The Sports Script NBA Daily Plays for 1/28

It’s very rare when we are given a 7 game slate on a Tuesday, but we have one today. The following are the guys that I will be rostering for Tuesday’s daily fantasy action for NBA games.


Steph Curry is a robot I’m pretty sure. Right? Well, no he’s not but he is an absolute fantasy stud right now. He’s got back to back 60 point fantasy games and over 40 in the last 6 games. John Wall will not be able to guard him to slow him down in this contest.

Paul George is a reliable fantasy play any time he’s on the court over the last 9 games as he’s been over 30 fantasy points in each of those games. The Lakers give up the most points in the league over the last 10 games and George should have no problem hitting his value.

Carmelo Anthony has been over 45 fantasy points in the last 5 games and will continue to be a fantasy stud in New York. He’s the only scoring option they have besides maybe JR Smith and as long as that’s the case then he’s a great fantasy option.

Anthony Davis is the final stud listed for Tuesday, but it’s not because he’s not worth paying up for. Davis does it all inside and can add a ton of bonus points via blocks during a game. He’s had 4 or more blocks in the last 4 games going over 30 fantasy points in each of his last 5 games.


Lance Stephenson has back to back 40 plus fantasy point games and now as we’ve mention in this already plays a Lakers team that gives up a ton of points. Stephenson is putting up near triple-double stats almost every time he takes the floor. He’s shooting 50% on the year and has registered double-doubles in 4 of the last 5 games.

Josh Smith can put up stud like numbers for the Pistons, but he can also lay a dud which we’ve seen at times. Smoove is a better player at home and the Magic are 29th against the small forward position. You can expect Smith to play near 40 minutes if the game is close and he’s reasonably priced on most sites across the industry.

Andre Drummond got hurt on Sunday, so it comes with a bit of a risk listing him here, but I think he could be really good on Tuesday if we learn he’s healthy. Drummond before last game had put up 35 or more fantasy points in the 3 games previous to that one. The Magic are one of the worst teams in the league at rebounding the basketball and Drummond has grabbed double-digit rebounds in 11 of the last 12 games.

David Lee is one of the best cash game plays out there as he’s good for a least 25 fantasy points in most games with a higher ceiling than most players. The Wizards rank 26th in defending the PF position and Lee is shooting over 52% on the year. If the Warriors get him the ball then he should be able to post some solid fantasy stats.

Marc Gasol is starting to look healthy for the Grizzlies and I don’t really see Robin Lopez being able to defend him. Gasol playing two games over 30 minutes before only playing 25 in a back to back. He’s posted fantasy numbers all over the board since coming back, but if you want a guy that is priced pretty cheap right with a high ceiling then Gasol could be your guy.


George Hill makes me want to throw up a little bit just thinking about rostering him, but look at everything in his favor for Tuesday. He’s over 25 fantasy points in the last 4 games and plays a Lakers team that’s the worst at defending the pg in the last 10 games.

Rodney Stuckey is back at home on Tuesday and that is where I think he’s a safe value play. He’s shooting almost 50% at home this year as opposed to 41% on the road and has logged near 30 minutes in each of his last 5 games.

Marco Belinelli could be in for a solid game against Houston as he’s locked into 20 to 30 minutes right now. This should be a high paced game with the Rockets and Spurs and Belinelli will be up against Harden who’s not interested in playing defense. He’s went over 20 fantasy points in 5 of the last 6 games.

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