Finding Value in your late round picks

When I’ve approached my leagues’ draft over the last few years, I’ve realized it comes down to that 15th round and beyond; you’re struggling to pick that guy because knowing these late round picks are what helps you win your league. If your like me you always like to win no matter what, you have to make the right picks to do so.

There’s one thing you’re looking for: consistency.

1. Added Value: When you’re picking a RP you want him to be an innings eater and have a good SO/BB ratio. Your RP also being available for an occasional save or two is a bonus. Then in your later round picks for SP you wanna go back and find guys that are 3rd, 4th or 5th in the rotation. He’s gonna have that mid to mid high ERA (you’re not gonna find the perfect guy in the later rounds).

2. Check out the pitchers ball park; which to me is very important. Don’t be afraid to look up and see if it’s a hitters park or a pitcher’s park, this goes for all positions. Pretty sure you don’t want to be forced to take a pitcher from Colorado (a hitters ballpark) instead of being able to grab a guy that pitches in San Diego or Seattle (a more pitchers friendly park).

3. Now, when it comes to your hitters early in the draft you’re looking to pick your meat and in your later round you’re gonna find your potatoes. Your potatoes are gonna be the guys that get that extra AB. Grabbing a Will Venable (Padres OF) or say a Leonys Martin (Rangers OF) are not top options, but there going to get your AB’s. Remember digging deep into the hitters past is a good thing. Knowledge is everything. Recognizing that Player A is coming off a season in which he took a dive in the 2nd half or Player B who has had consecutive seasons of 400+ AB’s. Understand your player before and after you take him.

So keep this in mind when your finding your value:

  • Look for that Pitcher who’s an innings eater, that will get your that extra SO or Save when needed
  • Look for that Hitter that is going to give you that extra AB that’s gonna give you that RBI when you need it.
  • When in doubt: check ball parks.
  • Consistency is everything.

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