The Sports Scripts NFL DuDs for Week 8

What’s up everyone? I can’t believe I ever trusted Vick to stay healthy today with my money. That killed me! The fantasy games this week are going to hinge on who had Calvin Johnson and who didn’t! If you had him you’re probably smiling today, if you played against him just brush it off and move on. We had some guys who didn’t quite live up to Calvin Johnson standards on Sunday and this we also have some guys who were flat-out DuDs. Let’s take a look at your NFL week 8 fantasy duds.

Darren Sproles (@DarrenSproles) – 4 catches for 0 yards – I have no clue how to even explain this! Sproles you are two weeks off of a huge fantasy game that gave owners everywhere hope, but since then you have crushed those hopes. We as fantasy owners would appreciate it if the real Darren Sproles would please show up! We can’t take to many more of these type of performances from you!

Rob Gronkowski (@RobGronkowski) – 2 catches for 27 yards – The price people pay for you to grab two catches is ridiculous. Go talk to Tom Brady and you two figure this crap out! You are ruining fantasy seasons without each other so get it together. The daily owners probably lost everything if they had Gronk because they paid a pretty penny of salary to get him. C’mon Gronk!

Denarius Moore (@DenariusMoore) – 2 catches 32 yards – We know Moore has talent, but the question for this dude is does he have the QB who can throw to him. Pryor is a heck of an athlete, but unless they have to force it in the air you can expect Moore to be limited as a fantasy option. We forgive you D Moore, but as fantasy owners playing you, you’re all we got, so please try man!

Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) – 15/30 1 Touchdown 2 Interceptions – This is a tricky DuD for me because I’m starting to think his knee is not 100% right. There were several chances that he could have taken off running, but didn’t. The problem is he’s still playing and as long as he is and putting up games like this against defenses that are giving up tons of points, we have to play him. RG3 tell us man what’s going on?


Tom Brady – 13/22 for 116 1 Interception 1 Touchdown – I don’t know if we should expect anything else at this point.

Dwayne Bowe – 1 Catch 7 Yards – He was a little banged up, but hey he played the game!

Steven Jackson – 11 rushes for 7 yards 3 catches for 7 yards – He’s still hurt I feel, but he’s playing as well.

That’s all I got for you this week, but I’d love to start getting some reader interaction on this article. I can be contacted on twitter @mattbell211 so get your suggestions in to me on Sunday afternoons.

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