One of my highly anticipated movies I’ve wanted to see this fall. Any movie that has Denzel Washington in it, I will most likely see in theaters.

Warning now, there is some spoilers in this review but I tried not to give away too much.


Opening scene we see Whip(Denzel) with Trina in bed together and his phone rings. It’s his wife looking for money for their son for school. We see Whip lean over grab a drink and take a nice line of coke. My thinking off the back was awesome, we aren’t going to get a PG rated type film. We than go to him entering the Flight, where he meets a new pilot he’s never flown with. Funny scene where Denzel takes a puff of the oxygen tank and ask Ken if he wants a shot of it.

The opening scene really had me hooked for the rest of the movie. In between the opening scene and the crash we met a female character Nicole(Kelly Reilly). Who I thought played an amazing role in this movie. I wasn’t really sure about hooking in her character in with Denzel’s but in the end it really worked out well.

Let me just say, the shot of the Plane failing and ultimately crashing was very compelling. Had you on the edge of your seat and just full attention. Whip(Denzel) just steals the show with his Calm and cool attitude about it all. Everyone else on the flight freaking out not sure how it’s going to end. Whip was just there to save the day and make sure this plane landed. This scene stands really well next to the final Act of Argo as favorites of the year.

There were some powerful scenes that were really good. These were 3 of my favorites.

Whip, Nicole & Cancer Patient(terrible I forgot his name) was great. It was funny, sad & just felt real. One line that came through out of the scene was this “Death gives you perspective” I think really set the tone for how I felt for the rest of this movie.

The scene between Whip, Charlie(Greenwood) & Hugh(Don Cheadle) when Whip realizes he could be charged manslaughter. Because of a .24 blood alcohol & cocaine in his system was really good as well.

The scene before the final act with Whip the night before he testifies. It is unpredictable thrilling ride where you aren’t sure what will happen next.

The Supporting cast was really good in this movie. Harlen Mays(John Goodman) was very funny when he was on-screen. Multiple classic lines from him in this movie.
Hugh(Cheadle) plays a very confident attorney who in one line of the movie stated “My clients don’t go to prison”. I thought this role fit him perfect.

This movie was just a great ride from start to finish. Having so many compelling stories happening and slowly coming together. Just piece by piece this movie had you on the edge of your seat. Denzel put on an Oscar Worthy performance like no other. He just knows how to bring it each and every time on the screen. John Gatins should be nominated for his great writing. As well as Robert Zemeckis should be for his Directing.

Easily one of the best movies of the year. Must See for sure for everyone.

5/5 stars – Definitely a Best Picture nominee, right up there with Argo for my favorite movie of 2012.


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