Paranormal Activity 4

Just on a whim decided to go see this movie. I have only ever seen the 1st of the series and I thought it was bad. So for some reason I thought it was possible this would be different.

So the movie opens with the typical background of the family that is going to be involved. Mom/Dad fighting, kids kind of roaming all around the place. Then we got introduced to the little kid to ruin the whole world Robbie. This kid gave me the creeps, he just looked evil and possessed. Guess he really did his job, well the only person in this movie that did.

Outside a bit of being comical to me at times. This movie was just bad, really really bad. The story is just dumb with plot holes everywhere. The acting is average at best, which I mean these people are supposed to be “real”. So I guess they can fall back on that.

The story just makes no sense, has no legs to it. When they set up the cameras to watch what happens at night. Why did they never check them out? They would’ve seen all the weird stuff going on. That to me is the biggest plot hole of them all.

Maybe it’s just me but I truly don’t get the whole up roar surrounding this movie franchise. Do people go and see this as like a comedy and laugh? or Do people genuinely get scared and enjoy these? Either way doesn’t make sense to me.

Overall one of the worst movies I have ever seen in theaters.

0.5/5 Stars – Struggled to give it half a star. Only did based on some of the comedic value I got from certain scenes.


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