Thinking Out Loud: Midway

Welcome to another edition of Thinking Out Loud. Thinking Out Loud is where I go to the movies (or watch one at home) and take running thoughts and notes throughout, it gives you a raw inside look at my thoughts as I am watching the movie. I tend to do this with throw away fun movies (like this one) because while I spoil a lot of what happens, you get the jiff when you see the trailers regardless.

On the docket today, the story of the Battle of the Midway….. Midway. (also check out my review of the movie here: Midway 4DX Review

Plot: The story of the Battle of Midway, told by the leaders and the sailors who fought it.

I will start by saying thank you to the Men and Woman whom have sacrificed their lives and for those that continue to do so, so I am afforded the opportunity to review movies. 

So I am seeing this in 4DX which as you can see in the picture, I’m in for a “ride”!?

As the 98 trailers just got done playing, I am quite nervous about what is about to happen.

You can legit press a button at your seat that says what on or water off.

Omg. My seat is literally moving, mist just got sprayed in my face. What is going on. Fog is everywhere.

Okay. So it’s snowing inside this place, because well it’s snowing in the movie. 

And we are moving like we are on a ship now. Hope no one gets sea sick. 

Oh great, now we are flying a plane. Oh god. Someone teach this kid how to fly, my seat is rocking and moving. 

Well. My drink just spilled: not my fault dude can’t fly. 

Oh God a terrible accent. 


Is that my DiCapri-Host partner Kaleena? No wait, it’s Mandy Moore.

Oh no. We are dying again. And not very good. The seats a rocking. 

The Japanese are attacking us. 

Air is currently blowing into my ears.

How am I supposed to pay attention to the movie with all this chair action?

Oh yeah. We shooting them. Get em tiger. We’ve been hit. 

I will say the cinematography is very nice.

Oh no. We are sinking like the titanic.

Wait. Dennis Quad is in this? I legit had no clue. 

The acting in this is so bad. 

Fake snow is back.

Wait. Woody Harrelson. So I am assuming 80 million of this 100 million dollar budget was in the cast. 

I couldn’t fathom the idea of how much unknown it was like back in the day. Like the families finding out how someone died the way they did, or not really knowing. Just rough. 

Alright. Woody Harreslon is in charge now. Where is Stone, Eisenberg & Breslin? I’m ready to kill some zombies.

And we are back to war. 

Is that Nick Jonas?

The mustache is equally as bad as his acting in this.

Woooooo that was exhilarating.

Oh god my chair just whipped me like 180. I got hit. 

Man down. Man down. I am glad I don’t get motion sickness cause this is wild.

There’s like little pokes into the back of the seat when Gun shots hit the planes. 


I got sprayed with water. 

Nick Jonas just saved us all. 

I will reiterate this is a very beautiful film. The old school ancient color palette is just gorgeous to look at.

Aaron Eckhart. Who isn’t in this movie. 

USS Nautilus show was just stunning. Wow. 

Bailing out sounds like a terrible idea right now. We jumping anyway. Hang on tight folks. 

Woody Harrelson with a full head of grey hair is comical. 

I will say if it wasn’t for these seats, I’d probably be asleep by now. 

Oh man. After a brief time of not moving, we are settling in for a war. 

This should be interesting to experience.

Nick Jonas has a TERRIBLE accents. Like several guys in this movies accents legit make me want to punch them. 

Oh the rocking is back, I just got sprayed again. 


WELP. Man down. I repeat. Man down.

It is taking way too long to get where this is supposed to get. 

Oh man. The fog is back. The planes are in the air. We are ready. 

I wish I would’ve sat in the no splash zone area of this ride.

Omg. This movie is never gonna end.

It’s gettttting bumpy folks. Oh my. 

Man. I can only imagine how hard it is to really fly those planes like this into battle. 

The intensity of that scene with the seat moving and going nuts was a lot of fun. 

Damn how they going to do Nick Jonas like that. 

This movie has more false endings than the Irishman.

Has Mandy Moore aged?

Wooooo hoooo America wins.

Thank you this movie is FINALLY over 

The Verdict:

*1/2 out of *****

This was another movie that I left asking myself “How did this get made?”

If it wasn’t for the 4DX experience as a whole, I may have walked out of this movie half way through it was that bad.

The story is powerful but the writing lacked true depth. The characters they want you to like weren’t likable and they would introduce you to several characters

The bad acting, the TERRIBLE accents, and a story that could put you to sleep. This movie missed the mark and failed to take off.

Should You See It?: With 1917 hitting theaters right around the corner, this is an easy skip for me. It’s often boring, the acting is bad and just not a good movie.

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