The Valero Verdict: Aladdin

Welcome to another edition of the “The Valero Verdict” movie review. In this I will give you a quick movie review with a couple of bullet points of which I either liked or disliked. I will end the review with rating of the movie and a short overall thoughts.

On the docket today: The live action version of Aladdin (yes another live action film). This trailer was met with a WHOLE lot of controversy regarding the look of Will Smith as Genie and while it died down a little bit as more trailers came out, the movie was/is under a lot of pressure to perform.

  • The biggest concern coming into this was if Will Smith could fill the shoes of Robin Williams in the role of Genie, obviously a lot different considering it was a live action version vs. cartoon. I will say this, Smith knocked it clear out of the ballpark. He filled the shoes very well and was a HUGE reason why I liked this movie so much.
  • Scott/Massoud: The chemistry between these two was amazing, from start to finish they gelled on-screen and I enjoyed it. Similar to Smith/Williams, these two were playing characters that are beloved by millions of people out there and they were truly fantastic.
  • The movie felt rather long. It felt every bit of the 2 hour and 8 minute run time.
  • The costume design: Time and time again Disney take the costume design to another level. The colors in this film (to go along with the Cinematography) made this film extremely pleasant to look at.
  • Ritchie did a really good job of paying homage to the original, while also making his own film at the same time.

The Verdict:

*** 1/2 out of ***** gavels

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the trailer for this, I am equally annoyed as I am excited for a lot of these “live action” films but this one did not disappoint. Will Smith was amazing in the role of Genie, Massoud/Scott were fantastic together as Aladdin/Jasmine, I am not sure what more you could have wanted from this film.

Should You See It?: Absolutely. Disney did a fantastic job on this remake and I really was impressed with how Will Smith was able to absolutely slay the role as Genie. The whole family will enjoy this movie.

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