The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/24

We’ve had another Thursday off to get ready for an action packed Friday with 13 games on the slate. There are a ton of options out there to choose from, but I’ve narrowed down some guys I feel like you should have some exposure to on Friday. I always recommend keeping your eye on twitter with NBA as you never know what situation will unfold that opens to door for one player. If you don’t believe me just check out Jeff Green’s game he had on Wednesday. That being said here are the plays for Friday…….


Stephen Curry at home against Rubio……….HAHAHA that’s not even fair! Curry has a change to go for one of his crazy games on Friday and if you can take advantage I would for sure.

Kevin Durant is playing on Friday, so yeah he’s an option as well!

Kevin Love is going to have to do big things on Friday if the Timberwolves are going to keep up with the Warriors. Love’s price is down in a few spots and it might be time to take advantage of that as David Lee doesn’t care too much about playing defense.

Carmelo Anthony lost some value on Wednesday because he was moved back to the 3 spot which hurts his rebounding stats. Bargs is out now with an injury and that moves Melo back in a play that has to be considered for Friday. When he’s playing the power forward positions he’s almost a lock for a double double.


Anderson Varejao has had double-digit rebounds in the last 5 games including one game over 20. He will have no problem getting double-digit rebounds against the Bucks team that gives up the 27th most rebounds in the league. Varejao is locked into an easy 35 minutes if the game is close and should easily go over 35 fantasy points in this contest.

Demar Derozan has the match up with the 76ers on Friday and is red-hot right now. I have to admit I scratched my head for a few minutes trying to figure if I wanted to list Derozan or Lowry in this spot. I came to the conclusion that Derozan was the better option to list, because over the last 3 games he’s averaging 23 shots per game. He’s on fire right now there is no denying that has put up 38 or more fantasy points in three straight games. It also helps that the 76ers are giving up 106 points per game over the last 10 games.

Victor Oladipo has been starting the last couple of games at shooting guard for the Magic and should do the same on Friday. This will give him that match up against the Lakers who are giving up 113 points per game over the last 10 and ranked last in defending the opposing shooting guard. Oladipo is playing close to 30 minutes per game and has been at at least 25 fantasy points with one 50 point game in the last 5.

Joe Johnson is matched up with the same Dallas Mavericks team that Demar Derozan lit up on Wednesday. The Mavs are ranked 29th in defending the opposing SG and is giving up 105 points per game. Johnson has been very good lately with 3 games in the last 5 over 45 fantasy points. He will be at home also where he has shot almost 8% better this year.

Pau Gasol is playing in a game against Miami now as I write this, and already has a double double. I’m going to just overlook tonight’s stats and move on for him as on Friday he draws a Magic team that is 26th in rebounding and 25th against opposing power forwards. Gasol has been playing excellent lately for the Lakers as they need him to win games. Gasol has a very high ceiling and as long he’s healthy should be able to post a double double against the Magic.


Brian Roberts is locked into around 30 minutes of action right now and has a nice match up with the Pistons. The Pistons give up 105 points per game so Roberts should be able to score enough points to meet value.

Ramon Sessions has played an average of 37 minutes per game over the last 3 games and has produced in each game. He’s gone over 20 fantasy points in all 3 games, so if he’s cheap he’s worth the play.

Derek Williams has probably the worst match up we could get for his value on Friday, but at bottom dollar salaries he should still be worth it. Williams should see at least 40 minutes of action with injures to Gay and Cousins. He posted a double double on Wednesday and should be able to still meet value against the Pacers.


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