The Sports Script 2014 MLB Predicitions

The 2014 MLB season is upon us folks and we here at the Sports Script couldn’t be happier. So we gathered Matt Bell, Matt Wincherauk and Ricky Valero to give us there predictions on the upcoming season

The Sports Script 2014 MLB Predictions

MLB Ricky Valero Matt Bell M. Wincherauk
AL East Yankees Rays Red Sox
AL Central Tigers Tigers Tigers
AL West Rangers A’s Rangers
Wild Card Rays Red Sox Yankees
Wild Card Angels Rangers Angels
NL East Nationals Nations Nationals
NL Central Cardinals Cardinals Cardinals
NL West Dodgers Dodgers Dodgers
Wild Card Braves Braves Braves
Wild Card Diamondbacks Giants Pirates
AL Pennant Tigers Rays Tigers
NL Pennant Nationals Cardinals Dodgers
WS Champs Nationals Cardinals Dodgers
AL MVP Mike Trout Mike Trout Mike Trout
NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt Bryce Harper Carlos Gonzalez
AL Cy Young Justin Verlander Chris Sale Yu Darvish
NL Cy Young Adam Wainwright Clayton Kershaw Clayton Kershaw
AL ROY Jose Abreu Xander Bogaerts Mashiro Tanaka
NL ROY Billy Hamilton Oscar Taveras Oscar Taveras
AL Manager Joe Giradi Ned Yost Brad Ausmus
NL Manager Davey Johnson Mike Matheny Davey Johnson

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Noah Movie Review/Random Thoughts

So I decided on a Thursday night to take a stroll on out to the movies and check out Noah. While the trailers have shown promise, I thought this could actually be a good little early spring movie. Darren Aronofsky tabbed as director and really enjoyed his last film (Black Swann) and he paired up with Russell Crowe who I’ve enjoyed in various movies over the years. I had a little fun and tried a little something new while reviewing the movie and I hope you enjoy.


Plot: A man is chosen by God to undertake a momentous mission of rescue before an apocalyptic flood destroys the world.

6:45 There is more people in here already for the early showing then I thought there would be.

6:48 Someone please tell Andrew Garfield to ditch the beard. He looks really weird.

6:51 They are taking me onto the set of the new action packed thriller “Divergent”. I rather you didn’t.

6:58 This guy in front of me is growling while eating his popcorn. I am quite terrified.

7:01 Fargo original show on FX looks interesting.

7:08 Well how about that 4-year-old Drake Sprite commercial

7:09 Oh look a new Johnny Depp movie no one will go see.

7:16 Hercules trailer looks so awesome!

7:26 We are getting a history lesson to start the movie.

7:30 Looks like Noah is left to fend for himself, daddy just got murdered. Wait is this Batman or Noah?

7:34 Wow Jennifer Connelly is still acting?

7:40 Trying to figure out if Russell Crowe is playing Noah or Russell Crowe.

7:43 A Rock (Not to be confused by the Wrestler eitherjust comes out knocks out Noah. The Rocks are now talking….. Sorry they are the “Watchers”, not the “Rocks”.

Crowe didn’t learn much from his time singing in Les Miserable, he just can’t sing.

Methuselah was a straight boss.

7:56 This is really slow to start. Slow pace, the score is great but Crowe is just underwhelming and boring.

7:57 Noah came up with a brilliant idea to create an arc.

The “Creator” just created a forest out of no-where.

8:02 How you doin’ Emma Watson?

Okay so some mysterious voodoo just killed the bird.

I get the story but not sure I can get over the just horrendous acting.

Uh-oh Ham with the almost heel turn.

8:12 Time to fight over whether or not the “creator” is real or not.

8:17 That’s a crap ton of animals to throw on the arc.

Insert crying by Emma Watson as she can’t offer the things for her man.

8:22 I like how Noah just sneaks into the camp and no one notices who he is. Why would he leave his family knowing there are hundreds of people coming for his arc?

Ham is a little upset because he won’t be getting any, anytime soon. I feel bad for the kid

The score of the film has been rather enjoyable. One of the lone bright spots of the film so far.

Methuselah (Hopkins) got jokes. His search for berries got a nice chuckle from the audience.

Now he is passing out blessings to Ila (Watson).

8:39 Tubal-Cain (Winstone) has been a so-so protagonist. Speech was nice leading up to heading for the arc. Powerful and believable.

Time for the Watchers and the people to do battle.

8:45 I wonder where Noah got his awesome fighting ability from?

Awesome scene as the water overtakes the men and the arc.

8:55 We are getting another history lesson.

9:00 Ham is helping Cain, no real plot twist here.

9:05 Growling popcorn man is out cold.

Crowe and Connolly have been downright dreadful in this. Just uninspiring and just forgettable throughout.

So that’s how we found out about babies back in the day, no peeing on a stick. Random things say you are pregnant.

Noah isn’t too thrilled; maybe he wishes the kid was his.

9:09 Noah just stated “This is painful”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Some sort of weird snot like stuff is all over Naameh…. Gross!

“A man is not ruled by his heavens, he is ruled by his will” – Cain – Winstone is stealing the show every time on-screen.

9:13 HOLY MOLY it’s been 9 months or this a miracle baby.

Shem was ready to fight off ol pops so he didn’t kill the kid.

Cain/Noah fight scene!!!!!!

Spoiler Alert: WE’VE GOT TWINS!!!!!!!!!

We are going to name it North and South East right?

Two girls? Noah is going to slay them.

Ham saves the day and Cain pronounces him a man.

9:25 Emma Watson has cried more than she’s actually had to act. And someone please tell me why this isn’t over?

9:32 And we get to see Noah’s ass, woo hoo!

9:35 Growling popcorn man is alive!!!! Maybe the creator got to him too!


Some quick thoughts about the movie.

In a movie like this you would think it would be a movie easy to direct and translate to the big screen and Aronofsky just doesn’t put the pieces together. He really couldn’t come back after such a rough start. The casting was good but they just didn’t translate into the roles.

The big thing in Hollywood is long movies now and a 2 hour and 18 minute run time is far too long for this.

Overall rating

2 out of 5 stars

The film really suffered by the lack of great performances. Crowe/Connelly were just not that good at all and every time Watson was on-screen she was just crying. Anthony Hopkins played this role well and had a few one liners that were funny. Ray Winstone really stole the show and was a big time breath of fresh air in the movie. The CGI and effects were great, visual the movie was a sight to see for sure. The score (by Clint Mansell) was phenomenal, which is sad because the movie wasn’t on par with it. But it comes down to the pairing of Aronofsky and Crowe, both truly disappoint and really couldn’t take this film to the next level.

This is definitely a movie you can skip and wait for Redbox.


The Fantasy Forecaster Episode 1

We enjoyed a great launch to our very first show. We thank everyone who tuned in and listened! If you happened to miss the show just click the link below and listen away!!!!!!

Our team covered everything from the Braves lineup situation, to the Yu Darvish injury to a nice friendly wager made between Timothy and Ricky over Yasiel Puig.

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Divergent Movie Review/Ramble

So I saw Divergent today and I review/ramble about my thoughts of the movie.


So Divergent was dumb, stupid, Travis fell asleep and when he woke I had to explain what was going on. Which was hard to do since I was awake and completely confused.

The guy in the movie was named “Four” and all I kept hearing was “Thor” which had me totally confused.
The chick in the movie had a weird shaped nose and we were waiting for Macklemore (who I had no idea was in it) to bust out and start singing, which actually didn’t happen and I was pissed off.
Ashley Judd was in it, I mean who knew she still made movies?
The president from “Scandal” (Tony Goldwyn) was in it and he made all the dumb facial expressions he does in the tv show.
Oh hey Miles Teller was in this and he played a jerk.
Did I mention this movie sucked? No? Well it did. I wouldn’t waste a free redbox code on it. Hell I wouldn’t use any DVR space either.
I’ve seen 4 bad movies in my last five (This, Non-Stop, RoboCop and Need for Speed), I am upset on the inside. I love movies.
So basically this chick is “Divergent”, which I still don’t have a clue what that means. Thanks for explaining that one, winner.
The guy at the flea market read Travis and my shirts to us out loud and I felt like saying “Good Job reader”.
Why is this movie so long? It’s painful! This movie is going to make a boatload of money and someone will finance a sequel. Good lord.
Still with me? Whew y’all are troopers…. Is “y’all” even a real world? Am I becoming southern? Is my punishment having to watch the rest of this movie?
So wait Eric (Jai Courtney) plays a hard ass in this movie and bust Tris (Shailene Woodley) balls the whole movie but when Tris disappears to see her family, Eric is nowhere to be found to give her a hard time? This is so dumb.
Okay so Kate Winslet was once in Titanic a movie about a sinking ship, now she’s playing in this movie which well is a sinking ship.
See what I did there? Yeah no worries I won’t quit my day job.
Get this: Peter (Miles Teller) plays a “bully” like character and at the end of the film he is seen running towards the train with everyone? Okay?
Still reading leave a comment about how I wasted a solid 20 minutes of the day reading this but you’ll thank me by not wasting 2 and half hours by seeing this train wreck they claim is a “movie”.
Well the movies over, how exciting. 2 and half hours of my life I can’t get back.
0 stars out of 5 
Macklemore (Jai Courtney) was a lone bright spot with his witty banter with “Four” or Thor (Theo James).
Bad Acting. Terrible story. Plot holes the size of the United States.
Moral of the story….. Don’t see this crap.

The Sports Script New Radio Show

We are happy to announce that starting on 3/26 we will be running a weekly Fantasy Baseball podcast. Our own Ricky Valero will be joined by and writer Timothy King every Wednesday to cover the latest news in Fantasy Baseball.

We are also excited to announce that our buddy Jeff A.K.A @FantasyInfected from The Infirmary Report will be joining us each week to break down all the injuries that are happening in the world of Fantasy baseball and who he thinks you should be replacing them with.

You can check them out here: starting next week.

Also be sure to check out the show this week as we will be announcing a great contest for the MLB season.

If you have any Fantasy related questions feel free to hit us up on twitter @Tking978 – @rickygangster – @TheSportsScript and we will answer them live on the show.

300: Rise of an Empire Review

So I had the opportunity in seeing 300: Rise of an Empire over the weekend. After seeing the original in theaters and going into it with knowing what to expect, I came away amazed by what I saw. 300 opened the doors for a ton of movies that we have watched over the last 8 years. Zack Snyder knocked it out of the park. This time due to some timing issues Snyder gave Noam Murro the director chair but wrote and co-produced the film.

While we had to wait 8 long years for a sequel this weekend it hit the theaters and here is my review of the movie.


The Good

Snyder did not let us down visual at all. The film had amazing scenes, he brought back all the visuals from the original and then some. The biggest reason the 1st one was so succesful was due to the groundbreaking visual CGI that Snyder brought to the big screen. He did it again and the movie that is great on the eyes.

The epic fight scenes were back and as good as the first one. The art and motion that goes into the fight scenes in this movie is so fun to watch. Between the sword fighting, arrow shooting and just down right killing, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride and that’s what I really liked about the film. Just vicious blood, guts and gore all over the screen and was really fun to watch.

I loved the story it told and the background they gave us on Xerxes and how he became a god-king, we got flashbacks on how the overcome the 300 and destroyed them in battle.
Xerxes character is so cool on-screen and you felt how important he was every time he is on.

Artemisia (Eva Green) is Xerxes Navy Commander and plays a huge role in the film as the movie progresses. I really enjoyed the development of her character throughout the film and the story behind how she went from a Greek prisoner and rose to Queen of the Persian’s. Green played a fantastic villain in the film and was definitely a driving force behind what made this film good.

The Mediocre

Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) was the lead protagonist and while he wasn’t as good as Butler or Fassbender from the first film but he held his own. His performance lacked in powerful meaningful and believability the others brought to the table. Some of his better scenes is when he was on-screen with Artemisia.

The Bad

Predictability of the film was annoying as you could see the ending coming a mile away. It lacked any suspense in the film and that took away from it being a great film.


*** (3) out of ***** (5) Stars

300: Rise of an Empire is a fun movie that includes all the blood and gore that I liked in 300. Artemisia really stole the show and is a performance you’ll remember when leaving the theater. Snyder/Murro brought a very enjoyable movie to the big screen and did not disappoint one bit. If you enjoyed the first one, you should have no problem enjoying the sequel.

300: Rise of an Empire is in theaters now

5 Questions surrounding Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers

The MLB season is upon us which means it is time for the Fantasy Baseball season. We here at the Sports Script want to do everything possible in setting you up for draft day and helping you throughout the season to win a Fantasy Baseball Championship. We are gathering a team of Sports Script writers as well as some special guest to answer 5 key questions about each position for the upcoming 2014 Fantasy Baseball Season. Today we have gathered me (Ricky Valero), Matt Bell and Matt Wincherauk as we are going to take a look at the Starting Pitchers.

5 Questions surrounding Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers

1 – Which player or players are you targeting?

Ricky – Jered Weaver – While the dip in strikeouts is a concern as they have dropped steadily from the 9 K/9 in 2010 to 6 K/9 last season.  But what I do like is the fact you are getting a guy with 10+ wins in 8 straight seasons, a guy with a career 3.24 ERA and someone with a low WHIP over the course of the past 4 seasons (1.06 WHIP).  You can have him in the 9th or 10th round and I think he will easily surpass his ADP this season.

Matt Bell – The pitchers that I’m targeting to fill my starting roles are of course the obvious guys just like the other positions. I’m not going to jump on a guy like Kershaw or any of those, but rather try to find value in the starting position later on. The guy I’m targeting most is Jose Fernandez as I was really impressed with this young pitcher last year and think he can do big things this year. He had a 2.19 ERA and averaged over 9 strikeouts per 9 innings last year. He’s young and should only get better as a pitcher at this point in his career. I think he could put up big numbers and be hand a few rounds later than Kershaw.

Matt Wincherauk – Jose Fernandez is a guy I’m going to try to target in a number of my drafts. He’s got a great park to pitch in, had a great year last year, and should only continue to improve. He might not get a ton of wins considering how bad his team is, but he should still have top flight numbers.

2 – Which player are you staying away from?

Ricky – Max Scherzer – He has huge regression written all over him this season. He had an unreal 2013 season which was topped off with winning the Cy Young and with that he is being drafted among the top 5 or 6 pitchers. The price is too high and he will come back down to earth this season.

Matt Bell – The pitcher I will probably avoid most for my drafts is Cliff Lee. He’s 35 years old and pitching for a Phillies team that doesn’t have a ton of offense. They struggle at times to give him run support which is something I want to see when taking a pitcher as early as where Cliff Lee projects.

Matt Wincherauk – I’m going to avoid Gio Gonzalez. Last year was a good indicator that he wasn’t an ace, and more just a solid second option. Yet people are probably going to see a bounce back year to prominence this year. I don’t trust him, and will try to avoid him if I can.

3 – Who is the biggest sleeper heading into 2014?

Ricky – Sonny Gray – In 10 starts last season he was a big time player and I think heading into 2014 he is going to pick up where he left off. He averaged over 1 strikeout per nine as well as he held a 3.35 K/B ratio. I expect a tiny regression and a slight rise in the ERA but expect him to be among the top 20 pitchers for 2014.

Matt Bell – The sleeper for me at starting pitcher I’ll have to admit is sort of homer type pick, but I’m really high on Michael Wacha this year. He had an amazing postseason going 4-1 and striking out 33 hitters over that time. He will be in the Cardinals rotation for a full season this year and with the lineup he has behind him could rack up quite a few wins.

Matt Wincherauk – I think Michael Wacha has to be a guy that will go under the radar a bit. I see some of the bigger sites and writers having him barely crack their top 50. I’m very willing to take a risk on him as my 3rd pitcher, as he could be one of the next major star pitchers in this league after what we saw from him in the playoffs. I’m willing to take a bit of a risk on him, in order to get potentially a huge reward.

4 – Which player will be a bust for Fantasy owners?

Ricky – You could really go with Scherzer here as well but one guy I am looking at is Jose Fernandez. He brought some nasty stuff to the table in 2013 and impressed the heck out of me. But I think we need to be tempered with expectations for 2014 for him. While I think he will be a top 20 pitcher, he is being drafted among the élite and I just haven’t seen enough and he does play for a Marlins team that isn’t going to be very good again this season.

Matt Bell – The biggest bust at pitcher for me this year is Fransisco Liriano. He’s had an ERA over 5 for 4 of the last 5 seasons, but brought false hope to owner with one really good year last year. He went 16-8 last year and while the strike out numbers will still be there I don’t think he can hold the ERA to around 3 against. He will struggle to pick up 16 wins again next year hurting his value fantasy wise.

Matt Wincherauk – One guy I’m not willing to trust is Masahiro Tanaka, and I believe people might get a bit too jumpy on his staggering numbers overseas. He’s obviously coming in and pitching against better competition, and has to do so in one of the most hitter friendly ballparks in baseball. He won’t be a huge bust, but I think he will be a bit of a disappointment.

5 – Give a bold prediction for one player.

Ricky – I like Justin Verlander to bounce back and win 18 games with an ERA under 3.10.

Matt Bell – The bold prediction for the starting pitchers this year is that Strasburg comes back after a full year back and shows why everyone was hyped on him. I’m going to say he comes up to the top competing with Kershaw for a chance as the CY Young winner in the NL this year.

Matt Wincherauk – Max Scherzer’s gaudy numbers from last year will take a significant hit. He won’t top 15 wins, and his strikeout numbers, and ERA will also drop.

If you have any questions about the upcoming Fantasy Baseball season make sure to hope on over to twitter and ask. You can follow me @rickygangster @mattbell211 & @TheMattyWin and we will answer any and all questions.

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The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 3/7

TGIF! What up everyone? This NBA season is driving me crazy as baseball season approches. Wednesday was by far one of the worst nights as far as NBA as Paul George put up probably one of the worst games for a stud I’ve ever roster-ed. I’m looking to get that sick taste out of my mouth and get my money back for Friday! Let’s take a look at some of the top plays out there for Friday.


Steph Curry is one guy that is very scary to roster as he cost you a ton of salary, but he’s got a ton of upside. The problem is he doesn’t always hit value, but on Friday I like the chances he reaches the value we need. Atlanta is 29th over the last 10 games at defending the PG and giving up 109 points per game over that span.

Carmelo Anthony just continues to impress me fantasy wise at least and made me look smart on Wednesday as he outscored Kevin Love, but of course it didn’t matter with the rest of my line up. However, he’s in play again on Friday as he’s at home where he’s averaging 30 real points per game to go along with 9 rebounds per game. He’s cheaper than some other studs out there and has a pretty high ceiling.

Kevin Love didn’t quite go Paul George on us Wednesday night, but 30 fantasy points wont do it for his high salary. He’s got the chance to redeem himself in a home match up with Detroit. The Pistons are dominant on the glass, but they do struggle to defend the PF position ranked 23rd over the last 10. Love is the type of player that can cause havoc on them.

Al Jefferson has reached the stud level for my articles as he’s flat out killing it right now. He killed the Pacers on Wednesday and now gets a easier match up with the Cavaliers. Jefferson has an increase in production right now as he’s getting a few more shot with Gerald Henderson out of action. Jefferson’s price has went way up, but he’s still worth the look because of the possible ceiling you can get with him.


Anthony Davis bounced back in a big way Wednesday night almost making back into the stud category for me, but I want to see more. He’s got the chance to have another big game against Bucks on Friday at home. He’s averaging 4 blocked shots per game at home this year  to go along with a double double. I expect him to look for some revenge after his terrible game he had against the Bucks last time out.

Ty Lawson is healed and playing better than ever right now posting over 40 fantasy points in both his 2 games back from injury. Lawson now gets the match up with a Lakers team on a back to back that he should  have no problem reaching the 40 fantasy points level against. Lawson posted 46 fantasy points back on January 5th against the Lakers and now faces them at home this time. The Lakers are giving up 112 points per game over the last 10 and this should give Lawson plenty of scoring opportunity on Friday.

Demar Derozan has scored over 44 fantasy points in his last 3 games and if Terrance Ross is out by chance that’s a slight bump for Derozan as he gets a couple more shots. Sacramento is ranked last over the last 10 games in defending the SG position. Derozan gets the match up at home where he’s shooting 45% on the year.

Eric Gordon is coming off his best game of the year from a fantasy points stance. Gordon is averaging a little under 3 more points per game at home than he is on the road which makes him a little bit safer play for me on Friday. Gordon actually had a decent game on the road versus the Bucks on February 12th where he put up 21 real points along with 35 fantasy points.

Tyson Chandler has been over 30 fantasy points in 7 of the last 8 games. Chandler has grabbed over 10 rebounds in 9 of the last 10 games as well and should have no problem doing that against the Jazz as well. Chandler is priced nicely around the industry and gives you some salary cap relief with a nice ceiling.


Chris Douglas-Roberts is basically a punt play, but if he gets the start again for the Bobcats I think he can produce for value. He’s minimum on most sites and was able to pay over 25 minutes. The last two games he’s went for 16 and 27 fantasy points.

Jerryd Bayless didn’t hit value in his last game, but I believe the blowout prevented him from getting his normal 30 minutes lately. If he’s still in the starting line up he’s worth a look against a Nets team that he should be able to score against.

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The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 3/5

We’ve got 10 games on the slate for Wednesday and it’s a very interesting slate of games. I can say I like these type of nights there are no Lebron, Durant, 76ers, or Lakers to choose from. Let’s take a look at the guys I’ll be taking into consideration for Wednesday.

THE STUDS (I am only listing the studs that I will be considering for rosters)

John Wall has 4 straight games over 45 fantasy points and has become a really consistent fantasy option. Wall is averaging 21 points per game while dishing out 9 assists per game this year at home.

Kevin Love at this point is a guy I’m not sure I can fade. He’s played over 38 minutes in 3 straight games and went for over 60 fantasy points in two of the last 3. He’s a lock for a double double and posted 59 fantasy points in his last match up with the Knicks earlier this year.

Demarcus Cousins gets the match up with the awful front court of the Bucks on Wednesday and I sure hope he does better than what Derek Favors did for us on Monday. Cousins should be able to do whatever he wants on the inside versus the Bucks.


Paul George just misses going in the stud section for me, but here he is anyway and he’s a guy I really like on Wednesday. Charlotte is 22nd against SF and George has been better this year on the road than at home. George has averaged 25 points per game this year on the road which is 5 more than what he has at home. George has been pretty consistent as of late as well going over 37 fantasy points in all of the last 7 games.

Jeff Teague makes an appearance in the plays today about two nights to late, but we can only look at what he’s done and hope that carries over for us on Wednesday. He’s got a decent match up with Portland whose ranked 24th over the last 10 games at defending the PG position. Teague has been over 40 fantasy points in 4 straight games including going over 50 in the last game against a good defender in Goran Dragic.

Nicolas Batum is playing really well right now and he makes for a nice play on a site like FanDuel where you must have a true SF player. Atlanta struggles to defend the wing positions and are 25th over the last 10 games at defending opposing SFs. Batum does just a little bit of everything to fill up the stats and has grabbed over 15 rebounds in back to back games.

Kenneth Faried could be sneaky good on Wednesday as he’s playing against Dallas who just happen to be 29th against opposing PF’s over the last 10 games. Faried is a better player at home where he’s posting 4 points and 2 rebounds more per game than on the road. He’s had back to back games over 30 fantasy points and seems locked into around 30 minutes of action and is also pretty well priced around the industry.

Zach Randolph has back to back games with a double double and now looks to carry that on against the weak front court of Brooklyn. The Nets are 24th over the last 10 against PF’s and ZBo is in a zone. He’s a streaky player and is priced fairly decent, so I like him as a cash game play on Wednesday. Randolph has a floor of around 25 fantasy points with a ceiling that could go somewhere around 50 fantasy points.


Kevin Martin is reasonably priced around most sites after his recent injury. He’s not a bottom dollar option by no means, but the type of production he can give you for the price makes him a decent value.

Elton Brand is about 50 years old I think, but he’s posting fantasy numbers over 30 points per game, so whiles he’s cheap he has to be considered. He’s got a very tough match up, so make sure you get him cheap as I can see him biting the fantasy players at some point.