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I’d say right around the start of the Livestrong bracelets hitting in 2004. Is the around the time I bought my 1st bracelet. I wore it around with pride and joy thinking I helped a cause.

I had someone ask me “Now that he has been caught cheating are you going to stop wearing the bracelet?” This was my response to them.

Wearing this bracelet was never for Lance Armstrong. True, I would’ve never heard of this foundation if it wasn’t for him. But doesn’t mean I wore it solely based on his name. I bought to donate towards the foundation of helping cure cancer. As well as to share my support for the whole foundation.

The doping allegations have now come out against Mr. Armstrong. Saying that he cheated on his way to win a record 7 Tour De France. Now I understand that it is completely wrong in what he did. He should be in fact stripped of his titles if it turns out to be true.

But not one person should take away what he founded in the Livestrong foundation. He has raised $470 million dollars to support the mission to inspire and empower people affected by cancer. That folks is a lot of money and has helped millions of people.

So yes, lets judge him for being the biggest cheater in the history of sports. But don’t let it hold you back from appreciating the things he has done with the Livestrong Foundation.

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