Fair Market Fantasy Divisional Round Playoffs

How about those playoff games last week? Some of the best I have seen in a long time. We are back this week and here to talk more about our sponsorship of Fair Market Fantasy. They have been keeping the Fantasy Football season alive with their Fantasy Playoff games where you can set your lineup and make some $$$. Who doesn’t like making money? Why not make some while watching the NFL playoffs this year.

Check out http://bit.ly/JWcBQJ and you can start joining games right now!

THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART! The other great thing about Fair Market Fantasy is this: You can create your own contest daily or weekly with friends or family and it’s as easy as pressing the “Create Your Own Private Contest” button on the front page of the site.

THIS WEEK ONLY!!!! Sign up for Fair Market Fantasy and make a deposit and send us an email (richardv81@yahoo.com) showing that you deposited and the Sports Script will add 5 MORE dollars to whatever you deposited. So take advantage of that sweet offer today.

We have created another Sports Script playoff contest. Come take me on if you think you have what it takes! Hit me up on twitter with your email address and I will send you the invite!

They have 4 different games to choose from.

They have the 194% – Where the Top half nearly double their money every time. This is my personal favorite where you can take on 9 other friends, family or strangers and the top half win double their money. Honestly with those odds, who wouldn’t want to play this game.

They also have the 970% – This is where the winner takes all of the money. 10 teams battle it out and only 1 winner survives. They have $1 games as well as $10 games for this one. The best of the best play this one, think you have what it takes?

They also have the H2H – Challenge anyone or accept a challenge in a Head to Head battle and hope you come out on top! Even better come take on me in this playoff challenge here:

Lastly, They have the H2H RR – Where you play 9 H2H games and compete for the best record. This one is hard but one of the funniest daily fantasy games I have ever seen.

The NFL Playoffs are only once a year so why not go over to our Friends at Fair Market Fantasy here: http://bit.ly/JWcBQJ and make some $$$ while you are at it. So head on over to the site sign up right now and get that lineup set for your chance to take home some $$ and make sure to join the Sports Script Contest as well and maybe YOU can take some of my money.

Don’t regret not having fun during this NFL Playoff season and play Fantasy Sports with our buddies at Fair Market Fantasy.

“This post has been sponsored by Fair Market Fantasy. All opinions are my own.”

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