The Valero Verdict: Joey Janela’s Spring Break 3 Part I

Joey Janela has one of the hottest things going Wrestlemania weekend, I had the opportunity in attending last years event in New Orleans and it was amazing. So I couldn’t help but be hyped for Part 1 of Janela’s 3rd Spring Break.

Joey Janela vs. Marko Stunt

Janela in his first match back and he held nothing back as these two went above and beyond from the start. The match had some great high-spots but this match went about 15 minutes too long. It really overstayed its welcome.

The Verdict: ** out of ***** stars – It was great to see Janela back in the ring and I was really impressed with Stunt as this was my first time seeing him.

Tony Deppen vs. Dustin Thomas  

Deppen was on the mic for what felt like 4 days, and he takes his act out to the crowd and out of no where he starts beating the hell out of a dude with No Legs.
The crowd started chanting Let’s Go No Legs, I really love indie crowds.
Thomas as we have now come to now, was insane. Tornado DDT’s, 619, and a spring-board 450? ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

The Verdict: ***** out of ***** stars – Deppen wins the match but WOW, they really stole the show. Thomas insane with his abilities with no legs and Deppen did a damn good job from start to finish.

Spring Break Scramble

Jake Atlas vs. A-Kid vs. Australian Suicide vs. Slim J vs. Shane Mercer vs. Jungle Boy

This match was INSANE. A-Kid was very impressive, all over the place. High Flying from all parties involved. Shane Mercer who looked really out of place to start this match but man he really was on fire. He walked the ropes with a man on his shoulders, he did a flipping body slam off the ropes, just WOW.

The Verdict: **** 1/2 out of ***** stars – Jungle Boy with the victory. Very fun match with guys flying everywhere.

GCW Heavyweight Championship
Nick Gage (c) vs. Shinjiro Otani

Gage is one of the most over men on the planet. I would say he really is Stone Cold lite for modern day, he is a don’t give a shit, fuck the world attitude is very relatable to a lot of people and they eat it alive.

Now for the match, it was just okay. I wanted to see more hard hitting between these two beast and it just didn’t happen

The Verdict: ** out of ***** stars – Gage wins with a roll up and the pull of the tights. Highly underwhelming and disappointing.

Invisible Man vs. Invisible Stan

Bryce Remsburg showed he is the best Referee on the planet. I truly believe he is the only guy in the world that can pull this match off between two Invisible people and make it entertaining.

The Verdict: ********* out of ***** stars – Invisible Man picks up the victory. I would give this a trillion stars if I could. I would never in a million years expect to enjoy a match between two invisible men but here I am.

Taka Michinoku vs. Orange Cassidy

The interaction between the two to open was brilliant. Cassidy is a comedic genius with his new hands in the pocket deal. Taka confusion from the get go was classic and using his own ways against him.

The Verdict: *** out of ***** stars – Taka with the Michinoku Driver out of nowhere for the win. Once this got going from all the comedy, it was a real treat. Taka is still able to go at a good pace and Cassidy is a damn fine wrestler.

Ethan Page vs. A Mystery Opponent

The mystery opponent ends up being “Starman”. He rolls up Ethan Page in a matter of moments for the 3. The big reveal and it’s freaking Virgil.

Doesn’t he look thrilled to be in the ring

The Verdict: Squash Match.

Jimmy Lloyd vs. Masashi Takeda

THIS WAS WILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moments into the match and Lloyd was bleeding like a mad man. Light Tubes being smashed at every second of this match, an absolute crazy Weed wacker spot in which Takeda hits Lloyd with it.

The Verdict: **** out of ***** stars Takeda wins with a pin. This match was absolute NUTS!!!!!! Just bloodshed from both guys, a couple of crazy insane spots with light tubes and a pair of scissors I thought for sure Lloyd had embedded in his neck.

Overall Show Verdict:

**** out of **** stars

The show was a whole lot of fun. Janela is a smart man when he lays out these matches and who and what he gets to show up and show out. Gage/Otani was the lone dud in the show, outside of that it was guns a blazing.

Tell me what you thought of the show, hit me up on here or talk to me on Twitter @RickyValero_

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