Ricky’s Week 4 Fantasy Review

I am back with another edition of the Ricky’s Review. I am going to breakdown the week that it was in the world of Fantasy Football and what I brought to the table as far as my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers as well as my Must Start/Must Sit pick for the week. So this will be either an article ranting and raving about how awesome I am or me talking about how I enjoyed a long, emotional shower cry Sunday Night.

Week 4 was really insane. Forte broke out of his slump, McCoy had his 2nd straight single-digit performance, Eli Manning looked like Peyton and Matt Asiata scored not once, not twice but three times this week. Speaking of McCoy, could someone wake him up please, I have way too much stock in him to be treading water week to week.

Alright lets dive right into my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers for Week 4

Tom Brady – Ummmmmmmmm yeah. Let’s not talk about this one folks.

Matt Asiata – 100 total yards and 3 TDs – My man Asiata just killed it this week!!!!! Although his job is probably in jeopardy with how good McKinnon looked but still LOVED this matchup and going forward I think I like anyone who is rushing against that Falcons D.

Jeremy Maclin – 5 catches 68 yards – Can we get a bonus for great catches? The price just didn’t end up being worth it this week.

Owen Daniels – 4 catches 43 yards – This was pretty solid value. He was one of the cheapest TE’s and unless you spent big on Graham, he wasn’t awful.

Lions D – 17 points 2 turnovers 2 sacks – They weren’t fantastic but they did well enough to be a solid play for me this week.

Overall: Asiata provided amazing value and the Lions D was good as well but other than that just a crap shoot of MEHness this week.

Now let’s dig into my Start/Sit Hit’s and Misses

I breakdown my list into 3 sections, Hits (Guys who made me look good), Misses (Guys who made me look bad) & the Meh Group (They weren’t hits but they surely didn’t miss).

Must Start Hit’s

Philip Rivers – 377 yards and 3 TDs – He came in and did his job like he should have. Great play this week.

Ahmad Bradshaw – 52 yards and a TD – That makes it 3 straight games with a receiving TD. The TD really saved what would’ve been a lackluster day for him.

Charges D – 14 points 3 sacks 3 turnovers – Job well done.

Must Start Misses

Antonio Gates – 3 catches 30 yards – I guess you can’t win them all in this matchup. Gates was 5th in the pecking order in targets.

The Meh Group

Michael Crabtree – 5 catches 43 yards – 9 PPR points? 4.3 standard points? MEH!

Must Sit Hit’s

Joquie Bell/ Reggie Bush – 104 total yards – This was a real no brainer for me. Jets run D is legit and proved so but shutting both of these guys down.

Greg Olsen – 2 catches 30 yards – I hated this matchup for him this week and even late he really couldn’t get it going when the team was down big.

Panthers D – 38 points 0 turnovers 0 sacks – This is not the same defense it was last year.

Must Sit Misses

Vincent Jackson – 3 catches 32 yards 1 TD – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! A TD catch with 7 seconds left really ruined this for me.


Overall: Overall it was a pretty good week. Gates/Crabs/Vjax were my only enemies this week, outside of that looks like everyone did their part for me.

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