Silent Hill: Revelation

So the movie lineup for this weekend wasn’t to great. You had the choice of Silent Hill: Revelation or Cloud Atlas. Atlas doesn’t look really good to me, so I decided on Silent Hill.

So we start off with some Inception style a dream within a dream material. Adelaide Clemens is not a bad actress, but I am not sure she is that good either. The attempt to scare you or make you jump just wasn’t there for me. Never one to really jump at horror movies any way. Just didn’t really see anyone else in the theaters either. The story at times felt really rushed. We went from her moving to a new town in a new school, to running from the cops in 15 minutes.

The plot holes in this movie were making me so mad. I hate give away any spoilers of any sort but a few examples are these. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

A.) In the beginning the private eye that was sent to look for, went from chasing her down to find her. To being like the best friend and letting her in on all the secrets of what was going down.

B.) Vincent(new student as well at this school Heather attends) it was a bit predictable to see the twist of him being a bad guy coming. Because what random guy would help some who walked into her house Dad missing and house covered in blood. So he just decides sure let’s be friends and let me help you dodge the cops.

C.) When Vincent than reveals himself to her, he comes out of nowhere with the most random accent ever. Never hearing it one time prior to this, it just basically appears. Plus lets pitch in that he is going defy his mother and help her out. Just because of course.

D.) Leonard(Malcolm McDowell) – who they built up as this crazy mad men. Was just so easy to take down by one swift taking the “key” or whatever that was out of him.

Just overall, some of the scenery was kind of cool at moments. The acting was just rough throughout the movie. Story had plenty of holes in it and was just not my cup of tea. Most of all I am so glad I didn’t pay to see in 3D. I would have been really upset if I did that.

1/5 Stars – Just not a very good movie at all. Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone honestly

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