Ricky’s Week 3 Fantasy Review

I am back with another edition of the Ricky’s Review. I am going to breakdown the week that it was in the world of Fantasy Football and what I brought to the table as far as my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers as well as my Must Start/Must Sit pick for the week. So this will be either an article ranting and raving about how awesome I am or me talking about how I enjoyed a long, emotional shower cry Sunday Night.

Week 3 was insane, we saw Andy Dalton catch a TD pass, Who needs Jamaal Charles when you have Kniles Davis and Joe McKnight (who caught 2 TD passes), Bridgewater/Bortles  made to their 1st NFL snaps, Eli Manning didn’t throw an interception and Lorenzo Taliaferro looks like he might take that Ravens RB job by storm.

Alright lets dive right into my 5-Pack Fantasy Sleepers for Week 3

QB – Kirk Cousins – (30/48 427 yards & 3 TDs) – He had quite the sexy matchup and really came through this week and took advantage of it. Cousins has looked amazing and made some great decisions with the football, I love him on a week to week basis as Jay Gruden likes to throw the ball.

RB – Ahmad Bradshaw – (9 carries 65 yards, 2 catches 18 yards & a TD) – Bradshaw stepped up and performed just as I hoped, he caught his 3rd TD in 2 games and totaled 83 yards.

WR – Greg Jennings – (5 catches 70 yards) – I wasn’t expecting Jennings to exactly light it up but for the price you would’ve paid for him, you would’ve gotten some real good value.

TE – Niles Paul – (6 catches 68 yards) – Niles saw 9 more targets this week catching 6 of them for 68 yards, while he didn’t find the endzone, he still provided great value this week.

D – Cowboys D – Talk about being saved by a Pick-6. This looked horrible for about 3 & half quarters but they provided a late INT that was returned for a TD, which was enough to make them a hit for me this week.

Overall – I had a pretty solid week, everyone provided great value with Cousins/Bradshaw really knocking it out of the park.

Now let’s dig into my Start/Sit Hit’s and Misses

I breakdown my list into 3 sections, Hits (Guys who made me look good), Misses (Guys who made me look bad) & the Meh Group (They weren’t hits but they surely didn’t miss).

Must Start Hit’s

Bobby Rainey – (11 carries 41 yards, 7 catches 64 yards, 2 fumbles) – While in PPR leagues he provided a nice value even after the 2 fumbles but if you started him in standard, you were really let down big time. So I’ll take the Hit in PPR leagues but a Miss in Standards on this one.

Ahmad Bradshaw – (9 carries 65 yards, 2 catches 18 yards & a TD) – See above

Alshon Jeffery – Add after Monday night

Bengals D – (7 points, 2 INT & 2 sacks) – Hit this one right on the head folks. Titans aren’t a very good football team and the Bengals probably have one of the best defenses in football.

Must Start Misses

Matthew Stafford – (246 yards & 2 INT) – Talking about really annoying, this was a great matchup for Stafford and he just completely was garbage in this game.

Must Start Meh

Bobby Rainey – See Above

Delaine Walker – (4 catches 54 yards) – Walker caught 4 of his 7 targets but couldn’t find the endzone for the first time this year. I thought we would get atleast a garbage time TD from him but we weren’t rewarded with that either. The Bengals D is legit folks.

Must Sit Hit’s

Andy Dalton – (15/23, 169 yards & a INT) – I feel like just for the receiving TD he shouldn’t be on this list but yeah the Titans did what I thought they would and held Dalton in check.

Martellous Bennett –

Must Sit Misses

Lamar Miller – (15 carries 108 yards & 4 catches 24 yards) – Yep I was wrong, next.

Kelvin Benjamin – (8 catches 115 yards & a TD) – This shocked me. I just didn’t see this coming out of him this week.

Colts D – (17 points, 4 sacks, 2 INT & 1 TD) – I was really expecting a closer matchup between the two teams. The 17 points didn’t come until garbage time, the Jags are just bad at football but Bortles seems like he is going to be fun to watch.

Overall: My Must starts looked pretty good minus Stafford but my Must Sits were TERRIBLE choices this week. Miller just exploded this week and I just didn’t see that coming at all. Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

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