First Week – NFL Power Rankings

As the weeks go on throughout the football season, I’ll be bringing you a Top 10 Power Rankings. After the long wait for Kickoff Weekend, the games didn’t disappoint by any means. Week 2 is slated full of teams out to prove that they were for real and/or they just needed a little bit more time to settle into the 2013 season.

1. Denver Broncos – Peyton looked like Peyton with a good 1st half and a stellar 2nd half. Denver seems ready to roll on Defense when Von Miller returns from suspension.

2. San Francisco 49ers – Kaepernick silenced many critics, including myself, coming out strong vs. Green Bay. The team will have their hands   full against a tough Seattle team in Week 2.

3. Chicago Bears – Chicago’s Defense picked up right where it left off in 2012. The Bears will prepare for division-rival Minnesota this week.

4. Houston Texans – Matt Schaub and the Defense got rolling in the second half last week. Playing Tennessee will be an interesting watching this week as the Titans beat Pittsburgh last week and ranked 1st in Total Defense.

5. Seattle Seahawks – Seattle didn’t look as impressive as you’d think. Wilson did throw for career numbers, but didn’t play up to his usual standard of play. They’ll be ready for the 12th man and San Francisco in Week 2.

6. New England Patriots – New England seems not be as solid at Running Back as many thought, but the Wide Receivers are stepping up in the typical “next man up” Patriot way. They’ll have another game they’re expected to win in Week 2 against Geno Smith and the Jets.

7. New Orleans Saints – New Orleans finally got their leader back on the sidelines and it showed. They looked up to their old tricks against Atlanta. It’ll be interesting to see their Offense match up against Tampa Bay’s Secondary this week.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Atlanta’s Offense was firing but missed a healthy Roddy White against the Saints. The Rams come to the A Town this week. It’ll be a great game to watch!

9. Cincinnati Bengals – The Bengals played strong against Chicago, but Andy Dalton threw 2 costly interceptions. Next week they’ll have division-rival Pittsburgh. The Steelers lost to a very questionable team last week. The Bengals “should” have no problems in this game.

10. Green Bay Packers – The Offense is what you’d expect, but the team is lacking good secondary talent and missed Casey Hayward. They’ll play a Redskins team at home this week that struggled Offensively in Week 1.

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