From Hero to Chump for Trump…..

When I was a little kid growing up I admired Donald Trump. I wanted to be that man, I bought every book he wrote. I would watch any time he was on TV, I would dream to one day be that man. He was my Hero, when I was about 9 years old I got to meet my hero. He & the late George Steinbrenner were together. I was in shock and just wowed by this man. He just had a presence about him that was amazing. After meeting him I really knew I wanted to be this guy. I remember visiting Trump Tower as a kid, walking around it in just awe of the place. All I knew is I was going to be this guy one day.

Let’s fast forward roughly 17 years later. I couldn’t be more appalled to have ever been a Donald Trump fan. I can’t stand this guy one bit, he is a self-righteous, obnoxious ass. Whether it’s calling out the President for his birth certificate or his latest stunt. Telling President Obama he would donate $5 Million to his favorite charity if he provides him his College records. SERIOUSLY? The sad part in this day and age with Twitter and other social media networks. They are to blame for his attempts to be relevant in this world. Places like ESPN covering what he is saying about Jeter getting hurt due to selling his Trump Tower place. Than suggesting A-Rod was a great player when he lived in Trump Towers. Why in the world would ESPN put this trash on their network? Because it’s an overblown soap opera on that channel as well. That’s a different topic for another day though.

Hey Trump, why don’t you donate $5 Million to charity just to do it? I know he donates a lot to charities but instead of a publicity stunt to keep his name in the news. Just do it. He has turned into such a moron of a public figure. Any ounce of respect I had for this guy goes down the drain every time he sends out another tweet. Yeah I know I don’t have to read them, but hard to say that when I turn on every channel and they are cover this trash. Do us a huge favor Mr. Trump you and that ludicrous hair you have just disappear. Please just go far away to an island that we never have to hear from you again.


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