came out today that Mike Williams was placed on the Injured Reserve and that is great news for Wright. The Seahawks have been really good against TEs this year but I expect Wright to see a ton of targets as the Bucs will be playing from behind the entire game.

Oakland Raiders vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles failed to score an offensive TD against a pretty bad New York Giants D. With Michael Vick injured again and Nick Foles still recovering from a concussion, the Eagles may have to turn to rookie Matt Barkley at QB. The Raiders are a very big sleeper that will either hit or really miss this week.

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The Sports Scripts NFL DuDs for Week 8

What’s up everyone? I can’t believe I ever trusted Vick to stay healthy today with my money. That killed me! The fantasy games this week are going to hinge on who had Calvin Johnson and who didn’t! If you had him you’re probably smiling today, if you played against him just brush it off and move on. We had some guys who didn’t quite live up to Calvin Johnson standards on Sunday and this we also have some guys who were flat-out DuDs. Let’s take a look at your NFL week 8 fantasy duds.

Darren Sproles (@DarrenSproles) – 4 catches for 0 yards – I have no clue how to even explain this! Sproles you are two weeks off of a huge fantasy game that gave owners everywhere hope, but since then you have crushed those hopes. We as fantasy owners would appreciate it if the real Darren Sproles would please show up! We can’t take to many more of these type of performances from you!

Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) – 2 catches for 27 yards – The price people pay for you to grab two catches is ridiculous. Go talk to Tom Brady and you two figure this crap out! You are ruining fantasy seasons without each other so get it together. The daily owners probably lost everything if they had Gronk because they paid a pretty penny of salary to get him. C’mon Gronk!

Denarius Moore (@DenariusMoore) – 2 catches 32 yards – We know Moore has talent, but the question for this dude is does he have the QB who can throw to him. Pryor is a heck of an athlete, but unless they have to force it in the air you can expect Moore to be limited as a fantasy option. We forgive you D Moore, but as fantasy owners playing you, you’re all we got, so please try man!

Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) – 15/30 1 Touchdown 2 Interceptions – This is a tricky DuD for me because I’m starting to think his knee is not 100% right. There were several chances that he could have taken off running, but didn’t. The problem is he’s still playing and as long as he is and putting up games like this against defenses that are giving up tons of points, we have to play him. RG3 tell us man what’s going on?


Tom Brady – 13/22 for 116 1 Interception 1 Touchdown – I don’t know if we should expect anything else at this point.

Dwayne Bowe – 1 Catch 7 Yards – He was a little banged up, but hey he played the game!

Steven Jackson – 11 rushes for 7 yards 3 catches for 7 yards – He’s still hurt I feel, but he’s playing as well.

That’s all I got for you this week, but I’d love to start getting some reader interaction on this article. I can be contacted on twitter @mattbell211 so get your suggestions in to me on Sunday afternoons.

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NBA Preview 2013: Miami Heat

Unknown-1Welcome back to the final instalment of the Sport Script’s 2013-14 NBA regular season preview. We’ve gone through 29 other teams up to this point, most recently the Pacers, so check them out. Tomorrow we’ll be releasing a full preview that includes all these teams, as well as champion and award predictions for the season, so be sure to watch for that. Finally down to the last team, and was it ever any other team? They’ve won two straight NBA Championships, and after a wild offseason, I still don’t see any other team as being truly better than them. The number one team in my countdown, is the Miami Heat.

Key Additions: Greg Oden (Signed via Blazers) Michael Beasley (Signed via Suns)

Key Departures: Mike Miller (Grizzlies)

Projected Starters: PG Mario Chalmers, SG Dwayne Wade, SF LeBron James, PF Udonis Haslem, C Chris Bosh

Ah the Miami Heat. The very best team in the NBA, and I don’t think they’ll be giving that title up anytime soon. They didn’t do all that much this offseason, because it was more about the resignings than the free agent signings. But looking at who they did sign, the big one is Greg Oden. Oden has been out of the NBA since 2009, and has been slowly trying to get healthy, and re-establish his once promising NBA career. If he can be healthy for even 50% of the season, and play at a relatively high level, then he’s a massive get for this team. The Heat struggled against teams with physical and imposing big men, see the Pacers, and getting a good defensive rim protector was the one thing they really needed. Chris Anderson and Udonis Haslem are great role players, and bring some fantastic stuff, but they just don’t have the size to deal with the Duncans and Hibberts of the NBA, players they might see in the playoffs. The other guy they brought in was Michael Beasley, formerly the number two overall pick a few years back of the Heat, and while he won’t see the court much, he is talented, and could add scoring, if he ever decided to take better shots. They lost Mike Miller, which won’t hurt them any in the regular season, but will be a major blow in the playoffs, as Miller has somehow managed to come to life exactly when the Heat needed him to. It hurts having to amnesty him because he’s such a popular locker room guy, but the money was just too much on the Heat. Of course the big moves were resigning the likes of Chris Anderson who provided so many great plays in the playoffs, and players like Chalmers, Allen and Lewis all opted into their contracts, meaning they brought in essentially the exact same team.

The Heat bring back the same starting lineup from last year, and what else can you say about it? They have a solid starting point guard in Chalmers who has a flair for the dramatic. Wade is really slowing down, but he’s still a top three shooting guard in the NBA, and top 12 player in my opinion. Udonis Haslem brings some excellent toughness to the team, and does a great job defensively, just look at how he took care of business against Tim Duncan when they were matched together in the finals last spring. Him and Anderson will split time their, depending on what exactly the Heat need. Chris Bosh is the most maligned player of the Big Three because he is the softer one, and is also one of the weirdest players in the NBA as well. But despite all this, he’s still a seriously good player, and can bring 18/8 on 45%+ shooting every night. When that kind of production is your third best player, you have a very good time, and Bosh makes the most of his opportunities. The final player is that guy named LeBron James, who just happens to be the best player the NBA has seen since Michael Jordan. LeBron has earned a lot of hate, and some it is well-earned over his “Decision” years ago, but right now, no one can even touch him, and LeBron just keeps getting better and better. He’s a much better shooter than everyone gives him credit for, and can get the easiest shot on the floor, a few from the basket, at anytime that he wants. What else do you ask from a player? He’s won two championships, but he’s not going to stop there. He stills has probably 5-6 years left in his prime, so be prepared for rings for the King if he has a good cast around him.

The Heat are the team to beat, and I haven’t seen anything from the other 29 teams to make me think that anyone is currently better than them. They are primed for another run, and probably for a another couple of years after this one as well. Save for an unlucky injury, or a Wade collapse, this team is once again championship bound. Not one, not two…

Final Prediction: 58-24, 1st Western Conference

NBA Preview 2013: Indiana Pacers

UnknownWelcome back to the Sports Scripts 2013-14 NBA Preview! We’re winding down the days, only two left till the regular season! Yesterday I covered the Oklahoma City Thunder and what their fortunes hold this season, so check that out along with all the others previously covered. Today we have the real up and coming team in the NBA, and maybe the best team to knock off the Miami Heat. They took the Heat to seven games last year, let’s cover the Indiana Pacers.

Key Additions: Luis Scola (Signed via Suns) Chris Copeland (Signed via Knicks) C.J. Watson (Signed via Nets) Donald Sloan (Signed via Cavaliers) Solomon Hill (Draft)

Key Departures: Tyler Hansbrough (Raptors) D.J. Augustin (Raptors) Jeff Ayres (Spurs) Gerald Green (Suns) Miles Plumlee (Suns) Sam Young (Spurs)

Projected Starters: PG George Hill, SG Lance Stephenson, SF Paul George, PF David West, C Roy Hibbert

The Indiana Pacers are the best thing the NBA has to “Heat Killers”. Why are they the best test for the Heat? The size. Why do you think the Heat are relying on Greg Oden to be somewhat healthy for the playoffs. Roy Hibbert killed them last year, and so did David West. Also Paul George is a near superstar so that’s always nice. They didn’t make any big splashes in the offseason, but they did upgrade their bench in a massive way. Luis Scola provides some excellent scoring off the bench, and will most likely be the 6th man, unless Danny Granger actually decides to play this year. Chris Copeland brings more depth at guard/forward. CJ Watson is a very nice backup point guard, and while he doesn’t bring great scoring by any means, he can at least run the offense with Hill on the bench, and is a pretty good defender. They lost a multitude of players, but the good news is they were major factors of one of the worst playoff benches, so it should be considered a blessing. Tyler Hansbrough went to the Raptors to bring his energy, and so did DJ Augustin. The disappointing Gerald Green took off to Phoenix to be irrelevant, and Sam Young and Jeff Ayres went to the Spurs. If anyone should be missed, it’s Hansbrough, but Scola is a major improvement over him.

The starting lineup stays the same as last years playoff lineup which almost beat the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. George Hill really came into his own as a starting point guard last year, after Darren Collison left for the Mavericks. Hill doesn’t do anything spectacularly, but he can get into the lane and cause some havoc. Having him as your 4th best player, is really encouraging. Lance Stephenson proved himself capable as an energy guy akin to Thabo Sefolosha for the Thunder. He isn’t the most talented player, and won’t be putting up great numbers, but he’s a tenacious defender, and full of energy. What I’m looking for him to do this year is really start to put things together. Become a better and smarter defender, and also get that corner three pointer down. His ceiling is a Bruce Bowen type, and that is fantastic for the Pacers. You need those types on your team if you want to win. Paul George is on the verge of superstardom, and has become the player who can do the most damage to LeBron James, not named Kawhi Leonard. He’s got the length to bother LeBron, and all he has to do is funnel James into West and Hibbert, two very good big defenders. As for offense, he’s such a fluid player, able to use that very same length to get around his man and get to the rim, but also able to rise up over defenders with his great height, and vertical. He’s explosive, aggressive, but also has great touch and finesse. My guess is by the end of the year he’s considered a top 10 player, or even higher. David West resigned with the Pacers for another three years in the offseason, which was easily the best move for the Pacers and himself. He’s a go to kind of scorer in the 4th quarter when you want to settle things down, and get a good high quality kind of shot. Plus, he’s a very good defender, and leader. Finally we have Roy Hibbert who showed just how dominant he should be last year versus the Heat. For Hibbert it’s all about being consistent, and playing up to the level that he did against the Heat, except do it against other teams, because he’s capable of doing that.

This team is built really well. You have you’re star in George, have a solid backcourt in Stephenson and Hill, and the frontcourt is even better with Hibbert and West. The question that I do have is what happens when Granger is healthy? He’s still a very capable player, and while you could bring him off the bench to good effect, you could also get a nice return for him as well. Either way, the Pacers will be contending for an NBA Championship this year, and will once again be the stiffest test the Heat will have to face.

Final Prediction: 57-25, 2nd Eastern Conference

NBA Preview 2013: Oklahoma City Thunder

khmovcnezy06c3nm05ccn0oj2Welcome back another edition of the Sports Script’s 2013-14 NBA preview! We’re finally nearing the end, in fact this is the final three teams. Yesterday I covered the San Antonio Spurs, so make sure you go back and check out my number two team in the West. Today we have the number one team in the West. They has a star go down with a bad injury, but he should be back soon. They had the WORST TRADE IN NBA HISTORY, but they still do have the no question second best player in the NBA. Let’s talk the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Key Additions: Ryan Gomes (Signed via Clippers) Steven Adams (Draft) Andre Roberson (Draft)

Key Departures: Kevin Martin (Wolves) Ronnie Brewer (Rockets)

Projected Starters: PG Russell Westbrook, SG Thabo Sefolosha, SF Kevin Durant, PF Serge Ibaka, C Kendrick Perkins

I know what you’re thinking. How can I possibly say the Thunder after trading away the best shooting guard in the NBA for a couple dimes, and then proceeded to lose those dimes, along with their second best player for the first two months, possibly be the best team in the West? I have four words: Kevin Durant. Monster Season. I predict that Kevin Durant will go god mode on the Western Conference waiting for his partner in crime Westbrook to return from an ACL injury. Durant struggled without Westbrook in the playoffs, but I think he’ll be properly prepared both physically and mentally this season, and put up monster MVP numbers these first two months. They added next to nothing really. Gomes is a 10 minute a game player at best, Steven Adams is a decent energy big man, but nothing special, and Roberson could be a decent wing player, but he was picked late 1st Round. They lost Ronnie Brewer to the Rockets but no one cares about that. The big one is the scoring they lost in Kevin Martin leaving for the Wolves. Durant just needs someone to run beside him for two months, and they’re relying on Jeremy Lamb to do that. Scary.

The starters once again look solid, except for Perkins, he’s been awful. Westbrook will be back by Christmas, so it gives the Thunder something to work with. He’s a top 10 player in the NBA when healthy, and compliments Durant’s shooting with unbelievable speed and slashing. He’ll come back and average 20+ points a game when he returns, and I have no doubts about that. Thabo Sefolosha is a glue, defender player, who isn’t a great starter, but you love him in your lineup. He can defend the likes of the Hardens and Kobes of the West, and at least do a decent job on them. Serge Ibaka is a very good power forward, and while he’ll never be more than a 4th player on a contender, he still brings excellent mid range shooting, good defense, and great shot blocking. He’s a hyped up energy guy, who’s playing better that he probably ever should have been. Kendrick Perkins has been so puketastic since he came over from Boston, it’s not even funny anymore. The guy was supposed to come over and deal with the Laker bigs, and the rest of the conference big men, but his alright defense, has been overshadowed by the fact that he’s one of the worst offensive players in the NBA, and actually starting. If his defense was DPOY caliber, you’d forgive him, but even his supposed “strength” has been really lacking the past few years. Finally Durant. What else to say about him? He’s the best pure offensive player in the NBA. Can get his shot over anyone, underrated athlete and slasher, and has that rare gene in him that allows him to take over games at will. Plus look at this shooting graphic. Red is great. Durant has a LOT of red.

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 2.43.17 PM

I’m thinking another 50/90/45 season shooting percentage wise, and these first two Westbrook-less months, I’m looking at 30+ points a game, and that killer instinct to really show.

The Thunder’s season rides on Kevin Durant playing like a basketball god, and Westbrook making a complete comeback. I have faith in these guys, because you have the second best player in the world, and best in the conference, along with the second best scoring point guard in the NBA. You have those two, I don’t really care who else you have, that alone makes you a contender.

Final Prediction: 57-25, 1st Western Conference