The Internship Review

Thanks to Gofobo & Cinemit I had the opportunity to see The Internship last night. I am a huge fan of Vince Vaughn and big fan of Wedding Crashers that he and Wilson did.

The story is based around Two salesmen Billy (Vaughn) & Nick (Wilson) who become down on their luck when they find out that the business they work for goes out of business. They decide to try to take on a Google internship where they have to compete with tech geniuses in order for a shot at employment.

The Good –

The story was well put together; I was surprised to see that it was partly written by Vaughn himself. It did have your typical bring you up, down and back up story to it. This was okay because it all built itself up to come together at the end.

The Characters – Billy (Vaughn) & Nick (Wilson) had an awesome as I like to call it bromance going on. Both very likable characters that were fun to watch adapt to the “new age”. Hearing two guys who basically still live in the 90’s battle it out and figure stuff out in the present was great. Hearing Billy say “on the line” instead of online was hilarious. The scene where you see in the trailer, when there group sends them off to find Dr. Xavier is just as funny wrapped up in the film. Stuart (O’Brien) played a very nice “villianish” role in the movie.

Supporting Cast –
I’ll just get it out there that I have a huge crush on Rose Byrne, who played her role just fine in the film. Mr. Chetty (Mandvi) was probably my favorite character in the film. He was just a witty, smart & annoying boss type that you could really hate. Josh Brener, Jessica Szohr & Max Minghella all brought nice touches to the “team”.
Vaughn and Wilson – I am pretty sure these two could play in anything and I would enjoy it. They have excellent chemistry together. They are a duo that I would like to see do more movies together.

Will Ferrell – I swear if he just did random cameos in every single movie I think I would be happy. I think sometimes his cameos are better than some of the movies he is in.

The Bad –The story isn’t as original as some of you might think. It has a very familiar story to Fired Up, a little known indie movie that didn’t get great recognition. It has very similar stories. Though it doesn’t take away whether it was a good or bad movie, it’s just not as “original” as everyone will think it will be.

This was a very safe movie, wasn’t outside the box. It was straight forward and really didn’t throw any good curve balls your way. You really knew where the film was going from start to finish.

They really could’ve done more with Byrne & Wilson; they rushed the storyline between the two. They really wanted a “romance” in the film and they kind of just threw it together.

The Ugly –

The Verdict –

3 ½ out of 5 stars

Shawn Levy & Vaughn did a great job in not making this a sole movie to tech savvy people. Vaughn & Wilson make a great pairing that I hope to see again in the future. The movie brought you up, down and back up again like you would want. Though the movie was safe and predictable, it was a fun feel good comedy that anyone can enjoy. I would recommend seeing this in theaters when it hits June 7th.

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