Stacie Halas fighting to get her job back….

When I first saw this article reminded me of times past where I saw similar things happen to other people. The story is this, Stacie Halas a former Junior High School Science Teach at Richard B. Haydocks Intermediate School was fire after it was revealed she used to be a porn star. Now she is out fighting to get her job back.

Okay understanding and reading this story I never understand why what she use to do matters now. She says that she was done with all of her X-Rated stuff before coming a teacher. So how exactly is that right? It isn’t, everyone has a sketchy past and their own set of demons. But just because she possibly needed the money to get by, she should be punished now for it. I just feel that is unfair and just completely wrong.

I understand you than have the students watch it and say stuff to her about it. Heck even the others Teachers see it and say stuff. But shouldn’t she be judged on what kind of teacher she was? Not the kind of “porn star” she was in her past time. I believe so, I truly feel she should be give her job back and allowed to teach wherever she wants.

Sadly now if she does in fact get her job back and gets to teach. There is going to be the dark cloud surrounding her. Any move she makes will be judge and this school will be waiting to pull the trigger for a “real” reason to fire her. On top of that you will have these kids out there knowing what has happened and criticizing her.

I just feel people’s past judgments shouldn’t be held against them in cases like this. I do hope she gets her job back and gets to do what she loves…..

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